New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Group Calls for Executions!?!


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New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Group Calls for Executions!?!

Fayetteville, AR – -( A coalition of churches calling themselves the New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Movement held a conference in Orlando, Florida this month that coincided with Pride Week and the third anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting. Titled, Make America Straight Again, its purpose was to convince churches to preach against homosexuality and to advocate for the execution of LGBT people.

The idea that consenting adults whose sexual identity or behavior differs from the majority deserve to be killed is shocking to anyone who believes in human rights. One of the lessons that we in the gun community teach whenever asked is that if you mind your own business and if you’re not forcing anyone to be involved in that business, you should be left in peace. This principle must be broadly interpreted. It includes possession of AR-15s, the combined consumption of marijuana, Cheetos, and Pink Floyd records, and the sexual activity of same-sex partners. Whether I approve or not, and whether I am unhappy about not being invited or pleased to stay away, isn’t relevant to the decision of others to make their own private choices.

Calling for executions of LGBT people is disgusting. But I remain hopeful that Americans on the whole are decent enough never to adopt such a proposal. But one of the participants in the NIFB movement, Tommy McMurtry, raised a particular point that ties in directly to the general subject of interest of this magazine. Informing his audience that Florida is a Stand-Your-Ground state and if violence breaks out during any confrontations between Pride participants and Make America Straight Again attendees, members of his movement can fight back.

In Arkansas, carrying while participating in a demonstration that requires a permit is not legal. I haven’t found any such restriction in Florida law, but McMurtry does display a misunderstanding of what Stand Your Ground allows. While the law removes the duty to retreat from a potentially lethal attack, it does not allow people to set the incident in motion. If someone is the antagonist in a fight, that person then does have a duty to attempt a de-escalation and to withdraw if physical force becomes involved. This is the lesson that many learned in elementary school that if you shout threats at a classmate, you don’t get to whine when he gives you a bloody nose.

The NIFB is free to believe what they wish. They are even free to say in the abstract what policy choices we ought to adopt. But they are walking close to the line—one side or the other of it—and when they say that LGBT people should be killed and mention of Stand Your Ground while expressing such desires for violence, this is not what their attorneys would like to hear if any incidents arise from their bigotry.

But more broadly, those of us who value gun rights should stand up for our fellow minority groups who aren’t forcing the unwilling to join in and against attacks on the same.

As a political matter, I would be embarrassed to say to my fellow citizens that I want them to defend the rights that I exercise while refusing to return the courtesy. This would be morally repugnant as well. And in practical terms, if I want to win over enough people so that support for gun rights is no longer a minority thing, I’ll have to be on the side of other people of good will who are working for acceptance of their own favorite set of rights.

About Greg CampGreg Camp

Greg Camp has taught English composition and literature since 1998 and is the author of six books, including a western, The Willing Spirit, and Each One, Teach One, with Ranjit Singh on gun politics in America. His books can be found on Amazon. He tweets @gregcampnc.

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    1. By intent…….they did this to make Christianity the “problem” ……….The further we get away from God The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost….the quicker we lose this country…….if you think losing Our Faith is the way to turn our country back to Freedom you are sadly mistaken… the pope and a vast array of churches, many are paid out to proclaim the opposite of The True Word of God

      Quit being gullible and get on your knees Americans

      A Woman of God

    2. Wow. The responses to this article shore up my decision to leave the Christian faith. I was raised Southern Baptist. Saved and Baptized at the age of 13. My family is Christian. I have no ill-will towards Christians. I don’t like seeing Christians with ill-will either.

      I don’t need the Bible to tell me how to act as I know it’s not right to harm anyone else for any reason if they had not harmed or threaten to harm me or anyone else. Live your life as you wish. You only have one life. Want to be a Christian? Fine, I leave you alone if you leave me alone. But apparently, there’s a lot of Christians here judging and damning when they have no right to do so.

      This country was colonized because people wanted to be free to believe what they believe. They didn’t take kindly to being told how they had to worship. They were willing to give it all to find freedom to be who they wanted to be. And that freedom to live as you wish (but not hurting anyone else) should be respected no matter your life choices.

      If groups of people are going to Hell because they don’t believe as you believe, that’s their problem, not yours. If you think I’m going to Hell, then brother, I’ll see you there.

    3. It is stated in the Bible that homosexuality is a serious sin. The Bible does not condemn the people that practice it and as long as they repent they will be saved. I can remember, not to long ago, when the gays stayed in the closet and did not flaunt their less than Godly acts. It would be nice to revert back to those days.

      Rattler Jake and Deplorable Bill, I appreciate your perspective on this matter.

