Injunction To Be Filed In Lawsuit Challenging California Ammo-Law Train-Wreck

Barrels of Ammunition XM855
Injunction To Be Filed In Lawsuit Challenging California Ammo-Law Train-Wreck

California – -( The problems encountered since the new ammunition background check system was put into effect on July 1st 2019, have far surpassed what we predicted, and we predicted a train wreck.

The approval process takes over a half hour per customer, instead of the promised two minutes. DOJ is imposing unnecessary and costly requirements on vendors. Countless customers are being turned down by DOJ for lack of ID even if they have a California driver’s license. Law abiding people cannot get ammunition they need for sport or self-defense. Businesses may have to close as a result of this extreme regulatory burden.

“Newsom’s Prop 63 law is a business killing nightmare and a red-tape charade that is useless as a crime prevention measure,” said CRPA President Chuck Michel.

“This law puts a ridiculously excessive burden on Second Amendment rights and was designed to make it practically impossible for gun stores to make a profit or for people to use a gun for sport or self-defense. It’s part of Newsom’s effort to eliminate the “gun culture” – which he hates.” said Michel.

“We are going to ask the Court to put a stop to it immediately.”

CRPA, with NRA’s support, challenged the ammunition background check law in court months ago. The lead plaintiff in the case is gold medal-winning Olympic shooter Kim Rhode. The CRPA legal team already got a favorable ruling in the Rhode case – which is being heard by the same judge who ruled in the Duncan 10+ magazine lawsuit. We had to wait for the ammo law to take effect to seek an injunction, but now that the law has gone into effect and the infringements have been documented, CRPA plans to seek an injunction in the Rhode case next week.

If you’ve had problems buying ammunition, and particularly if you are an ammunition sales vendor having problems, please email us at [email protected] so we can add your experience to the mountain of evidence documenting how this law has failed. To review all of the materials that NRA and CRPA have put together about what these laws require and the lawsuit challenging them,

Gun rights supporters should not support other 2A groups promising to file their own legal challenges to the new ammo laws. Although these may just be list building promotions for use in their future fundraising appeals, any new redundant lawsuit that might be filed would be duplicative, would complicate the legal process, greatly risks having a different (likely hostile) judge second-guess the good ruling we already got in the Rhode case, and jeopardizes the potential success of CRPA’s existing lawsuit.

Stay subscribed for updates as our litigation progresses.

California Rifle & Pistol AssociationAbout the California Rifle & Pistol Association

Founded in 1875, the California Rifle & Pistol Association provides training in the safe, responsible, and enjoyable use of firearms; sanctions competitive shooting state championships; and fights for the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms for those who choose to own a gun in California for sport, hunting, or self-defense. Join and donate! For more information, visit


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I sure hope that the registered voters in California regardless of political party affiliation who endorse Second Amendment Rights are paying strict attention to how well our Governor Gavin Newsome and our Attorney General Javier Becerra are implement the laws supporting their own New World Order Agendas by voting both of these sad-ass-clowns out-of-office!


So only holders of a valid California Driver’s License who are not Felons can now buy ammunition inside California; then what about the out-of-state hunters and the venue competitors from other states, they are not allowed to purchase ammo in California? Doesn’t the new law also specify the quantity of ammo which can be legally imported or be brought across-the-state line boundary into California? So where will all the rifle, pistol, and shotgun venues be forced to re-locate to: Oregon, Nevada, or Arizona perhaps? Due to the half-baked short sightedness of our Govenor Gavin Newsome and our Attorney General Javier… Read more »

Guesty McGuesterson

I attended a firearms course this past week in Nevada, and the instructors there – who are only vaguely aware of CA gun laws because they don’t affect Nevadans – shook their heads in amazement when I fully explained the details of SB 63 and SB 1235. When the final day of the course was concluded and everyone else was packing up their things and strapping their sidearms in their holsters (Nevada is open carry), I prepared for my own drive back home to CA. I unloaded my guns, separated the ammo from the firearms, removed the uppers from the… Read more »


