Antifa Violently Attack Journalist, Ends in a Traumatic Brain Injury ~ VIDEO

Seattle, WA, USA – May 1, 2015: Protesters run from gas grenades fired by Seattle police officers during May Day rioting on Capitol Hill.
Seattle, WA, USA – May 1, 2015: Protesters run from gas grenades fired by Seattle police officers during May Day rioting on Capitol Hill.

Portland, Oregon-( Andy Ngo is a Journalist from Portland, Oregon. He was covering the violent Antifa clash with the Proud Boys on the streets of Portland over the weekend when he became part of the story.

The anarcho-communist recognized the Quillette editor, The Quillette is a right-leaning Australian online magazine. Antifa has been rallying against the Quillette ever since the publication started calling out the far-left group for their terroristic activities.

Rose City Antifa, which claims to defend marginalized groups such as the LGBTQ community, attacked the openly gay Vietnamese journalist. The group has accused Ngo of being homophobic in the past for holding conservative values.

It all started with Ngo having milkshakes thrown in his face, but according to police, these milkshakes contained quick-drying cement. Quick-Drying cement is a caustic substance that can cause chemical burns to the victim’s body. According to police, others throughout the day would be attacked with these same chemicals being thrown in cups with the Antifa logo.

The group then proceeded to pepper spray Ngo and threw eggs at him. This attack disoriented him and Antifa proceeded to surround the journalist man mercilessly beat him as member of Rose City Antifa cheered and taunted the journalist. The Antifa members also stole his camera equipment that he was using to document the protest.

It appears that Ngo was not engaging with Antifa at the time of the attack. The photojournalist was just getting footage when the alt-leftist swarmed him. He was able to get away, but he was hurt.

It would take police around 30 minutes to respond to the scene of the attack. Portland police say that their job is to contain the protestors, and not to stop them. There have been past accusations of stand down orders from the Democrat mayor.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler admitted at a press conference last October that the police do have a “stand down order” when it comes to the communist group’s activities. He stated that he supports the decision by police to watch from a distance without getting involved.

Medical personnel rushed Ngo to the hospital for treatment. Doctors discovered that he was suffering from a brain bleed. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can lead to lifelong disability.

Rose City Antifa specifically targeted Ngo on their webpage, calling him Islamophobic, and for being first to write about the rally he was covering. On the same website, the Antifa chapter directly calls for violence.

“We realize there are many valid reasons why people cannot engage in physical confrontation,” the site reads. “There are plenty of other ways to help. Be a medic, stand together with others to create a shield that people can duck behind, create a distraction, cop watch.”

The day before the rally Ngo was nervous. The journalist knew he was a target. He had been covering Antifa for a few years and believed he needed to show the public Antifa’s tactics of violence and fear.

He took to Twitter to express his worries: “I am nervous about tomorrow’s Portland antifa rally. They’re promising “physical confrontation” & have singled me out to be assaulted. I went on Tucker Carlson last year to explain why I think they’re doing this: They’re seeking meaning through violence.”

Rose City Antifa celebrated their attack on Ngo, claiming that he isn’t a journalist because he leans to the right in the political spectrum. Rose City Antifa’s Facebook page and Twitter page remains up despite the banning of right-wing groups such as the Proud Boys. AmmoLand reached out to Twitter, but the company did not respond at the time of publication.

Most journalists have condemned the attack, but some on the left have defended Antifa’s attack on Ngo. In Tweet, Human Rights Watch Press Secretary Charlotte Clymer blamed the journalist because he “intentionally provokes people on the left” and said it was “the greatest thing that could have happened to his career”

The Young Turks member Hasan Piker also defended the Marxist group on Twitter. He claimed that Antifa attacked Ngo because “he loves defending the fash”

A GoFundMe has been set up for Ngo’s medical bills. Depending on the extent of Ngo’s brain injury, his medical bills could be massive. As of this writing, the campaign has risen over $130,000.

Police made three arrests tied to the Portland protest. None of those arrests were related to Ngo’s violent assault and robbery.

