MSNBC Reporter Unwittingly Discovers the Right to Keep and Bear Arms


Fairfax, VA – -( Sometimes even the worst of the media inadvertently stumbles upon the truth.

On April 30th 2019, MSNBC reported that the socialist government of Venezuela was running over its citizens with armored vehicles amidst protests of the government’s ongoing tyranny.

MSNBC reporter Kerry Sanders, seeking to explain how the government could oppress the population to this extent, invoked the disparity of power between the government and the people. In doing so, he unwittingly managed to explain why America’s founding fathers saw fit to enshrine the right to keep and bear arms within the Bill of Rights.

Sanders noted: “You have to understand, in Venezuela gun ownership is not something that is open to everybody. So if the military have the guns, they have the power and as long as Nicolas Maduro controls the military, he controls the country.”

The result, particularly when coupled with socialism’s contempt for individualism and self-determination, is the unchecked abuse of authority at the cost of innocent lives.

It was a connection so obvious that even MSNBC couldn’t miss it.

These admissions, however unwitting, were a refreshing contrast from the usual MSNBC rhetoric, which tends to favor the most far-reaching forms of gun control. Even gun control advocate Bernie Sanders – who favors a nationwide ban on America’s most popular rifles, as well as on the standard capacity magazines Americans rely on for self-defense –isn’t anti-gun enough to avoid MSNBC’s criticism on the issue.

But while the political elite hide behind the guise of “common-sense gun laws,” in reality they believe that they should be the only ones protected by guns. The rest of the population, in their view, is not to be trusted.

Now the world is being forced to confront the reality of how that has worked out in Venezuela.

After years of pushing anti-gun rhetoric, MSNBC accidentally made one of the most powerful cases for the Second Amendment, showing that without it law-abiding citizens will not have the means to protect themselves from criminals or from the most blatant forms of government oppression.

The men and women of the National Rifle Association have understood this since 1871. And while it’s taken MSNBC a while to catch up to the rest of us, we hope it’s a lesson they won’t soon forget.

For the people of Venezuela, unfortunately, the lesson arrived too late.

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

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    1. I reside in the U.P. of Michigan and we didn’t vote her in office, Detroit, Dearborn, and all the other Lower Peninsula cities that harbor Muslim’s did. We have to be stuck with their decision to have her in office.

    2. “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” Thomas Jefferson

        1. Jefferson might as well have described the Tammany Hall political machine in New York City. There, crooks were the government, for decades.

          The Sullivan Act of 1911, which is the bedrock of New York City gun control was enacted by Tammany Hall bosses.

          The Evolution of Gun Control:


    3. Don’t worry, they forgot the lesson (even they even understood it themselves) before the end of the broadcast.

    4. In Michigan alone, there are more than 800,000 deer hunters in the woods on November 15th, with guns. The horror! More guns than the army! Add the rest of the deer hunting population and you have a huge army. Military folks are Americans first and I’m pretty sure they would smell tyranny in the air and refuse to fire on their own folks that probably feel the same way about the political atmosphere that they do. Don’t worry, be happy!

      1. Don’t EVER forget.. it was a bunch of “stupid farmers with their squirrel guns” bested the mightiest, best equipped, trained, and funded military force on the planet back in the late 18th Century.

        ANd if need be, it will be we “stupid farmers with our squirrel guns” do it again.

        Too bad the good and gentle people of Venezuela forgot their roots… how Simon Bolivar came round gathered together the common man, and helped them to stand against the tyranits of his day with their own arms for defence. When venezolanos complied with the demands to surrender their arms, they sealed their own fate. Just as did the Menshevik revolutionaries when promised amnesty and peace if they were to surrender their arms and come out of the Kremlin and pledge to fight no more. They fought no more, alright.. because as they flied out of the Kremlin, laid down their rifles, and went off round the corner to gether in groups again before dispersing, the Bolsheviks mowed them down, all ten thousand of them, now disarmed, not more than a small handful survived. And they were disarmed and disorganised.

