Everytown’s ‘Red Flag’ Warning: ‘H.R. 8 was just the beginning’

Danger Red Flag Warning
Danger Red Flag Warning

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- A new email blast from anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, intercepted by Ammoland, makes it clear the gun prohibition lobbying group wants to see the U.S. House pass a new national red flag law, declaring “We need our U.S. Representatives to keep gun violence prevention as a legislative priority.”

Anti-gunners believe they have momentum, declaring last year’s passage of H.R. 8 “was just the beginning.” H.R. 8 is the federal legislation passed by the House 240-190 last Feb. 27 requiring so-called “universal background checks” for all firearms transactions.

A copy of the message, appearing over the name of Federal Legislative Campaigns Director Sarah Trumble, was obtained Tuesday by AmmoLand. Bloomberg is now running for president.

“That was a major victory for the gun violence prevention movement,” the Everytown message stated. “It was the first time either chamber of Congress passed significant gun safety legislation in over 20 years. And they didn’t stop there — the House went on to pass multiple lifesaving gun violence prevention bills in 2019; but there is still critical work to be done.” (Emphasis in the original message.)

“The House has the opportunity to pass even more gun safety legislation this year, including bills like H.R. 1236: the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2019. It’s a bill that empowers law enforcement and family members to intervene at moments of crisis to prevent gun violence before it happens. But that will only happen if our U.S. Reps continue to prioritize gun violence prevention as a top priority.“—Everytown for Gun Safety

The email blast came as the Washington Times reported a new record was reached for National Instant Check System (NICS) background checks for 2019. Last year, according to raw data from the FBI, there were 28,369,750 background checks initiated. While that doesn’t translate to actual gun sales, it’s a good indication about firearms-related activity. During December, there were more than 2.93 million initiated NICS checks, which is second only to the 3.314 million checks initiated in December 2015.

Source: FBI National Instant Check System

But Everytown’s ambitions may run into strong resistance from gun owners, energized to action following months of primary campaigning by more than 20 would-be Democrat presidential nominees, all pushing gun control as part of their individual agendas. Rights activists are not allowing Democrats to forget Beto O’Rourke’s late-summer outburst during a debate last year in which he declared, “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.” What continues to hurt the party was the fact that none of O’Rourke’s competitors came forward to rebuke the statement, leading Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, to label Democrats “the party of gun confiscation.”

Quoted by the Washington Times article on background checks, Gottlieb gave credit to Democrat rhetoric about gun control for fueling gun sales in 2019.

“Democrats have been the best gun salesmen of the year,” Gottlieb suggested.

The Washington Times referred to a forecast from Small Arms Analytics that estimates 14.4 million firearms will be sold this year. This prediction comes as the 2020 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is looming later this month in Las Vegas. AmmoLand will be covering that event extensively.

While Everytown would like to see more restrictions on Second Amendment rights, new information from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives quoted by Summit News suggests the gun prohibition group will have a tough time. The new estimate of gun ownership says there are now 422.9 million privately-owned firearms in the U.S.

This includes 17.7 million modern sporting rifles, the routinely mislabeled “semiautomatic assault rifles” demonized by the gun prohibition lobby.

Recently, a year-old report from the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) that looked at date from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the FBI Uniform Crime Report, resurfaced after being largely ignored to remind the public that rifles of any kind are used in a fraction of all homicides in any given year.

The report stated, “Believe it or not, between 2007 and 2017, nearly 1,700 people were murdered with a knife or sharp object per year. That’s almost four times the number of people murdered by an assailant with any sort of rifle.”

The conclusion of the FEE report, which was released Jan. 11, 2019 was not what gun grabbers wanted to read: “Banning or confiscating such firearms from the civilian population would likely produce little to no reduction in violent crime rates in America.”