Sources have confirmed to AmmoLand that members from Rose City Antifa are planning to travel to DC to join forces with Smash Racism DC, and BAMN front group It’s Going Down to stop Laura Loomer, Roger Stone, Milo Yiannopoulos, Jack Posobiec, and Gavin McInnes from speaking at Freedom Plaza on July 6th.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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Stewart Rhodes

“He was covering the violent Antifa clash with the Proud Boys on the streets of Portland over the weekend when he became part of the story.“ That’s not accurate. There was no clash between Antifa and the Proud Boys that day. Proud Boys were down by the waterfront, a 30 minute walk away from where Antifa was. When Antifa tried to march down there, the police stopped them. I only point that at to note that is wasn’t like Andy Gno got caught in the middle of some brawl. He was simply walking around inside the park where Antifa and… Read more »


Owen Jones and the self proclaimed Illuminaty guy I call Vlad break down more info on Antifa saying a little Italiano style justice could go along way to remedy the situation but Sicilian neckties are possibly too extreme. Dego’s Will cut Antifa up into little shrimp sized bites and use em for fishing chum. Vlad says Antifa are Satan worshippers, go figure. I’m shocked!

The Revelator

Just so you know, Infowars is not a credible source. No different from Wikipedia or the New York Times.

@USA, this is why you get called out for putting up Conspiracist material. Also, the violence you suggest such as attacking with knives, even while you straw man the idea of cutting their throats to pull their tongues out as “Extreme”, you are just proving Wild Bill’s comments about you, and my initial assessment even more accurate.

Timothy Votaw

Does anyone else here get this when attempting to post comments? I suspect something might be other than it appears, when posts with profanity and personal insults seem to be plentiful here. I think Ammoland’s editor is a coward, for not responding to my inquiry about why he does this. Very suspicious.

“Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview, your comment will be visible after it has been approved.”


Perhaps the lack of profanity and or insults is the reason you’re getting the message? Cut lose a little will ya.
Yeah, we get that message and sometimes it can take hours before your post pops up due to the guys in the back out shooting guns and stuff.

Wild Bill

@TV, Happens to me all the time. I have noticed that I can minimize the “awaiting moderation” by limiting my posts, and making each post as concise as I am able.


And links definitely slow the process way down but hey open source info is disliked anyway so I pretty much hardly ever include links but one is coming above once it clears the gunfire of moderation. Discusses satanists and so forth so you wont like it Wild Bill.

Deplorable Bill

A tree is known by it’s fruit. If you talk like a terrorist, act like a terrorist my vote is you are a terrorist. Just because big boy terrorists use guns and explosives doesn’t make you any less a terrorist. You know this to be true because, like them, you wear masks to hide your identity. Sooner or later you will get what is coming to you. Your going to jump somebody who isn’t going to walk off from your assaults. There is always some chicken $#!t want to be bully in a crowd of bully’s trying to see what… Read more »


Labeling them as a terrorist organization would be a good thing, if Trump would do it. Notice how they stay out of conservative areas where people can carry guns and have a stand your ground law. They cover their faces so no one can recognize them and that could be due to the fact they are actually part of the Silicon Valley bunch and recognition would bring them to the end of their jobs. I am waiting for them to attack an older person and that person carries a gun for self protection and a shooting occurs. Then we will… Read more »


Absootootly! These gutless mayors/governors are inviting ‘anarchy’ onto their streets. If the police are not allowed to “protect and serve,” it is just a matter of time until a bunch of these “terrorists” are stacked up like cord wood on some American city’s street! Actually, it is way past time….


Yeah that time came and went years ago but then hey, they’re within the containment zone so it’s kinda no harm no foul. Give em fire to play with. Donate gas and match’s.

Dr Timothy-Allen Albertson

Notice how the ANTIFA scum don’t throw their violent poultry dropping temper tantrums in pro-Gun states. Have you ever seen them act violent in a Constitutional Carry state? The DOJ needs to prosecute this scumbags, and the scumbag mayor, under the federal Ku Klux Klan Act, Title 18, United States Code, Sections 241 and 242. DEATH TO ANITFA!!!


Never saw them or David Hogg attempt to go to an open carry rally and strip the guns from the hands of Americans either due to guns preserve peace and it’s why they want them so peace can no longer exist. Gov has all the peace it can handle, can’t support itself on peace.