“…short sightedness of our Govenor Gavin Newsome and our Attorney General Javier Becerra” I would posit that it was not shortsightedness at all, but the goal. Make it harder to get ammo, make it costlier to get ammo, make it terribly inconvenient to get ammo. All of which results in a reduction in popularity of shooting sports, may result in some marginal-income shooters ceasing the activity altogether, and may dissuade some number of potential new shooters to not get involved in the sport at all. This is part of a process of de-normalization, which is a state goal of ‘The… Read more »

Ted wright

I’m a truck driver I go to Az every day I dont have to come back empty handed. My cousin moved to Mo in 93 hes a truck driver too. He comes to Ca every week. He doesnt have to come here empty handed. Its that simple ammo will be pouring into Ca on trucks in the cab instead of the trailer. Make freinds with a trucker the underground supply chain is already in place. Place your online bulk order ship it to your trucker friend/family out of Ca address then meet at the agreed upon coordinates. Just like booze… Read more »

Greg H.

We have scratched the whole left coast off of our upcoming “Bucket List Trip” itinerary, as well as much of the northeast and parts of the mid-west. We are avoiding states where our guns are not welcome. They will NOT get our business or our money.

Bill Cortesi

Personally I hope the quake hits California , learn to swim


Rachel Maddow is on the line, Mr. Cortesi. She says that she’d like to do an interview. Shall I transfer the call?


Might be a booming business for black market ammo sales.


The real question is do you trust the NRA to file and actually try to win? They seem to be more concerned about Wayne’s wardrobe

Brian Roberts

I don’t think its ever been stated more eloquently.


I have been a member of the NRA for 30 years and I support our 2nd amendment and all the articles of our constitution, but lately I have read that Wayne’s salary is in excess of one million per year. I don’t have a problem with him making a decent salary but give me a break I think one million a year is a bit excessive.

Roger Brown

Is excessive! But,I believe in 1935 or 1936 in
Germany,Hitler rounded all sold weapons from the gun shops to private persons,the question here I am asking that if you are a member of the NRA,will and when will the u.s. govt. seize
the NRA LISTS for all member s,I see it coming!

Shelton Arnold

We have already been subjected to a extensive background check as a gun owner. I don’t understand why we have to be subject to a background check to buy ammo?

Wild Bill

@SA, You have to be subjected to more background checks to: 1. increase your inconvenience; 2. increase your costs; and 3. get you used to the idea that government is the master and you are the slave.
The California governments are in full rebellion from the U.S. Constitution. The NCA should federalize the Ca Nat. Guard and deploy them to Okinawa. When the Guard was settled in, the NCA should go secure the CA government and institute reconstruction on the areas that need reconstructing. The patriots in CA could “help”.


There are no Patriots in Commiefornia..if there were, they would be fighting in the streets over this


If you think these delays are just coincidence or mistakes think again..this is the new normal in Commiefornia..if gun owners had stood up to these liberals this might not have happened..grow a set, fight for your tights



Jonathan Lemaire

I think you got it right the first time! Ammosexuals got their panties in a wad over this for sure lol! The only real gun legislation that effects me is what the GOP has passed while pointing at the liberals.. Regan’s machine gun ban is the bump stocks…really GOP stop taking our rights!

Free Helicopter Rides For Commies

Seriously, libtard, STFU & GTFO!!


22 thousand laws from the left and two from the right. You flunked math and probably everything else in school now you say you are mad about a machine gun law. What do you need a machine gun for? Do you plan on using it in a “No Gun Zone?” 98.4% of mass shootings in this country initiated by lefties and left supporting religion of peace people and you blame the right and all gun owners for 100% of everything done with a gun. If you want to live where you don’t have to “fear” a legal gun owning citizenry,… Read more »


better an ammosexual than an anti-2a, commie, dhimmi-rat taqiyya-bama fag


The only real gun legislation I fear while in residence here is these turds attempting a total confiscation. But then that fear turns into resolve as these liberal buttlickers start fearing 2A patriots such as myself. And, I know of plenty in my rural community.


It is time to rise to the occasion and put an end to this outright attack on our constitution and our freedom.

Jonathan Lemaire

So you don’t support states rights? That’s in the Constitution too 😉

Ansel Hazen

No state should be able to pass a law that violates the Constitution and it’s amendments.


Fuck you, you stupid bitch, I have blead in service to this country to keep the stripes on that flag red. That sacrifice was not made to have my freedom and rights taken away or given to a self proclaimed victim from South America.