That’s not going to stop the gun ban lobby, however, which is now cranking up at the state level as legislative sessions start up this month. For example, the Seattle-based—and billionaire-backed—Alliance for Gun Responsibility has announced a rally on the steps of the Washington State capitol building on Monday, Jan. 20. Their agenda has been reported here previously:

  • Restricting access to high-capacity magazines
  • Requiring background checks for ammunition sales
  • Addressing the intersection of alcohol abuse and gun violence
  • Keeping kids safe from guns where they learn and play
  • Supporting community-based violence prevention programs

But they will have been beaten to the punch by the Gun Rights Coalition, which has scheduled its annual citizen lobby day on Friday, Jan. 17. The event is headlined “Rally 4 UR Rights, GRC Lobby Day.” Details may be seen here. Rights activists in Washington are fired up, despite (or perhaps because of) the recent failed effort to place an initiative before the legislature to repeal gun control Initiative 1639, passed in 2018.

They’re hoping to turn disappointment into determination.

Something Gottlieb told the Washington Times appears to be ringing true, not just in Washington, but neighboring Oregon, in Virginia, Florida and other states where the gun control crowd is busy.

“For gun owners,” Gottlieb observed, “the election cycle has already started. Their rights have already been under attack, and you are seeing record turnouts at meetings around the country.”


Evergreen State CCW Skyrockets as Gun Prohibition Lobby Demands ‘Safety Training’

About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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“Every time we give them a piece of what isn’t their to take we drive another nail in the coffin of our Freedom” They will keep chipping away at our Freedoms until they are gone. It is up to us to prevent this.


Death by a thousand cuts.


Because it works, they use it.


HONEST, a sincere question. Why is it that 95 percent of American Jews whether rich or poor advocate against free firearm ownership and the Second Amendment of our Constitution? Don’t they ever learn?


Hebrew enculturates the belief that when you are not at war you pound your swords into plows and embrace peace. The Mishnah in the Torah lays out the right of self defense. The Torah also does not permit hunting for sport. Most Orthodox Jews and Israel have embraced the reality that they need to defend themselves given the many cultures that target Jews. Rabbi’s who teach their people that guns are evil are frauds, because they are taking away their God given rights by doing so which is laid out in the Torah. Many non Orthodox Jews have slipped into… Read more »


Not only in Torah, Jesus said it to two apostles at Gethsemane(if memory serves)


And what does it say in the Talmud? Has anyone ever heard of THAT book?


@wjd Good Call on that. Hebrews/Jews had multiple laws, laws talked about in the Christian Bible which just refers to them all as “the law” for the most part aside from “God’s Law” One such example is the Talmud, which you find references to in the New Testament(Matthew and Mark) when Jesus chastised the Pharisees for following laws of tradition(the Talmud) while violating God’s law (10 Commandments) to do so. Another example is the Law of Sacrifice reestablished at the rebuilding of Jerusalem in Nehemia requiring(in the Torah sacrifices are not to be had just anywhere, but specifically designated places)… Read more »


And why is it that 100% of gun owners don’t vote 100% of the time. That’s all it would take.


Don’t want to be on County roles to be called for Jury Duty, is the main reason.They forfeit one of our most fundamental rights for another.


Thanks to my employment for 22 & 1/2 years I never have to worry about being called to serve on a jury.


@DZ – Few localities rely upon voter roles for jury pools any more. My understanding is that most go by driver’s licenses – and it is up to people called up to prove that they are not eligible. That said I seem to get called about once every 5-10 years and have only had to sit at the courthouse one morning – until out of court settlement was reached and rest of the crowd was released. Horribly inefficient process – wasteful of an entire crowd’s time. It is worse than TSA. Until courts are forced to value time of the… Read more »


It is a sad thing but self righteousness plays a huge part in the thinking of those who didn’t vote in the last two elections. Those who believed their righteousness is greater than Donald Trumps don’t have knowledge that they don’t have any at all.


And these too:
“He was indeed able to change the election results by doing nothing more than modifying the contents of a memory card. He needed no passwords, no cryptographic keys, and no access to any other part of the voting system, including the GEMS election management server.”
And literally THOUSANDS more examples even more egregious than these.

Heed the Call-up

Some firearm owners are Democrats and vote on the social issues not pro-rights.


Where do they live,answers most of your question.

Some are far more intelligent than their northern Jews.


Yes, keep your guns. But more about Kitty’s ‘mission’… https://skeptoid.com/blog/2013/01/07/kitty-werthmann-history-distorted/


Really ? I would take her word over a BS article used to debunk her. Snopes of all for fact checking is the funniest thing ever. They should go back to more of what they may know. Sex toys. If you can’t see the similarities you are truly blind.

