Distancing Gun Owners from Michelle Malkin Plays into Enemy’s Hands

We get enough of “cancel culture” from the left — we certainly don’t need it from “our side.” Spreading the unfounded smear to conservative groups that Michelle Malkin is a hater keeps a needed message from being heard and serves the enemies of freedom. (Michelle Malkin/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Why are ‘Conservatives’ Throwing Michelle Malkin Under the Bus?” a cautionary analysis by Jose Nino on Big League Politics asks. “Second Amendment Activists Would be Wise to Not Dismiss Michelle Malkin’s Immigration Discussions.”

Apparently, advocating America should place its interests ahead of any other country’s, including Israel’s, was enough for Gun Owners of America’s Director of Outreach to brag on Twitter about having Malkin excluded from speaking to a Republican group.

How did anyone get the impression that this equates with being anti-Semitic?

“Bethany Mandel, editor of the conservative website Ricochet, penned an article titled ‘The Fall of Michelle Malkin’, which questioned Malkin’s recent controversial statements on immigration and why U.S. taxpayers subsidize Israel to the tune of billions,” the article explains. Except, to paraphrase Bill Clinton, that depends upon what the meaning of the word “conservative” is.

Richochet describes itself as “center-right,” meaning, as we are constantly reminded, anyone to the right of Bill Kristol is ripe for being attacked as a “Nazi.” Taken to its logical conclusion, that means the Democratic Socialists get to be the ones defining the limits of acceptable opposition and discourse. And that becomes apparent holding the cursor over Mandel’s name, where a bio window appears and lets us know she is also a “columnist at the Jewish Daily Forward.”

You know, Zionist socialists. I guess they are “conservative,” just not for who we’re being led to think. Their emphasis on that and on the World Zionist Congress make it fair to ask if their interests will always be compatible with U.S. interests, and that’s where one of Mandel’s main “indictments” against Malkin raises another question:

What’s anti-Semitic about speculating that dual citizenship could raise legitimate competing loyalty questions?

The fact that he had also retained his Austrian citizenship was one of my concerns when Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for California governor.  Why?

Because when he became a citizen, he made this promise to us:

“I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.”

So is the citizenship oath “anti-Semitic”?

It is literally impossible to maintain allegiance to two countries. Any two countries. That’s just an observation of reality and has nothing to do with being anti-anything. And not to get too far off track, but just to mention it, our new citizens will no longer need to defend the country that took them in.

As for the charge that Malkin is a “holocaust denier,” the link Mandel provides to substantiate that claim results in a notice:

“This Tweet is unavailable.”

It would be helpful if a screenshot existed so we could judge for ourselves what was said and the context in which it was presented. Without knowing more, perhaps the most relevant takeaway comes from a comment under Mandel’s article:

“Watched the clip. It is inaccurate to say that she engaged in ‘Holocaust Denial’ as the Holocaust isn’t mentioned. Nor did she ‘indiscriminately’ throw around charges of dual loyalty. The only mention of dual loyalty was a rhetorical one that used as an example people operating as foreign agents. Do better Bethany.”

Nonetheless, that was enough for Antonia Okafor, the Director of Outreach for Gun Owners of America, to tweet:

“Glad I stopped a Republican group here in Colorado from almost hiring her to speak.”

“As controversial as Malkin’s ideas may be, they should still be engaged with,” Nino cautions. “Especially when considering how interconnected immigration is with Second Amendment policy. For example, BLP reported that Hispanics (both migrants and their children) hold solidly anti-gun views. Should these trends continue in motion, the right to bear arms in America could be in jeopardy.”

Bingo. That’s a point I’ve been making for years, that calculated demographic changes represent the greatest threat to gun owner rights that we face because we are dealing with incoming populations that are predisposed to be overwhelmingly Democrat/anti-gun. If “pathway to citizenship” Democrats and cheap-labor Republicans succeed in their “fundamental transformation” of the Republic, it will be game over as far as looking to legislatures and courts for relief.

If you want to argue with that, take the challenge, first.

Okafor’s employer understands this.  I was on Mark Walters’ Armed American Radio with former GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt back in March 2015, when he responded to my question on scoring politicians for immigration votes that  (@45:00 into the conversation):

“Well the answer you’re going to get from us at Gun Owners of America is ‘Absolutely should be part of the scoring,’ and it’s something that we plan on including in our rating of Congress this and next year, because, as we’ve already discussed,  if we don’t block this amnesty move — now — before we get 5 … 8 million previously illegal aliens now voting, 85% of whom are, they tell pollsters, gonna vote for anti-gun Democrats, that’s the ball game. That’s it. We lose our Second Amendment, doesn’t matter whether it’s still in the Constitution in writing or not, the National Archives can’t protect it from this kind of assault. Seems pretty unequivocal. Seems pretty correct.”

