Andrew Cuomo is Winning


Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

New York/United States – -( When I first noted Andrew Cuomo’s efforts to misuse financial regulations against the National Rifle Association, I had hope that it would fail. I had hope that it would be like a last, desperate throw of the dice for one of the worst anti-Second Amendment extremists in the country. Furthermore, I had hope that its failure would be assured by the fact that Second Amendment supporters would unite against the abuses.

To my sorrow and anger, I was wrong.

Instead, over a year after this started, Andrew Cuomo is winning. An anti-Second Amendment extremist who has, for all intents and purposes, lost the arguments on Second Amendment issues, is now winning with an abuse of power on par with Operation Chokepoint and the IRS targeting of the Tea Party.


Well, in the year since those abuses came to light when the NRA filed suit, instead of uniting against the existential threat Cuomo’s abuses against one pro-Second Amendment group posed to the entire community, far too many Second Amendment supporters have instead been fighting amongst themselves.

What was needed in the wake was a modified version of the principle of NATO: An abuse of power against one pro-Second Amendment group needed to be viewed as an abuse of power against all. Because, when it comes to abuses like Cuomo’s, someone is always the first to feel the brunt of them. And keep in mind, Andrew Cuomo and Letitia James want the NRA destroyed.

I know the NRA is not beloved by all Ammoland readers, but let me ask you all a question: Does anyone seriously think that if Cuomo successfully kills NRA Carry Guard that the United States Concealed Carry Association will be safe from similar attacks on their ability to provide services to their membership? Heck, even an ultimately unsuccessful attack on NRA Carry Guard has the potential to kill others without any action from Cuomo through a simple chilling effect on the financial services companies needed to make those ventures work.

By a similar token, if the Andrew Cuomo-Letitia James regime in New York takes down the NRA, what is to stop Jay Inslee and Bob Ferguson in Washington from killing the Second Amendment Foundation? Will GOA be safe form similar attacks, be they from Virginia’s Ralph Northam or California’s Gavin Newsom? Even NAGR, which Ammoland is no fan of, would be  at risk.

Even with its internal chaos, the NRA is the largest pro-Second Amendment organization with the most resources for this sort of fight. If the NRA can be taken down, NO PRO-SECOND AMENDENT GROUP IS SAFE FROM A SIMILAR ATTACK FROM THE LIKES OF ANDREW CUOMO AND LETITIA JAMES.

If the Cuomo-James regime succeeds in their attack, the NRA will be dissolved. The assets will be sold off at auction – likely to those with lots of money – and it could very well be Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, and/or Tom Steyer lined up to make the purchase of those assets. The collections of firearms in the NRA’s museums would be dispersed – if some weren’t just melted down on the spot. What is left would likely be used for anti-Second Amendment propaganda.

The accumulated knowledge from 1871 would also be gone. Firearms training would be drastically and negatively affected. So would competitive shooting. Cops would have it worse, too, as they’d lose the NRA as a source for training. All the good NRA does (and contrary to haters, it does a lot of good).

But the worst effect would be what would happen to the membership lists, records of donations beyond membership dues, and the names and addresses of not just those who donated, but those who volunteered. What do you think Bloomberg will do with that information when it falls into his hands?

If you think the social stigmatization is bad now, what happens when Bloomberg, Soros, or Steyer gets their mitts on that data? Imagine your neighborhood being covered in flyers listing you and other Second Amendment supporters as “domestic terrorists” – even listing how much you donated.

They won’t stop at NRA. They’ll go after any other pro-Second Amendment organization. It will be much easier to take them down as well, because those groups won’t have the size or resources the NRA had. Their membership and donation lists will be exposed, too. And do you think financial services companies will be willing to provide services to any replacement once confronted with the specter of “reputational risk” by the likes of Cuomo? The only way to stop that from happening is to save the NRA from the Cuomo-James regime.

