New Jersey: Gov Murphy Bans 2A Activity in State, BUT has his Own ARMED Guards ~VIDEO

Opinion by Alejandro Roubian

New Jersey – -( Alex “Alejandro” Roubian has been attending press conferences with Governor Murphy since becoming elected. In that time, he acquired press pass instructions from the New Jersey Press Association. Per the New Jersey Press Association:

“A New Jersey police credential is not required nor intended for use related to covering municipal, county or state government meetings. Nor is it for access to events, e.g. sports and entertainment. In such cases, an identification card issued by the employing news organization may be presented.”

He has attended numerous events as a news reporter and questioned the governor many times. Alejandro’s content, videos, and articles have been watched and read by millions. But that all ended today in a crescendo of delicious hypocrisy.

The governor has completely banned NJ citizens from buying firearms and ammunition during the state-wide quarantine.

Alejandro has recently attended 3 press conferences questioning the governor about this ban. At the third press conference, Governor Murphy became visibly irritated at Alejandro’s presence and admitted “that (it) is not without dispute” that his office had rejected Alejandro’s “press credentials.”

Today’s press conference was different. Unlike previous days, the doors were locked. When he knocked on the door, he was intercepted by armed guards and a representative from Governor Murphy’s office. Additional armed state police officers surrounded him in a show of force and intimidation.

You won’t believe the hypocrisy from the Office of The Governor that has denied every New Jerseyan the right to purchase a firearm for protection.

Watch the stunning footage where our statist Governor uses force and firearms to censor the First Amendment rights of a member of the press, after already denying the collective 2nd amendment rights of the entire citizenry.

About the New Jersey Second Amendment Society:New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit:

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“You won’t believe the hypocrisy from the Office of The Governor that has denied every New Jerseyan the right to purchase a firearm for protection.”

Won’t believe it? No, I kinda expect it.

Idaho Bob

If you ever wanted to know what “jack-booted thugs” look like, you just watched them in action. These are the baby steps that are leading us straight into the abyss. It gets worse from here.
The United States of America is quickly falling into tyranny. The sad thing about this is that the people have elected the tyrants to lord it over them, and the same people don’t seem to care. They actually appear gleeful that they are being subjects instead of free citizens. Sad state of affairs.

Wild Bill

, more people purchasing guns means more health for the firearms industry; more people realizing that confiscation of personal property will effect them; more people realizing that “It is easier to buy a firearm than a book.” is just an democrat lie; more people realizing that politicians and police will apply restrictive laws to them; and more bargains on the secondary market, for us, in the future.

Wild Bill

, J337 makes a rambling reply that is replete with questionable statements and that, curiously, opines that others should not get a second chance. It makes me wonder if he has more than one “situation”.


I, too would bet there is more than meets the eye here. But, just as long as he gets his second chance, right? Holy hypocrisy Batman!


You do raise a valid point. Tucker Carlson had two convicted felons from here in Florida on his show and they were all in on getting their voting rights back. But when Tucker asked them about the right to buy a gun it went right over their heads.


Everyone knows that those hypocrites who want to take away our legal right to defend ourselves and others, are those who are themselves armed, and probably to the teeth. What you have to keep in mind about small security teams like this surrounding low level politicians, is that they are only equipped, therefore situated, to handle only a few people at a time, and even then, mostly through fear and intimidation. Where this tactic fails is when ten – twenty people show up all bearing AR-15s and sidearms. At that point that have to either bail (which they will!) or… Read more »


@StWayne – Such a team must move fast. Unless you are able to block cell signals from the area (quite possibly a federal crime depending on how you do it) – you can count on a massive LEO response. If governor is “threatened”, you can count on all-hands response. Your team of 10-20 will be massively overwhelmed within 5 minutes – possibly much faster. Don’t doubt that you have the skills and knowledge to get in and out quick enough, but team would require speed and a well planned egress. Could expect even to be followed with massive propaganda push… Read more »


All true. What they don’t know can AND will hurt them. This is why, anytime you plan on engaging the enemy, you go in with all hands on deck loaded for bear. What you have on your side that they don’t is the element of surprise. Two guys who don’t look like much who suddenly put pistols to their heads can have them complying in a heartbeat. Even that Jodie Foster nutcase John Hinckley Jr. in 1981 got to the most protected man in America. This, he did, when he nonchalantly strolled up and shot President Reagan with a $50.00… Read more »


Politicians with armed guards afraid of people with opposing views is a clear sign of them knowing they are violating the Constitution. These politicians and bureaucrats are no different than dictators. They hide in the shadows of hypocrisy, while pretending to represent you.