Dude….why are you even on this page? Does belief in state law justify the state to do ANYTHING? A person willing to possess a gun illegally, and commit a mass murder consisting of dozens of murders, which are you know….illegal on a felony level, is not going to stop at the misdemeanor infraction that the twenty ways to illegally get around the ammo background checks could yield. A person willing to commit multiple murders isn’t going to be phased by the gun or ammo Being restricted. Only law abiding people who CARE about the law observe the law. This is… Read more »

Big Bill

“No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States”
That’s in the constitution, too. Look it up.
States’ rights can be good, unless they violate the constitution. The fact that CA doesn’t care about the constitution doesn’t negate that.
Reality often intrudes when bad things happen; that doesn’t make bad things good.


Jonny Boy, states can ONLY enact laws consistent with the US Constitutioin, and since they are prohibited by the Second Article of Ammendment to infringe on the right OF THE PEOPLE to arms, they cannot infringe upon that right.

Nor do states have the right to sidestep federal level immigration laws, as they are enacted at FedGov level, and thus “trump” any state laws regarding the matter. So California’s sanctuary state staus is a violation of the Tenth Article of Amendment and the State should be taken to court over that. Maybe someday soon….

Wild Bill

@Swamper, We support the Tenth Amendment police powers that do not diminish the people’s Constitutionally enshrined and enumerated Civil Rights. And that proposition is so settled that only a paid first rung propagandist (like this Le Maire skrailling) would think that it is a problem. “Le Maire” must be French for “The Libtard.”
Please do not feed the trolls.


It all comes down to the mighty BUCK $$$$. Like New York everybody has to pay to go into the city as well as leaving. You have to pay a toll bridge or tunnel to get into the city.


cause the COmmies-in-Charge in Sackamento want you to suffer under their iron boot. No other reason.

Send those louts off to Caracas, Havana, Mogadishu. They’d be right at home there, cause that’s the way things are done in those places. They run a high risk of being on the wrong side of the power structure in those places, though. But that I would consider a feature, not a bug. These pervs deserve that or worse.


As a fellow shooter as my self we should all stick together 1 day we are all going to need each other to stand up for our rights..Bashing each other is not the answer..I am proud to have a great country the USA as my Neighbor ..From a CANADIAN.


us fighting like arrogant assholes isn’t going to help this nonsense..u think it’s just California who’s trying to push these laws …our 2nd amendment P.O.U.S wants to get rid of suppressors and we all thought he was all red white and blue to the tip of his fucked up hair but hes obviously not if hes messing with our amendment rights!!!! wake up PEOPLE help ur neighbor !! I stand with my gun family’s in California fight on for your rights !! fight hard!!

John Galt

Jonathan lamair…..just the kind of a$shole that people of the gun call an ally

Selmo saladino

Fuck United States and it’s laws and fuck Donald trump he noting but piece of shit and fat bastard and I hope he gets a heart attack


Go back to eating paint chips……………Wash’em down with some exquisite window licking!!!!!


then GTFO & stay out, a**hole. try something to your taste – cuba, venezuela, n. korea, somalia

Roger Brown



You are a total asshole you’re must be a liberal because you are a total piece of crap gun laws and infringing on other peoples rights the Second Amendment so go kiss your ass and go move to a different country moved to Germany or Venezuela where they took everyone’s guns and now they’re suffering


Does the mental hospital for the criminally insane really allow you access to a computer. We need to know the name and location of this hospital. Can you please provide us with that information?

Alan in NH

The new restrictions are working exactly as they were intended to. Get it?


For all you liberals out there quit living behind the guns that protecting you and life style and go to front line and see how you like it . Get it.

Jonathan Lemaire

Us gun owning liberals are pissed about the GOP passing the worst gun legislation we’ve ever seen while blaming the liberals! The Regan machine gun ban still pisses me off, but at least we have binary triggers now! Bump stocks ban..who did that?! The GOP…

Free Helicopter Rides For Commies

You don’t own any guns, you’re just a liberal fucktard troll. GTFO!!