There is enough blame to go around for everyone, in the failures to see what Cuomo would do in a combination of vindictiveness and desperation, the failure to address corporate gun control and social stigmatization, the botched execution of programs and ideas like NRA Carry Guard and NRA TV, the failure to make sacrifices necessary to winning the battle against Cuomo and James, and the whole NRA/AckMac relationship. While a housecleaning is in order and needs to happen, finger-pointing does no good at this point. First stop the bleeding, then deal with the heart failure.

The harsh reality is this: If the NRA is to be reformed, it must first survive this assault from the Cuomo-James regime. Before the survival is assured, talk of reform is academic, and those carrying it out now are just those who would be President, EVP, Executive Director, and Board of Directors of ashes. There will be a time to hold those accountable for the mess who need to be held accountable for this mess, and that must happen. However, assuring the NRA’s survival must be the first priority.

It means swallowing pride. It means putting aside grudges. It ultimately means putting aside your dislike of Wayne LaPierre and the NRA for the time being. If we do not stop the Cuomo-James regime’s effort to destroy the NRA, the haters of NRA and LaPierre will get their way, but we will lose everything.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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The Crimson Pirate

NRA is open to prosecution under New York law because of it’s own corrupt and illegal actions. Once it is gone it’s 5 million members can get on board with an actual pro gun organization and we can begin rolling back all the gun control NRA supported and let happen in the last 100 years.


Cuomo and the rest of the Communists working overtime to deny Americans their rights will never win. Eventually there will be enough Americans that have figured out that elections will never restore their rights and more aggressive measures are necessary. I am convinced the day will come when the Communists take one step past the point of no return and the people will follow in the footsteps of the Colonists in revolt. Not all guerilla movements are successful, but neither are all Communist takeovers. I am confident the peoples revolt would be successful. Bloody, nasty, dirty, and a great sacrifice… Read more »


I see that more people are plotting the demise of the NRA and the 2nd amendment in this blog. Are they trolls, traitors or both? You be the judge.

Dolores Adams

They would be traitors

Ej harbet

Says wlp righthand boy!

John Dodd

Google NRA Beckett Brown International to see shocking articles about the now-defunct spy outfit a/k/a BBI, and what they have done for the NRA. Today, four or more BBI successor companies are operating and appear to be thriving…


Harold For your edification I have joined “Save the 2A,” made a recurring monthly donation and downloaded and signed the first of many petitions to the NRA BOD. I have seen this song and dance in the NRA play out before, but within a state pro gun organization whose gang of 8 on the BOD drove out the activists who won the battles, used its membership dues for paid jobs, and used the org as a front group for a political party. Except for a few there was no effective resistance and by the time the membership woke up it… Read more »


Actually not a supine and cowardly BOD; it was a malicious Fifth Column who wanted to remov “Rifle” from the name and take it in another direction entirely.

Chad C. Mulligan

As far as Lapierre is concerned, Cuomo can rip the NRA apart so long as LaPierre preserves his personal fortune. I don’t trust him as far as I can throw a Buick. If the NRA is to be preserved, the Quisling at it’s head has got to be removed, along with his sycophant board members. Bring in managers and legal minds whose personal objective in life is the preservation and growth of the organization, not their personal wealth and power.


Good luck with that since most who gain these positions do so with they’re own survival in mind.

Ro Gal

Well said, you nailed it. Why isn’t there more support for GOA???

Ej harbet

This is it!
Dumping money into the nra is dumping money into wlp and his cronies.cut out the cancer and if anything is left after that restore it.
And I am a voting member and will with my people vote but if the crooks are counting the votes it does no good.


The Second Amendment does not state the right to keep and bear arms ends when a politician decides to outlaw firearms – it intends American Citizens to shoot them to keep them, if push comes to shove.

Short of the Supreme Court doing something to reign in this rogue unconstitutional political party, striking down unconstitutional laws that effectively repeal the Second Amendment, push WILL come to shove.

They will NEVER stop pushing.

The only question is whether or not American Citizens will FIGHT TO KEEP THEIR FREEDOMS – or surrender and be subjects of a global socialist union.


