19 States Now Have Counties with Second Amendment Sanctuaries in Place


Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties
Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties as of November 2019

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Communities around the nation are standing up to the narrative that gun control is the will of the people. Over 230 counties, towns, and cities have passed what is known as Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances, or SASOs.

These ordinances tell their state and federal government that the county does not support gun control and that it will not be enforced even if it becomes law.

Just in the past month, counties in Virginia, Wisconsin, Florida, Tennessee, and Arizona have enacted versions of SASOs, bringing the number of states that have them up to 19.

However, while these ordinances are passed for the right reasons, they could be better.

Many of the ordinances that have been passed simply declare the county as a Second Amendment Sanctuary, but do not usually offer any way to enforce the ordinance.

In other words, these SASOs don’t have any teeth, or ways to hold those who break the ordinance accountable.

That is where our SASO is different.

Gun Owners of America has created a SASO template that can be adopted by any community, county, city, or town.

Our Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance, while making your community a Second Amendment sanctuary, also allows for your community to fine or punish those officials that break the ordinance.

This minor addition makes your SASO much more meaningful and turns it into something impactful, rather than just a simple resolution.

Please click here to learn more about our Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance and to download a copy for yourself.

Whether you are a county commissioner, on the city council — or just a private citizen who wants to see our resolution passed in your community — please take a copy to tell people about it.

Click here to let us know if your locality has taken up our SASO.

Gun Owners of America GOA logoWe are in this fight together.

In liberty,

Matthew Patterson
Director of State and Local Affairs
Gun Owners of America

P.S. Please take our SASO to your commission or council and make your community a Second Amendment sanctuary. And if you’ve let your membership lapse, make sure to renew your membership in Gun Owners of America today for only $20!

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Get Out

Hopefully it’ll put the anti-gunners on notice that not everyone agrees with them or their anti-gun politicians.
Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances (SASO) is the first step.


The SASO is a start but there is a much better way to fight the anti-gun laws. The Supreme Court decision of 1803 overrules any gun law. ” Any Law Repugnant to the Constitution is NULL and VOID ” That makes any law against the 2nd amendment a NON-LAW and any enforcement illegal and even criminal. Therefore anyone enforcing any anti-gun law is a criminal and can be charged. That especially goes for politicians because when they break their Oath Of Office, knowingly and on purpose that is ” Perjury Under Oath ” a felony crime. They only have to… Read more »


If it was THAT easy, how come nobody brought it up in 1934?


Those in law enforcement who enforce unconstitutional laws become political pawns in the hands of the left in their effort to bring the American people under the thumb of socialism/communism. The LE are becoming weaponized for that effort. The purpose of exempting the criminal element and gangs from those laws shows the total cowardice of the politicians who back red flag laws. They divert the LE from their job of going after the bad guys and sic them onto the law abiding citizens to protect their future law officers/terror organizers against unarmed citizens. But unarmed citizens become subjects who can… Read more »


What a sad statement that you have to actually declare yourself a ‘sanctuary’ to preserve your constitutional rights. Not enough red on that map to satisfy my taste though. I’d like to see mostly red and then see an overlay of gun crimes committed in the areas that aren’t sanctuaries. i’m willing to bet the non sanctuaries are the ones rife with ‘gun violence’ confirming that gun control doesn’t work. It also would underscore that the gov’t is not truly representing the public.


@JF – Correlation is not causation. It is easy to imagine that those who are not gun fans will become gun control advocates and fight hard if the area they live in is rife with crime. Somewhat of a chicken-and-egg question of which causes which. My thought is that it is a circular feed-back situation. Crime rises, smart people move away, many who stay become frightened and beg for government tyranny, crime rises more and the cycle repeats.


The map looks to be old. When I see VA, it seems a little lite.when I see this report: https://www.wsls.com/news/local/2019/11/27/list-of-second-amendment-sanctuaries-in-virginia-and-where-its-being-discussed/


Mohave County, Arizona, where I live, was recently made a 2nd Amendment sanctuary. It is the county that is in the northwest corner of the state. Mohave County is a very conservative and gun friendly county.


Firstly, states that are already Constitutional Carry should be included. Furthermore, New Hampshire has had a no local preemption law on its books that prohibits municipalities and counties from restricting firearms in any way. Beyond that, I’ve got a letter from Grafton County, NH Sheriff Jim Dutille committing to refuse to enforce unconstitutional laws of any kind.


Siskiyou County California has had a Second Amendment Sanctuary County Resolution since 2013.


also noticed when reviewing http://www.handgunlaw.com Washington state does not recognize Texas permits/license but Texas does recognize Washington’s. Am I missing something here? reciprocity should go both ways.


Notices the map above is dated Nov 2019? is this the latest update?

Charlie Foxtrot

Well, you are commenting on a November 2019 post.

Dave in Fairfax


Per the GOA website, https://gunownersaction.org/sapo/

As of 01/15/2021, over 1,165 counties, cities, and towns have passed SAPOs or sanctuary resolutions in 34 separate states. Illinois, Colorado, New Mexico, Washington, and more recently Texas and Virginia, have passed them in a majority of their counties. This number does not include Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, and Wyoming, all of which have similar state-level protections.


Add Arizona. 20 states or more now.


If we don’t stand up now, like others have, the left will get their way on gun control (prayerfully, I’m sure…), first on a State level, then on a Federal level. All in the name of saving the innocent school children, which is flagrantly and statistically wrong! In the infamous words of Fletcher (Josey Wales) “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining”.


Whatcom County in Washington state? I don’t believe that one. They were Kommiefornicated a very long time ago.

Xaun Loc

YAWN. The map is pretty, but it is completely meaningless. 1) Most of the counties in white (signifying not 2A sanctuaries) are in states where there is little or no need for this kind of political grandstanding. There isn’t much point in a county declaring its support for 2A in a state where there aren’t any realistic threats. 2) Many of the counties shown in red (signifying supposedly 2A sanctuaries) are based on nothing more than a single politician saying so. 3) As the article itself pointed out, even in those counties where some sort of “sanctuary” resolution has been… Read more »


@XL – Totally agree, except part about states without realistic threats. Given democrat push at federal level, there is no safe state at this point.


Add Mohave county, Arizona.


A very good beginning.


GET THE FACTS RIGHT! The map shows Mesa County Colorado as a sanctuary county in Colorado–It is NOT nor are several others in just that state, cannot speak for other states. Just because county commissioners support the Second Amendment does NOT mean sanctuary. While the county sheriff says he/she supports the 2A as with Mesa County he In particular and other sheriffs will enforce red flag and other “laws.” In fact in Colorado only 1 (for sure) sheriffs has said he will not support anti-2A laws–(in that event state troopers take over). I bet if you checked you will find… Read more »


You Like calling people names? Okay, ass face. The facts are a declaration of 2A support is not the same–I know, I have asked the players first hand. Specifically, only one CO sheriff has flat out said he will NOT support anti-2A laws and only a couple in VA for sure. And, if they don’t support the “law” their state’s police will be ordered by their governors to remove the sheriffs (yes it can be done) and then the BS law is enforced. I don’t like it but facts are facts.

I Haz A Question

Hello, Ammoland admins. I’ve been a reader and commenter on this site a long time. When you changed your platform to require registration and login, I balked because it’s yet *another* site that requires yet *another* username/password. But I eventually registered because I continued to read the articles and at one point wanted to post another comment. Now you require login just to simply vote up/down on someone else’s comment. This is where I draw the line. I’m hereby abandoning my profile, and will likely no longer visit this site, as most of your content/articles are shown elsewhere anyhow (TTAG,… Read more »