Florida: Candidates Call on Gov. DeSantis to Stop Nikki Fried’s CWL Freeze

Official Communication by Marion P. Hammer
Unified Sportsmen of Florida Executive Director
NRA Past President

Nikki Fried IMG .fdacs .gov
Nikki Fried IMG .fdacs .gov

Florida – -(AmmoLand.com)-Two candidates for the Florida House of Representatives are calling on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to stop Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried (D) from disrupting the Concealed Weapons and Firearms Licensing Program.

In a letter to Governor DeSantis, Republican Party of Okaloosa County Chairman Jeff Hinkle wrote, “Commissioner Fried is using the Pandemic to forward her liberal agenda of chipping away at Floridians’ Second Amendment rights and it has to stop. Please act to prevent Commissioner Fried from delaying the processing on Concealed Carry Permits one day longer.”

Additionally, Danny Kushmer (R) candidate for House District 59 wrote the Governor “I urge you to re-open the processing of concealed carry permit applications.” He continued, “Commissioner Fried is using an administrative loophole to keep hundreds, if not thousands, of Florida citizens from their right to safety.”

Devout Anti-Gunner, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried campaigned on an anti-gun platform and now she’s using her position to disrupt the concealed weapons licensing program and use the COVID-19 virus as an excuse to stop accepting CW license applications.

At a time when citizens need to be able to exercise their constitutional right to keep and bear arms, Comm. Fried has become a roadblock to those constitutional rights.

Fried’s intentions are clear, in fact in December 2019 Fried was quoted in a Florida Politics article saying:

“I made a promise during my campaign that the NRA would have no influence over me or our department. I stand behind that promise.”

In addition to his position as Party Chairman, Jeff Hinkle is also a candidate for Florida House District 4 and has posted his letter on his website. On the website you can join him in signing the letter to the Governor: Click Here

Unified Sportsmen of FloridaAbout Unified Sportsmen of Florida;

Unified Sportsmen of Florida was organized in 1976 for the purpose of protecting the firearms rights of all law-abiding firearms owners in Florida.


Unified Sportsmen of Florida
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Deplorable Bill

The day IS COMMING when tyranny and treason’s consequences are realized. If the government will not arrest, prosecute, sentence and carry out sentence SOON, I will not be surprised to learn that some fed up citizen “votes” tyrants and traitors out of office. WE all KNOW the socialistic/communist left leaning demoncraps and rinos have been removing our GOD given rights for years and decades. We all KNOW the socialist/communist/left leaning demoncraps and rinos have, for decades been above the law and not accountable to the public whom they are supposed to serve. This two tiered legal system is legally, morally… Read more »


As a former citizen of Florida. I have been hearing “We’ll remember in November” for years. No matter who we vote for we still get more government and higher taxes.

It’s time to run ordinary people for every legislative office. They don’t need to know anything about anything but they must judge each bill with a question.

“If this bill passes will it INCREASE the size, cost, reach and power of government?”. Then if any of those conditions are met they should VOTE NO because we have too much government now.


I was just watching an old Stargate SG-1 episode. It was S10-Ep13 “The road not taken”. In it, Sam Carter speaks about how the government is our servant, NOT our master. That it is up to the PEOPLE to MAKE government mind, to MAKE government obey. It is funny how a fictional TV show speaks of the truth while Americans snivel and cower in fear of their SERVANT governments. All ‘gun control laws’ are unconstitutional and anti-constitutional. They have NO power except fear. Obey them and lose your freedom. Obey them and lose your Rights. Obey them and become a… Read more »


Read the great sage, Claire Wolfe’s great book:
“It’s too late to work within the system and it’s too early to shoot the bastards.”

That book should be on each and every patriots desk.

Deplorable Bill

Why is this woman not in jail? She has clearly set out an attack on the 2A and anyone who carries. She has disavowed her oath of office, is this not illegal? Tyranny and treason come with consequences.

Arm up, carry on.


Soon the hopelessness that will boil over in the country may just lead to a lead demise of this communist whore.


CL, this is the second time that I know of that you have called for or intimated the shooting of an elected public official. How long, I wonder, will Ammoland allow you to continue in this vein.


Better yet, Florida just needs to adopt Constitutional carry and cut this Marxist out of the equation completely.

Deplorable Bill

“The RIGHT of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” Anyone who legislates, judges, lawyers, enforces or funds law that contradicts the 2A, the bill of rights, the amendments or the constitution is treasonous constitutionally and is evil BIBLICALLY. There is a legitimate, legal, permanent and lethal price for treason and tyranny. I would urge law enforcement to arrest, charge and jail anyone who does this no matter what their occupation is. These people should be tried in a court of law and when/if found guilty they should be executed as the criminals they are. If/when… Read more »


Hey Marrion Hammer! Want to explain how Matt Caldwell lost by less than the number of fraudulent votes in Broward county, even though NRA endorsed Rick Scott knew about fraud in the county since at least 2016 but did nothing till it effected him personally?

