Virginia Gun Control Fight Launches ‘2A Sanctuary’ Tidal Wave

Tens of thousands of citizens gathered in Richmond, adding new momentum to the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement now expanding across the country.

U.S.A.-( In the week since tens of thousands of Second Amendment activists descended on Richmond, Virginia to oppose a string of Democrat-sponsored gun control measures, the “Second Amendment Sanctuary” movement has added considerable momentum to a movement that was already well underway, according to The Hill.

No doubt more fuel will be added to that fire with the report from Oklahoma that Democrat State Rep. Jason Lowe “has filed a bill that would repeal permitless carry,” as revealed by KFOR News.

According to the report, Lowe justifies his effort contending, “I do not want the citizens of Oklahoma to feel unsafe. I do not want a mass shooting to take place in the State of Oklahoma.”

It is not clear how a proposed repeal of Oklahoma’s “constitutional carry” statute would prevent a mass shooting. Indeed, up in Washington State in the wake of a rush-hour shooting incident in downtown Seattle last week that left seven wounded and one woman dead, anti-gunners there are also pushing various gun control measures by exploiting the incident. Evergreen State rights activists argue that none of the proposed laws would not have prevented two suspects with long criminal histories from opening fire, and they note that none of the existing gun control laws adopted in recent years prevented it, either.

According to The Hill, “At least 83 counties nationwide have declared themselves as Second Amendment sanctuaries this month, following at least 131 last month, according to a count of local media reports.”

Back on April 19, 2019, Ammoland News published a “How To” on lobbying for the creation of a “Second Amendment Sanctuary.” It was shared thousands of time on social media.

Recently, the Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms issued a joint statement supporting the Sanctuary movement.

The Associated Press and WBNS reported that the Democrat majority in Virginia’s General Assembly have advanced “a package of gun-control measures less than a week after tens of thousands of pro-gun advocates from around the country rallied at the state Capitol.”

The story later acknowledged, “Virginia has become a key flashpoint in the national debate over gun violence.”

Activists across the landscape are ramping up their criticism of news organizations that have adopted the term “gun violence” from the gun control lobby. They wonder why authorities never make similar references to “knife violence” or “blunt object violence.” The objective appears to be the vilification of firearms, rather than the criminals who are responsible for violent crime.

And that brings the discussion back around to the situation in Seattle, which could provide the momentum to shift the argument to where it actually belongs, according to the gun rights community: lenient courts and prosecutors.

As reported by various Seattle regional news agencies, the suspects in that incident were quickly identified as Marquise Latrelle Tolbert and William Ray Tolliver, both 24 and both with lengthy criminal backgrounds. Between them they’ve been arrested at least 65 times and racked up a combined 35 convictions, a revelation that appalled CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, and even got the attention of the traditionally anti-gun Seattle Times editorial page.

Reacting to the Seattle shooting, Gottlieb said in a prepared statement, “More than 25 years ago, Washington gun owners got behind ‘Three Strikes’ and ‘Hard Time for Armed Crime’ initiatives because those laws focused on bad guys while leaving good guys alone. What happened in Seattle might be a wake-up call to the gun control crowd to try it our way again, instead of continuing this campaign to erode our rights while violent criminals run loose.”

Gottlieb recalled that in 2014, CCRKBA and other Second Amendment groups opposed a “universal background check” initiative that ultimately passed, warning voters at the time that the measure “would not prevent bad guys from getting guns.”

“A year later,” he added, “we warned the City of Seattle that adopting a tax on firearms and ammunition would create a false sense of accomplishment, but wouldn’t prevent violent crime, and (last) Wednesday night proved us right on both counts.”

Other jurisdictions also have career criminals, but liberal politicians have long been able to shift the blame to guns. However, thanks to the Seattle Times editorial, that may be changing.

“The incident was the act of criminals with a brazen disregard for bystanders,” the newspaper stated. “But Seattle’s political establishment shares some responsibility for allowing criminal activity along Third Avenue to fester and become a magnet for troublemakers.

“A chorus of progressive politicians responded to Wednesday’s shooting by calling for stricter gun-control laws,” the editorial added, “…but there are already strict laws against felons having guns.”

