Arms Trade Treaty, August 2019: The Fifth Conference of States Parties

Opinion By Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen

Arms Trade Treaty, August 2019: The Fifth Conference of States Parties

USA – -( Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) proponents are trapped between the realities of human nature and the fantasies of social perfection that can only be achieved by implementing disarmament protocols. They are sustained by the belief that control of weapons, from manufacture to destruction, will lead the way to a transformed world in a mere 13 years.

This August 26 – 30, 2019 the ‘Fifth Conference of States Parties‘ will take place in Geneva, Switzerland. With the Trump pull out, of the United States, from the treaty, those who believe that control of weapons sales can actually prevent genocide, crimes against women and children, war crimes, and most kinds of nasty behavior, are reacting negatively, as one might expect.

We can expect President Trump, and American gun owners, to take the blame, for the negativity, this year, in Geneva, for the entire mess of an ATT that ‘uncontrollable signatories’ have handed the glazed fantasy proponents. The delusional darlings needed any excuse for the coming failure that does not include them. With the U.S., or not, the ATT is not functioning as promised.

Ted Bromund, of the Heritage Foundation, explains, ” The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), which President Donald Trump announced on April 26 that the U.S. would quit, is a failure. When then-Secretary of State John Kerry signed the ATT on behalf of the U.S. on September 25, 2013, hopes were high among the treaty’s friends that it would change the world. The President’s decision didn’t crush those hopes. Reality did.”

This year, even though Lebanon has chosen to join the ATT community, only half of the approximately 200 nations of the globe will participate.

And of those nations who are participating, most are not, or can not, comply with the rules and requirements of the treaty. We note that there is a great burden of actions required of nations, whose best interests are not served by complying with the demands of the treaty’s authors, or by voluntarily limiting their possession or manufacture of arms.

Ted Bromund continues, “If nations around the world want not to sell arms to dictators, all they need to do is not sell. No treaty is necessary. If nations want to control their borders to prevent illicit arms imports, the same is true. We don’t need a treaty. We need more democratic, competent governments. Without them, no treaty can work. With them, no treaty will be necessary.”

The treaty was bound to fail. And so it is failing, just like previous disarmament schemes have failed. Disarmament does not benefit individuals or sovereign governments, and because that fact is so very obvious, voluntary disarmament is rare to find. Tyrants know better.

However, there was the case of the ‘American Committee for Defense of British Homes.’ The Brits tried to achieve a form of unilateral pacifism and partial disarmament that almost resulted in disaster during WWll. With all weapons and guns destroyed it took a bailout from the U.S. Government to the British military, plus another bailout from U.S. Citizens who sent their own guns to the British Home Guard, to save them. We American gun owners stepped up to the plate and helped save their people and their King in 1941.

Winston Churchill described the situation, “When the ships from America approached our shores with their priceless arms, special trains were waiting in all ports to receive their cargoes. The Home Guard in every county, in every village, sat up through the night to receive them…By the end of July, we were an armed nation.”

It should come as no surprise to proponents of unilateral disarmament – even after several decades of failure – that disarmament is still a tough sell. Proponents should understand that the lies they tout are not easily accepted and the schemes they devise do not work to benefit nations.

So when the U.N. and donor funding stops flowing, and when the virtue signaling of participating states is met with recriminations, participating states become unwilling, or unable, to comply.

The frustration built up, of the ATT proponents, in the disarmament community, is because of the failure of previous disarmament schemes, which resulted in the creation of even stronger, legally binding, schemes. And still, like the predecessors, are again now failing, as we watch.

Ted Bromund concludes, “The ATT is thus another symbolic progressive victory that is failing in practice…Even its advocates now admit it.”

Allison Pytlak describes in April 2019, that the “flagrant displays of non-compliance that are eroding the Treaty’s impact and external credibility.” Pytlak recognized that “all the welcome packages, thematic panels, and guidance documents in the world won’t obscure forever the fact that the ATT is not stopping the arms flows that it is supposed to.”

Proponents now find themselves in charge of the multinational, legally binding scheme they demanded. And they have nowhere to turn.

So where do proponents find excuses for failure? In addition to hatred of President Trump specifically, and the American gun culture in general, arms control proponents have been taking aim at the under-representation of women in ‘disarmament diplomacy,’ their phrase, not ours.

They believe that this gender imbalance is slowing the necessary understanding of the link between gender-based violence (GBV), and arms control.

Pytlak further complains that GBV is often over-looked and under-reported, and that “officials must conduct a risk assessment on GBV for every single arms export license application. This complaint angrily oozes out of the ATT discussions and into the multiple ways, “that widespread possession and use of weapons tends to prevent women from fully participating in public and political life, and to hinder their economic empowerment – which also qualifies as GBV.”

We should, therefore, expect that this year in Geneva, that the demands of the proponents will become ever more shrill, and that further resistance of States Parties will grow.

We are just reporting these delusional attitudes, folks, read the ATT Monitor, and understand that these people believe that we [American Gun Owners]are deliberately preventing a paradise, from occurring, here on Earth.

It should be a very interesting week in Geneva.

We Wait With Baited Breath.

About the Authors:

Alan J Chwick has been involved with firearms much of his life and is the Retired Managing Coach of the Freeport NY Junior (Marksmanship) Club. He has escaped from New York State to South Carolina and is an SC FFL ( [email protected] | TWITTER: @iNCNF

Joanne D Eisen, DDS (Ret.) practiced dentistry on Long Island, NY. She has collaborated and written on firearm politics for the past 30+ years. She has also escaped from New York State but to Virginia. [email protected]

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willy d

The U N has outlived itself, we have been propping them up for years, with our troops lives and the U n’s miss management, their World Court, their World Order, look at how many dictators are in power and running the U N to take us down, I say send the U N back to France and we get out of the U N all together, N Y could put the U N building to better use and use the taxes instead of the free ride that the U N gets now, by by U N don’t let the door… Read more »

El Halcon

Not only get out of army treaty, kick to whole bunch out of the country, they are trying to take it away from us anyway

Rocky Mountain

And someone should inform UN rag heads that their boy Allah is a tranny that doesn’t know which bathroom to use.