        No means of defense or opposition, you are a slave, mere chattel to your overlords. Our Founders knew that all too well.They had come VERY close to losing, a number of times during that ten year fight to throw off their overlords, starding with what happend at Lexington at sunup on 19 April 1775. That tide turned at the North Britdge at Concord, when Isaac Davis’ men down from Acton fired two telling volleys into the Regulars purporting to guard that bridge and block their way into COncord. The militia’s well aimed rapid firing made the Regulars break ranks, turn tail, and run for their lives, as they were persued by contuing and very withering fire. One third of Gage’s officers fell in that set of volleys. The head of the snake was cut off, and the Regular troops, having no one to tell them what to do, fled for their own skins. It took Col Smoth an hour and a half to restore enough order to begin the march back to Boston, tail twixt legs, taking fire much of the way. THAT could have been Venezuela’s fate had they kept their arms. They did not, so that option is off the table.

        I’ve NO IDEA what Maduro is thinking… at some point he will have to face the reality that he has lost any semblance of real control, that the natioin over which he rides with an iron fist in the air is NOT his, and never can be. He may have their bodies under some semblance of control, but without their hearts and minds following, he is am empty shell and his shell game MUST fail.

        In our own war for independence from Britain, the war was won long before Smith’s troops arrayed themselves over against Captain Parker’s men at Lexington. It was won in the hearts and minds of the people as they were forced to vacate Boston, as they refused to pay the Stamp Tax and the Tea Tax, to submit to “general warrants”, to quarter troops in their homes, and to mildly and passively accept General Gage’s three previous Powder Raids to seize the powder and shot of the Colonials as they had it safely stored in their towns. But those men, the Colonials, had never surrendered their arms, thus retaining their teeth with which to bite back on their tyrannicak Kid King, George Three. Maduro is a madman compared to Georgie……

          1. During the War of 1812, some of the Americans did indeed have “squirrel guns”, which they used to engage the British forces. Different time and war, but the end result was the same.

            Andrew Jackson and William Henry Harrison wound up being elected presidents, and Richard M. Johnson – who killed Tecumseh at the Battle of Tippiecanoe in 1811 – was vice president under Van Buren.

      2. I think we all need to start excersising our rights and stand up for our rights being first of all the fact that we are not under any ownership by the government! They think they can lay claim to us through our birth certificates which they use as a bond but we are human beings living people who cannot be owned, and it’s crazy because no one ever realized that we are all slaves, slavery isn’t just a black issue, that was all a distraction to keep people from understanding what was happening and still is happening right under our noses which is the fact that the government has illegally stole our God given rights and took ownership of each and every United States citizen by tricking unsuspecting parents to sign over our children! People the government has no jurisdiction over us!!! Wake up! Once we start taking back our human rights and refusing to allow these thieves to control us by stepping out of their false contacts over us, only then can we win. Don’t be afraid to take a stand now starting with your name. Look into the strawmans act for starters, once the blinders are lifted you will understand that these laws or statutes don’t even actually exsist once you’ve accepted the fact that no group, corporation, or individual can own you, is when WE can take back our God given rights and virtues!

      3. And yet, Michigan elected a Muslim to Congress. Apparently those 800,000 gun owners don’t care enough about their state or this country not to no sh*t on it.

      4. I’d like to think the US Military would refuse to fire…
        But Kent State happened in my lifetime. 4 unarmed college kids protesting for peace shot and killed. I think I’ll keep my weapons thank you

        1. Mike B., neither one of us was around for this one, but on June 30, 1932, some ex-World War I veterans were shot by the U.S. army, under Herbert Hoover’s orders, outside the Capitol Building. The vets were protesting what they felt was a betrayal of what they’d been promised – bonuses for having fought in the war. MacArthur and Patton were among those taking part in the slaughter.

    5. Speaking as an American decorated combat veteran, if a corrupted government controls and directs its military, and that military follows orders (legal or otherwise), it won’t matter if every citizen has a weapon in each hand or weapons coming out of their ears, the citizenry will lose every battle of force. People who fail to believe this fact have never spent a day in a military uniform and/or have no concept of the lethality of their own military forces. Take your “guns” and go up against a tank or an attack helicopter (not to mention a fighter jet or bomber) and let me know how that worked out for you. You see what happened in Venezula when one soldier used one APC. The only thing that will save you (and your trusty “gun”) to fight another day is if an individual soldier decides not to kill you today.