Working up the guts to declare martial law . ( I prefer martian law.)

Heed the Call-up

This emergency shut down has the same effect. It essentially is martial law, just with a different name. Ironically, the Leftists were getting their panties all twisted when Trump got elected stating he would enact martial law to keep himself as president. So who is pushing for this shut down? The Leftists. They are their own worst enemy and are too stupid to understand that.


What goes around, comes around. When it does the govs armed guards will leave the gov to fend for himself as the citizens will be merciless to those who were merciless to them in their time of need.
Those on the left can never be accused of being able to see past the middle of their own noses.


Now hold on. I thought that the only members of any law enforcement agency who would act like this were the higher up, the top brass, the leaders. The average, everyday rank and file were just like us, on our side, are looking out for us, upholding the Constitution. BS!!! 99% of police, probably 100% in nj, are nothing but thugs with badges who are gonna do what they’re told to do because they’re gonna keep that check, that job. You think they care about us? No! Think they care about the Constitution? No! Think they care about the Second… Read more »

Arizona Don

Well Bill it seems the answer is why do you live there? I personally would not live in a state that does what that NJ governor does. Consequently, you have two choices and this goes for everyone change it by electing more gun friendly people or leave that state if that is impossible.

Most western states are more gun friendly then eastern states. For some reason perhaps it is because the indoctrination of the democrats is easier back there.


A.D. Watch out for some may come to your great state and try to take over.


A D; I was born in NJ we moved to Pa, I have moved to Mo after my wife passed away, love it out here, bought a home and enjoying life, but since moving out here I have watched the down turn in Pa since then in only 4 years, with the DEMO-RATS now totally running the state, soon to be the whole EAST COAST, and you also have the influx of the MUSH BRAINS moving from the WEST COAST, problem is they move and don’t leave the agenda behind in the states that they have destroyed!!!!!!!!!!


– They all care about the 2nd. Well, as far as it applies to them that is. As for us plebeians – manyconsider us mere pond scum without rights.

Green Mtn. Boy

Governor Patrick Murphy ia pathetic would be petty Tyrant who in the end is going to bend over, grab his ankles and take it in the shorts, like many other would be Tyrants before him.


@GMB – Are you going to give it to him? I respect myself far too much for that, even if such a thing had any appeal.
If I’m misunderstanding you and you meant a hypodermic filled with live SAR-Cov-2, then I apologize for my rude assumption.

Heed the Call-up

Finnky, it was not a literal statement.


Being a hypocrite is a sine qua non of being a firearms thief,


Who’s the wannabe tough guy in the photo in this article? Lol


It is very unfortunate that we deserve precisely the government we get. We got fat, happy, and complacent while they worked diligently behind the scenes (and under the table). This condescending, elitist ruling class (of which this governor is clearly one) are well protected. They’re not unsafe by any means while going to the grocery store–because they don’t go to the grocery store. We have been lulled to sleep by the gentle hissing of their breath escaping around their serpentine tongues. We have got to wake our collective a~~es up. Go to work at any local level and campaign for… Read more »

Gun owners of New Jersey when you go vote do not vote for any Democrat also do not vote for any tax increase or for any increase especially for your Communist controlled STATE POLICE! Get a bull horn and drive around during election time with your window down advocating a NO VOTE for any tax increase and any Democrat.

If you need help making your state a republic (as it should be and not a democracy) there is a militia in the U.S.A. composed of over 1 million members very capable of returning your state to a republic.


Megan Kelly asked Chris Christie about New Jersey gun laws, most of which were enacted years ago. His reply was that the Democrats controlled the legislature and his hands were basically tied.


@KenW – Sounds like an excuse to me. Just like repubs having had control of congress and the WH – yet no reform/elimination of federal gun control laws. After they lost control of the house, they are quite happy to be submitting bills that they know will never pass – so they can tell us how hard they are “working for us”.

Is there something wrong with the web site or is it being blocked by your state??


Politicians and others are, like it or not, more often targets than Joe Average. But they still need to leave the 2A alone!

Heed the Call-up

lad, oh, and we read about them being robbed and murdered daily – not!