More recently, I received a GOA political questionnaire from Texas Congressional candidate J. Ross Lacy that included this question:

GOA candidate question

It’s great that GOA is doing outreach to introduce the benefits of an armed citizenry to new potential allies. That said, it’s important that the outreach is done to educate on shared principles that transcend artificial divisions of age, race and the like. Such differences are being weaponized and used by smear groups to scare us away from even bringing up topics they want suppressed lest they accuse us of racism. The gun-grabbers are relying on that.

In her position of influence, it’s Okafor’s responsibility to know that. She owes Malkin a public apology. GOA should quietly encourage her to offer one.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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For a long time now, every time I see someone tweet out “Support the GOA!” I hold my breath. I have been waiting to see just how great they really are. And now I know. They are, as of right now, heading down the same path as the NRA. This is what happens when you let money and politics become your God. I will take Michelle Malkin over these gun groups any day of the week. She, at least, has proven herself.


Thanks for URL. Seems FPC (Firearms Policy Collation) is leading the way. Not once in all that reading did I see the GOA or the NRA listed with a single case before the courts. There were more individuals taking up the cause, like that ban in Cali regarding large capacity mags, than any other thing out there.


M. Malkin has long been on my personal ‘shortlist’ of “me dawlins’.” More than a few anti-gun, anti-conservative, anti-American, types twist anything Malkin says or writes into something ‘perceived’ as radical to defame, denigrate, or dismiss her! I have never heard her disparage this country. She very well has disparaged those who attempt to divide or denigrate America.

“She owes Malkin a public apology.” I highly second that emotion!!


Reading some of the anti-Semitic responses from some of the freak’n nuts on this site only serves to remind me of the sound reasoning behind the second amendment, i.e. personal protection from certifiably creeps and nuts. The first being protection from a tyrannical government, of course, Michelle Malkin is a top notch investigative reporter who continues to hold our politicians to account for their refusal to adequately address the border/immigration issuel Never back down Michelle.

Arizona Don

Absolutely correct!


Michelle is as GOOD as they get, she has never wavered.
She is AMERICAN to the BONE, and a strict conservative.
Look at the native born 2nd Gen different ethnic groups responsible of Mass shootings, and Bombings, and radicalization.NO one said a damn word about JEWS.
It’s a divide and conquer strategy used for a 1000+ years.


There should be NO SUCH THING as DUAL Citizenship! You can not owe allegiance to 2 countries! Plain and Simple! There are some countries that allow you to maintain your citizenship after swearing allegiance to another country, The United States is not one of them! If you have the option of Dual Citizenship Due to Birth and one of them is the United States. You must declare your US citizenship at the Age of 18!!


I understand that all the Clinton’s have dual citizenship with Great Britain.


Points of clarification: Center Right equals Progressive;Liberal equals New Left Progressive; Progressive equals Communist; Conservative equals US Constitution and Declaration of Independence (all of both). This is from my latest edition of Orwell’s Newspeak dictionary.

1776 Patriot

WHY is it even a concern for GUN Owners of America to place the question of ILLEGAL ALIENS’ rights above Second Amendment Rights? By condemning Malkin, a Conservative Second Amendment supporter, this is EXACTLY what they have done.

GOA MUST answer this question before I will EVER send them another penny of support!


It’s not about protecting the Second Amendment. It’s about raising money for the sake of raising money.

Try this one on for size.



I’ll support Michelle Malkin on this.
We need an American First policy.
I think that anyone who claims dual-citizenship with any other country should be deprived of their citizenship in these United States and sent to the other country.

PS. I still remember how Eddie Eisner of GOA screwed me during my campaign for US Senate in 2008.


My advice to Larry Pratt is to take total control of your group…… Before it goes to hell.


I remember a very wise man saying, “Take the log out of your own eye before you take the speck out of your brother’s.” If our cause does not involve integrity, self-awareness and treating others with respect, and we are filled with self-importance (an inflated ego) then our cause is doomed. I’ve never read anything from Michelle that I have disagreed with but if she did, she has enough integrity that I would seek her out and dialogue with her rather than take to the Progressive tactics of bashing her. I don’t want to be like the progressives. They use… Read more »


If you want a good example of foreigners changing elections look to Va. As cra cra Nancy said 70% vote democratic ,https://youtu.be/2RUtlcwWBCo?t=106


Thank GW BUSH, and Clinton, and esp OBAMA.


