Thiessens Launches New Cold Weather Heavyweight Clothing System

The new V1 Whitetail heavyweight clothing line gives hunters the ultimate edge in the late season.

Thiessens Launches New Cold Weather Heavyweight Clothing System
Thiessens Launches New Cold Weather Heavyweight Clothing System

Lodgepole, NE – -( When cold weather is at its worst, Thiessens new V1 Whitetail Heavyweight clothing system is at its best. Ruggedly built for the pursuit-driven deer hunter, the heavyweight line gives hunters the ultimate protection against the frigid temperatures and moisture that are typical of late-season hunts.

Featuring strategically placed and supremely warm Thinsulate insulation for maximum heat retention, as well as T-Dry waterproofing and Wind Defense technologies, the new heavyweight system keeps wind, rain, and snow at bay so hunters can stay in the deer stand longer. Also, a moisture-wicking design and anti-odor treated core lining keep sweat and stink from building up. Each item features Realtree EDGE camo for the best in concealability in the deer woods.

The 3-N-1 Parka provides deer hunters with the ultimate in multi-season versatility, with a T-Dry waterproof outer shell and Thinsulate inner layer with Wind Defense technology that can be worn separately or together to match any level of cold or moisture. Whether it’s warm and rainy in the midseason deer woods or snowing sideways in December, the 3-N-1 parka is built for anything Mother Nature dishes out.

Built exclusively for the severe cold, the heavyweight bib, parka, and pant utilize ample Thinsulate insulation and deliver complete protection against moisture, wind, and cold. Each garment features articulated construction for unrestricted range of motion, making it easy to get in and out of treestands, shoot a rifle, or come to full draw with a bow. Bibs and pants feature oversize thigh openings as well as two-way zip to hip zippers for easy on and off while wearing boots and for easy venting, if you start to warm up too much. In addition, ample pocketing makes it easy to conveniently store gear, from cell phones to calls and licenses. Anti-odor and moisture-wicking construction help keep sweat and body odor from accumulating during higher exertion activities.

As every hunter knows, nothing makes a cold-weather hunt more miserable than frozen hands or a head exposed to wind and frigid temperatures. For hand protection, there are the Waterproof Gloves, Windproof Glomitts, and Windproof Handwarmer Muff that are all insulated. The Gloves and Glomitts feature Thinsulate insulation, precurved construction for improved natural hand and finger movement, Ax Suede synthetic palms and overlays for excellent grip durability and moisture resistance. The Waterproof Insulated Gloves have an added measure of protection utilizing a Trizar warming technology internal lining. The Handwarmer muff retains heat with a combination of Thinsulate™ insulation and a high-loft lining, organization pockets for range finder, and cell phone.

The windproof Beanie, Neck Gaiter and Facemask all feature a great warmth to weight ratio and a water-resistant finish on the outer shell. The great stretch and shaping offer maximum coverage without hindering peripheral vision to keep you in the hunt.

Heavyweight Series Garments:

  • 3-N-1 Parka
  • Parka
  • Insulated Bibs
  • Pant
  • Gloves
  • Glommits
  • Handwarmer Muff

Heavyweight Series Features:

  • Strategically placed Thinsulate™ insulation for maximum warmth retention
  • T-Dry and Wind Defense technologies
  • Moisture-wicking, anti-odor treated core lining
  • Ample pockets for storing gear
  • Articulated, construction for unrestricted range of motion
  • Extremity linings are slick for easy on/off and better mobility

Realtree EDGE™ Camo

  • Windproof Headwear:
  • Beanie
  • Facemask
  • Neck Gaiter

Windproof Headwear Features:

  • Wind Defense technology
  • Water-resistant finish on outer shell
  • Great warmth to weight ratio
  • Realtree EDGE™ Camo

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