    4. I am a Christian, I attended Bible college in the 1980’s. So I have some background in the Bible, and the King James is the only Bible I use. That being said, for all of you who seem to wish to either kill homosexuals, or to see them harmed or discriminated against in one form or another, that is certainly not the way that Jesus would have handled the issue. If you might recall the woman at the well, who was living in sin with a man who was not her husband, did Jesus condemn her? Or the woman taken in adultery, whom they brought to Jesus to be stoned, do you remember what happened with her? Right, Jesus did not condemn either of these women, but merely told them to go and sin no more. Does anyone actually believe that it is possible for someone to sin no more? What about you yourself, can you live the rest of your life without sinning? Of course not. But if you would look at the verse found in James 2:10, it speaks quite clearly to this matter of hating homosexuals. I will explain it for you. If you commit sin, of any kind, it is as if you have committed every other sin that there possibly is, including that of laying with someone of your same sex. Because to God, sin is not differentiated.
      The problem is that so many Christians today have somehow equated the sin of sexual relations with the same sex as being worse than any other sin. I like to think of it as the yuck factor. Because it makes you uncomfortable, you consider it to be somehow worse than the sin of, say, judging another for their lifestyle. Or worse than the sin of actively wishing for the death of all gay people. The thing is, God sees you and your sin of judgement the same as that of the sexual sin of homosexuality.
      As to the author of this post, there is absolutely nothing wrong with him writing a piece on this topic. It is important to recognize that not everyone who might need to defend themselves is a straight, white, good old, so called Perfect Christian. We are all made perfect in Christ, even those with whom you disagree. Because while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. He didn’t wait until we deserved it, or until we were good enough. He died for us because of HIM, not because of us.
      In keeping with the idea that everyone is deserving of the human right to self defense, there is an organization that is dedicated to teaching anyone, but especially LGBTQ people, the safe use of firearms. That group is called Operation Blazing Sword. For those who hate homosexuals, you might wish to reconsider, especially since Christ Himself only made one command, and that was to love. The link for OBS, which has trainers throughout the United States who are willing to train anyone in the safe use of firearms, pro bono, and without judgement of any kind, is here.

      1. Your entire comment is only HALF correct. Christ was here for one reason and that was to show God’s love of his creation – MAN! So Christ was NOT here to destroy evil, or to judge anyone, because that is all coming in the future. Secondly, your whole rant about sin all being the same and no different than other sin is not exactly true. God told us, and Christ reiterated it, that we are all sinners and have come short of the glory of God – man was born into sin but has the ability to salvage his soul by believing in Christ and repenting. There is a big difference between continuing in that sin, and repenting and trying to live without sin. The LBGTWXYZ crowd are living in sin without repentance and will be cast into Hell, whereas most true Christians will be forgiven and enter Heaven.

        This “Christian” group is wrong for wishing ill on anyone or hating them, but not for hating the sin. It’s one thing to protect yourself and totally another to instigate that claimed “self-defense”. Just the act of wanting someone dead is the same as killing them.

    5. Greg seems to hit the nail on the head, here. The right to disagree, and the right to behave differently, have differing interests, and even to have differing values is a matter of freedom. However, the free system cannot work when anyone, on whatever side of whatever fence, decides that another person must choose differently than as that person chooses. The desire of people to get in the face of other people and force them to change their behavior or thinking is an individual or group level of tyranny. Often, such people want to put that same enforcement at the government level, in which case it becomes full blown tyranny. We typically see leftist protesters doing this, but, all too often, we see a very similar attitude in people who claim to stand up for American principles of freedom. Veterans who feel more privileged than non-veteran citizens, because, truly, they have training, they have often paid a heavy price, etc. People who hate immorality, and who therefore hold themselves up as superior to people who embrace immorality. Whoever may be right or wrong, freedom depends on people to share ideas, but not impose them. Of course, because this is the nature of freedom, freedom is fragile, and the survival of freedom is rare. There is always competition among disagreeing groups to remove the other person’s freedom, and in consequence, everyone’s freedom.

    6. Gay sexual relations are wrong and against the Scriptures see Leviticus Chapter 8 Verse 22 and Romans Chapter 1, Verse 27. However, as Christians we are suppose to hate the sin, not the sinners. For we are all sinners, but we are also all God’s children. Never compromise your Christian beliefs, for homosexuality is wrong. Never cease to speak out against it. What consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom should be of no concern to anyone. Its when they bring it out of the bedroom on to the public square, into the classroom, into popular culture we have a duty to speak out against it. Less that 2% of the population is gay. Ninety-eight percent of the population should not have to change or compromise their beliefs to accommodate that 2%. It is either a choice or a birth defect/psychological disorder. Treat it as such. The only sexual perverts that should be executed are rapist and child molesters. Kill them all. They cannot be cured.