Thanks David for this article Michele Malkin is one of our finest to stand up against what is wrong.

Will Flatt

Antonia Okafor strikes me as a bit of a RINO, as RINOs are the ones who consistently attack hardcore America-first conservatives. And Richochet is a left-wing rag masquerading as conservative – anyone who takes the time to know who the players are knows this. Okafor should absolutely apologize!


She is a part of the Republocats.

Will Flatt

You do know that RINO means ‘Republican in Name Only’, right?


She looks like another amoral opportunist.

Larry Pratt needs to clean house

Wild Bill

@TN, What does an opportunist look like?


Yes, we seem to have our own little “democrat party” within Our group, the Conservative Movement. Unfortunately many of them are directly surrounding The President.


@ Bill

…and unfortunately, The President is the one who surrounded himself with many of them. In other words, he CHOSE to put them into positions of power around himself.


@Grigori – But WB and Bill think Trump can do no wrong. Watch out Grig, those two will try to ambush you!


How dare you use the word “ladies”, you racist nazi homophobe you! 🙂

Deplorable Bill

Now for some bruised, purple heads. If you want the TRUTH about Israel READ YOUR BIBLE. Israel is NOT YOUR ENEMY. Israel had nothing to do with 911. Evil people in Saudi Arabia did. Mike, I can’t tell you what I know without getting both of us dead but Israel had nothing to do with 911. The followers of muhammad the prophet did. As a Christian, fully half of my belief comes from the Old Testament. Another fact is JESUS IS JEWISH. For the record, the Jews did not murder JESUS, we did. You, me and every other person who… Read more »


Jesus was born a Jew, because they were God’s chosen people, as Christians there are now no differences between Jews nor Gentiles IN CHRIST, we are all God’s Elect and HIS people (if we are IN CHRIST).
NO other way in.


To know who controls you, know who you dare never criticize.


If as you say, “they are the seeds of Satan”, then why do we protect them? They have tremendous, almost exclusive, influence over our entertainment industry, our monetary and banking, and our politics, and much more.


Pay no attention to Yackup, one of our long-term resident trolls. His BS never ceases, and anyone who dares mention that he is full of what comes out the south end of a north-bound bull gets peppered with whatever misspelled insults his crazed mania can dream up.
He lives only to destroy. Never to create, nor even to learn. Only destroy.


Never read the scriptures much I see.


Michelle has ALWAYS been 100% behind WE THE PEOPLE !!!! ALWAYS !!!!


Malkin is a friend of freedom. People are fools to try and exclude her. Shame on them.


Every person should be the best that they can be and be proud of who they are, if they will rise to something that is worthy of pride. This is true of Israelis, and it is true of Americans. Even as people properly honor themselves, they should also respect and honor others, allowing every person to have dignity. But anyone who diminishes himself in order to pretend that another person, whether celebrity, boss, tycoon, or other, is naturally more deserving, perverts the entire concept of justice among all human beings, even encouraging uplifted people to believe that they are actually… Read more »

a.x. perez

Don’t know which Hispanics you’ve been talking to. We like guns and RKBA.

Gumball Nationalist

Thank you for standing with Michelle. She stood up for Nick Fuentes, Patrick Casey, Jaden McNeil and all the rest of the online groypers and America Firsters, and for that Conservative Inc decided she could no longer be part of the “conversation”. Donor class neocon / LOLbertarian shills – Never Trumpers in MAGA disguises, people similar and allegiant to the Charlie Kirks, Ben Shapiros and Dan Crenshaws of the world were then mobilized to start declaring Michelle canceled for her “oh so hateful rhetoric” and her ties to “anti semites and Nazis”. Give me a break! Michelle has always been… Read more »


I didn’t read or hear of this article. But one thing I know as a conservative is that we will all disagree on some subject sooner or later. If she didn’t say it, you owe her an apology. If she did, we can have a conversation about it, and maybe still disagree. I am not anti-anyone. Except, bad actors. It would be good if everyone was just bad actors. Take mass murder for example. The bad guy with the gun needs, everybody else, a good guy with a gun. Just one good guy with a gun. No color, sex, religion.… Read more »


It’s issues like this that remind / reaffirm to me that most people are just idiots who’ll willingly snip off their own noses to spite their face. Self-division over minor INTERNAL differences, while the major differences with an EXTERNAL foe go ignored, and the foe gets stronger as we tear into each other. Sad AF.


this: “For example, BLP reported that Hispanics (both migrants and their children) hold solidly anti-gun views.” I have no idea WHICH hispanics you are referring to…. but all of them I know are very happy to be here in the US where, once they are permanent residents, they have the RIGHT to keep and bear arms. NONE of them could “back home”, and nearly all of them came here because “bac home” became a real SHole…. largely bECAUSE government mandates against the individual right to arms. Thus the cartels, the local corrupt dirty police captain, the military thungs in green… Read more »



This Front Page article puts everything into proper context:

In Defense of Michelle Malkin’s Right to Free Speech


Malkin For President 2026!