THIS comment section is FULL of anti-Second Amendment trolls. Sure, anyone can say “I am a Life NRA member, a member of SAF and GOA…”, but when they speak in anti-American, anti-Second Amendment terms, you better have enough brain power to realize the propaganda is before you. Anti-American communist democrats are the enemy. Democrats demand the communist America Hillary & Bernie promised. Both being hard-line 1960s communists. Do none of you remember Hillary saying “I will be the last president”? THAT should have scared the daylights out of Americans as she exposed their plan. ORGANIZE and VOTE! If conservatives do… Read more »


“I don’t like the NRA because for to long they’ve caved and given up our second amendment rights.”

Craig: “you’re an Anti-second amendment troll”

Craig, you’re just another example of someone who is projecting.


What is the source of your comment “In 2016, Homeland Security found over 4 million illegal alien votes for Hillary”? I’ve not ever read that before (but suspected it happened).

The Crimson Pirate

Estimates are all over the place. The 4 million comes from a tweet by Trump after the election. Many credible sources have estimated the number of illegals voting at 800,000 to more than 2 million in 2008 and 2010, and there was a study that showed that the last vote in the senate needed to pass Obama care came from Franken and that illegals and “refugees” elected him. In the subsequent years it has only increased. Type 4 million illegals voted for Hillary into your favorite search engine and you will get tons of information.


Wow, I am an Iranian-American Artist and Eductor in NYC, way left of Bernie that believes in having hunting guns that are at least as regulated as having a car. I was about to delete this “propoganda” scare tactic article from my Google news search, luckily I read the comments, many of which I disagree with and which are well articulated and come from a solid understanding of how power corrupts and we as individuals can carry our destiny. Thanks for the eye opener to the world of owning guns! Thanks WB for standing up for both a man or… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

@ Javadi

As to hunting guns as you referred,that’s not what the 2 nd. amendment is about as at the time of it’s writing by the founders hunting was a fact of ordinary day to day life. this bit of humor may help explain it,”It’s All About Hunting” !

Wild Bill

@GMB, He thinks that there are regulations on having a car. There is no regulation on HAVING a car, so embarrassingly, on this one narrow point, I have to agree with this individual.


Could you kindly read the Constitution and find the part about gun rights are for hunting? I’ve read it many times and can’t seem to find any mention of hunting at all.

Freedom fighter

They will never take our guns. And if they try there will be a very bloody revolution. I will guarantee that !!!!!!!

Dave Bientz

One thing that I have not seen here is the fact that Liberal Democrats have become successful dragging us away from our initial mission of safety, training, proficiency, to spending millions trying to defend a Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms. Reacting to their attacks has created a huge need for resources. I understand it. But the issues plagueing the NRA seems to be kept close to the vest with no internal matters being brought to light for the membership. Getting my Life Membership in the ’70s and upgrading to Benefactor many years ago, I, as many, are challenged… Read more »


N.R.A. Donor Directs a Revolt Against a ‘Radioactive’ Leader
“…..a network of wealthy N.R.A. donors who would cumulatively withhold more than $134 million in pledges would soon give the gun group’s board a list of demands for reform.”

Jack Mac

Let us review what the purposes of the NRA were and are. To began it was to promote firearm skill and safety and by necessity to politically protect civil rights. The codified individual right to access firearms to be safe and skilled with. All funds gathered along with effort was to be directed toward these two purposes. Beginning sometime around 1934, still within some living memories, these funds and efforts started begin to be misdirected. Now, we, the NRA, have a 76 member Board of Directors that is allowing our executives to misdirect funds and effort more than ever. This… Read more »


Harold: Its not the fault of gun owners for the division that plaques the community. That crime resides exclusively in the hands of Lapierre and fellow travelers past and present on the NRA Board. Their wrong doing is hardly limited to malfeasance and fraud, they have also lorded it over and been heavy handed with state pro gun associations, attacked pro gun leaders, banned USCCA from the 2017 Annual Meetings & Exhibits and the 2018 Great American Outdoor Show, endorsed undeserving candidates for political office due to partisanship that’s nearly exclusive today, etc, etc, etc. The NRA has been cutting… Read more »

Rob Pincus


The NRA in its current state isn’t worth saving from outside attack. Unfortunately, donors keep putting money into the coffers and that money is being wasted. Pull the funding and put it to better use… while the NRA Reboots per the reform suggestions offered by and others!