King Reno

Some of you are giving her too much credit. She is a self aggrandizing, lying, bottom feeder who will drop trow in a half second to promote her own self interest and do her controllers bidding. You know… A Politician! She just a more sleazy version. The State of Florida, like most States require gas pumps to be certified for accuracy. The Ag commissioners inspector puts a sticker on every pump every year stating this. It is usually the state seal with the commissioner’s signature on it. You know, professional, official. This piece of crud had the audacity to double… Read more »


King Reno . . . Don’t like her, huh. 🙂


I always keep black Sharpie in my pocket. Great for putting moustaches on stupid hissy females seking public attention. Doesn’t wash off in the rain very quickly, either.


We have a real problem in this state with anti gunners on both sides of the isle that need to be removed


Removal is the proper term.
The reality is that it is almost impossible for an average ordinary person to qualify for the ballot.

Get Out

IMOA, All of the people who want a Concealed Weapons and Firearms License should call her office and inform her that they’ll exercise their 2nd Amendment right and carry CCW anyway if she doesn’t reopen the program.


Another Communist B***H standing in the way of the Constitution of the United States! You Floridians need to run her Communist A** out of your state!


There are two events in US history that have caused this whole leftism problem – 1) Negro suffrage and 2) women’s suffrage. These two groups make up the majority of leftist voters in this nation!


Another goofy ass woman with shot fpor brains gets some power and acts like GOD.
Piss on her.


Another Socialist/Democratic/Communist Oath breaking Anti-Constitutionalist. With her poor decisions and oath breaking, This type of career criminal are endangering the American public. Anti-constitutionalist’s sense of morality is situational, based on incident and emotion, instead of rooted in God’s word and law. Anti-constitutionalist’s stand for nothing. The situation determines their support for an issue and their emotions rule, not reason and rationality. Moreover, they recognize the contradiction, but still cling to their situational justice. Situational justice is the tool of dictators, tyrants, despots, and unjust, unrighteous monarchs. It has no place in a free Constitutional Republic. In which the United States… Read more »


This is what happens when a woman gets elected.


Not all women are braindead libtards, but 90% of them are. The 10% conservative are usually very good and very pro-gun.


Doesn’t matter, it is a violation of God’s law to put women in authority over men! If you are a “Christian” and vote for women in ANY position of authority, then you are ignoring God! It’s bad enough to have men that are worthless leftists. Without negros or women the left would cease to exist.


In my life I can think of two women who were good and effective leaders of their respective countries: Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher.


the first two came to MY mind when I started reading your line.


You can add Benazir Bhutto and she got assassinated.


Rattler Biblical scripture is clear that women are not to be placed in a position of ‘authority’ over man, however, I’d like to ask you where I can find – in the Bible – where a “Christian” should not vote for a negro or woman. BTW, in case you want to argue, these are two different subjects. Also, I would like to have you show me Biblical scripture that supports your thinking re: negros &/or women. May I caution you when referring to “Christians” & judging. James 4:12 You are entitled to your own opinion – BUT – you are… Read more »


Yeah we used to have a crusty old Farm Girl state rep here in Washington. She singlehandedly stomped on quite a few attemtps at putting rottenantigun bills upon the rest of us. Heard her speak at a gun rally once. What a firecracker!!! I guess when someone raises and trains horses for a few decades they learn how NOT to let the opposition push them around.


JF Crosby . . . YUP!!!

Whiteknight13 (whiteasingoodvsevilnotracistyouquacks)

She did not necessarily campaign on antigun, its was actually the medical marijuana campaign she ran that got her elected. She actually stated she was pro gun, and even went so far as to say there will be no cross examination of fdle and ag databases, so that you can possess a concealed firearm license and a state medical marijuana card together. She even used herself as an example. Complete contradiction to the law from a recently elected official. The state da had no comment otherwise, and of course this runs afoul of state law and federal. To make matters… Read more »


Get a rope! She’s been added to the list.

Pa John

“I made a promise during my campaign that the NRA 2nd Amendment would have no influence over me or our department. I stand behind that promise.”

Fixed it.


Vote her out next time around or sue the state since Trump has Designated 2A as an essential part of American life.


Under what bureaucratic insanity have Floridians given the Agriculture Commissioner authority over the right to keep and bear arms??


The same insanity that led the sheeple to create a “ruling class” in the first place. Ever it been thus. Someday, the sheep will outgrow their perceivered need for a Grand Poobah! 🙂


As an Arizonan I don’t understand why the Agriculture Dept. has any say about CWL applications?


In my understanding they didn’t want the same agency that controls the State law enforcement to administer the program, which makes sense, and the AG Commissioner’s office has almost been held by a conservative farmer type person that supports individual freedom. Once the left found out how much power the office has in FL they decided to steal it.