Remember, folks, you don’t need a gun because police will be there to protect you.


Can I get back to you on that? LOL


LOL! The police do only one thing well, clean up the carnage after the event. They also will bring a body bag for you!


Yeah but they don’t mop so keep one handy.


Stay away from crowds.

Terry H

My family has been wanting to take a trip up thru Oregon and Washington, we’re not messing with this crap. We’ll head out to the East Coast instead. Thanks Antifa idiots.

rusty nutz

Oregon & Washington are very beautiful states with some great people & places to see , We both have crappy governors , Antifa /kkk & many dumbocrats . I personally live south of portland ,travel there & I have never seen them but rest assured I will be prepared ! If you come out here simply skip portland & seattle & Enjoy your trip .


Antifa is a violent bunch of ignorant children, products of public schools and political correctness and liberal propaganda. The vast majority of the media is a business, in business to make money. If the truth were profitable there would be no fake news. As it is, news that sells, true or false, will be printed and aired so long as someone pays for it (advertisers). Portland was a wonderful and beautiful city, but not any more. The administration there (and in Seattle, Washington) have instructed the police to “look the other way” when it comes to Antifa and their actions… Read more »


Speaking of demographics note how quickly those black folks that began rioting just a week or so back got shut down and compare to Antifa who has been terrorizing America for years unabated. Black folks rioted back in the 60’s in Cali and the national guard with tanks rolled down the streets to shut it down. Even Captain Obvious Clark Kent can reckon these events in comparison and realize a bad psyop when one is busted.


My late father was a Master Journeyman Plasterer and I was a Union Laborer for man6 years. Wha5 was talked about is Hydraulic Cement and has Lime and Calcium Chloride In it. It is extremely caustic and if introduced into the eyes and not treated at once will cause blindness. These people are below animals. They/are more akin to monsters and creatures!


Why are not armed citizens protecting victims of Antifa violence?


Why aren’t they protecting themselves?

Ej harbet

I kind of figured that at this point we are allowing them to use chemical weapons! Expect this to escalate and prepare accordingly. Eventually we will have to put them down.
And if we were truly fascists they’d be populating our landfills by now,,,


I invite all members of antifa to come to Phoenix. Bring your friends and family. Bring your hatred of the United States of America. Bring your warped ideologies. Hold your rallies and demonstrations. Attack any person that is not part of your group or does not hold your beliefs. Come to Phoenix and spew your hate towards those that despise your ways of protest. We will invite you to an open and civil discussion. When you become violent towards us, we will fight back. Getting hit in the groin by a pepper canister fired from a shotgun will be the… Read more »


Yeah, Phoenix in August will be good due to I doubt meth heads could last in the heat. Amp them up and stroke them out. A perfect strategy.

Ej harbet

The desert is the best natural processor of simply removes all moisture and the remains biodegrade quickly.


Bottom line the stand down order proves that the mayor Ted Wheeler, is in violation of Article VI and needs to be removed from office. Second, if the Portland Police need assistance dealing with ANTIFAs lawlessness, then they need to recruit some veterans. These commies need to be stopped holding violent rallys in the name of anti fascism? Most are white middle-class kids wtf reasons do they have to harm anyone to bully their communist agenda? = terrorism. If these liberal mayors won’t do it, the people will step up to the plate sooner than later anf it’s going to… Read more »

Ben Scratchin

Ignorant Liberal Mayors and Leftist Progressive politicians believe Antifa are “Useful Idiots” that can help them promote the “Liberal Agenda”.


They want The People to fight with them so The People can be dragged away. Numerous videos on line showing regular Americans being dragged off from confronting Antifa while Antifa is protected by Clark Kent.

Timothy Votaw

Fully agree with you. I have tried to get some fellow veterans, guys who have the background, skills and resolve, to go to Portland as a group, and take a peaceful walk around downtown, no provocation, just be chilly. And see what happens. I mean maybe a dozen, or 20, no huge group. This would be an experiment, to see whether these cowards did indeed assault innocent people. No, I’m not kidding. I’ll take point on the walk, in fact.