Some VERY wealthy donors are in agreement with you about “Pull the funding”.

Richard Huggins

You said in your article “how long before the United Concealed Carry” would be targeted too. Well I am here to tell you that it already has been. I live in Washington State and I just lost my coverage due to that organization, or it’s underwriters, have caved to pressure from the Washington Attorney General and the Insurance Commissioner. The USCCA was threatened with large fines if they continued. They stopped my coverage when what I paid for ran out and I was informed that I could not longer continue to pay for and have the coverage. They would no… Read more »


You know sometimes the best thing that can happen to a Forrest is for it to burn down. Sure it sucks, it’s scary, it’s damaging and it takes some time to heal, but often the Forrest is better of, it comes back stronger and gets rid of invasive species, dead fall, ground coverage that is harmful, parasitic plants, the list goes on. The NRA needs the same treatment. What some call infighting, is simply people fighting the invasive parasitic people who have tried to destroy us slowly. They may seem like allies, as parasites often do, but we are losing… Read more »

Joseph Terry

Open your eyes folks. The majority of these comments are coming from the Anti-2A moles. A generational establishment like the NRA HAS to be preserved. Join multiple second amendment groups, you will see they are starting at the top. Just like “assault rifles”. After that, it becomes easier, with less resources. Reform the NRA from within. Unless you are willing to burn your house because there are rumors of roaches.

Edward Weber

Maybe, metaphorically speaking, the tree of liberty needs refreshing with the NRA. I’ve said this for years that the NRA seems to be getting out of its lane. The payscale also needs to be attended to.


Please, provide proof that I, a lifetime member of the NRA, Member of the GOA, and member of the SAF, am anti-2a.

Hell my ideas on the 2a are considered radical, because I believe that all firearm laws are infringements.

Hell we burn fields down all the time, because it’s good for the field.


Hmm, I wonder, would Harold consider you’re comment to be infighting? Or is it only people who are rightfully criticizing the NRA that can cause the infighting?

By the way I don’t consider you’re comment to be infighting, because if you support the NRA at this point you are not somebody I want to be in a group with, as I said, my views are considered radical, even though they’re more in line with the founding fathers, and because of that you are the enemy.


Harold shure gets a lot of responses to his writings. I’m beginning to think that is his purpose, to get everyone riled up and to comment. No one could intentionally be that soft on an organization that has screwed over it’s members for so long. There again, if the NRA has not broken any laws the justice dept. and cuomo wouldn’t be this intent on getting them. I do not go along with the idea that if the NRA goes away so do our gun rights. Those that want our guns know if they try to take them it will… Read more »


The only way people will support NRA again, after all of their shenanigans, is if leadership steps down and someone who we can all trust steps in and re-orgs the entire association from the ground up. WLP fucked NRA up so badly it needs a total rebuild. I believe it is doable and necessary if we are to remain a free country. It is that important. We also need to stop fighting internally – that is exactly what the communists are trying to achieve.


The gun grabbers are united in finding a a crack in the NRA politics to widen the gap in it’s supporters. I believe there needs to be a change in the leadership of the NRA. This change needs to be between the members and the NRA, and not feeding the left’s agenda. It all comes back to united we stand and divided we fall. We all need to look at the big picture or we will loose our biggest representative. I was very upset about the NRA ‘s politics as well, but then I realized it is being used to… Read more »


If we do not band together as brothers and sisters in this fight we will be the big losers. Yes it may be a time for big changes in the NRA, so be it. The members can still make a difference. Non members can still support the cause. Other organizations can still support the cause. The cause is US and our constitution. I dont know about you but as a patriot and Constatustionilst I am loyal to my country first. Not to any party or organization but we must use the power and influence they have and for the greater… Read more »

Vincent Brady

As much as I like the founding principles of the NRA, LaPierre has corrupted the organization for his own benefit. He won’t step down until he gets a cushy payment for life, which he is not entitled too. The NRA has squandered our millions instead of pouring them into legal defenses for the 2nd. Until NRA is cleaned up, they get annual dues and not a penny more!


