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M249 Squad Automatic Weapon
M249 Squad Automatic Weapon

USA – -( When the SHTF, Reach for the SAW!

M249 Squad Automatic Weapon

I want to talk about my right-hand “man” while I was overseas: the M249 SAW. I deployed to Afghanistan for a year, 2012 to 2013. In that year, I developed a relationship with the M249 that redefined security for me. In June 2013, my scout truck was hit by a complex ambush, initiated with an IED. While the truck sat limp and the rest of the convoy was half a click back, we had no choice but to unleash hell as 7.62 pinged off the truck’s up-armored plating.”

“I’ll never forget that SAW, humming like a sewing machine without skipping a beat, plastering the side of a ridge with 750 RPM while we got the truck mobile again. When the s*** hits the fan, it’s just you and your equipment. I understand that it’s not my personal firearm, but that U.S. Army issued SAW is the reason I’m able to share this story today. [Bruce, few firearms have deserved to be in SGD as much as your SAW. God bless you! – The Editor.]

– Bruce M. Featured Customer

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Will Flatt

240 beats 249 hands down.


The M249 SAW is a sweet little bitch but, if you want a real good time, you should get on the pig (M60). She’s got more cushion for the pushin’.


I cannot have much faith in the narration of this fine weapon when the narrator appears not to understand the difference between a bullet and a cartridge.

Mike Carbine

Best little MG out there. Will always treasure my time as an Automatic Rifleman. Assault barrel & collapsing butt, shorter than an M-4. Enter&clear with this belt-fed (sub)machine gun or lay down suppressive fires for the rest of the team in a FF. 22lbs locked&loaded with 200 rounds. Even had brand new Magpul mags and (like new) refurbished guns that could fire as many 30 round Magpuls as needed and never had a malfunction. My last Iraganistan deployment I brought my SAW gunners magpuls at my own cost. Like pulling teeth getting them back tho…


What was the apx. range to that ridge? I ask because of my idea for a multibarrel, externally powered, .22LR for small unit suppression fire.

Dave in Fairfax

Knute, Are you thinking about home-brewing a .22 LR Gatling gun?


For some years now. I have a plan all drawn up. Uses the barrels from the AR7. Fixed breachblock, the power feed pulls the fresh round into battery. Driven by standard handdrill batteries and motors, and some custom parts.
Should be awesome for suppression fire out to 400 yards or so, if in a sub-10lb package, which would have nil for recoil. It would truly be a “bullet hose”.