UPDATE: School Backpedals After Teen Was Banned For Target Shooting With Mother


Colorado – -(AmmoLand.com)- Last week, we publicized the story of a 16 year old Loveland High student who was banned from school after posting a video on Snapchat of him shooting with his mom. The school banned him even after police investigated the “threat report” and instantly cleared him. After the story broke, community members, and even elected officials contacted school admin and district board members to express their disapproval of this blatant violation of the student’s civil liberties, as well as the complete disregard for parental rights. And it undoubtedly had an effect.

The threat assessment hearing took place and the student has been cleared to return to class.

The school officials came prepared with a packet of his homework, and stated they believed him to be a good kid and never thought he was making threats against the school. They acknowledged that his classmates may now react differently to him (I mean, he’s practically been accused of being the next school shooter, right?) and offered to make sure no one gave him trouble.

The SRO who was present agreed that the Safe 2 Tell system is sometimes used inappropriately by students wishing to anonymously seek revenge on another student. School officials also cautioned Nate to not post these types of activities on social media. The mother quickly reminded them that this is his First Amendment they’re talking about, and although she gets their point, that is a dangerous slope they’re heading down.

On January 1, 2020 Colorado’s “Red Flag” Emergency Risk Protection Orders ERPO law will go into effect. I’ve long said ERPO’s will be Safe2Tell for adults, and students have dubbed Safe 2 Tell as “Safe 2 Swat”, referencing the act of “swatting“, a criminal harassment tactic of deceiving an emergency service into sending a police and emergency service response team to another person’s address. Had this same scenario taken place while the ERPO law is in effect, the mother likely would have lost her firearms.

We need to continue to rally together as a community and push back at every turn. If you or your child ends up in a situation like Nate’s, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Rally for our Rights.

Rally for our Rights BannerAbout Rally for our Rights

Rally for our Rights is a non-partisan gun rights advocacy organization that was founded in early 2018. It has quickly become Colorado’s most active Second Amendment group with a focus on frontline activism and community outreach.

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Deplorable Bill

I trust the parents and child WILL BE SUEING the school board and anyone else who had anything to do with their mistreatment/harassment. I would rather not have to file suit BUT what the school did was blatant, biased, illegal and morally repressible. Enough is enough. Arm up, carry on.

Get Out

These School official buffoons didn’t learn anything when they stomped on this young man’s rights did they? By telling the boy not to post anything like that again on social media they want to restrict his 1st Amendment too? I’ll bet they didn’t think Mom would blast these clowns not to step on her sons 1A rights either. Maybe they should take a really hard look at their “Safe 2 Swat” protocols too.


Unacceptable response from the school and the SRO.

There is no reason kids cannot post up pictures of any legal sporting activities and they should not be discouraged from doing so, as that’s what got us here in the first place.


They’d have conniption fits over school sponsored clay pigeon shooting teams up here.


Thank you to all who spoke up for this young man and his mother.


They say “they are really sorry” not because they are, but only because they got caught.
Politicians and bureaucrats are responsible for the climate of accusations and spreading fear and panic. Apologize all you want, the damage is already done.


@MJ; Along these lines of your thoughts, some people FEEL like this: “I rather commit an act and later ask for forgiveness, then ask for permission first”.


Three hearty HUZZAHs for Mum. She not only had the heart to take her son shooting, but when the school admin nutjobs exacted “penance” from her and her son for their “crime”, she not only stood her ground but fired a strong warning shot across their bow… when they advised not to post such things on UNsocial media, she let them know in no uncertain terms they were trampling upon his FIRST ammendment protections right along with his Second Ammendment ones. I would have liked to have been there to capture the look of shock and disbelief on that rotten… Read more »


Usually takes a law suit to make a point,hopefully mom considers.

Ej harbet

Hope the school and district suffer consequences for their jack booted thuggery.examples need made


Heaven forbid others on social media see that firearms are used for some thing other than being in the hands of a few criminals, hell, maybe this kid will shoot in the Olympics some day and win the Gold for the U.S


Would you be surprised to see the U.N., the W.H.O. and the Eurotrash whiners get together with U.S. extreme left socialists to have shooting sports removed from the Olympics? Shooting is already ignored by the U.S. press and TV, except when shooting is a mass murder. We’ve lost the press. If we lose the 2nd Amendment, our republic will gone within a generation.