I have a plan to save the NRA. ALL the executive board are terminated in ninety days, and cannot pass any new regs before then. Make an alphabetised list of all the far too many members of the Board of Directors, then nnumber one throughwhatever. Coin toss decides whether the odds or evens stay or go. One week after the coin toss, all the losers walk. Remaining BOD appoint pro tem execs, enough to carry forward for six months. During that six months, BOD move the NRA corporate charter to a different state, some accomodating state like Ohio (Cap Perry… Read more »


Your letter is interesting, valid, and to the point. I was thrilled after reading it right up until the neeners. With that, you convinced me that you should be involved in this transition and I would like in on it too.

Thank you for being so serious and then light-hearted so quickly afterwards. Convinced me that you are genuine.

William Fender

The NRA and the bought and paid for board of directors did this to themselves. All the members have been complaining for decades to stop selling us out. Nobody waste their time for no reason. Seems to me that the leaders and the people at the top enjoy living their cushy lifestyle over everything else. I did not renew my membership nor will I until the NRA again becomes a pro second amendment organization and by that I mean at the front lines and do not give 1 inch of ground at all costs because the money was given to… Read more »


Cumo has us doing his dirty work taking down the NRA. I bet he is so proud.
You don’t have to support LaPiere to support the NRA. Cutting them off because of him is the wrong thing to do.
Change is coming.

Daniel Webster

The NRA deserves to die. They’re corrupt, they are not a pure second amendment group as they put profits ahead of public saftey.

They do not represent the interest of the people who are concerned about gun ownership rights. They represent gun manufacturers and their year over year profits.

They love school shootings because sales spike. They are merchants of death and as a lover of freedom and firearms, I hope they burn in Hell.

Sam Adams

You’re either an idiot or a troll. And they don’t represent manufacturers as there’s already an organization that does that.


That is idiotic in the extreme.


According to your logic, democrats support planned parenthood because they kill babies. Not likely true. Don’t confuse correlation with reality. I recently came across an article describing a correlation between eating cheese and dying from being tangled up in the sheets at night. Sure, the numbers correlate but that is completely nonsensical. Correlation is not fact. If you want to make a point like you are suggesting, tell everyone where the money coming from the gun manufacturers is. Or goes. Or is handled by who, and how it is transferred to the NRA. Facts are your friend, imagination lets you… Read more »


Ur a Class A Phqn Moron!!!!!!!


New York State isn’t the NRA’s only problem. Congress, both House & Senate, are also investigating alleged NRA financial fraud.
This is where Wayne and the present BOD have led us.


Wow!!! All this back and forth is exactly what this article was trying to explain to everyone who has commented. Who needs the liberal media or the gun grabbing Dems. to eventually do away with or 2nd Amendment. All this back and forth and finger pointing is doing the job for them. Yes there are problems with the NRA, and unfortunately all this could not come at a worse time. When we as Libery loving Americans who understand what the 2nd amendment is really about “FREEDOM “, are under the most intense atttacks. I never have understood why Conservative Right… Read more »

Sam Adams

You are acting like our destiny is not in our own hands. We are past time where legislatures Four Courts are going to assist us. Why aren’t you all forming your malicious and prepare for civil war it’s coming. Each state needs to raise between 75000 and 90000 troops. What are you doing in your state to do this? The time is now!

Sam Adams

Sorry for the typos I didn’t catch from the voice system.

it is

You are acting like our destiny is not in our own hands. We are past time where legislatures or Courts are going to assist us. Why aren’t you all forming your militias and prepare for civil war it’s coming. Each state needs to raise between 75000 and 90000 troops. What are you doing in your state to do this? The time is now!