Gottlieb couldn’t agree more, noting, “Instead of complaining about guns on the street, why aren’t officials in Seattle and Olympia working to keep people like these two suspects off the street?”

The same question might be asked of politicians in Richmond, who could not possibly have been blind to the estimated 22,000 citizens who gathered at their Capitol on Jan. 20, or to Oklahoma Rep. Lowe, who appears content to move against law-abiding citizens rather than criminals.

It is this sort of political posturing—in Richmond, Oklahoma City and Olympia, and elsewhere—that is fueling the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement. While anti-gun politicians may argue such resolutions have no force of law, they are a powerful symbol in the court of public opinion.

Such opinion has a way of shifting votes, and if Second Amendment activists can maintain their momentum until November, the political landscape in states such as Virginia and Washington, neighboring Oregon and a few others could experience an earthquake of monumental political proportions. That will, say some observers, be a daunting task, but if gun owners across the country take a lesson from Virginia, it’s not out of the question.

About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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Politicians need to be held to their oath, otherwise they need to be removed , by vote or by force.
note,I said force and not violence. Somewhere along the way Politicians have elevated themselves to positions of supreme authority. They have forgotten that they work for us, no the other way around.

Shame on every Gunowner who votes Democrat


@Cruiser I doubt we’ll ever get to the point where pro-gun candidates win every election, so we can expect unconstitutional legislation from now on. And we can expect law enforcement to hamper our efforts to remove traitors from office – you’ve heard them before say “I’m just doing my job”. You saw them in Richmond – armed and shoulder-to-shoulder – protecting all the treasonous lawmakers. Law enforcement – sworn to uphold the Constitution – doing their part to insure the demise of the 2nd Amendment. It would be nice to avoid violence, but as long as LEO’s value their paychecks… Read more »


Two lemmings voted you down Buster. I voted you back up. So you’re only one lemming down now.


“Political power comes out of the barrel of a gun” Chairman Mao A true statement by one of the biggest mass murders in human history. Can you explain to me how you FORCE someone to comply without violence or the THREAT of violence? That is what the government does to us every minute of every day. They use GUNS to FORCE you to comply. If you resist, expect to be MURDERED. Ask Randy Weaver who had the audacity to cut a shotgun barrel off “too short”.


They weren’t blind to the 22,000 attendees in Rickmond….they were scared shitless….as it should be.
A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
He only controls the good guys, which is his true agenda.


They were scared so shitless that they are passing the same laws they planned on as soon as possible. Yep…they were scared all right.


People can sound off on these kinds of sites and it makes them feel like they are doing something. They aren’t doing anything but making themselves feel better. There is only one practical answer to unconstitutional laws and that is to vote the politicians who make them out of office. All I want to see or hear on sites like this is folks pledging to VOTE. With an estimated 100 million guns in private ownership if every gun voted there would no longer be a guns rights issue. So all of you out there promise to VOTE. REGISTER AND VOTE.… Read more »


Shame on every Gunowner who votes Democrat!

Arizona Don

Some, gun owners, just refuse to understand they are out to take away the guns. If Obama could have gotten our guns he would have succeeded in his fundamental transformation. Hell they don’t even know what that means.

Wild Bill

@Level, People who sound off on sites like this are doing something. We are exchanging ideas. But more than just ideas. We exchange actual facts from what we have observed … a thing that one does not get from the msm. We demonstrate that we are not alone in our beliefs and desires for a return to the Constitution.
Oh, and … I pledge to vote!

Arizona Don

Of course you are correct. It also sounds easy however it isn’t easy at all because it boils down to reason education. That education has to override the propaganda people hear in the education system, the media and the lies the politicians dream up. All those organizations have been infiltrated by communist which the current democrats are supporting openly. Look at who is running for the democrat nomination for president. That tells it all!


And I’m willing to bet you can subtract about 30 million of those once the illegals vote (drivers license is all you need to vote). Actually if you look at Va rules & Regulations for absentee ballots you won’t even need that. Another 10 million for the dead. How many for the people or machine counting the votes. Just so you know a lot of districts have more votes counted than voters. Just so you know I voted a straight republican ticket.