Socialists/control mongers with the help of their puppets in the media keeps self defense cases, shooting sports and just simple target shooting out of the publics eye, They wont even report the epidemic of the strictest gun control city’s, They’ll only report where its relatively legal


My family has been in Colorado for abut 170 years. It was wild then but still beautiful and a nice place to live. The state started to go to hell when idiots arrived in the middle of the last century. They changed the state and tuned it into a Khalifornia in the 1960s. They had requested to host the Olympics and was selected. Then they insulted the IOC and cancelled on them at the last minute. They elected wimps instead of Americans and it went downhill at a rapid pace. A state that was proud of their heritage is now… Read more »


I have heard people say this country is going to hell many times in the past when things were not this bad and I have to agree with them now. The elected officials today are stomping our rights into the ground and once the kids of today are in power the entire United States Constitution will mean nothing because they can’t even read the original copy since it’s in cursive.

Will Flatt

They want to take away our 1A Rights so they can take away our 2A Rights. It’s that simple.


Right now they are merely diminishing the First Amendment to help destroy the Second Amendment, once the Second Amendment is gone all the rest of them will be. Not just the first.

Will Flatt

They will do MUCH more than take away everyone’s rights after they gut the 2A. If history proves anything, should they disarm us all, they will round us up and ship us to death camps. That’s assuming they dont do summary executions on the spot – and they probably will anyway.

Wild Bill

Get out of the cities, towns, and villages.


I up^voted your comment even though you have it ‘bass-ackwards’. The Initial Amendment to be tossed/ignored is the 2nd, not the 1st. It has to be this way as the 2nd Amendment gives citizen’s teeth to enforce the remaining RESTRICTIONS ON THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT; the other Nine Amendments.

Will Flatt

I upvoted you likewise, and I’ll just point out that conservative voices are already being censored and our views & outlook suppressed not just by big tech, but the MSM and other institutions as well. How can we make our case when nobody is allowed to hear us?


In the words of Mick Jagger, “Ya can’t always get what ya want”, and if they try we’ll give ’em what they need.

Pa John

See the 5th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Sooner or later somebody is going to take one of these red flag laws all the way to the Supreme Court and then, assuming the constitution still matters worth a damn in this country and it is becoming obvious it increasingly does not, all of these red flag laws _should_ be tossed out as blatantly unconstitutional. I tried to put the relevant text in bold… if the website filters out the html then I trust people will figure out what parts apply. Amendment V No person shall be held to… Read more »


What does it matter if your guns are gone by then? Witness the “smokestack scrubber” regulations of the Obama administration. By the time they had gotten to the Supreme Court to be declared unconstitutional, every energy producer in the country had already been forced to spend the money to install the new, expensive, unconstitutional remediation equipment. The Energy Department head actually bragged about having beat the system. These people own the system.

Wild Bill

“The SRO who was present agreed that the Safe 2 Tell system is sometimes used inappropriately by students wishing to anonymously seek revenge on another student.”
Hunt the liar down!


there MUST be a “slight adjustment” in this rat on yer schoolmate policy. RECORD the name of the accusing student, every time, along with a record of the student’s statement. Preferably have the sudent write down his tall tale. Make HIM?HER sit down and write it out, submit it as a written document. THen, in legalese at the bottom have them sign it wit the uderstanding that if the accusation is proven false or otherwise irrelevant, or is an imagined “threat” like this one (an afternoon at the firing range with your Mum is NOT preparation for the next school… Read more »


It’s a sad state of affairs when you must keep your gun ownership a secret from those around you, but I’ve concluded that secrecy about guns really is essential these days. I’ve heard a neighbor brag about her “armory” and cringed. Someone who decides they don’t like you and reports that you’ve “bragged about your guns and firepower” under these ill-conceived red flag proposals, can get your guns taken away without due process. Few have the resources to put up a legal fight in such a case. Accordingly, I do not mention guns or shooting to anyone. None of my… Read more »


Red Flag laws are a distraction to the fact that they are not needed and that the exact same thing already can be done with an anonymous phone call to the police or in this case to school authorities. We already live in a society where anyone can “drop a dime” on anyone and have the police show up or have someone under investigation. More laws to do something already possible is nothing but smoke and mirrors making politicians look like they are doing something when they are not, and the idiot masses (voters, mostly Democrats) swallow it hook, line… Read more »


One of the key firearms safety rule is
KEEPyour finger off the trigger until your sights are ON the target”

these bozos put the stupid sate to swat plan in place, and every time some brat rat tells a tall one to admin, they fire the shot first (kicked this kid out of school, triggered the nonsense hearing to see “whether he can come back”) then go have a look see at the damage they’ve done.

Sick, I say. Just SICK.


…as if “allowing” him to come back to their state propaganda filling station is some sort of gracious beneficence.

Wild Bill

@USA Corps G-2 does the target list, not Bn. I have not received my target folder annex, yet.


Finally a government official admits in order to exercise the 2nd, one should chill their own 1st Amendment. Poobah!