Ironically, both Jews and Arabs are Semites, so by definition, correct definition, if you are an anti-Semite, you are against Jews and Arabs. Islamaphobe and homophobe are both misnomers misapplied as a phobia is a fear, not hatred. Be anti-whatever you want, but for pity sake try to use the language correctly, not politically correctly.

Heed the Call-up

I don’t hate Muzzies or fags. However, I do recognize the danger of the former, and I don’t care about the latter.

Dave in Fairfax

JPM, Arabs and Semites are slightly different groups. Persians and Jews are Semites. It’s a small difference, but one that’s noted by those living in the sandbox.


Why would Trump say they are our enemies? His ultra-liberal daughter and son-in-law, his closest advisors are among them, as are his grandchildren by them. He frequently works for Israel’s benefit to our detriment. That statement makes no sense.

Wild Bill

@USA, the two CIA operators that I met, overseas, were really tough and focused patriots. A call them Christians In Action.


That’s the SEALs name. You have a trident?


I wasn’t really expecting an answer. 🙂 Spooks are notoriously close-mouthed. Unless they’ve had enough good booze… mmmmm Bombay Sapphire 🙂

Dave in Fairfax

WB, I agree, having family that are Agency. As with all groups, including this one, there are good people, bad people and just plain people. We need to be careful of the brush we use.


“I do not agree with every last thing they’ve said or written or published or tweeted or thought with their inside or outside voices,” Michelle Malkin told an audience at UCLA last Nov, referring to the America First nationalists. “But I will not disavow any of them and I will not join the de-platforming witch hunters who hypocritically call themselves free speech and culture warriors.” Would Malkin refuse to disown Fuentes et ilk if one of their “America First nationalist” positions was legalization of pedophilia, consummating a marriage with a 6-year-old for example? I’m against deplatforming, but “America First nationalists”… Read more »

moe mensale

“…bought a trillion dollar yacht…” That’s pretty good for a guy whose net worth is like $108 billion. The boat he’s buying is ~$650 million. That’s a far cry from $1 trillion. By about a factor of 1,500. Here’s a link that even has pretty pictures in case some of the words are beyond your comprehension. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7982765/Bill-Gates-buys-massive-370ft-eco-friendly-superyacht-thats-powered-liquid-hydrogen.html If you can’t get the easy stuff down right, why should anyone believe any of the other stuff that you post? Because it’s all bullshit. But apparently some of the other feeble minded morons here are on the same wavelength you are. Morons… Read more »

Matt in Oklahoma

I’ve zero idea who any of these people are so they can’t really be that important. Kinda like when some NBA player causes “outrage” and I’m like who? And so?
I only read it to get further information and then I read the comments and know it was just bait click to rile up a certain crowd

1776 Patriot

Oakafor is not an easily recognizable name but GOA is. THEY need to get a muzzle on this person and require a public apology from her to Malkin or, better yet, kick her ass out of the GOA.

GOA gas done far too much good Second Amendment work over the years to allow this person to drive a wedge between Conservatives and Second Amendment supporters.

GOA – please FIRE Oakafor’s ass and make a public statement disowning her remarks against Malkin!


Listen, anyone with half a brain knows that ISRAEL was behind the 9/11 attacks. Just a little time and research by anyone willing to learn the truth will bear this out. See https://www.911trials.com for the answers. I am extremely disappointed with GOA over this and will be cancelling my membership and forwarding some hard truths to them as well. 2% of the American population is controlling everything: Banking, Media and the Military. I for one am sick of it and I applaud Michelle for pointing the obvious conflict out. Too bad there are so many cucks and sissies in America… Read more »


Just a Troll. Who cares. If ignored long enough he’ll move on. These Ass Hats feed of the Bullshit they spew. Usually someone who is to big a coward to mouth off face to face. Ten foot tall and bulletproof. While hiding behind a computer screen. 4 3 2 1…


I suggest you have medical help for your mental condition. You might be a better person after it.


So do you believe planes sheered off the core columns so evenly ? https://youtu.be/CEsesnzDBvA?t=187

Arizona Don

Not true!