……..are you seriously trying to say you have more of a problem with the ban on bumpstocks than this ammo background check. Your trying to say the hip is worse than liberals on guns……liberals expressly want to ban guns period. The ban on bumpstocks was in response to the left having a seizure after the last Vegas shooting because they didn’t even know what a bumpstocks did. Your party whines and postulates to get something banned and when it gets banned by the sitting rep pres you blame it on republicans? And while the machine gun ban is annoying at… Read more »


Be careful if it is the law… if it’s just a damn stupid local restriction it’s nothing. just made up by some old local anti-gun cop Who is been dead for years.


California use to be a beautiful state and a place almost anyone would like to come to. Now the liberal progressives have taken it over and are making a pure shithole out of it. They do things the normal backwards way, strip the citizens of their protection and invite the illegals and criminal elements in. How backward can you get. All this because they are power hungry and think that by upsetting the normal process of things they can achieve the full authority over the people. They are as immortal as everyone else ands they will pass away and maybe… Read more »


Liberal always meant that you accept everyone for all of their diversity. I have been shooting since I was 3. I defended my country 32 years. If you’re truly a liberal you will protect my right to protect yours. I don’t care what you choose to do with your life. I choose to uphold and enforce the law. Why does anyone want to deny that? Simply, because they are or protect criminals. I can’t believe there is any other reason to disarm law abiding citizens. Laws to protect your firearms from irresponsible people should be invoked. Truly punishing criminals would… Read more »

be m

Arms and Ammo manufactures need to refuse to sell or transport any arms or ammo into California until these illegal violations of the law are abolished and the offenders arrested. You ask why will this work? 1) the federal government will enforce federal law to ensure military units based in California are served and federal law enforcement are served, 2) town, city and county governments and some state agencies will prohibit enforcement of the illegal state actions leading to collapse of the illegal state administration. A total arms and ammo embargo on California will solve this problem in a few… Read more »


@ be m- according to a friend of mine he states that now he has to record each manufacturer, grn, and caliber and submit to these commie bastards. In other words, these commie bastards will begin to tell ammi makers they are no longer allowed to sell their brand here in calikommiemexifornistan. A violation of the commerce clause, and many others. I believe it’s also so they know what cals they will be facing whenst they attempt confiscation….commie bastards! I’m not sure the caldoj knows where the door knob is.

fuck you you racist fuck

racist fuck


Troll! I know there are village idiots out there but you have created a whole new category of intellectual stupidity!

Bob G

No disrespect, but that’s kind of dumb. Encouraging ammo vendors to boycott CA hurts no one but gun owners. Police departments, already immune from the state’s ammo restrictions, will still get ammo. Military units, already immune from the state’s ammo restrictions, will still get ammo. So, how in the world do you expect any of that to help the average gun owner? Your suggestion will only help the liberal state politians get their wish, which is to depeive some poor slob like me the opportunity to get ammo. Just what side of the aisle do you vote for?

Robert D Kimbrell

Everything will probably gridlock now with the earth quakes and the vast immigration issue. I wish the best for our country loving brothers in California that are forced to adhere to such liberal bullshit.

Wild Bill

@OV, Excremento!


Adam. What you and all of your 10 round mags. Your the idiot. That’s why the rest of us guns dealers have to make sure. We dont order the California idiot version for the non Californian states. California more gun owners daisy and red Ryder dont count. Remember Adam you’ll shoot your eye out.

Crotalus Maxximus

Gov. Nuisance is kissing up to Trump for disaster aid. May be the Prez should require the revocation of all anti gun laws passed in California. Post partum veto so to say.


gov. grabbing nuisance?


I’m thinking that’s what the California government would like


I see the hacks for the gun banning cults and the illegal lovers are writing their “nonsense” in this column.Ammoland please delete these. Lind of figured that this “illegal” law to purchase ammo would not work as the gun banning politicians said it would. Of course, what do you expect from politicians in Kommiefornia? Want to bet they will add reloading supplies and equipment to this bill? This is to make it so difficult to run a business, they are hoping stores will either move out of state or close up. It’s part of the master plan to disarm the… Read more »

Jonathan Lemaire

I’m fine with that regulation, States rights and all, but I did just invest a few grand in reloading gear!


First they came for your ammo, but you reload so you didn’t care, next they came for your progressive press but you had a single stage and you did not care. Now they are coming for your single stage but there is no one left to fight because you did not care. Baffles the mind that there are gun owners out there that still do not understand what SHALL NOT INFRINGE means….