Mark 2nd

I vote, but I doubt the effectiveness of voting in most cases. The communists have subverted the voting system in most areas of the country. I can also tell you there are far more than 100 million guns in private ownership in the US. Most of us own quite a few guns. We will eventually have to vote with bullets, it’s inevitable.


Another great relevant article Dave, thank you. We are gearing up for another big fight here in Oregon, as the communist-controlled legislature is about to begin this year’s short session of foolishness and ambiguity. God help us, we need all the help we can get. The good news is we are gaining momentum and our fighting spirit remains very strong. The feeling on the ground here is encouraging. Folks here are getting really tired of being pushed around, and more people are waking up.


Your article is dead on Dave. Here in MI CCW activists in the 1990’s concentrated their efforts exclusively on lobbying politicians for 10 years to no avail, with zero grass roots activism. Political promises by the ton but no action. By 2000 that game changed when activists focused their efforts in all 83 counties of the state. Aside from leadership, guidance and authority from MCRGO, local chapters were allowed latitude to focus on their own unique circumstances and capabilities to take action at the hard core, grass root level. In my county surveys to candidates & incumbents running for election… Read more »

Arizona Don

Constitutional carry should be nation wide. The second amendment states no controls therefore, concealed carry is legal constitutionally.


Now if we could only get the functional illiterates calling themselves “our leaders” to understand those four simple words. I just don’t get it! Maybe a remedial reading class should be made mandatory for them and vocabulary tests on those four words.


Don’t give the Seattle Times too much credit. They did not bother to report the extent of the perps’ criminal records. Also, being liberals, they had to slip in the “need” for more laws against legal gun owners. The one paragraph both zings and supports the leftist politicians: “A chorus of progressive politicians responded to Wednesday’s shooting by calling for stricter gun-control laws. Of course, that’s needed, but there are already strict laws against felons having guns.” The editorial goes on to largely blame drugs, and that’s OK. No mention of “three strikes” or any real crime-addressing legislation. My point… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

Is the Guillotine anywhere in that picture?

Dave in Fairfax

Thanks to whoever it was who posted this picture originally.

Heed the Call-up

Good thing that wasn’t being concealed carry, in Virginia we only have a permit to conceal carry handguns.

Dave in Fairfax

Heed, Sure wouldn’t want to carry that in appendix carry. A ND could be…painful. %-)


Arizona, there is nothing you can do to get the Marxists to “realize” that gun control doesn’t work because they prey on the fear of those who they manipulate by saying “safety” when their intent is “confiscation.” Anxious people often are prone to delusions.


So the fact that criminals always have been and always will be carrying without a permit, ergo eliminating constitutional carry is not only useless but counterproductive, escapes this Dimocrat’s perception?

And he is so ideologically rabid that he can’t even see it.


No, he sees it plainly.
The bad guy with a gun…..or the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the terribly distraught family member of a gun shooting victim…….or the Feelz-Gooder Social Do-Gooder…..are the politician’s Useful Idiot Tools to achieve his power and control agenda over the good guys.
Quit wasting electrons with rationale thinking. It doesn’t work against Elitists and their Useful Idiot Tools.


“According to the report, Lowe justifies his effort contending, “I do not want the citizens of Oklahoma to feel unsafe. I do not want a mass shooting to take place in the State of Oklahoma.” So somehow people who have said MASSA, can I please have yo permission to have a gun to protect myself? Please massa? I’ll pay your fee for my privilege to protect myself with a concealed weapon permit. Please massa? and those people would never commit a mass shooting. Oh wait, just maybe someone who would commit a mass shooting doesn’t really care about what ANY… Read more »

Arizona Don

It seems Lowe does not understand taking guns away from law abiding citizens makes no one safer it just makes the criminals job easier by taking guns off the law abiding citizens. His plan makes everyone who obeys the law(s) more vulnerable certainly not less. Everyone in America has the God given right to self protect. When will these politicians ever learn? Never mind I know the answer to that already. It is NEVER!


Criminals in the street and criminals in the state houses using their red coats to do their bidding. I’m sorry, their “thin blue line” guys.