You speak as much nonsense as Harold.


wow, the truth but chorus will not hear…. it is the truth though, you really think Coumo is going to stop with the NRA? silly fools….he’s going after the biggest on one in the room – then he’ll clean up the little guys and since you are all working to take down the big guy too? well that works hand in hand with his plan. i would be here advocating action no matter what organization was being targeted by coumo and these dems- but not you guys- no- that tune is playing in your ears and you are marching to… Read more »

Wallace Curry


Richard Hilton

All these new comer groups have don’t nothing but destroy the NRA from within. They draw money away from the only group that has been fighting this fight from the start. Disgruntled ex-members started those groups and are making a profit from us losing our rights. They don’t have the experience or back ground to carry this battle forward. Reading these comments has given me a new insight to the fight. Just like organized crime that was supposedly defeated, instead the younger generation just moved into the democratic party. You can see the Anti 2nd amendment younger generation has moved… Read more »

mad as h3LL, and not going to put up with it anymore

This would not be happening absent Wayne and his evil cabal raiding NRA finances and treating it as a personal piggy bank. HE gave Cuomo the opening to dismantle the NRA. While I appreciate the views from a different perspective Harold often brings to the discussion, in this case he is wrong. Until Wayne LaPierre is gone the NRA is vulnerable. Cuomo may be evil political scum, but he has the legal authority, indeed the legal obligation, to prosecute financial wrongdoing by a not-for-profit organization. WE DON’T HAVE A VIABLE LEGAL DEFENSE, until Wayne and most, if not all of… Read more »


Looks like Wayne & the rest of the board need to step down & start anew as they are the ones standing in the way of the real NRA members to move forward. & why since NRA is listed as being founded in DC are we showing everything for NY now?

Jay Dee

The NRA’s original charter was to teach gun safety and marksmanship. It earned the eternal enmity of the Democratic party for teaching newly freed slaves how to shoot. In my estimation the NRA veered of the track when FDR coopted them to support his National Firearms Act and they have been funding out on gun owners since. GCA 68 would be wonderful if the government, you know, actually enforced it. FOPA & Violence Against Women are Orwellian jokes. NICS is a government boondoggle plundering the taxpayer under the guise of providing gun safety. Here in Ohio NRA lawyers have helped… Read more »

Timothy Votaw

I’m on board with that. One of the few cohesive comments on this issue here, when ALL of them should be. The posts here emulate the very problem of discord and lack of cohesiveness among gun owners and 2A advocates, which is PRECISELY what the 2A killers want to see. Get us fighting among ourselves, so they can sneak in between the cracks and widen them. Are these rats smarter than us, after all?


Give it a break Harold. Your “Daddy” Wayne is a goner and you no longer have to continue to be his shill. If the NRA goes down, blame LaPierre and his refusal to “Do the right thing” (which could include a bullet if we’re lucky). If the NRA closes and sells off it’s assets, which hopefully will include LaPierre’s loot he has accumulated, then that vacuum will be filled immediately by a new NRA or the other actual pro-2nd Amendment organizations that actually fight for our rights and don’t compromise them for profit. At this point, we’re better off without… Read more »


So’s Charlie sheen


The best thing that can happen is a complete disbanding of the NRA. They’re done; they have abused their membership beyond the pale. Gun owners should be cheering their demise. They have achieved nothing for gun owners except their help in eroding our gun rights making back room deals and compromises.
There are other organizations supporting the 2nd. Join them, and get involved.


The NRA is not the enemy. YES it needs a house cleaning but ALL organizations eventually due. Don’t shoot all the good that has been done by the NRA. REMOVE the bad leadership, and restore the NRA. We need every foundation to move forward and keep not only the 2nd Ammendment but the Bill of Rights (RIGHTS not granted by the govenerment) to stand strong. Join SAF.ORG, Join the GOA, but remember these organizations can fail just as easily. As members we MUST be vocal and take back our organizations.


I generally don’t respond to articles and most of the time I don’t agree with Harold. This time I do. If true gun owners (and not the trolls that don’t have anything better to do than post idiocy about taking the NRA down) don’t put aside our differences we will lose this fight over the 2nd amendment. Quite frankly, every non-profit organization I’ve ever seen has financial problems from time to time. The NRA is one of the better run non-profit organizations but they can certainly do much better. Anyone think there aren’t worse financial shenanigans going on at planned… Read more »


I apologize for any typos and omitted words in my post above.