      1. Tanks in urban areas are quite vulnerable, and so are helos. If we’ve learned nothing else from the Iraq War, we know that. As for using fighter jets on civilians, they’d quickly go bankrupt sending F-35s after every guy crouching behind a bush with a Mosin Nagant. 🙂

        But your implied threat is silly anyway, since our armed forces and police are overwhelmingly in support of Second Amendment rights and would never follow unlawful orders. I have faith in them—the sort you’d have if you really were the American decorated combat veteran you claim to be.

        1. I believe the Oat Keepers will lead the patriot/true AMERICAN military in the right direction, WE THE PEOPLE will prevail.

      2. You’re absolutely right. No revolution or civil war in history has resulted in the successful overthrow of the the current government. People should just lie down and take it.

      3. Bartender,
        If that is to be believed, then the United States would not exist at all. British Military forces were the greatest power in the world when we declared our independence, and a rag tag militia of American patriots beat them.
        I see your point about a “corrupt” government, but right now I think the winds of change are coming, the American people are starting to see through the corruption that has been going on far too long.

        1. Remember the Warsaw battle in WW2. A group of partisans fought the German army, which was tthe most powerful army in the world, using handguns, rifles and gasoline bombs!

          1. and the ONLY reason those partisans still had those few old guns is that they refused to register them when required years previously,then again refused to surrender them to Hitler’s goon squads when the demand was made. Those German solidiers were not accusotomed to being fired upon in return. When the first few rounds came back at them, they broke ranks, withered, and ran like crazy.. just as did the men under Col Smith who were supposed to hold the North Bridge at Concord. The first (and ONLY) volley of the Regulars hit a total of two men, dropping one dead in his tracks (their Captain, Isaac Davis), and slightluy wounding another. The multipe rapid fire well aimed volleys of the militia took a third of the officers and a quarter of the men of those three units who thought they were holding the bridge. The greatest fighting force on the planet broke ranks and ran… just as did their turannical counterparts at Warsaw a couple centuries later. No boxcars for those partisans, at least not that day. And any day above ground is a good day.

      4. BT10…thanks for your service.
        The idea isn’t force on force. The idea of civilians having modern weapons is deterrence. I have held the same opinions as you, long ago. Then i started to talk to some of the young people who came back (some whole, some not) from Iraq and Afghanistan. There is a price to be paid by soldiers who fight insurgents. Especially locals who have the support of the population. Taking on a tank or apc with a Molotov cocktail or flipping off an A10 on a gun run is foolish but sniping a foot patrol or jamming commo makes soldiers just a bit hesitant. In a US theater wide struggle, the military would be up against the people who developed and built their weapons and in some cases, trained them. Add to that the insurgent’s conviction and the fuzziness of the average 20 year old soldier’s thought process and there’s enough chaos to make the lib-tards think twice about moving too fast. I’m looking forward to having you on our side.

        1. Hey Spurs, lets not tell this BT10 too much because we really don’t know who he is or who he is working for. Good thoughts on asymmetrical warfare, though.

      5. Your statement presupposes that ALL active and reserve members of our military, less than 2% of the population, will violate their oath to support and defend the Constitution and then turn their weapons on their friends, kin and neighbors. You also discount the power of an insurgency, dedicated to opposing ALL enemies, foreign and domestic, an insurgency which I’m sure will be made up of many FORMER members of the military. Finally, just look at the ALL the great empires that have been defeated by insurgent resistance. Hell, our nation was born of an insurgency, based on the efforts of just III% of the population. America’s longest war in Afghanistan bears bloody testimony to the power of insurgents with weapons made in stone hits and taken from would-be invaders.

        God grant that socialists do not bring about the need to fertilize the Tree of Liberty but, if they do, I’m confident their tyranny will be effectively resisted and overthrown.

      6. Unfortunately, this guy is correct. As a fellow combat veteran, there is very little the civilian populace can do to thwart the U.S. armed forces. And technologies like FLIR has a lot to do with it. The military constantly adapts it’s arsenal of technology to strip a potential enemy of their home field advantage. And we learned that concept back during Vietnam.

