Virginia: VCDL’s Historic Lobby Day 2020, Part 2 of 6

VCDL Gun Rights Lobby Day Virginia
VCDL Gun Rights Lobby Day Virginia

U.S.A. -( The VCDL just released part two of their six-part series covering the events leading up to and stretching beyond their 2020 lobby day. Given the historical importance of the events, and the current as well as future ramifications, it’s nice to have a play-by-play rundown of everything that occurred. Part two from the VCDL is below.

Part 2. Preparation: as the expected Lobby Day attendance skyrockets and VCDL’s infrastructure is pushed to the limit, panicky gun-controllers attempt to minimize the rally or even get it canceled altogether!


As the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement, which had brought out over 105,000 gun owners over a period of only six weeks, started to die down (the state was pretty much solid green by the end of December), VCDL’s Lobby Day became the focus for gun owners across the state – and – across the nation!

Most Virginia gun-owners realized that just because they lived in a newly-minted sanctuary locality, they were not safe from the crazy gun-control laws that were going to be headed their way from Richmond. Those in other states realized that Virginia, long a bastion of liberty and strong gun-rights, was the canary-in-the-coal-mine for the rest of the country.

Gun owners were filled with a resolve to send an unmistakable message to the General Assembly and VCDL’s Lobby Day became the rally point.


VCDL started to get ready for Lobby Day in late July of 2019, working through the red tape that was required to hold the rally on the Capitol steps at 11 am on January 20, 2020. We were figuring on our typical 600 to 1,000 people and were worried about the underpowered PA system that would be provided by the State. We had to use their PA system, even though we owned a far superior one.

We were looking to book our usual 3 buses: one for Tidewater, one for Northern Virginia, and one for Roanoke/Lynchburg.

Little did we know a giant firestorm would be headed our way in a mere six months. Nor had we any hint of all the attempts that would be made to minimize, sabotage, or to outright stop, Lobby Day.

In early November 2019 everything changed and by the end of December, it was clear that our current planning was going to be woefully inadequate.


Emails and social media, extremely active since November, really took off in as we approached the end of December.

We were hearing from groups all across the state, and even across the country, organizing to come – gun clubs, shooting ranges, political organizations, social clubs, etc.

VCDL began to book more buses, and then more, and then more again. In the end, instead of 3 buses, VCDL had 44 and there were at least another 50 that were booked by individuals and various organizations in Virginia. And there were more buses coming from out of state!

Texas had 7 buses coming. There was a bus booked by the Connecticut Citizens Defense League headed our way. More buses from Florida. People were coming from as far away as California, Nevada, and Washington State, even some from Alaska! And gun owners from states with much less freedom that we enjoy here were coming to support us (how humbling is that?): Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland. The list where people were coming from pretty much covered the entire country, except Hawaii!

What, no “aloha” for Virginia, Hawaiian gun owners? 😉

In late December we were thinking that perhaps 30,000 people might be attending. Soon that grew to 50,000 and even as many as 120,000 was thought to be possible.

Now VCDL found itself in a different world for purposes of planning. Suddenly we needed to consider:
renting port-a-potties (we started with 15 and ended up renting 65, but could have used some additional ones at the remote parking location)
having places for people to park
renting shuttle buses to run back and forth to remote parking (we booked 4 shuttles and that wasn’t enough)
somehow getting permission to have a real PA system
arranging for trash to be collected in VCDL-provided trash bags and taken to the trash bins
having a drone to photograph the crowd from high above
two-way radios and body cams for Lobby Team Leaders and VCDL Leadership and
where, oh where, do you put 50,000 or 120,000 people?
Our small, mostly volunteer organization, had to pull all that together in just three weeks!


VCDL Board of Directors members Pat Webb and Bruce Jackson kicked into high gear. I was so overwhelmed with an explosion of emails (I fell behind by 10,000 emails in just a few days), press interviews, and my own part of the planning for the event, that Pat and Bruce had to handle the flood of phone calls and the various emails that I forwarded to them. (The VCDL phone lines were pretty much ringing continuously.)

Pat was also arranging to get the port-a-potties, paying VCDL’s bills, interfacing with VCDL’s Executive members (many of whom had also kicked into high gear, too), helping me lobby, working on getting a better PA system option, AND running her gun store!