The reason you cannot get otherwise “reasonable people” to agree or even see that gun control measures are not working is because of “Cognizant Dissonance.” This occurs when a person holds two or more contradictory beliefs or ideas, or values, or participates in an action (like giving way to your pro-gun causes) that goes against one of these three, and experiences psychological stress because of it. (Think Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.) Because of this, you can literally show them the error of their ways when it comes to gun control measures by showing up armed and in force with the… Read more »


I don’t think “cognizant dissonance” is a psychological problem afflicting committed gun control leaders and their overzealous ideologues and backers. And how can pro 2A activists regard die hard gun grabbers as “reasonable people?” These people seek unchecked power, have read the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers to learn how to destroy our Constitution & Bill of Rights, and are rabid followers & practitioners of Saul D. Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” They are fanatics. Utterly immune to appeals for reason and understand that compromise is a weapon. With every concession (because that’s exactly what compromise means), they always gain and gun… Read more »

Arizona Don

Why is it so difficult to make people (mostly socialists democrats) understand restrictive gun control laws do not effect the criminals and therefore DO NOT WORK. Outlaws do not obey laws any laws. That is why they are referred to as OUTLAWS. Restrictive gun laws only effect those who are most often the victims (the law abiding citizens) making them even more vulnerable. Smart real smart! Constitutional carry makes the average citizen MORE safe not less. Open carry does not have the same effect. Because criminals know who is carrying and who is not. Constitutional (concealed) carry on the other… Read more »


Control of criminals is the last thing on Democrat minds. It is control of citizens that they want. If you notice, Democrats often call to restore voting rights to criminals, because that identity group is part of what helps them stay in power. Democrats and criminals are of the same DNA.


It is out of the question here in Washington, Dave. The ‘lesson’ from Virginia is that anti-gun politicians could care less about law abiding gun owners and will push through whatever anti-freedom laws Bloomberg has bought and paid for. Did you hear Bloomberg plans to open ten (10) offices here in Washington in regards to his presidential run? More cover for buying even more of our already liberal Dumbocratic legislators.


Pickets can’t compete with campaign ca$h, Dave. Just a feeling you know that.


Why won’t you guys ever give superboy credit when he’s right. Yeah, I know he’s wrong most of the time, but he’s exactly right here, and as he’s pointed out before, the real problem we need to address is getting conservatives off their rear ends on election day. You won’t turn anything around with a 40% voter turnout.


THe biggest problem i see is that they keep releasing CONVICTED CRIMINALS back out onto our streets!!!


It is simply a matter of voting out the bums. In places like WA the right simply doesn’t vote. No one is going to spend enough money to get out the pro-gun voter. King, Pierce, Thurston, Snohomish, Grays Harbor and Jefferson counties vote democrat.


When the government FEARS the people there is liberty. When the people FEAR the government there is tyranny…~Thomas Jefferson. So tell me, what do we have today? And is VOTING working? Not hardly when the dems can get dead people to vote, more people in the district to vote for them then are registered, illegal aliens to vote…you name it. SO WHY BOTHER? Voting is giving consent to a system run by psychopathic control freaks.


Sounds good, USA, but in the face of reality, what is your point? The bad laws just keep coming, and conservatives still don’t bother to vote, so it is likely anti-citizen laws are going to increase in number and seriousness. Meanwhile, District Attorneys decline to prosecute hundreds of thousands of real crimes–in order to get their stats looking better. Still, gun owners, who are 5% as likely to commit a felony as the overall population and only 40% as likely as a LEO, remain Public Enemy #1 to legislators.


I just don’t get it. I read this, see no issues, for that matter see someone who makes a lot of sense making the observation that many of us also see and he gets 3 down votes? Well, two now because I voted him up.


@USA – Just how do cops go after someone for serving on a jury? Deliberations are supposed to be secret, so they should have no idea how jury reaches their verdict.
Do you have links to any reputable sources supporting this story?


All states are comply or die. We need to turn it around on them. Three man teams trained properly can be a real flea problem for the dog.


The problem is that if a jury doesn’t go the way the gooberment wants, their names are available and the LE’s can find out who they are and harass the crap out of them.


Wasn’t that Laura Kriho?


How do you come to that conclusion “by your logic”?