        However, with that being said, I doubt officers would actually follow or issue those unlawful orders. No, the government would have to rely on it’s bureaucratic agencies to fight for them, as most troops would not follow these unlawful orders. What we would have to watch out for are the millennials and subsequent generations in service. These youths have been conditioned to be desensitized when it comes to killing. And they, or at least some, may very well follow these unlawful orders.

        At the same time, we have to look at what constitutes a lawful order. The president would not be able to make such an order himself. However, Nixon and Clinton gave proximity control of the U.S. military to the U.N. This means that the U.N. would, in theory be able to procure military units from the U.S. and then use those forces to combat U.S. citizens if need be. This would be the case if the small arms treaty were able to flourish.

        1. I truly believe that our military would not proceed to attack their fellow Americans. But the UN is another story. Does anyone know how many UN troops are stationed on American soil? Would be interesting to know.

      7. I disagree. The following is only a scenario if and when it should come to pass, which I pray it never does.

        Considering how many hunters, 2A supporters, etc., are VETERANS, I’m pretty darn sure we the people would not lose every battle. We know our local terrain best. We have skills that the military has. We are armed. We would have the hesitancy of a great many military members (both officer and enlisted) and many of them might come over to our side. We will have the majority of law enforcement. A national poll of law enforcement officers showed that the rank and file officers overwhelmingly reject violations of the 2nd Amendment. Remember, they are citizens, too, and many of them enjoy firearms, hunting, etc. We have organizations in every state. And military veterans are far better at living up to their oaths than politicians who will be cowering in their “bunkers”. Non-vets may not have the training but they do have the motivation.

        As for equipment, we can ground the planes and see the tanks grind to a halt. They can’t go anywhere if the fuel supplies are interrupted. As the military learned in prior and present conflicts, house to house is deadly.

        If you need an example, look at how rag tag bands have kicked butt of the Russian military, and our own. Vietnam taught us that we could lose a conflict even with our greater technology. They were prepared for the long haul and made do with what they had available until they were able to get outside aide.

        The military is not going to use their entire inventory because they want the land still habitable afterward. They also do not want to destroy the infrastructure because that would only make things harder.

        Something like this is not winnable going in with a defeatist attitude.

        1. By the way, I am a combat veteran of Vietnam. I may not be as young or physically fit but I still have the mind and heart of a warrior, and I still remember my training and experience.

          1. @Dave W, Your military mind is correct; nine tenths of every army fielded was defeated by attacking their supply lines. Can we put your mind and heart in the Tradoc Div when the shtf?
            We have a place for everyone that wants to contribute.

        2. Food for thought …How many of the body guards of the powers that be would be on our side ? They are already infiltrated into positions of advantage . They also have families and other ties in-country as it were . Unless have off spring like the little pigg kid in Florida .

      8. I’ve served too, in tanks no less. If somehow they managed to convince our army to fight their own families, I’d give even money on a determined American insurgency vs. the u.s. military. Civil war probably wouldn’t be two opposing forces meeting in the field, because nobody is dumb enough to show up just to get mudstomped by the government. It would likely be things like sniping cops, 2 a.m. kidnappings, back road ambushes, poisoned supplies, sabotaged refineries, wrecked port facilities, summary executions, roadside bombs, blown bridges and power stations, atrocities and counter atrocities, and ugly stuff like that which is difficult for conventional forces to counter. I would suggest we endeavor to avoid such a situation if possible, because it’s not as clear cut as “tanks and planes” people seem to think. If you think Americans are somehow immune to committing acts of shocking brutality to get their point across if things get bad enough, you may not be a very close student of human nature.

      9. @Bartender10, Decorated Combat Vet? And you write about using small arms on tanks? Your target acquisition skills are UNSAT. What was your MOS, again?

      10. I would not guess or second guess the reaction of our armed forces, including police, to such conditions. I do not foresee the number of citizens that would resist government force. Unless the government with the armed forces relocates overseas, we all will be on home ground. Air graft have to land, the crews and grafts have to survive to return to action. The homes and families of all factions are subject to attack. Infrastructure can be damaged beyond use. There may be battle lines, but no behind the lines. Combatants and non-combatants will live on the same battlefield. A war zone from sea to sea and possibly from Pole to Pole. Have cold weather gear.
        I am sure that veterans, decorated or not, have witness all this in other countries.

