Alex Jones’ Reaction Big Tech Banning His Message ~ VIDEO

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USA –-( Alex Jones’ Reaction To Ban by Bog Tech ~ VIDEO

Stories by CNN, the Verge, The Atlantic, and The Washington Post lauded Facebook for scrubbing the accounts of inflammatory far-right online figureheads like Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Infowars’ Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson from both platforms.This followed a similar effort to curb free speech by Google/Youtube. Let's do everything we can to get him back folks.

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  • 9 thoughts on “Alex Jones’ Reaction Big Tech Banning His Message ~ VIDEO

    1. We absolutely need to bring him back. It’s my understanding that things are starting to lean our way. Starting with Apple. I’m sick of Tim Cook. He’s a complete sell out and should be thrown out on his ear. I hope all the lawsuits and potentially breaking up Apple will finally convince the board to get rid of this criminal. Apple and Google are helping the Chinese hunt down and terminate political dissidents. Also, Apple is using slave labor to build their products.

    2. Look I never thought our freedom of speech would be viability like it is today..First it was on Facebook that would block anyone for sticking up for someone running for President like,like they did to President Trump and when we called out the lies from the Rat’s we got blocked..Then YouTube was the worst that let muslims cut off the heads of Christian’s and anyone not on their side..then they band pest control videos killing rats on a farm then they started banish seeking out about what the muslim terrorist’s are doing or even the Demarats on the left. It’s time for the government to break up Facebook and YouTube. .they are a Monopoly and they are being used by the people that want to destroy America and the American people’s way of living.. I don’t even watch Jones a lot but when they take one down they will take more like Shown Hannity. They remove most pest control with air guns (BB) videos .

    3. SOLID F-ING GOLD, BABY! That shit was great! Lmfao

      “It’s Godzilla!!!”

      “No! It’s Alex Jones… and he’s SUPER PISSED!”



    5. Please stop using the term “far right” unless you want to balance it with an equal tag of “far left”, which never seems to happen…

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