I’d go with ya but I prefer the violent approach because I would be coming from a long distance I would want it to be worth my time.


ANTIFA is a terrorists org. and should be treated as such!


Yup, years ago the treatment should have been applied yet here we are watching em ramp up for election. All Clark Kent had to do is place the call and they would be rolled up but instead he is running defense here verifying the op.

Ben Scratchin

Antifa = paid thugs and misinformed youth, out for stupid fun. It will not end well for them.


Brown Shirt are traditionally the first to go and why an IQ not higher than what Clark Kent has is all that is required to be a Brown Shirt. Hitler fed his Brown Shirts meth also. History is repetitive due to there are only so many plays in the book.


The mayor of Portland should be held accountable for allowing these communist groups to propagate and allowing people to be continually attacked by them.


I served in the U.S. Marines to protect our way of life. Freedom of speech is a big part of our society. I was willing to die to protect all speech, even if it went against what I believe in. Burn our flag? I may dislike you as a person, but that ability to do that makes our country the best nation on earth. Lots of flag draped coffins bought that. We can insult our President in public and not be jailed or shot. I do not want the left to be censored, I want to hear their ideas. If… Read more »


Antifa is a hate group who violently attack conservatives and deniey their right to free speech.its adisgrace to have police stand down while innocent people are being beaten by these savages who along with the mayor should go to prison.where is the fake news s outrage of a reporter being beaten.if he wrote in favor for the left they would’ve been screaming

Denny Crane

Antifa does nothing for dems. They can’t use Antifa to get elected therefore Antifa serves no purpose for dems. Antifa will help get Trump re-elected along with all those scary socialist candidates because Trump being re-elected is the plan. Just like last election how Hitlery scared everyone straight to Trump because that was the plan also then. Americans being herded like good sheep every step of the way just like how Hitler did it nothing different. Like sheep you too will be rounded up so enjoy the Antifa/Trump psyop while you can.


Busted their cherry, good job.
All is a lie folks, you been dooped into believing so much SHIT and none of it’s true. Welcome to the politics of tyranny.
Reality is a motherfucker!


Your vocabulary appears to be limited.

Clark Kent

Put down the bong before you post.


Quite smoking those magic mushrooms Clark you suicide bomber.


Theses so called antifascist group which is ironically a racist hate group needs to be stopped. But sadly nothing will be done since mayor Ted wheeler who is also a police commissioner alone with the Oregon police defend this nonsense. There have been more incidents of people who had nothing to do with the events getting severely injured by antifa including a few elderly folks getting clubbed in the head with crowbars and other blunt instruments. People are scared of defending themselves against antifa due to fear of arrest even if they have evidence that proved they were in the… Read more »


Correct because regular Americans are targeted by both fed and state gov protecting terrorists and this is called tyranny identical to what Hitler did. Straight from his playbook us regular Americans are the target of their New World Order And is why they have the Noahide Laws to kill the resistance to Satan’s tyranny. Ban your gun stuff and criminalize you and sick terrorists on you till you’re beaten into submission and bowing at the feet of your master like a good slave. Slaves are still sleeping to this. Doubt they will ever wake up to these facts. Wouldn’t awaken… Read more »

Clark Kent

I would enjoy you getting beaten severely. Proves karma really exists. Do us all a favor and leave the USA pronto, you ignorant, delusional PUTZ.


What country are you from cupcake?


Cupcake is a good name for him. Sweet on the outside and filled with white stuff up his ass. Lol.


Please, moderator. Bar Clark!


2nd the request and bar his other alias’s also that he is currently using here. Ban his DOJ IP.

Timothy Votaw

Yeah. Ammoland censors intelligent, cohesive comments from a Marine wounded warrior who also worked for 30 years as a professional, and writes like one, with no profanity or harmful commentary. If the editor can do that, then what about disruptive, aggressive insults from this Clark Kent?
Hey Ammoland – got the dignity or guts to respond to me here?


