Five Reasons Why A Law-Abiding Gun Owner Could End Up In Jail

Opinion, Submitted by VCDL EM Dave Knight, written by David Pugh:

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Five Reasons Why A Law-Abiding Gun Owner Could End Up In Jail

Virginia – -( Reason #1: Bad Guys Lie

It’s very rare that a bad guy will tell the truth after an incident. When the police show up, you’ll tell the police the real story of how you defended yourself or your loved ones, and the bad guy will tell a story about the crazy person with a gun who attacked them.

Reason #2: You didn’t know the law

We encounter members and non-members alike who misunderstand the law and carry their firearm where they shouldn’t or use their firearm in a scenario where they aren’t permitted to do so legally. Education is your first defense, because ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Reason #3: The police didn’t know the law

Some people are arrested for crimes that don’t apply to the circumstances. Some people are arrested for the incorrect crime. Some people are arrested for crimes that don’t exist. Either way, your best defense is to know the law and exercise your rights. [and know a good lawyer in advance that knows your local, state and federal gun laws.]

Reason #4: The Judicial system Decides

It’s not the role of the police to decide who was right and who was wrong at the scene. Often when the police show up at the scene of a shooting or an incident involving a firearm, they simply arrest everyone involved and let the courts or the district attorney decide who was the good guy and who was the bad guy.

Reason #5: We are all human

We live in an ever-changing and interconnected nation, and not everyone agrees with gun ownership, the Second Amendment, or even our right to self-defense. Unfortunately, this hostility and impartiality doesn’t stop just because a person becomes a law enforcement officer, prosecutor, or judge, and it tilts the entire legal system against the law-abiding gun owner.

We need to understand the plight law-abiding gun owners face if they’re forced to defend themselves. If you have an emergency and are forced to defend yourself, you need to speak to an attorney as soon as possible, before you speak to police, because as you can see, even law-abiding gun owners get sent to jail.

Virginia Citizens Defense LeagueAbout Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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People need to learn how to carry a firearm like they do not have one.. too many people are willing to advertise the fact that they have a firearm or other weapon on their person.. if you keep a low profile you will be out of sight out of mind.. If you use a firearm in defense of yourself keep your mouth will always need an attorney or a really wise person present to help you.. every Omission you make will be used against you trust me.. people’s mouth is the main thing that gets them prosecuted.. tell the… Read more »

Get Out

Reason #6: Just because you are a gun owner.


I can tell you first-hand that when involved in a self-defense situation bad guys will lie, and the police won’t decide who’s telling the truth. And depending on where you are you cannot fully trust the courts.

Wild Bill

@Don’t, Yes they do. As an antidote, one could secure witnesses and evidence at the scene until police arrive. Tell the police about the attacker’s actions and could point out supporting evidence. But do not talk about one’s own actions. You are cooperating. If asked about your actions, I want to talk to my attorney first.
In the protection of the Attorney Client conference, write down what happened triple spaced so that there is room for the little things that you remember later. Use the same ink pen. Maintain one version of your actions.


I appreciate the advice. The situation I’m referring to has been resolved, and while it is a somewhat acceptable resolution it still leaves a stain on a previously clean record. The situation happened at a workplace, and a thorough private investigation was performed along with witness statements corroborating my story. It was not taken to trial because the assailant had witnesses willing to lie for him. Unfortunately, the bottom line is if you are involved in a self-defense situation ,with out weapons involved, if you come out without any marks on your face and the other person has them, then… Read more »

Ron 1

@WildB…I like the triple space idea. Makes sense.

Wild Bill

, I wish that I could take credit for the idea. Triple space and same ink pen are the product of experience, and taught to me early in my career.


Well, back in the day, there was a rule gun owners used when necessary; the 3 S’s, “Shoot, Shovel & Shut-up”. Given the so-call criminal justice system we have in this country today (criminals are the only ones receiving any justice from the system), it might just still be a good choice to consider whenever possible.

Big Lou

As a civilian with a brother that is a detective, let me tell you, the first thing you do is ask for a lawyer. The second thing you do is keep your mouth shut. Any more questions? Go back to the first thing that you do. It is the officer’s job to collect evidence and let the detectives sort out what happened. If it is a righteous shoot 9 times out of 10 it will come out in the wash. By you opening your mouth you are only doing yourself an Injustice, that is what you have a lawyer for.… Read more »


In a defensive shooting at home (where mine is most likely to happen), here is what I will do: 1). Defend my life, family, and property; then cover and disarm him when down. My training as an EMT is not going to be used for someone that meant to do me bodily harm. They reap what they sow. 2). You should have an attorney on speed dial. Call them and tell them to get to your house fast. 3). Call 911 and say, “[YOUR NAME] [YOUR LOCATION] I have been the victim of a violent attack. Please send police, fire,… Read more »


RE: “Five Reasons Why A [sic] Law-Abiding Gun Owners Could End Up In Jail”

I hate to be “that guy” but the grammar on this site is pretty awful at times…..

Dave in Fairfax

If an article is submitted, from outside Ammoland, changing it might be considered inappropriate. If it was an internally generated article it would be a different situation.

Poppy Wayne

They must have read your comment cause it’s correct now.


Dumb article…more like an ad for your VCDL…

Dave in Fairfax

Renov8, How do you get that from the article?
VCDL was only mentioned in the whois part.
All 5 articles are correct and on point. If you complaint is that it’s too simplistic for your tastes, that’s one thing, to call it an ad is incorrect.


@Dave…the simply written “article” is stating the obvious for those who are responsible gun owners. I am qualifying my statement because I feel the article was only written to allow the author to further his own “business interests” by submitting this…

I have read plenty of great articles where the author clearly does not promote himself with a blurp or bio at the end. I find it detracts from the message…maybe its just a quirk I have…but I know others have stated the same.

Heed the Call-up

Renov8, you don’t know what you are talking about. Go to the VCDL site and learn about the organization. It is an all-volunteer, grassroots lobbying organization. It does not have lawyer insurance, does not represent you in court; its main purpose is to lobby the Virginia state legislature regarding our firearm rights. It also sometimes contacts local governments when they run afoul of our pre-emption laws, and other issues with localities, and keeps members informed about Virginia firearm laws, legislators views and actions, and pertinent issues in the news. It also tries to educate firearm owners and the public about… Read more »