Rocky Mountain

Pope runs UN, is the 7th and final rise of Roman Empire. You know it as World Government. USA is Vatican Crown colony for 150 years. Esquires (attorneys) represent Vatican Crown UN not you. You have been lied to but it has been a pretty good scam. Regardless of Party when curtain goes up same person pulls string to all of the set. Vatican Crown puppetmaster. Is why left v right so you’re distracted from these truths. All info on the net go read it for yourselves. All is fake, fake, fake, fake. The best trick the Devil ever pulled… Read more »


The US needs to full out of the United Nations period. It use to work for the people of the world now the organization does nothing except work for the dictators of the world. Lets look at this idea of complete gun confiscation…what would happen??..!st there would be a war in the US…American people against the Government.. In the rest of the world??..There will be rogue governments not complying with UN by laws. Most of all…there would be a Hugh GUN BLACK MARKET CREATED…… If you are in a foreign country and you need a weapon to protect yourself…where else… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

Uh, they really don’t need to confiscate with the current thousands of anti constitution fake gun control laws they have criminalized every American at this point and defending your life is nearly illegal but your welcome to kill off as many babies as you desire.
Murder is legal, self defense in not.
First thing you can do to attrack police is say “gun”. Second is to display one. Use one and it’s immediatly confiscated.
George Washington would never surrender shit he was a total badass but then he wasn’t femanized on the Koolaid.

rich z

Churchill knew better in 1941 He has HALF AMERICAN and his BETTER half knew about dis armed people .I guess the brits still have not learned their lesson.


The U.N. as a whole, needs DEPORTED, NOW !

Rocky Mountain

Deport those rag heads of U.N. to Somalia.

Rocky Mountain

Abbott in Texas prepares sign fake law to make long talk Texans lock guns up in safe now that border is in invaded. Alex Jones on about 15 videos over the years guaranteeing civil war if gov comes after his guns so they make him lock them up. Lol. Though he can’t find the safety. Lol. Abbott to make criminals out of less fortune gun owners that can’t afford gun safe to be in compliance with fake gun law. Bootlickers are going to “do something some day” about all this. Yeah right, sure. All that BOOTLICKER feminization is working just… Read more »


And the human sheep among us continue to stroll around; eyes fixed on nothing, tongue hanging out; mumbling that gun confiscated seems reasonable. After all, Government elitists only want them to be safe and happy, and would never lie. MSNBC, CNN and View skanks told them so. When SJHTF becomes reality, my door is barred to them. They can sit on the street corner, while waiting for some Gov agency to “fix” things. Good luck with that. My investment in self reliance is for family and friends. Not some dimwit, who relys on Dollar Store and McDonald’s for fashion advice… Read more »


It’s long past time we UNEXIT
I’m a big fan of dana loesch inflatable middle finger.
Put in in the spot where the desecrated colt python sits


Boot the UN out. Let them setup shop in Switzerland or some 3rd world Shithole country (Thank you POTUS for those words) that no one has ever heard of. It’s an enormous waste of US assets and real estate. Always ready to kick sand in our faces then demand aid money when some disaster hits somebodys mud hut. Another failed attempt at One World Government.

Rocky Mountain

Forgot to mention their Muslim (rag head) takeover.

Deplorable Bill

Disarmament is the pathway to slavery. When the answers the left puts out make no sense you have to wonder what is the real plan and it’s goals. In every case worldwide throughout history, when a people, a nation has been disarmed, it ALWAYS meant disaster for the common man. Latest case in point would be Venezuela. In the last decade Venezuela voted in a socialist government. Soon the entire nation was disarmed. Now they starve and the ONLY hope they have for something better is outside military help. You could say it’s their own fault, they voted them in… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

Nah, bootlickers will do nothing but grab ankles and get wet up the backside like they been doing to get this far. Whine to their corporate gun club and post. Enslaved already they demand more. Couldn’t survive without being enslaved to their masters. Ruled by the Vatican crown colony of Washington DC you would never be able to explain how it is a separate country that has enslaved them through taxation and stealing their names to create corporations on the stock market of which the globalist crown receives cash when they die based on the amount of business they have… Read more »


Let the bootlickers and sheeple drop trou. It’s all they deserve. Meanwhile, the sheepdogs among us should man up, gun up and prep to meet the wolves at the door.
Check 6. I got yours.

Rocky Mountain



@ Rocky Mtn., You spend a lot of time talking about “bootlickers”. I have a question for you, what do you do other than post mostly the same thing over and over and many times on the same subject.


Roger that. Just remember, you can’t help them all. Especially those who are too brainwashed or braindead to help themselves.

Rocky Mountain

Enjoying watching liberal party of Dim’entia get destroyed by what they support and demand. Watching them spin off the charts today is solid entertainment as long as they don’t spin in my direction or it will be their last spin.


att & un, you know what to kiss & when

Rocky Mountain

It is the same gun grabbers doing violent crime while blaming the gun enthusiasts for what they are doing and if you look in Saul Alinskis Rules For Radicals book of communism this is what is referred to as “projection”. It was Barry from the White House on his Presidential twitter account just a few nights after Orlando that tweeted for Americans to surrender their arms saying he would stop attacking us if Americans complied. Why don’t you go find that tweet and do a story on it for being the direct confession of terrorism against America (Hagalien Dialectic) that… Read more »