Wild Bill

@Wesley, Earlier Lewhore called us Ammosexuals. Now, he would have us believe that he has spend a few grand on reloading gear. I find that conflicting.


Your are a liberal retard and are ignorant concerning the second amendment if you think this infringement on the second amendment is constitutional .


The Constitution is different from the Bill of Rights.
America has both and they’re different from one another.

Jedediah Smith

No- you are wrong. The bill of rights are the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. It is part of the Constitution, cannot be separated.


The Bill of Rights is part of the Constitution.

Jim cottrell

I could never live in a place like that.


Since you’re fine with that type of oppression, maybe they should pass a law requiring a background check for buying gun powder, casings, primers and the bullets, might as well do background checks for buying reloading gear. Because we all know that criminals follow the law and that laws/regulations stop will stop all gun crimes.

Will Flatt

Shut up you fracking libtard. No rights-loving gun owner, even a fudd, would be “fine” with Commiefornia’s infringements on our rights! Take your troll show elsewhere.

Ian Pritchett

Yeah lots of libtards reload their own ammo . These laws don’t exist cause of libtards, they exist because of him rights advocates incapable of mounting a coherent, logical argument

Michael Tallon

Good for you Mr. Lemaire. Please make sure that you have good data on the the caliber and gauges that you want to reload. Most important item that you MUST have is an accurate powder scale. Do not exceed the maximum powder charge, EVER. I have been loading shotshells since I was 16 years old. Now I am on the downhill slide to 70. Read your manuals, take your time and always measure your powder charge. Be careful and have fun.


READ the Constitution you pretend to uphold Jonny Boy. That Tenth states that matters not delegated to theUnited States (FedGOv) nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. That pesky Second Article of Ammendment prohibits any infringement on the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms, by the United States and/or any or all of the several states. “shall not be infringed” means that. By no one, no entity, group, whatever. Californians HAVE the right to arms, which has been found to include the ammunition those arms need to… Read more »

Get Out

Dude, don’t you think for one minute reloading components won’t be addressed soon. They’ll consider it a loophole and attempt to close it. Will you be fine with it when they regulate your reloading equipment too?



Tom Olsen

Nope, you’re missing the point. On the last “assault weapon ban” I didn’t care because I didn’t own one. Now the focus has widened and will continue to do so. You can NOT turn a blind eye because you found a way around the restriction or weren’t immediately impacted by it. Each win by anti-gunners leads to another. It has to be stopped before any momentum is developed. Ask not for whom the bell tolls. I’m sorry I didn’t wake up sooner.

Wild Bill

@JL Oh, did you now? What did you buy? Specifically?


So I’m assuming, because of the absolute lunacy of the left, that illegal immigrants can buy ammo because they’ve been given drivers licenses by the corrupt state of California.

Wild Bill

@Swamper, Hmmm, illegal aliens love cash, and don’t keep records.

Jonathan Lemaire

The dreaded illegal alien lol, so how many misdemeanors have you committed and yet it’s fine for you to defend yourself… they’ve only committed a misdemeanor trying to find a better life yet you hate them… it’s sad so many fear that which they don’t understand. My great grandad was “illegal” then grandpa served in the air Force until double retirement and then retired from NASA after helping to design the main engines of the shuttle…what did your family accomplish?

Ansel Hazen

Every illegal alien steals a better life from an AMERICAN.

Wild Bill

@Ansel, Yes, your child or grandchildren’s education, job, wages, home, family the whole life. But they do bring all those diseases that we got the “overseas” set of shots for. Recently a group of Congolese mysteriously appeared in San Antonio, and just as mysteriously got whisked away. Captured group members admitted that the Venezuelan government had funded them and transported them from Africa to S. America and up the rat line to Texas. The Congo is currently suffering another outbreak of Ebola. If the Venezuelan government could get Ebola established in the US there would be about a 90 percent… Read more »

Free Helicopter Rides For Commies

Remove the front and back doors from your home and hang a sign outside that says “ALL ARE WELCOME TO ENTER”. Then you can pontificate about the virtue of people who break into our country illegally. And if your great granddad was an illegal then according to the letter of the 14th Amendment all his descendants – THAT MEANS YOU, BUCKO – are illegal too. Study what “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” means. I don’t give a flip what your grand-daddy did, your whole family needs to be deported back to where your great grand-daddy came from!! SO GTFO OF… Read more »

Another guest

Bucko…..guaaa did u really have to say that? And dont use the word “Bud” either I cant stand when someone says that.