I oppose everything she supports politically. But the anti-Semitic comments only support what the far left says about conservatives. Stupid and disgusting

Ansel Hazen

Why is calling out someone of Jewish faith and anti-gun any different than calling Romney or Susan Collins the RINO’s that they are? All of them do a disservice to their communities.

moe mensale

Political views are not equivalent with religious views.


Who is paying this bitch?
Who are her large financial supporters?


That is a very good question. Follow the money.


They are when they hide behind their so-called religious views to push their opposite political views. These are the same shitheads that always have a finger in our faces about separations of church and state! These are the same shitheads that stand in a pulpit of a black church and tell them how good they’ll have it if they only toe the line! I always like their favorite: ” I’m a practicing Catholic (Christian), but I fully support the million abortions each year”. There is always the word ‘BUT’ in their statement. The definition of the word ‘but’ is :… Read more »


Wright and Pelosi are NOT “religious” people in that they neither one of them acknowlede nor serve the God of the bible.Jim Jones was not “religious” either.. Nor L Ron Hubbard. Nor the Baghwan that used to own Antelope Valley Oregon and his fifty Rolls Royces.
ALL of those were/are fakes, painting on a nice coat lf whilte lacquer over the dryrod and putty of their hearts.

Look at what they DO, not their silver tongued lies.


oh but they ARE. They who have a solid faith in the God of the bible always have better political ideas. We KNOW we serve a good and just God, who does, in the end. visit justice upon all. HE also has the only set of standards that work. Because they are HIS.


“There are none so blind as those that will not see.”


– Point is that their religion has nothing to do with their actions. Attacks upon her faith only cause others to rally to her defense regardless of her sins. Surely she does enough wrong that you have no need for specious insults


@Fin- perhaps yes and perhaps no. However they ALWAYS use their faith to hide behind which is something you and I can’t do. They are two sided hypocrites!

moe mensale

Haven’t you figured out yet that anti-semtism is right up there with intolerance and the cancel culture for some of the moronic idiot ass clowns that post in this forum? Alas, we don’t control who can and can’t post here.


Anti-gun propaganda


N.Fried looks like the Jokers mom.


By today, I should have mentioned that today’s date is April 6th.


In response to this article and I am all for concealed carry and the 2nd Amendment,I would like to point out that I applied for my renewal of my concealed weapon license, in Florida on March 23rd and it arrived in the mail today.


Fried literally stole her election. They were trying to steal the office of Governor but were to brazen and DeSantis had a large enough margin, but AG Commissioner they were able to get. Also, the good guy Republican candidate for Commissioner didn’t challenge the totals or request a recount and conceded too quickly. The vote fraud cost at least one corrupt dem in Broward County her job, but unfortunately no jail time.


Another Traitor, she joins the ranks of McCain, Romney, McCabe and Comey. They think they can change the system because they know better than our Founding Fathers! Talk about egomaniacs!! They also think not enough people will care to take action! We all have to call her office and Governor DeSantis’ office to make sure this doesn’t happen!. They are correct in one aspect most people wont be aware that its even happening and of those that are, few will do anything about it! Make the calls and tell your friends! Gov – 850-488-7146. AG – 850-617-7700. Please be courteous… Read more »


Nikki Fried is a Democrat. A natural born traitor to the Constitution. Nothing to do with RINO traitors like McCain, Romney, Flake, etc.


They all have the same idea, theirs is a better way!!! doesn’t matter which party they say they belong to! They’re all Commie Socialist PIGS!!! You should know that since you served and defended our nation from the Commies! Thanks for your service. I also served, 2nd ID 1/72 Armor ’69-’71


It’s been said that there are only two kinds of people: those who desire to control others, and those who do not. Or, stated another way, those who are evil and those who are not. I agree with that philosophy.


Because they did NOT want law enforcement to be in control of who carrys. It was to make it more difficult for Leo’s to infringe.


There will undoubtedly be a few who will choose to chastise me for bringing it up but it is what it is. They do so to my amusement.

moe mensale

All aboard the anti-semite train.

moe mensale

All aboard the anti-semite train.

moe mensale

You’re the engineer of the anti-semite train. Perfect casting.


The COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS are the enemy. Them and cowardice.

moe mensale

The CCW program was intended to be run under an elected state officer. This would supposedly ensure more accountability than an appointed officer. Originally this was the Sec of State. Around 2000 SoS became an appointed office. The only remaining state elected offices were Governor, Attorney General, Chief Financial Officer and Agriculture Commissioner. Agriculture got the responsibility. Of course, it’s only as good as who becomes the Ag Commissioner.

It has nothing to do with any LE agency. FDLE reports to the Governor and his elected cabinet (AG, CFO, Ag Comm).