Andrew Cuomo On The Issues Of Gun Possession And Abortion


New York's "SAFE Act"
Andrew Cuomo On The Issues Of Gun Possession And Abortion

New York – -( Governor Andrew Cuomo’s policy prescriptions on guns and abortion are as equally inconsistent and as absurd as those policy prescriptions heralded by Senator Harris.

Andrew Cuomo, as with Kamala Harris, demonstrates an odd schizophrenia when it comes to the issue of life and death. He is so concerned about Radical Left policy objectives, he apparently fails to see and appreciate the inconsistency and therefore inherent incoherence and irrationality of those policy prescriptions.

With passage of the horrific Reproductive Health Act of 2019, Governor Cuomo has shown a predilection for permitting the killing of babies. And, in that regard, it must be pointed out that New York has always embraced lenient abortion laws. But, the Reproductive Health Act goes far, far beyond previous law and policy. It is both deviously clever and fiendishly pernicious. It has little if anything to do with a woman’s reproductive health and everything to do with promoting death.

Similarly, the New York Safe Act has little if anything to do with gun safety and it has everything to do with restricting a law-abiding citizen’s ability to defend his or her life. The Safe Act bans a substantial number of firearms that are in common use and therefore fall within the scope of Second Amendment protection. New York has always had extraordinarily restrictive and pernicious gun laws. But, with enactment of the Safe Act, gun laws have become increasingly burdensome. Law-abiding New York gun owners are now plagued by a substantial number of confusing, oppressive gun regulations. They are even denied the right to bequeath their private property to next of kin. Apart from directly infringing the Second Amendment, the so-called “Safe” Act actually makes those individuals who wish to exercise their fundamental right to keep and bear arms, less, not more, safe, given the sheer number of new restrictive gun laws and abstruse, often inscrutable legal text.

A law-abiding gun owner who misinterprets the code sections—an easy thing to do—may lose one’s gun license[a state managed permision], along with one’s firearms, and can face criminal penalties as well. How, then, does the “Safe Act” make a law-abiding gun owner safe? Since enactment of the NY Safe Act, Cuomo has constrained exercise of the Second Amendment even further, demonstrating, as Cuomo has acknowledged, that the NY Safe Act was never meant to be an end in itself but merely a work in progress. Cuomo won’t be satisfied until every law-abiding American citizen residing in New York is disarmed. And still he would not be done. His wish is to make the New York Safe Act the model for Congressional legislation, affecting the entire Nation.

But, is the Safe Act a prescription for preserving life or merely a pretext for disarming the public? When one looks at Cuomo’s stance on abortion, it is clear that Cuomo isn’t concerned with promoting public safety and protecting life at all.

Six years after signing into law his signature anti-gun measure, the New York Safe Act of 2013, on January 15, 2013, Cuomo signed the Reproductive Health Act into law on January 22, 2019. The name given to New York’s abortion law is as misleading and deceptive as the name given to New York’s anti-gun legislation legislation. Just as the New York Safe Act has little if anything to do with promoting public safety, New York’s Reproductive Health Act has little if anything to do with promoting a woman’s reproductive health and well-being.

The very notion of promoting “reproductive health and well-being” as the rationale for enactment of the Reproductive Health Act is a “blind.” It is a pretext; and an obvious pretext at that. Ending a human life has nothing to do with promoting a woman’s reproductive health and well-being; and ending a human life certainly has nothing to do with promoting the reproductive health and well-being of a life slaughtered. Aborting a baby doesn’t produce life, it ends it. Ask yourself: what does ending life have to do with propagating life? Answer: nothing. New York’s Reproductive Health Act sanctions murder. That is all the Act does; and on that score, it works very, very well.

Although ostensibly created to be consistent with the standard established in the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe vs. Wade, the Reproductive Health Act isn’t consistent with the Supreme Court ruling at all, as the Supreme Court ruling does not sanction abortion after the second trimester of pregnancy and the New York abortion law does. The New York abortion law lawfully permits abortion after the second trimester of pregnancy. The liberal website, Politfact, citing the Sponsor of of New York’s Reproductive Health Act, says that the Act is actually quite similar to the original abortion laws of New York:

“Previously, women in New York could only get abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy if their lives were threatened,’ according to Justin Flagg, a spokesman for [the Act’s Sponsor, State Senator Liz] Krueger.

Under the new law, he said, women can also get an abortion after 24 weeks if their health is threatened or the fetus isn’t viable.

Jen Villavicencio, an ob-gyn in the Midwest who provides abortions, said in a statement to PolitiFact that the post is ‘inaccurate.’

‘Abortions are not performed at 40 weeks on healthy, viable pregnancies,’ she said. ‘Overwhelmingly, abortions that occur at this point in pregnancy are pregnancies where lethal fetal anomalies have been diagnosed.’ ”

The Arbalest Quarrel has written extensively on the legal import of the Reproductive Health Act of 2019. See our March 29, 2019 article.