    7. You may not be interested in the LGBT community, but they are interested in you. They cannot reproduce the way Nature intended. They must recruit. They are coming after your children. I saw it for years when I worked as a Peace Officer in SoCal. There are so many of them in the “entertainment industry” and they are very wealthy. Their wealth attracts politicians and their corrupt, syphilitic, sinful nature is then propagated to children through programs at “public schools”.
      Within the last week, these monsters held a “Drag Queen Story Hour” at the Spokane public library. The folks who stood across the street and protested this were in the gunsights of the Spokane PD SWAT Unit. I am not making this up. Not only do these Godless deviates continue to warp the minds of the young, they have police protection. Remember the words of Uncle Adolf: “When someone says to me “we will not come over to your side” I tell them it does not matter. We have your children.” I am paraphrasing, but that is pretty much what Hitler said. Plan accordingly.

      1. You All like to debate what the cops will do when given the order to turn their weapons on you . Especially those who have contracted SWATITUS ! Here is an ex-leo telling you what he has seen .

      2. ….and Lenin said (paraphrased), “Give me your children, and I will transform your country.”
        DONE…check….courtesy of ole two-faced Christian Jimmie Carter’s Department of Indoctrination…er, I mean Education..
        This article reminds me of Bible’s Sodom and Gomorra story. Learn from history or be doomed to relive it.

    8. My friend, the whole concept of equal rights is skewed in this article. It’s not the fact that myself or any law abiding gun owner has set out to harm any person of different ideas of morality, it is the LGTBQs who have decided they need to put on an expose’ to declare their normalcy and then mandate that we all except it in a groveling manner. While I can understand your point of mixing protest with a means of harm is a bad idea, it appears your problematic with any opposing protest. The simple fact is that one group has as much right to be there as the other, the call for violence is an individual issue that should be dealt with on that level. There will be a “Pride Parade” in a town near me next week, it will be against the wishes of the constituents, but according to the groups leaders that’s why they should have it, to expose other generations to alternative lifestyles, their words. I really can’t remember the last time I felt the need to march in the streets carrying my firearms, decked out in my 2cd amendment attire to violate the sensibilities of those that oppose my lifestyle choices. You said it yourself, we as firearms owners have in past been a low key group, well it hasn’t worked, the world has changed, and they changed it. While I don’t promote violence against any alternative group, does that void my right to disagree. I advise those befuddled masses, to go read the Constitution, also some good examples of World History, I would suggest the KJV being part of the latter.

    9. Its time to start talking about a peaceful revolution where all of the constitutional amendments are taken more seriously. The majority of americans are in the center of all these issues and talking about them like an extremist gives your argument zero credibility.

    10. First, what has been wrong, illegal, immoral and an abomination before GOD ALMIGHTY for the past 6,000 years, still is. Most people have heard it said that history repeats itself. There are those who think what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah is just a bunch of fiction. There is ample evidence that the destruction of both of those cities actually happened. The same can be said of sacrificing one’s children to mullok, as in modern day abortion. Yes, there was and will be a response from the LORD about this also. I can’t speak for all Baptists but the hate is on the sin–not the sinner. That being said there are consequences to one’s choices, words and actions.

      While there are consequences for bad choices and lifestyles the same can be said for those who live righteously, with good morals and life choices. There are ten basic rules, laws, that many others are based upon. Can you imagine what a pleasant world this would be if they were followed? Any law/rule that has been voiced by the LORD outstrips, out ranks and sets president above all others. No matter what the anti gun establishment would try to tell you, the fact is that being armed is mandated from the LORD HIMSELF. See Luke 22:36. The right to keep and bear arms is further mandated and guaranteed through the constitution, the bill of rights and the 2nd amendment. The 2nd amendment guarantees all the others. Without the people being armed all of the freedoms, rights and liberties we all enjoy will be overthrown and/or denied. Socialism and communism cannot survive while the population is armed. Those who want a one world government are, by definition, socialist. The only thing needed for evil to succeed is for righteous men to do nothing. Arm up, carry on.

        1. Returning the favor, I say absolutely on target Brother Bill. This Georgia boy says, “God’s Will be done”! We are in the age of Apostasy for certain.

      1. With the coming of Christ a new covenant was established. The OT was fulfilled by Him and most of those laws were not reinstated. And, remember, this nation allows not cramming your particular faith down another’s throat.

        1. @Larry B, Nor may one cram their homosexuality down another’s throat. But that cramming is exactly what the homosexuals (no pun intended), moslems, socialists, recreational drug users, hard core unemployables, and a miscellany of libtards are doing. We better be pushing back.