Bruce, who also does VCDL fulfillment, was shipping up to a hundred packages a day AND working his regular day job!

VCDL Boxes
The VCDL shipped out more than 100 boxes a day!

Executive members Tess Ailshire and Leyla Myers were coordinating the buses and putting out fires as they popped up. They were inundated, but kept going like Energizer bunnies.

Executive member Ken Van Wyk was organizing the lobbying team leaders and the packets they would be delivering to legislators.

Executive member Matt Gottshalk was arranging to make videos documenting Lobby Day and looking at ways that audio of the rally could be streamed so attendees in remote locations could hear the rally’s speakers (that didn’t pan out, unfortunately, due to the shear magnitude of the crowd size overwhelming any streaming capabilities we might use).

Our membership director, Sandy Ferris, was overwhelmed as membership soared – our membership TRIPLED in six-weeks! She went from working on membership applications part-time to doing so full-time.

Oh, and then there was social media! The influx of information on our Facebook page, moderated by EMs Ed Levine and Joanna Smith, was mind-boggling. Thousands of posts in a single day and up to a half-million views on one of the posts! I don’t know how Ed and Joanna kept up, but they did. On top of that, Ed was involved in fund raising efforts!

EM Brendon Mooney was kept busy moderating Reddit and also working on fundraising ventures.

EM John Pierce got VCDL’s Legislative Tracking System for 2020 up and running and helped me with legislation.

Vice-president Jim Snyder picked up some of the load by handling many of the non-legislative VA-ALERTs that needed to get out in a timely manner.

All that hard work paid off. Lobby Day came off almost without a hitch. It was both exhilarating and exhausting for everyone involved. I equated it to trying to drink out of 5 fire hydrants at one time!

All the VCDL members who worked their rear ends off to make Lobby Day 2020 happen, such as those who worked the VCDL table at the remote parking area or served on one of the VCDL lobby teams in the General Assembly Building, deserve our debt of gratitude for a job unbelievably well done!


The gun-control crowd looked at the massive Second Amendment Sanctuary movement in November and December, along with the explosion of interest in Lobby Day, as a threat to getting their gun-control nightmare, uh, dreams, fulfilled.

They knew there was no way they could match the projected crowd size at the VCDL Lobby Day. They would be extremely lucky to get a few hundred people to show up, much less tens of thousands. So they had to come up with ways to discourage gun owner attendance and minimize the rally size.

They had already tried pooh-poohing sanctuaries, attacking VCDL in the press, threatening to bring out the National Guard to enforce gun laws, threatening localities with cutting their funding from the General Assembly if they became sanctuaries, and saying that guns would no longer be legal at the Capitol and General Assembly buildings.

One of the key attempts to scale back Lobby Day and to disincentivize attendance at local sanctuary meetings was when Senator Saslaw announced that he would change SB 16 to allow people to keep any “assault weapons” they already had, as long as those guns were registered with the state. Saslaw’s hope was that would placate gun owners and they would go back to sleep.

Luckily, gun owners not only didn’t fall for Saslaw’s charade and go back to sleep. They only grew more determined to fight back against a government that seemed hell-bent on shredding the Constitution. Law Enforcement Today even reported that police officers were looking to join newly-formed local militias to fight back against unconstitutional laws! VCDL’s membership meetings had become standing room only affairs.


There was suddenly chatter on the web, and then in the media, of White Supremacists, Antifa, insurrectionists, anarchists, NAZIs, and other such groups attending the rally to turn it into Charlottesville 2.0.

Rumors were going around that guns would be banned in the City of Richmond and that the government was planning a violent confrontation with gun owners to discredit the Second Amendment movement. Doom-and-gloom predictions abounded. Enough to make many reconsider going to Lobby Day out of concern for their personal safety.

While some were certainly deterred, plenty were unfazed and determined to stand up to a government gone wild.

Virginia Citizens Defense LeagueAbout Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

For more information, visit:

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Tin Man

Thanks for the article. Lobby Day with the VCDL was incredible. I drove up from south Alabama with my wife to support the 2nd Amendment. It was awesome to be there and feel the energy of so many freedom loving people. Hopefully a sign of things to come. I know of several people who were frightened away by the supposed threat of violence. The supposed threat was a media sham.

