Trudeau’s Reaction to Nova Scotia Killings One of Jumping at ‘Opportunity’

In fairness, Canada’s PM doesn’t disapprove of ALL guns… (Justin Trudeau/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “Justin Trudeau is pushing for stricter Canadian gun laws after deadly shooting in Nova Scotia,” CNN gushes approvingly in a Tuesday report. “Trudeau said while campaigning last year that he wanted to ban assault-style weapons across Canada and set up a buyback program for all military-grade weapons that had been legally purchased. Legislation was about to be introduced when Parliament was suspended over the coronavirus pandemic, Trudeau said.”

That’s a pretty specific response to a crime for which so many details have yet to be released. That makes it fair to ask what is known at this time, and whether or not more controls in a country already “categorized as restrictive” by ( a project of the anti-gun Sydney School of Public Health) would have made a difference.

So what do “we” know based on released information?

The killer was reportedly dressed in a Royal Canadian Mounted Police uniform (“or convincing replica” and “driving a car that appeared to be a police vehicle.” He was said to be “obsessed” with the RCMP and had erected what is being described as a “shrine” to them in his home.

Assuming the persona of a law enforcement officer, he “pull[ed] victims over in his fake police vehicle before executing them point-blank.”

If anything, what the reports indicate is private citizens ought to be on guard not just against police being the “Only Ones” with guns, but with another not uncommon phenomenon I’ve posted accounts about for years on my The War on Guns blog, police impersonators. I have a substantially populated category dubbed “The Fauxnly Ones files, ” and these are stories I encourage readers to be aware of. That’s because the preponderance of such occurrences demonstrates a  not-unheard of chance that someday they may face legal repercussions for having reasonable doubts about the authenticity of an aggressor claiming to be a police officer, and for not complying and/or resisting based on those doubts.

There’s one glaring omission from the news reports still unresolved at this writing, and this one falls squarely on the authorities to clear up:

“As gun control debate looms, no answers yet on what firearms were used in Nova Scotia mass killing,” the National Post reports. “The RCMP declined to say whether the guns were classified as prohibited, restricted or non-restricted and whether the shooter had a firearms possession license.”

Why not? Surely they know.

Whether that’s cleared up between the time this report is being filed on Tuesday afternoon and the time it is posted is unknown at this writing. What is clear is that, like all blood-dancing gun grabbers, Justin Trudeau has plans ready to drop into place the moment he perceives the timing is “right” to exploit a situation to his advantage.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Trudeau is a typical Communist S.O.B. Trying to run under the radar as a “progressive”. We have that same problem here in the United States. However, the Communist Democrap Party (i.e., the REAL Communist Democrap Party) has crawled out from under their rocks in an attempt to win the next presidential/congressional elections and ultimately subject America to a Centrally Controlled Communist Police State Dictatorship! You Canadians seem to be intent on going in the same direction and I warn you against it! You are biting off a chew that will be as sour in your mouth as anything you have… Read more »


Those are ChiCom soldiers Trudeau is reviewing.


That’s because the pampered one wants to make Canada into another China.

Wild Bill

, the pampered one need not lift a finger, the Chinese will do it for him. And they are doing it to us, too.


USA . . . Biden and Jinping . . . REAL BUDDIES!!!!


All the gun control in the world won’t stop a man or woman from protecting their family. Can’t find them all


maybe they should ban the mounties because someone is imitating them to commit crimes.


@Gregs – Best point yet. Just like banning ARs because some think they look like military weapons.

Perhaps we need to ban anyone in the US from owning any clothing that looks remotely like any police uniform within the country (given variety of uniforms, that should cover basically any clothes at all) – while we are at it, why not ban buzz cuts because it looks too militaristic. After all any certifiable snowflake should melt at the mere sight of a buzz cut.


Let Canada go all the way and adopt Mexico’s strict gun laws. After all, they work so well maintaining public safety down there.

jack mac

The possession of firearms solely for self-defense is not allowed to private individuals in Canada. For people to avoid prosecution for using a firearm for self-defense, might ought just give up all their firearms, or just give up.


Trudeau makes Richard Simmons look like Hulk Hogan in comparison. Look up sissy-boy in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of Turdeau and his politics and behavior further verifies it.

Wild Bill

, You have to wonder what kind of people keep electing him.


“Canadinium est divisi in partes duas…”

jack mac

JPM; I think that Trudeau’s father’s picture is still shown for sissy-boy.


“Why not? Surely they know.”

It’s precisely like the Vegas bumpstock boondoggle — they are going out of their way to avoid having to confirm that the actual weapons used have nothing to do with the “solutions” that will be applied.

I suggest we just skip over the confirm-or-deny stage — which they will avoid indefinitely — and just skip straight to publishing the meme that the government’s “solution” to a crime that involved no assault weapons is to ban assault weapons. Make them get off their stonewalling *ses and deny it, if they can.


– Under Canadian law a handgun is an assault weapon. The beauty of flexible terms is that at any given moment – you can apply them to whatever you want.


This is from October 2018 so maybe things have changed: Found on page 2.

“Assault weapon” is not a legally defined term in Canada’s firearms


The sad irony about this is the case this builds for relaxing gun legislation. The fantasy that stricter gun law will stop madmen should only fall into the feeble minded. Canadians must be far to educated by and large to fall for such fairy tales? Throwing laws at the criminal and insane is a fools errand.


“….far too educated by and large….” Completely the opposite is true just by the abundance of evidence. The only ‘evidence’ required is to review who they elected and how they elected their Prime Minister. Just as with America’s vaunted, esteemed, educated, evolved electorate, to which NONE of those adjectives apply, Americans have allowed the incremental, bit by ever infringing bit, the decline of their liberties, and are ‘forced’ daily to battle to defend and retain what few precious FREEDOMS and LIBERTIES remain to them!


Why should I care what happens in Canada. If Canadians are willing to live as subjects under Tyranny. Why should I care. It’s their country. If they won’t fight for Freedom it’s their choice,


I’m with ya dark, Who gives a possums ass bout Canada.


Country has some beautiful wilderness areas and nice low altitude ski areas. I’d like to be able to visit safely. In any case they are our neighbor and aren’t we supposed to love our neighbors like ourselves?

Do you give up on family members for making poor choices, or do you help them see the light? Beware you don’t achieve the same fate as the poor 65 year old who spent five years in jail awaiting trial for defending his (ex?) hooker niece.

That said – Bless their hearts.


I’d love to be able to “visit safely” too, but regardless of what laws are for Canadians, or how they change them, they still aren’t going to let you or me cross the border with one. Not even if we’re en route to Alaska.

Wild Bill

@Finnky, Canada … yes, a beautiful country. The Chinese will enjoy it.


“Justin Trudeau is pushing for stricter Canadian gun laws….” More idiocy from another ‘wet behind the ears’ totalitarian dictator. People continue to elect these mindless dolts and yet wonder how they became a ‘police state.’


Over a trillion dollars since the U.S. declared the war on drugs and they haven’t scratched the surface. Where’s the outrage politicians ?


Outlaw all the guns in the world criminals will get and use them no matter what. The gun runners are not only praying for this they’re also backing it . BILLIONS TO BE MADE !


Search the shooter’s apartment for the movie “Magnum Force”. It could be that simple to figure out his motive.


@USA – Given police militarization, is it not reasonable for any gun owner to perceive any LEO as a deadly threat simply for being LEO? Cannot any “cop killer” simply claim self defense?

LEO behavior needs to change their behavior, if only to protect themselves from the above becoming common.


It’s getting so that when I see certain names or initials I just put on my tin foil hat and scroll down.


Trudeau probably paid the nut case