Exactly what RfLs do. Post anything on social media, exercising 1st, and someone, I guarantee you will be offended, and in those states whose citizens have allowed RFLs, a knock on your door at 0500 is coming, suppressing your 2nd via seizure, unless of course some anti gun judge grants a no knock warrant, then you get woke up with intruders screaming – a recipe for disaster!

Will Flatt

Yeah, disaster… blood will be spilled.


Blood has already been spilled

Will Flatt

Yes it has. Our government has murdered many thousands of Americans over the last 30 years!!! People are ignorant because they don’t realize that vital news & information is being withheld from them by the shadow-government-controlled media, their money is so debased they have to work 12-16 hours a day just to have sustenance, and social media censorship has become so pervasive that Americans are disconnected from one another.

Yeah I think we’re overdue for a 2nd American Revolution. And every traitor responsible for this shit must hang!!!


You have that backwards destroy the second amendment than they can remove the 1st Amendment!

Will Flatt

If that happens and Trump DOESN’T, then people will end up doing it themselves.


Without the fFirst, there is no Second, without the Second there is no Bill of rights.


More like caved in with no apology to avoid any lawsuits. You can not control what a student is active in when they leave the campus environment. He was supervised with a parent, nothing wrong here. Recall the 12yr old who was given his firs .22 rifle from his dad, kid had in in his arms with correct trigger discipline, CPS was called to the house with SEVEN DEPUTIES, CPS wanted to go inside, deputies wanted to make sure the guns were ‘registered’. Dad was called, on way home and call to his lawyer, Evan Napen, got a warrant, NO,… Read more »

Wild Bill

, And we can all say the same without the aid or expense of an attorney.


Huh, Safe2Tell gets abused? Whodathunkit?

So they let him come back to school, but also admit that he’d basically needs “protective custody” to attend school and they promised to make sure that didn’t happen… yeah, right. It’s like releasing a prisoner back into general population to get beaten by other prisoners and the school admin fully knows this as how could they not?


One size fits all measures like the Safe 2 Tell system are no replacement for responsible, concerned citizens being proactive.


If you are stupid enough to “SWAT” someone for kicks or revenge, and someone gets killed, well that premeditated murder….Want to live with that, and in prison for life?

Wild Bill

@MB, The homicide statute, of which ever state the false report and following action occurred in, would control. As a general proposition, not knowing or intending death of the person falsely reported or committing a felony resulting in the death of some person involved would probably prove problematic for the prosecutor.


Oh, but the other little children are so frightened that this child is around … “guns”. Oh my… even that word is scary. It’s so bad that the other little tykes are wetting themselves with fear of being slaughtered by a gun-weilding crazy child. Oh my oh my…

jack mac

The school is a good example of the bad example of the molding of minds by our educators.


“They acknowledged that his classmates may now react differently to him… and offered to make sure no one gave him trouble.”

That’s pretty much the same guarantee the warden gave Jeff Epstein, isn’t it? What a relief!

Because schools have proven themselves to be SO good at stopping bullying. I particularly like the approach where they throw both the bully and his victim in the same detention, because they were “both involved in the incident.”

Wild Bill

, I think every parent or grandparent should tell their kids that what they hear in school is all propaganda to get them to “feel” a certain way for the rest of their lives. Parents and grandparents should let their kids know that it is all bull shit; the kid should remember it for the test; forget the bs; be quiet about it, and move on.
Teachers are not their friends, and do not have the child’s best interest at heart.


Traitor Chump is at it again getting into bed with Google and the rest of the social media tech giants and China.


The lying POS will push this through and CONgress will go along with it leading to the final demise of this once great nation. It doesn’t get any cleared than this.

Wild Bill

Trump can not push anything through Congress because of the democrat national socialists and the rinos. That is not the least of the fallacies in your advertisements for the very unconvincing Prison Planet.


Not advertising anything WB. Am alarmed at the prospect. Correction then: the RINOS and communist/dems will love this possibility since they want to disarm us anyway. What better means to do this than spying on everyone through social media which millions use every day.

Wild Bill

@T, Presuming for the moment that you do not profit in any way from Prison Planet (hereinafter PP), PP is just another hair on fire, ad selling, waste of time. Notice how PP poses their propaganda in the form of questions? Isn’t it possible that … Then later they slide in statements as if they were facts. Real inside information costs money, big money. Free information is crap. PP does not charge for their “information”. Stop wasting your time in internet crap. You want real intel, you gotta pay for it or have contacts. And stop using that social media,… Read more »


The only “profit” I ever received from PP was meeting my fiance over 2 years ago. I have rarely ever gone back and it was fluke this morning. Thanks for the insight and advice.
My “name-calling” is out of the frustration as I watch this country heading into socialism/communism and see the cowardly RINO’s and Trump back down a lot.

Wild Bill

@T, I understand and share your frustration, but we all gotta keep a cool head.