The statement by Jen Villavicencio is deceptive.

Flushing out from the language of the entire Act, not just portions of it, one sees a deliberate inconsistency which, on analysis, makes abundantly clear that, contrary to the arguments of naysayers, abortion is legal at any point in pregnancy up to the very moment of birth, and, conceivably, even at the very point of live birth.

Prior to enactment of the New York’s Reproductive Health Act, late term abortion was, except in rare circumstances, actionable as a very serious crime: manslaughter. But, under the new law that Cuomo has aggressively pushed for, and which a compliant State Government in Albany, has enacted, and which Cuomo, with great flourish and fanfare signed into law, abortion no longer exists as a crime in New York, under any circumstances. This fact is critical to understanding just how far removed the Reproductive Health Act is from New York’s original abortion laws. Consider: if the Reproductive Health Act simply allowed for lawful abortion where a fetus isn’t viable, apart from a consideration of the life of the mother, alone, then a change to the original law need only account for that one new condition. The Reproductive Health Act, though, is an extensive rewrite of abortion in New York, impacting several sections of the Consolidated laws of New York.

The one critical change is that the crime of abortion has literally been stricken from the Consolidated laws of New York. What does that mean, then? What is the effect of striking ‘abortion’ from the Penal Code of the Consolidated laws of New York?

Since abortion is no longer a crime in New York, a viable human being can be legally aborted up to the very moment of birth.

This makes New York one of only a few States, if there exists any other at all, that legally permits at-will abortion, up to the very moment of birth. This is a far cry from the standard set by the high Court that has placed specific restrictions on late-term abortion. We can expect that New York will become the murder capital of the world, as women from all over the Country and from other Countries as well will flock to New York to destroy their child, and will not be hampered over the Stage of pregnancy. That is not a stumbling block in New York.

Andrew Cuomo should be ashamed of himself, not proud of his action, pushing for enactment of and signing the Reproductive Health Act into law. Moreover, Cuomo’s stance on abortion is not only morally repugnant, it is inconsistent with his own religious upbringing. Cuomo is a Roman Catholic, and still claims to be a practicing Roman Catholic. Roman Catholicism has a very clear stricture when it comes to the matter of abortion. The Catholic Church categorically condemns abortion and calls it out for what it is: the murder of an innocent human being.

Cuomo, though doesn’t seem to be bothered with any of this. He sees no inconsistency in his having signed infanticide into law as Governor of New York, and remaining, in his own eyes at least, a follower of Roman Catholicism.

As he suffers to explain it, Cuomo sees his duties as Governor as distinct from those as a Roman Catholic. Cuomo says that, as Governor, his job requires him to uphold the Constitution, not to uphold the stricture of the Catholic Church. In his twisted, distorted logic, as cited in the Catholic website, Patheos, Cuomo asserts:

“Thanks to the nation’s founders, no elected official is empowered to make personal religious beliefs the law of the land. My oath of office is to the Constitutions of the United States and of the State of New York — not to the Catholic Church. My religion cannot demand favoritism as I execute my public duties.”

This isn’t sound logic; it is sophistry. Cuomo’s tacit reference to both the New York State Constitution and the First Amendment’s anti-establishment of religion clause of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution, ostensibly to support infanticide and late-term at-will abortion of an innocent human life, is patently absurd.

While Pope Francis has handled New York’s Reproductive Health Act obliquely, gingerly, and obviously reluctantly, Cardinal Dolan has exhibited no such restraint, commenting directly and forcefully to the abortion Act and to Cuomo’s lackadaisical, dismissive attitude toward abortion, as the Arbalest Quarrel pointed out in a previous article, posted on the website on May 19, 2019. published article.

Apart from the Catholic Church’s condemnation of abortion, the U.S. Constitution, too, neither condones nor permits the murder of innocent human beings. Cuomo apparently knows this, and that is why he has not stopped at merely signing the Reproductive Health Act into law, horrible as that Act is—making late-term at-will abortion, lawful, in New York.

Apparently realizing that the Act will be challenged and attempting to prevent a successful Court challenge, Cuomo has proposed an Amendment to the New York Constitution, that effectively raises infanticide to the level of a fundamental right in New York!

Cuomo exclaims with customary, disingenuous exuberance and bravado on the Governor’s website:

“ ‘As Washington seeks to limit women’s rights, we seek to protect them, and as they threaten reproductive rights, I propose a constitutional amendment to write Roe v. Wade into the New York State Constitution to prevent any attack on the right to choose,’ Governor Cuomo said. ‘We will not allow the progress of the women’s movement to be stopped, and we must seize this opportunity to bring the state and the nation forward and stand up for women’s health. Make no mistake, we will always protect the right to choose in New York.’”

How does Governor Cuomo seek to protect “women’s rights?” He does so by offering up as sacrifice, what ought to be received as the Divine Creator’s Greatest gift to human beings: a being created in his own image:

This sacrifice is to be perceived with decidedly less fanfare, and likely more pain, than the human sacrifices performed by pagan religions of centuries past! This is the Radical Left’s model for Liberal Democracy; for our new Age of Enlightenment; for a New World Order!