Wallace Curry

Hey, ain’t none of us what you might call literary masters. But most of us can read the message hidden behind the oopsies.


Wallace Curry is right—you’re all missing the point. All the infighting over the NRA is playing right into the anti’s hands. Yes, change at NRA HQ needs to happen, but if gun owners can’t find a way to close ranks and stand united against gun grabbers we are going to lose big time. If that happens, the rest of it won’t matter. You’re acting like spoiled children. GROW UP!


If you agree on the need for changes, the only question would seem to be, WHEN should the change at the NRA HQ happen? Before or after Cuomo’s legal assault goes to court. You seem to be saying “before.” But that leaves us members in the position of supporting something that we all (even you) know is wrong. The only reason you have to ask us to do this is because Wayne, and the “what is wrong” group on the BOD refuse to capitulate or even to do a membership survey to determine what the actual members want. If they… Read more »

Wallace Curry

You can support and urge vigorously for internal personnel change without destroying the organization. Like it or not, if the NRA is shattered, it’s all over for the rest.


I live in Connecticut, the worst state to live in if firearms are one of your passions. The dems have had this state locked down since the 70’s or 80’s it’s insane. I just don’t understand why people still vote them in! One of if not the smallest state with casinos and more millionaires than California and still we have the highest taxes with towns going bankrupt! I’m all my years being a 2A supporter I’m actually afraid, they have never attacked our rights this fiercely that I can remember. Something must be done before these wackos get what they… Read more »


I’m a Life member and worked for Second Amendment rights for over 40 years, spent my own money to fight the first gun ban in the 80’s and helped countless letter writing campaigns then and since. I recently retired and moved to another state, and emailed the NRA for the magazine change of address. The response from some snippy self important twit was classic: “You need to sent this request to a different department” when all that was required was to forward to the right place. So I responded and included my own snarky congratulations on her elaborate VIP title… Read more »

Wallace Curry

All of you good old boys missed the point of the article – Cuomo is a one-man wrecking machine bent on destroying the RTKABA by any means. Bashing the NRA does nothing to stop him; in fact it helps. Vent your anger properly or you might as well be posting to WAPO, Huff Post and other Libtard Commie blogs.

Wild Bill

@WC, the antidote to Cuomo is the same. Support “not corrupted by a party yet” primary candidate. Throw a barbecue or a block party to introduce them; help raise campaign funds; and get groups behind them. They produce pro-us laws, repeal prior Unconstitutional legislative or Congressional acts. Gubernatorial or presidential candidate produce Constitutional revering judges.
Together, they run the rinse cycle, but only we can clean up that part of the swamp.

Wallace Curry

You’re right. All this negativity divides us while giving the gun grabbers room to move against the 2A. We must band together. even if it means holding your nose. Remember: “The enemy of my enemies is my friend.

John D.

Gun Owners of America and The Second Amendment Foundation are two alternative pro-2nd Amendment groups that deserve support in lieu of Wayne LaPierre’s fiefdom. I will not donate one more dime to the NRA until LaPierre has permanently left the building, and the contract with Ackerman-McQueen has been terminated.


Judging by the comments to this article, if these are the beliefs of the majority, the 2nd amendment is over and tyranny is inevitable. It is amazing how a free people cannot see past their petty differences for even one minute to have even a small chance at remaining free. Pathetic!

Daniel Sitzmann

You’re not a pro second amendment organization. You’re a lobby for gun manufacturers. Your job is to find ways to get people to buy guns. That’s it. You were against the second amendment for the Black Panthers in the sixties and seventies. You don’t care about the second. You care that people who love the second are scared into buying more guns.


Is this Daniel or Danielle.

Wild Bill

@HoosierSheepdog1954, I wonder who Dip Shit means by you? You this, you’re that, and your job bla bla bla. He or she sure feels that he knows a lot for not having talked to all of us. He or she sure feels in charge enough to tell me what my job is. It did not take the propagandists long to come back from vacation.