Wild Bill

@OV, Do you think that the guest troll wants us to check with him about what words to use before we post? Perhaps he aspires to be a dictionary.


I’m also a child of immigrants and they HATE people illegally cross the border to skirt the whole Long process of becoming American that they had to go through.

Butters Stoch

My family is American Indian.. They endured overcome and acomplished way more than you will ever know, see or even do. You know, since we are whipping our dicks out and having a pissing contest


100%! Just ask Elizabeth warren, she will tell you!


your forbears apparently came here to work, integrate, contribute, as it seems they have. My Dad must have worked with yours on that shuttle project. So what? The hordes invading today have a different agenda., When your ancestors arrived, there were no welfare programmes to coddle and support them as they did….. not much but consume publically funded services. My ancestors arrived before the Mayflower, and were key parts of building this nation up from wilderness with not much but their brains, hands, determination to MAKE a better life for themselves and their fellows. Todays invaders are here to freeload… Read more »


I think if, your story is true, then your family history is an exception rather than the normal free seeking illegals storming our border.


Yes johnnie…the dreaded ‘ILLEGAL ALIENS’! “ONLY” a misdemeanor?! The last time I checked a misdemeanor was a CRIME in this state! I’m a second generation San Diegan, and have witnessed what YOU liberaturds have done to ruin my home town! The local ‘snooze’ reported that over 48 THOUSAND illegal aliens have been released into the community since JANUARY! Last week, my 58-year-old neighbor came home from shopping and while putting her groceries away, three ILLEGAL ALIENS entered her home, beat and robbed her…that you ignorant liberaturd is a FELONY called a ‘home invasion robbery’, which is being repeated all over… Read more »

Roger Brown

Times HAVE changed,think about that,Congress has not done a DAMN THing!!!!!


New York is not far from behind but we do have ways of getting around it. They can’t stop us. Asshole Cuomo trying to send the state police to shooting ranges to confiscate high-capacity magazines but only to be out numbered with bad conflict with innocent gun owners. The troopers knew it wasn’t worth it so they left us alone.


I am hoping Cali gets hit with a mega earthquake, maybe something in the area of a 9 , then sinks into the ocean, nothing but twitted ass holes there..


Not all of us are twitted ass holes. DICK HEAD.


instead of bashing California us gun enthusiast and 2nd amendment Americans need to stick together and help them get there rights back !!!2nd amendment is a right for all Americans..Believe it or not I’m sure we have brothers and sisters in California who are 2nd amendment but cant fight for there rights cause they are so few itz up to us to not let this happen!!

Wild Bill

@If it is any consolation, I am a member of CRPA, but live in Texas. Ca will have to rid itself of illegal alien voters and dead people voters before it can get back to normal.


Fucking moron. California has the largest population of gun owners in the country.


Lol, ha ha ha. No. Texas says hi. Kalifornia is sadly a lost cause, its time to cut our losses in Kali where 90% of the population would vote to repeal the 2A tomorrow if it were on a ballot.


California is ranked 43rd in the nation in regards to the percentage of gun owners with only 19.8%
And if you look at the total number of “registered” guns, California is ranked number 3 with 358,223 right behind
Texas 637,612 and Florida 377,207

Guesty McGuesterson

“Registered”? HAHAHAHA As a lifelong Californian and owner of so many guns accumulated or built over my lifetime that they literally cannot all fit in my standing gun safe and must be stored at two separate addresses (and can arm an entire street if necessary), I can tell you that any “numbers” obtained from an online source will never tell the whole story. Not a single one of my guns is registered…even though they’re all legally owned because I acquired *this* or built *that* before the laws changed and the doors closed. As far as CADOJ is concerned, I’m not… Read more »


Hey seriously fuck you Eric, there’s lots of good people in CA who are even more upset about this as you are. Wishing death and destruction on 39 million people because of a stupid law only reinforces the negative stereotype that some people perceive gun owners as. Do us all a favor and shut your mouth, don’t forget to breathe though.