Cuomo, ever the politician, contorts and distorts both U.S. law and the Judeo-Christian Ethic in a naked attempt to make the U.S. Constitution and Western morality and ethics cohere with his own warped view of both—one consistent with the Marxist-Collectivist ideology. But that ideology is absolutely inconsistent with the import and purport of our Nation’s Constitution and that ideology is absolutely anathema to the Judeo-Christian ethical foundation of our Nation. Cuomo doesn’t care. He is on an Unholy Crusade; an Anti-Christ, ready to remake the World in his own ungodly image!

It is plain to see that Governor Cuomo and Senator Harris have not been and will not ever be constrained by law or logic or morality or even by simple common human decency. Arrogant and sanctimonious to the extreme, obsessed with smug self-aggrandizement, avidly supported by a seditious Press, by Billionaire Globalists, and Hollywood celebrities, emboldened by a surge of radical Leftist social and political sentiment plaguing our Nation, obstreperous and defiant to criticism, flagrantly violating our Constitution and system of laws, violating all compunctions of custom, these Radical Left political animals are beyond all redemption.

Cuomo and Harris will gladly sell their soul to the Devil for personal gain, and, by all accounts, with all that we have to date seen, they have already done so. Unfortunately, with the power they wield, as recognized through their words and deeds, they may very well have the ability to take the Nation and its citizenry down to perdition with them.

…but don’t pay any attention to all this because your legally owned guns are a much greater life-threatening danger.

Arbalest Quarrel

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Cuomo is one sick SOB!!!!


Never confuse Evil with sickness. These people are everything George Orwell spoke of in 1984. They may have taken their ideology from 1984 as it follows so closely to the narrative. People often speak of the New World Order. This is exactly what it looks like. Controlling every facet of Society. From what one says to what one consumes and most dangerous of all What One Thinks. This nation is only 2-3 generations away from a complete metamorphosis. Into a 1984 Society. All that is required. Is for people to continue do nothing to stop it. With Laziness,Fear and Cowardliness… Read more »


Correct. This line of corrupt thinking is being fostered in public schools nationwide. Start by defending your kids both in the womb and in school. Get your kids out of public schools.


LIBTARDS need to be reminded that “1984” was written as a warning, not an instruction manual.

Time to start building gallows.


Was flipping through the channels the other day and 1984 just started, I had never seen it before but I found it similar to V for Vendetta just a lot older


NY would be sooo much better if HIS mom had gone the abortion route….


So! ‘cuomo’ wants to remove weapons from LAW ABIDING American Citizens so they cannot DEFEND themselves from THUGS, whether individuals, gangs or government. BUT, he wants it to be LEGAL for a LEGAL EXECUTIONER, called a doctor, to be able to murder a helpless child in or out of the womb! This IS the definition of HYPOCRISY!!!


So Fredo wants to protect women’s rights? Ooooh, the right to kill but NOT the right to defend herself. I get it now.


Would it be wrong to ask God to send a cleansing fire?


He will soon RoyD! That is who i put all my trust in….my Lord and Saviour!


Let’s see, kill babies and take adults guns so we can’t protect ourselves. Yea, that all fits the narrative that the world is overpopulated and needs to be thinned out. See there is a method to their madness, if we would comply. When they come after us we need to meet them with the best ammo that is available.


It’s time to stock up on that ammo. Warren wants a 50% excise tax on ammo…and 30% on guns. Guess I need to pick up that M&P Compact 2.0 I’ve been thinking about for a year!


Articles like this are preaching to the choir. Were gun guys and mostly conservative. We already know the communists are not pushing gun control for our safety. These rats dont care about bad guys killing each other. And we already know the the Master of NY is a big baby killer and gun grabber. So why write about this in a forum of gun guys ?


I think because the truth is there are only two motives for gun bans:

1) Love of life

2) Hatred of guns

Congressman Henry Hyde vote for the original Feinstein assault weapons ban. He did so out of respect for the sanctity of human life. I disagreed with him but I respected his reason for doing so.

He was an outlier.

Almost everyone who wants gun bans want abortion freedom.

So for them it’s hatred.


Agreed, Jaque. We in the choir, though, need to get the word to other gun owners to get registered and vote. There are enough of us to carry every national election, but not if we don’t vote.


NY on the east coast and CA on the west coast have both embraced tyrants imposing their will on their subjects. Is anyone in those states paying attention or does something have to affect them personally to get their attention?

Get Out

NY Safe Act has been a failure from the start, the buffoons just can’t bring themselves to admit it. It’s good to see them get frustrated when law abiding citizens won’t get on their knees for them.


The problem with Andrew Cuomo is that his family name didn’t fall victim to the very same “laws” that he would burden the rest of humanity with. One can only imagine, had his grandparents been aborted: It’s a beautiful word, after all.