        2. YOU’RE A FOOL! You are correct that God’s covenants changed, BUT NOT God’s laws and doctrine. Covenants are NOT law, they are an established agreement between God and a person or a group of people, laws are for everyone — God had covenants with Abraham, Noah, the Hebrew people, etc. and some of those covenants were replaced by Christ coming and establishing a new covenant – BUT THE LAWS REMAIN THE SAME, the laws NEVER change!! The new covenant was Christ bringing forgiveness for violating the law, instead of DEATH/destruction. The problem with most Christians is they don’t know the difference between between a covenant and a law! Example: Thou shalt not murder pertains to everyone (law), man shall not lie with mankind pertains to everyone (law), not eating pork only pertained to a specific group of people (covenant). Homosexuality is NOT a covenant it is a LAW, and violators who do not repent are doomed to Hell!

      2. The only thing needed for evil to succeed is for righteous men to do nothing.

        Per that Book you so rightly recommend well, this is not true.

        I read in there that if I am witness to evil, and say/do nothing, not even speak a warning that this behavour IS evil, then I am COMPLICIT in the evil.

        Thus, in the face of evil a good, or righteous, man CANNOT do nothing (else he no longer be “good” or “righteous”)

        If someone seeing evil does nothing about it, he is NOT good or righteous. If he remains good/righteous, he will DO what he can, even if that is only to speak against it.

        Its the WHOLE book or none of it.

        1. @Tionico If interpreted correctly in the KJV, confrontation is a true form of Christian love. Which is what we should do to the mislead, and incorrect thinkers. Good write Tio.

          1. “Confrontation” is a poor word to use. I think “educating” is better. Problem is that too many Christians turn educating/ministering into a confrontation. God gave man “FREE WILL”, it is each person’s choice to what they want to believe and do, and it is not up to anyone to force their belief on others. This is not the same as law! Man’s civilizations have followed the SAME Biblical laws since man was created, some societies have removed some of those laws but a few have always remained – No murder, No stealing or destruction of someone else’s property, No homosexuality, No lying/cheating …. when those laws are removed, civilization collapses!

    11. I’m surprised to see this thinly veiled anti-Christian screed posted on Ammoland.

      First, the MASA conference certainly was advocating that churches should preach the biblical doctrine of reprobates and against the sin of sodomy, but it was not directed at “advocat[ing] for the execution of LGBT people.” Obviously these preachers would rejoice if the USA adopted the death penalty for homosexuality as the bible commands, however, the point of the conference was not to get such laws passed. The author intentionally conflates the two.

      Next, the author misleads the reader by stating the MASA conference was a protest and thus the carrying of weapons was banned. The conference was held at a church and the policy of the church is weapons are permitted. Thus, attendees could lawfully be in possession of weapons. As explained by Pastor McMurty, there existed a very real concern, based on what happened to a Sacramento church in 2016, that the “Pride” mob that had gathered outside the church would attack conference attendees. Their documented violence against Christians is massive. As Pastor McMurty correctly pointed out, had the mob attacked Florida law would permit the attendees to use proportional force to repel the attack.

      Finally, being a homosexual, or advocating for homosexuals as Mr, Camp here does, is a lot safer course of action in American in 2019, than being a “pro-gun” advocate. “Pro-homos” are not a victimized minority. On the contrary, homosexuals have not been denied internet access, credit card merchant accounts, locations, banking services, or any of the other anti-gun bigotry that has plagued pro-gunners. Homosexuals and their apologists have been anointed by the media and as an elite class for which you cannot lose your job, business, or be socially-outcast if you criticize them. Unlike gun owners.

    12. Yeah. Majorities don’t need protecting. Guns are the great equalizer, allowing the small to stand against the strong. Gun control in the US started as a way to keep guns out of the hands of blacks, and now we should aim to put them into the hands of queers.

    13. I can assure everybody that forced “acceptance” of the perverts and their agenda will be delivered at the end of a bayonet at some point. Same with climate control ideology, same with “common-sense” gun legislation, etc.

      At what point do the Traditional Americans say “Enough!” and fight back against the multi-pronged advancement of American-styled communism??

      1. It is coming Brother Mike. Recall that Christ said, “They shall deliver you up to tribulation, and persecution”. Perhaps that will be the spark to ignite the war. But, also recall that it is stated that we will NOT prevail.

        1. Where does it say “we will not prevail”? I’ve never heard that one. Is that supposed to mean we should just sit on our asses and let fascist/communists take over our nation? Not me. Live free or die, and take as many of the enemy with you as you can.

          1. Prophesy does say that the anti-Chist and evil will prevail, and Christians will be persecuted and murdered, and hated because of his name. Tthat is the reason that Christ will return, remove all of his followers, and the rest of the earth will receive God’s wrath! But that does not mean to give in or give up, because Jesus said “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved”…. this doesn’t mean that you need to stay alive, it means that you need to NOT deny God or lose faith!

        1. @JBS and Larry Bickerly, Lots of civilized societies use execution on criminals that need executing. As to burning queers to a stake, its ok, but an awful lot of work. All work is cumulative, and there are many out there.

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