      11. And speaking as another combat vet, Bartender, perhaps you were in a battalion or brigade or squad or whatever that was fortunate enough to have the latest and greatest weapons and supplies, but I can sure tell you that it’s not all like that. 20 year old Berettas with weak springs and worn barrels, recycled M16A2’s, no ACOG’s or thermals available, old and broken NVG’s, and vehicles that needed serious work after every couple missions. We are a resilient and creative bunch, but it’s hardly a fair fight sometimes. and this was only 10 years ago. Maybe it’s changed a lot since then, but it sure didn’t the whole 10 years I was in, so I doubt it. Not every command is attached to F-35s, Apachees, and M1’s.
        And you think the rules of engagement suck overseas? I bet they’d be laughable on our own soil. That is, if you can find enough men and women to fill those rolls and not just desert back to their home town to defend it and their families.

      12. You make a valid point – but i spent nearly two decades watching Afghan and Iraqi villagers proving otherwise. Sadly I have about 36,000 pieces of evidence.

      13. If you fail to fight back and try to persevier, than just give up your dig ity, and surrender to tyrany! Better to be Brave And Fight And Die For Your Country, Than to coward out and surrender to slavery!!!

      14. Being a Combat Vet myself and a real one 1batt 5th Mar 2002-2006 three tours in Iraq as Marine Infantry. I feel my comment is just I have been the power that took down a county toppled Iraq Army and supporters in a 16-hour firefight. Yet I have also seen our military hit hard because of policy’s they put in place I.E speed limit in towns was IEDs on every corner.

        Also, remember it would be hard to go to your home town and shot at your friends and family! If it’s not you’re hometown it might be the guy to the left or right how happy are they going to be seeing there friends and family being killed by you? Also, I feel that We the People and the NRA need to make it clear to the ones who serve what the Oath there taking means!

        “To uphold the Constitution of these United States and fight any enemy foreign or domestic.” These words right here are the sword and shield! Yet many young enlisted and officers don’t understand them thanks mostly to our public schools and colleges. We need to share with our military enlisted and officers teach them to share with them the knowledge of the sword and shield by telling them to read the U.S Constitution or give them a copy of the pocket Constitution!

      15. Right. For example, a rag-tag band of southeast asian farmers with cobbled-together weapons couldn’t possibly defeat the combined armed forces of the United States. Or France, for that matter.

      16. You obviously don’t know how a Russian tank division lost to rebels in the city streets…the fighting spirit of freedom loving people can never be extinguished. -20 year veteran

      17. you are right on one front we could never defeat the military in open conflict but in a long protracted insurgency like the first american revolution, Vietnam,Afghanistan (that is right we lost in the long run .we are in talks with Taliban for our withdrawal just like the Russians in 89 .the defeated the strongest most lethal military in the world .a bung of goat fuckers in mud huts )Iraq .we pulled out and nothing has changed other than the chaos . the will to win will be determined by asymmetrical warfare and how well the population resists .kills do not matter so long as the will to resist lives .it may take decades but even an elephant will perish when attacked by a billion ants .yes i am ex military and do believe most will follow orders to fire on opposition in the USA.some will not but the majority will follow orders .the officers and nco s are the key as to what they will do

    6. This why we are armed. Because of people who kill innocent people in the name of tyranny and oppression. The four father’s were very wise and educated men who seen a need for our citizens to be armed. If you own an arm keep train with it. If not get one learn from a compatent person who knows what they are doing. Safety first, if your un sure about a firearm and how use it safely, don’t touch it. Find a good knowledge able person and learn.

      1. @Jared P Balmer, If you are going to spell like that, brother, then you are going to have expect to take a little good natured ribbing from “us uns”!

    7. You can consume Satan’s gun control Koolaid to your own demise and possibly meet the wrath of God or REFUSE TO COMPLY to your own genocide. The choice is yours to make. God wins in the end the only variable is the body count of those who worship Satan’s Islam/Nazi NWO by consenting with compliance.

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