Heed the Call-up

So a slack-jawed deviant states she’s evil, that’s good enough for you to discount her message. Yes, we are not Nazi Germany, but look at what the Leftists in our government are trying to do, and many times have done. Our country was founded on self-determination, not government hand-outs. Our Constitution does not state what government “allows” or grants to us, but what, we the people, authority and power we grant our government. Our government is by the people, for the people, not government rule over the people. It governs by the consent of the governed, and that consent can… Read more »


Because most of them are liberals.


@jh45gun – See JPFO.org. Don’t know where your 95% figure came from, but don’t doubt it… I suspect it is similar to unarmed residents of high violence inner city areas – their only exposure to firearms is in the hands of gang bangers and abusers. Thus they turn to “authorities” for protection – those “authorities” in turn have always unsuccessfully attempted to disarm the abusive elements. When abuse continues, authorities claim it is due to failure of their disarmament process – so everybody agrees to double down on the failed approach. It is up to those of us who are… Read more »


I was born in East St. Louis and now live in the St. Louis area. No politicians want to address the real violence problem where 3-4 percent of 12-13 percent of the population commit 85%+ of the violent crime in America.
It’s not about safety, it’s about control.
Virginia, coming to a city near you soon!


If a person Is in such an alleged mental state to be a danger to themselves or others, why not first hold a hearing with due process adhered too, as it shouldn’t be hard to prove such an allegation, and upon such preliminary finding, place them on an involuntary Court Ordered 90 hour hold for evaluation? Get them help should be the order of the day! Knocking down doors at 0500 and confiscating firearms, leaves the “alleged mentally challenged” with other options of committing violence if of such a mindset as “alleged”; knife violence, hammer violence, or vehicle violence, all… Read more »


Law suits will follow very shortly after by people who can afford it, and because the red flag laws are unconstitutional, the states will be made to repay the gun owners for their losses. In the short end during the next elections the democrats will lose bigtime. The democrats know they will take some huge hits politically, so they must have a backup plan. Maybe a civil war is their backup plan in hopes they will win with the millions of illegals in this country who are armed not counting the thousands of sleeper cells of religion of peace people… Read more »

Country Boy

until liberal dems fill the court’s seats and pronounce they and they alone are now “The Sanity Police”…be careful what you ask for ‘lest you get it.

Example? Just take a look at how lobama’s CIA was working…..


“Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”

I always wondered just WHO “WE” was in his rant.


As expected, red flags are now being used to harass conservatives. Look at the incidents at St Leo College in Florida.
Accuse anonymously, then hide in the bushes while you have destroyed a life.

Penalties need to be Draconian!


Anyone who calls in for a “red flag law event” — MUST give their REAL PERSONAL INFORMATION. Thus, when the Anti-American action is proven FALSE, that person or organization CAN and MUST be held PERSONALLY and FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for a FALSE POLICE REPORT!


Laddyboy. Your entire post is just fictional. Check out , for example, Colorado’s ERPO. https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb18-1436 Note carefully the wording: “petitioner must submit an affidavit signed under oath and penalty of perjury that sets forth facts to support the issuance of a temporary ERPO and a reasonable basis for believing they exist. Again, note carefully the words: “Believing they exist”. That is all that is statutorily needed, and all that must be sworn to. A belief. How do you propose that such a one can be held personally and financially responsible for falsely swearing to a BELIEF, that turns out to… Read more »


Know what,Revenge is sweet.
I would spend every dime I had to get the persons name and location if that happend to me,as I know it would be a LIE.
THIS is what’s wrong with Red Flag Laws.ZERO DUE PROCESS(show me where that’s legal in our beloved Const!.)


Wow, so since 2017/18

You sure missed a lot that the NRA was pulling before then.(sarc.)