Heed the Call-up

Inspired by Northam. He did everything he could to stop the rally.


Thank you Alabama!


Thank you for a very comprehensive article.

Also, the popup ads are a real nuisance. I am ready to ditch Ammoland because of this.


I agree about the popup ads. They are a pain in the posterior and should not be forced on the good folks here!

Dubi Loo

@JFCrosby, FWIW I read Ammoland on the BRAVE browser. I don’t get any popup ads, most ads are absent. It’s now my “go to” browser.” Try it, you might like it as much as I do.


I’ve been using Firefox for years, and their ad blocker does a pretty good job. I do not know what popup adverts you are talking about.

Arizona Don

It is to bad the Virginia gun owners are having to fight to maintain their constitutional right to keep and bear arms. But on the other hand why do Virginians keep electing communist democrats? You have to know what the outcome of that is going to be! There is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, good about any communist who now poses as a democrat. They are out to destroy Americans freedom and fundamentally transform (sound familiar) America into a communist state. When Obama promised that fundamental transformation he never explained it and no one ever asked him what he… Read more »


We in NY state are in the same predicament as Virginia. NY is mostly rural but we are ruled by the metrosexuals and buggerers in NY City who outvote us every election.


HawkThoo, you are right, VA. is dominated by libs in cities. Us country folk seem to be out voted. Hope that changes soon! Good luck to you folks up there!


I salute our brothers and sisters at VACDL for their work in organizing this event. It takes a great deal of work to organize events when you are dealing with volunteers. Now, for the bad news. For those of you who do not support or belong to VACDL or your state equivalent you need to read one book to tell you what you are up against. Read Dave Cullen’s book “Parkland: The Beginning of a Movement” in order to get an idea of just how well funded and organized the Progressive New Left is in America and how quickly they… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

nrringlee, most of what you stated about the anti-rights people is probably true. However, they failed to do that on Lobby Day. Even with all the hype about violence, which I know personally did cause several people I know from attending, and it being a white supremacist rally, and instituting GFZs at the Capitol and in the legislative building, still did not deter tens of thousands of us from attending and showing our support for our rights. The rally was truly American, all races, walks of life, from the rainbow crowd to police, men, women and child, etc., attended. I… Read more »


title correction. just searched it on Amazon.
“Parkland, Birth of a Movement”. Dave Cullen et al.

Bill N

Arizona Don, What happened in Virginia should be a blatant reminder that this is what happens when responsible gun owners don’t vote. It has been reported that only 40% (probably less) of registered voters actually voted. I’m sorry to say I have no sympathy for Virginia. They shot themselves in the foot. Now my hope is that thanks to the VCDL the voters will rally around the cause and correct this horrible mess they alone created in the next election.


@Bill N…Seriously over-simplified cause and effect. Many, many underlying reasons why this played out the way it did. Every one of you that pile on and say we got what we deserved, that we shoulda voted…can kiss my azz. NO ONE here wanted this! And when we showed up in extraordinary numbers to claim our rights, the General Assembly cowered in the capitol hiding behind new, overblown emergency right to assemble and right to bear arms restrictions…if they showed up at all. The Constitution applies equally to both conservative and liberal legislators. We were betrayed by our bought-and-paid-for governor and… Read more »


When the latest Bloomtird Anti Gun bill was on the ballot in Wasington State, we all knew what that meant… ten day wiating periods, 21 to buy any firearm, new registration, state patrol now does BGC, reclassification of things like Ruger 10/.22’s as “assault weapons”, new handgun restrictiions. (in a ballot initiative that can ONLY deal with ONE issue… someone can’t count) we had a VERY poor turnout. Statistics reveal that only about 23% of Washington GUN OWNERS bothered to vote…. and we have all mail in/drop box ballots!!!! We have well above half a milliion Mother May I Card… Read more »


How do you know the numbers they present you with are true ? Lost in the mail or never counted ? Seems to me anyone controlling the postal system could control the votes. Especially when the powers to be are leaning to the left. They have a many tricks & have been caught in the past.