Boyd Herrst

geh dich verwöhnen !

Douglas Kuykendall

Was hat dich mit irgendetwas zu tun?



Green Mtn. Boy

Negotiating Rights Away is taking it’s self down of it’s own accord,perhaps it can be saved but not without drastic change of the organization hierarchy, Perhaps management should have thought of these things before turning it into a cash cow to be milked and ignoring members.

William Flatt

Harold, stop shilling for the NRA. We’re not buying your koolaid, let alone drinking it. Cuomo is the governor of NY, and if memory serves me right, USCCA is NOT chartered in NY. So your comparison is not valid. I agree that all 2A groups need to work as one, but enabling WLP’s spending addiction with NRA money is NOT THE ANSWER. Since WLP has rigged NRA rules so he cannot be removed, the only option gun owners have is to STARVE THE BEAST. Hell, EVEN HICKOCK45 won’t touch that radioactive slag pile!! And when Hickok won’t support the NRA,… Read more »


One correction concerning USCCA in New York: As a result of Cuomo’s fight with the NRA, the USCCA cam no longer offer its insurance in NY. They canceled my policy when it expired saying they were unable to renew it!

So, yes: What happens to the NRA will negatively impact all of us!

Ansel Hazen

Harold, wouldn’t a better option be to call for Wayne’s resignation post haste so the sinking ship can be saved?

Sam Spade

Blah, blah, blah…we’re doomed without the NRA. Well, the NRA is the 5 million members, not LaPierre and his gang of butt kissers. Perhaps with the NRA in its present form goes away we the members can get some infringements wiped away instead of repeating the tired old phrases put out by Wayne and Co.

henry bowman

The reason why he is is because of NRO types like you, always playing within the rules set by them, always putting everyone else above your base, fighting to import more and more hostile aliens who will vote against and our rights Harold , nothing helps far leftists like moderate “conservatives” like you guy.

Miss Infront

The NRA is a treasonous, corrupt organization that is antithetical to the interests of shooters. It has allowed its executive staff and board to be penetrated by a Russian sex spy. It has demonized guns in the minds if most Americans. It should be investigated and stripped if its non profit status for violations of campaign finance laws. Its staff and board should be indicted for fraud and self dealing. Its members should get their dues back when NRA assets are liquidated. Who gets Wayne’s $10,000 suits paid for by members’ dues? The NRA is to be condemned for wrapping… Read more »

Sam Adams

You are all of you acting like our destiny is not in our own hands. We are past time where legislatures or the Courts are going to assist us in stopping the assault on rights or in protecting them.

Why aren’t you all forming your militias and prepare for civil war it’s coming. Each state needs to raise between 75000 and 90000 troops. What are you doing in your state to do this? The time is now! Prepare!

Sam Adams



“They’ll go after any other pro-Second Amendment organization”

Only if they’re as horribly mismanaged as the NRA AND based in NY. He only got his entry because the NRA rushed to get in on that sweet USCCA money without doing basic research. If they did they’d know the USCAA isn’t insurance, which isn’t legal for what the NRA offered, it’s an ASSOCIATION (hence the last A) that pays certain legal costs for members, which IS legal.


Harold, I enjoy a lot of your writings. Thank you for your work and keep it up. We need your voice. The NRA needs to clean house and Wayne needs to retire. He has done a lot of good over the years and should leave while some still hold him in a positive light. His leadership is starting to deepen the divide instead of pull more to our side. We, the gun owners who support the bill of rights, do not blindly follow, especially when we learn that power has abused our money and trust. We WILL follow good leadership.… Read more »


Harold Hutchison, – I enjoy your thought provoking articles, that have some RESEARCH in them! Good on you! I believe what your are saying is possible and all of the Nay-Sayers listed above, all probably come from the same, small, gene pool. Rightfully so, they are pissed off at what’s happening with the NRA internally. I agree that Wayne needs to go away. BUT – THE NRA is the best organization to represent all of us – 5+ MILLION of us, but with new leadership. Wayne will never shake the truths or rumors that are cycling now. He is tainted,… Read more »