It seems to me a lot of supposed pro 2a and conservatives do not take the time to go vote. Then when the idiot democrats do what they got elected to do, trample our freedoms, they bitch and moan and say thet will not comply. I have no faith in people like that, will they stand and fight to keep their guns or fold like a $2 card table. I don’t like saying it, I think its an overused statement but elections have consequences. We need to somehow motivate pro 2a folks to go vote, a pitbull is not dangerous… Read more »


@Dave Workman Except it isn’t no frills, its only a half truth/lie of omission… Funny how he didn’t go in to how the Republican party has betrayed us, at times directly forces through a candidate who is either intentionally very weak or corrupt, or if they get primary’d how they have sided with Democrats and pulled support from the race. A vote for the candidate with an “R” in front of their name does nothing. To the people whining and complaining about how 2A proponents aren’t voting for their crappy candidates, wagging their fingers at us as if they know… Read more »


Well, what the hell choice do we have. I don’t see any advice from you, only the same b.s. People like me don’t vote for just anyone because they are a republican, I will vote for the person that believes as I do or as close as I can find. Again, bitching with no real answers is not a solution. In my opinion if you don’t vote then you can’t complain about the results or consequences.


Still winning hearts and minds I see.


@RoyD Oh yes. Love how loudly the crybabies wail when you point out the truth. “What the hell choice do we have!” Now I’ve offered them solutions before, quite a lot over the last four years in fact. I’ve told them to their face that they will always reject those solutions, that when it comes to fixing the problem or making an excuse they will always claim “but we don’t have any choice.” In 2008 it was “But, Obama!?”, in 2012 it was “But, Obama!?”, and 2016 it was “But, Hilary!?”. In 2020 it will be “”But, ______!?”. Yet they… Read more »


Do you vote 3rd party, genius. Waste your fucking vote. I am only saying to VOTE. I don’t give a shit if you write in kermit the frog. VOTE FOR SOMEONE. You only silence yourself when you don’t vote, you only dis in franchise yourself when you don’t vote. All politicians are crooked bastards in it for themselves but if they happen to do a little good for the country, all the better. A broken clock is right twice a day so a politician is capable of helping every now and again.


@meanstreak1170 Yes, I have and at times do vote third party. Now let me explain why you are wrong about what you just wrote. 1. You don’t have any say over how other people choose to exercise their God given rights. Those rights did not come from you, others are not harming you in their personal choice(unless you wish to make a communist argument to claim they are), and if that upsets you oh well. If our votes matter to you, get off your fat backside and work for something we can vote for(We’ve reiterated it thousands of times already).… Read more »


And only tyrants try to dictate how others should or should not vote. 🙂


@meanstreak1170 “I will vote for the person that believes as I do or as close as I can find.” Lets translate that into plain English. You want to vote for someone good, but the second that is taken from you you resign yourself to pick the lesser of two evils(as close as you can find), knowing in fact that they are a bad choice that will do some damage to you, but you reason that one broken arm is better than having two broken legs. Here is what I love about the whiniest crybabies complaining that other people wont obey… Read more »


Not to mention the widespread US election fraud:
It seems to me that “getting out the vote” is a losing strategy while the authorities are busily stuffing ballot boxes by the hundreds of thousands.


But you don’t understand! {sob} They really don’t know what else to do.. {sob} If they don’t just mindlessly vote even though it doesn’t fix the problem, if they try to hold the party that betrayed them accountable, it might be really really bad! {Sob} Can’t you see they’re on the verge of melting here?

Ok, enough sarcasm. They are already doing enough acting like near sighted elk accidentally making love to a cactus. “Been stuck before”. They’re used to the screwing they get so they just bend over every time.


@Rev – Yes one broken arm is better than two broken legs. I will vote for whom I think will do the least harm – or be the easiest to oppose. Just because I vote for someone does not mean I respect them or listen to them. “Will not comply” does contains no explanatory clause applying it only to militia members – or people I did not vote for. If I thought it would work, I’d write in NATA or a rock in 2020 presidential election as I would prefer a vacant whitehouse over any of the candidates. If a… Read more »


@Finnky And there is exactly how they sell it. Convince the electorate that they are still better off hurting themselves instead of solving the problem and cleaning up the parties. Because the electorate bends over every time the parties tell them to, the parties no longer listen to the electorate. They simply scoff when the people get upset and chuckle saying “What are you going to do, not vote for us?”. The people who complain about how their rights are being violated, how our elected officials treat themselves like Elites and voters like peasants, well lets just say they are… Read more »


