DNC & Violence Against Women


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DNC & Violence Against Women

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “I’m not a sexual predator, I’m an ‘offender’ … It’s the difference between a murderer and a person who steals a bagel.” ~ Jeff Epstein

Says financier and major contributor to the DNC and Bill Clinton pal, Jeff Epstein, in his despicable excuse for sexually molesting underage girls, on a serial basis.

Jeffrey Epstein, now joining with, Eric Schneiderman (former Democrat NY AG), Eliot Spitzer (former Democrat governor of NY), Anthony Weiner (former Democrat NY Congressman), and of course filmmaker, and Democrat contributor and promoter, Harvey Weinstein, et al, as disgraced members of the “Democrat Glitterati Club.

In addition to sharing an apparently insatiable apatite for sexually abusing underage girls, confident they will be protected by other Democrats, these leftists all, without exception, share another trait:

A pathological hatred of American gun-owners, and our Second Amendment.

Defenseless citizens in general, but particularly defenseless women, apparently held a special fascination for them.

Clear-thinking women, who value their safety, need to flee NY and take-up residence in states where violence against women, even when committed by powerful politicians, is still not tolerated, and where their status as innocent gun-owners is not under relentless attack and harassment by Democrat/socialist politicians.


NJ, OR, CT, MD and CA don’t qualify!


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  • 12 thoughts on “DNC & Violence Against Women

    1. Epstein pulled this off for many years and his buddy, slick willie, logged at least 26 flights with him. Sometimes ditching his security detail. Then Acosta resigned the other day because they were right on his trail for defending this creep several years ago. All it takes is money and a warped mind to get away with this kind of nonsense. How about the young girls that had this degenerate slobbering all over them. They have to grow up and as I have been told the female blames themselves because this happened to them. Let’s see if he gets 45 years in the same cell as Bubba. I would be surprised if he does.

    2. We know DEMOCRAPS commit 95% of the mass and political shootings in the USA now it has been presented they are also responsible for about the same percentage of child molesting and other sexual crimes. As they say “Liberalism is a mental disease”. Time to abolish DEMOCRAPS to reduce crime.

    3. The Demonrat Party is Defiantly A Very Diversified Party. Nothing they Do Surprises Me, what Surprises me is that they have been able to get away with it for such a Long Time. One Must PAY to PLAY.

      1. @TP, The Democrat Party is definitely a very depraved party. There I fixed it for ya! While I am no fan of either party, I do hope that the radicals in the dmc manage to tear it apart permanently. AOC brings new meaning to the phrase “party crasher”.

    4. this is what I have been saying for a while now. you also need to add wj clinton to the serial sexual abuser club. these people are not liberal, root word liber meaning free; they are democrat, one who practices social equality or leftist, one who is hostile to traditional norms and seeks a socialist or communist utopia where all except the ruling class are poor and controlled. the girls/young women that have been used as sexual toys by these rich men were not afforded social equality or they would not have been abused. they were used and controlled by someone in power for their own pleasure and then discarded for a new toy. these mostly men, are predators who prey on the young and defenseless. fellow leftists will defend them until the bitter end and even then say that’s not who they really are, and those with alternative ideology they attack without mercy. ironic how the party that espouses social justice by younger women along with the lame stream media haven’t or are not attacking this predatory action now or when it became public knowledge 13 years ago.

      1. @ Wild Bill I think child molesters have been going on in the democratic party for a long time, They just got caught up with by the “me too” movement. Anything with a skirt or long hair is fair game to them but in this day and age they might not get what they were looking for. Then again, some of them will go either way.

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