@Timothy, thanks for your service it’s people like you that we all owe our special thanks you’re what has made this country great and because I have you guys in my family I enjoy slamming those who crap on the good guys. There’s about a couple million of us here standing our ground slamming the hell out of the enemy so for those who don’t like my demeanor I’m just a front guy. Behind me are more than I can count and few are politically correct due to the current situation. Everything I state comes from the echo chamber here.… Read more »

Mr. Bill

Clark Kent,
Leftist, such as yourself, should mass migrate to U.S. State Department no travel zones. This is the only way you can be sure you’d make the world a better place.


He’s going by “Cupcake” now.

Wild Bill

@Clark Kent, Perhaps, the fact that he does not get “beaten severely” proves that karma does not really exist.


Nah, it exists. Can tell by the new Muslim judge appointed in Harris county sworn in on the Quaran ( hope I spelled that correctly since I’ve never seen one wouldn’t want to get tagged by the Ammoland police. Open source info Wild Bill. I know you hate the stuff. Might a been on Tucker’s site where I saw that if you want to look but it’s old news now so it’s probably far down the list. It’s a women. Sworn in on a book that says cut heads off all infidels so yeah karma is alive and well in… Read more »


I heard a rep from the police and the mayor making excuses for the chaos and lawlessness in Portland. The mayor and the police both were sworn a duty to uphold the constitution and the laws of the US and the state of Oregon. They both have been ignoring their duties. I can understand the police fearing for their jobs, but sometimes their is a higher calling when it comes to defending the constitution and the laws of the country. Their were many signers of the constitution who gave their lives and literally their fortunes in defending their beliefs in… Read more »

No Filter

Portland’s Antifa is a contradiction onto itself. I had to look up the historical beginnings of Antifa and it goes back to Nazi Germany. I can’t believe the direction Oregon is going in! If it weren’t for Republicans finally showing some backbone and resolve and walking out of the Senate, we would be staring at door to door gun confiscation and starving from all the proposed tax hikes. Meanwhile the division goes on. The real Oregon is east of the Cascades and the Willamette Valley is becoming West New Jersey. Yet here l am. Well Randy, hope you don’t mind… Read more »

No Filter

I’m being moderated, again! Why do l bother at all with this?


So you rag on me then get upset for being censored?
I’m rolling, looooool.

No Filter

Hey, you’re right! It’s comical indeed. I don’t mean to piss in anybody’s Cheerios. At least l came back for a look see. I take the Antifa shit seriously. They are evil and very organized. Right now, it’s just the crap in Portland. Be ready, know your enemy cuz this is going to get worse. Don’t be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This shit is not fake news. Remember Michael Strickland? He had to defend himself against these terrorists and the police aren’t on his side. Carry on.

The Revelator

@No Filter

Yes, There are those of us who have not forgotten Michael Strickland, or the injustice he suffered at the hands of the court.

Yes, @USA is a mess, and we know Clark Kent for what he is as well. Neither of them are ones you want standing behind you when things finally break down.

Hope you stick around.


And yet oddly enough after the FBISIS false flag in Vegas where they supposedly killed 50 people according to the gov liars Antifa is still attacking while Americans are under attack from gun grabbing politicians (all politicians from White House to that ugly bitch Nancy and beyond) showing who’s side they’re really on. Govs paid Antifa of esoteric tranny butt phuckers set loose on Americans while gov sits back and watch’s the show they are producing. Gov proxy to control you to their preplanned destiny of total tyranny aka The New World Order. At what point do Americans wake up… Read more »

Clark Kent

At what point do you begin taking your anti psychotic medicine again?


You’re right on Q again Clark. Take a break from rioting?

Robert Lucas

When they come to your home and kick in your door.

Wild Bill

Lucas, You are right, one’s little house on a lot in a town or city is indefensible. Get out of the towns and cities. Those who get out early will get out safely. Those who wait till something happens, will not get out at all.


Eerily true!

Wild Bill

@Sapper, Are you in Texas. We need a 12B team.


And you’re advise is running across many channels precisely as you state it for all the reasons I post here that you’re so strongly objectionable to. The situation runs far deeper Wild Bill than you would openly admit and anybody that studies history in real terms not the illusion created by ones masters knows there is well over 2000 years of real historical fact that has led up to today’s issues creating a situation that at first glance is how you state it but at closer investigation one can easily determine that first glance opinions are ultimately what the common… Read more »