I think elections should be a paid holiday or at least half a day with the proof you voted. Some people actually do not have the time due to life challenges. You do realize how many conservatives are senior citizens w/out a means of transportation ? How many work swing shifts or are on the road working ? Who makes up the democratic party ? Large majority are receiving benefits with time on their hands. The wealthy import voters at our expense. 70% vote democrat as Nancy Pelosi has even stated, The large cities are ripe for voter fraud. Getting… Read more »


@Oldvet There are some who are just looking for any excuse to get a free handout. Regardless, It seems that no matter what exceptions are made to make voting “easier” it turns into a new avenue for the DNC to exploit and corrupt for more votes. That being said, I thought I would at least give some ideas for Arny to consider as thought/discussion starters. 1. Original voting- To vote, one must be a land owner, whether male or female, to vote and it must be done in person at the polling place for your residence. (If you want a… Read more »


Clarification on number 2. Does this also apply if you happen to be a Federal retiree and receiving Social Security. Enquiring minds want to know.
Just had another thought. How about besides your voter registration card you also have to provide a thumb print. Should be easy enough to do.


@RoyD There is a difference there between retirement and age that should also receive clarification. If retired because of age and mandatory measures, good to go. Perhaps the qualification should be if you paid no net taxes for X amount of time before you retired, then no vote after you retire. The distinction on Employment was made equal across the board. I thought about it after I hit Post, and the only exception I could come up with is for those federally employed. Our Military men get paid little enough as is. If a grunt is serving, absolutely give them… Read more »


Geeze, I learned about absentee ballots in civics class back in the early sixties. Nothing new here…I was an over the road trucker for over 40 years and utilized absentee ballots many times. Am retired now but use mail in ballot for all elections, works the same as an absentee ballot except mail ins are counted sooner.


I must say that democrats are responsible for awakening my 2nd Amendment awareness. Each time a gun law fails to prevent a killing, moron politicians and bureaucrats rush out to try another one. And I rush out to buy one.
California is replete with examples of useless laws that only affect the law abiding. Now they have become the poster child of gun control. Democrats have done more for gun ownership, at least for me.


Any Red Flag law, but especially a federal Red Flag law will be abused. Now the dims want to make drinking a beer to cause execution of a red flag law. Of course, the dims are all about getting states to legalize marijuana. But anyone who uses marijuana will lose their 2nd Amendment rights under current federal law, which is what they really want.


This is very bad for the American gun-owner! NOW is the time to contact your US Senators and President showing your objection in a clear & concise letter.


A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun. He only controls the good guys which is his true agenda. In 1958. the late Col Jeff Cooper, handgun expert and founder of Gunsite Academy, stated, “Killing is a matter of will, not weapons. You cannot control the act itself by passing laws about the means employed.” The bad guy with a gun…..or the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the terribly distraught family member of a gun shooting victim…….or the Feelz-Gooder Social Do-Gooder…..are the politician’s Useful Idiot Tools to achieve his power and control agenda. The… Read more »


For the anti-gunners, having gun owners fully shackled, bound and gagged, with not quite enough movement available to slide a round into a single-shot firearm, would almost be enough precaution to qualify as “responsible firearms ownership”.


The House of Representatives passed a new Anti-gun law. You mean that the HoR-ror and the CONS called “representatives” passed MORE TYRANNICAL, ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL, ANTI-SECOND AMENDMENT LAWS AGAINST the RIGHT of Americans to own weapons. In stead of passing NULL, VOID and Anti-Constitutional “laws”, THESE DemoNAZIS need to allow the Police to ENFORCE the LAWS that are ALREADY on the books. THESE DemoNAZIS have ABDICATED and have turned AGAINST their OATH of OFFICE. For this, they MUST be REMOVED from Congress ASAP!!!!!!


Going nowhere in the Senate, and if TRUMP is stupid enough to sign it, if by a SLIM chance it does.Then we may as well not vote(HE will be a Traitor and LIAR #1). I fear if he gets elected as a Lame Duck we will ALL see his true colors. He has shown his hand already on SCREECHING DUE PROCESS!,and the Red Flag Laws(he’s settled down for now due to a VISIT by LaPierre) Until HE needed it for HIS self). Oh,the hypocrisy. Either way we KNOW sooner than later we are going to have fight the MARXISTS. When… Read more »