CCRKBA To Everytown: ‘Texas is Not for Sale!’

Texas Flag NRA-ILA
Having helped destroy the Second Amendment in VA, and partially in FL, Everytown is setting its sights on Texas. IMG NRA-ILA

Bellevue, WA -( Reacting to reports that Everytown for Gun Safety, the group founded by anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg is planning to spend millions of dollars to flip the Texas Legislature, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms warned, “The Lone Star State is not for sale, Mike.”

“He couldn’t buy his way into the White House,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “so Michael Bloomberg’s surrogates at Everytown are trying to buy the Texas Legislature in Austin. Apparently Bloomberg has forgotten how Texans love their liberty and independence, and how they will fight to protect it.”

Published reports say Everytown’s political arm will spend at least $8 million to turn the Lone Star State blue in November. Gottlieb calls that a warning signal for grassroots Second Amendment activists across the country.

“Last month,” he recalled, “CNN reported that a ‘Bloomberg-aligned’ group was targeting 13 states to register more than 100,000 young voters in an effort to win congressional and legislative seats for anti-gunners. Texas was one of those states, so this big money effort must be taken seriously.”

Other states mentioned in the voter registration scheme were Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

“The Citizens Committee is calling on all grassroots activists, not just in Texas but in every other state, to organize and fight back,” Gottlieb said. “Everytown has the backing of a billionaire, but dollars don’t vote, people do.

“Last year,” he recalled, “Michael Bloomberg spent tens of millions of dollars in a failed run for the presidency, and he never got out of the last place. His gun-control message didn’t resonate, so instead of trying to win support, his lobbying group is now trying to buy it, one state at a time.”

“It’s time to remind Bloomberg’s Everytown group that freedom and the Constitution are not for sale,” Gottlieb said.

About CCRKBACitizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.


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Bloomberg, Soros, Gates, and the rest of the “Billionaire Communists” are a PLAGUE on America! They want to turn the United States of America into a communist country with people like them telling every American citizen how to live their life every day! Time to cut the rot out of American society and get rid of these son-of-a-bitches! The way to do this is to NEVER VOTE AGAIN FOR ANYONE WITH A (D) OR AN (I) BEHIND THEIR NAME!!!


Sadly, we find our selves at a point where an “R” behind their name is no guarantee now of support of our 2A rights either.


With the population that has taken over Mexico, I mean Texas, I’ll bet it is. These people supposedly flee a corrupt government and drug gangs only to come here and bring drug gangs with them and vote for what, more corrupt politicians. Go figure.


Boobburg can keep his ass out of Florida too. Not interested in his foolishness down here.


Amen, Brother! I’m in Southwest FL. And we like it Red here! The only Blues I like is the music!


Texas has been a solid red state for a long time but Austin (Texas’ version of San Francisco) has been blue for decades and is only getting bluer (more blue?). Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and El Paso are at present purple and getting more blue every day. Liberals are moving to Texas from states that are blue and already screwed up, or from red states where they couldn’t change them, with a mission to turn Texas blue. Other red states are seeing the same thing happening but to a lesser extent. I don’t blame the illegals as much for this… Read more »


First off, I deplore the comments of the three morons preceding me. This forum belongs to persons interested in gun issues who are more respectable. As for Texas and some other states being in the crosshairs of well funded anti-gun activism, we see here why immigration is a critical issue in this country. We have seen, during the last forty years, a concerted effort by leftists, who have become the nucleus of the Democratic Party, succeed in flipping such red states as New Jersey, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Mexico and some others, into blue states. How? Through immigration. I am… Read more »


You are 100% correct. See This was the beginning of the fall of the Republic. You can thank the Kennedys and other democrats. This coupled with the “bread and circuses” mentality of ‘free stuff’. “The American Republic will endure until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money.”


Wass, New Mexico has always been a blue state, much to the disappointment of many of the residents. The Democratic control of the state has long since destroyed the voting process there and State and Federal elections are sold to the highest bidders.


I wonder how much different the world would be if someone had shot Hitler?


Better uet, how’s about if the ten thousand Menscheviks holed up in the Kremlin back a hudred or so years ago had NOT allowed themselves to be duped by the Bolscheviks, laid down their arms, left the Kremlin thinking they were free men, ushered round the other side of the block and summarily executed. WHAT IF’s are fun.. but useless. Had they NOT knuckledunder Soviet Russia and the entire USSR could not have risen to power. The Cold War never would have….. but, despite the fact WE do not comprehent HIS ways, there IS a God who yet remains in… Read more »


Boarderline Sedition and Treason By their words, along with their actions, these politicans and society throwbacks need to be held acountable for both. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the individual right to keep and bear arms. It was ratified on December 15, 1791 as part of the Bill of Rights. Criminal liberal Socialist/Communist/Marxists in Congress & the public sector are endangering… Read more »


Don’t mess with Texas! If Texas ever turns blue the entire country is gone. We, conservatives and constitutionalists, need to go on the offensive in places such as California, New York, and Illinois. We should work toward turning blue states into red states.


That’s delusional unless legal immigration is slashed and the invasion-occupation repelled: Take the Challenge:

Wild Bill

@Russ, Reducing immigration would be helpful and going back to skills based immigration would be even better. You would be more persuasive if you did not insult people with your opening words.


Take your own advice.

Wild Bill

@wjd, Yeah, his need to insult people borders on neuroses or maybe he … just needs the money!


You two sock puppets done loving each other up? Wild Bill, you’re the dude who started the insults and transparent diversions on another article. Now you whine when you get back a fraction of what you put in. Face it. You’re a troll. Your priority is not saving the USA, it’s biting the ankles of anyone new to your sad little sandbox who questions anything. You post comments on articles that have nothing to do with the article, everything to do stroking yourself in public with the usual boring vote-seeking content and evading the issues raised. Anyone questions one of… Read more »


Duh HUH!!! Again with the Russia thing. Are you Wild Bill’s low-IQ thug alter ego? You whine about insults, but you’re one of the more poopy-mouthed individuals posting on Ammoland.

Wild Bill

@wjd, No one likes him very much. He does serious damage to any cause that he supports.

Autsin Miller III

@JohnBored. I worry about Texas. Austin, Houston, Dallas and Waco, if they go blue can the rest of the state hold the line? Not sure of the demographics and it’s just an opinion but the population centers of Texas seem to be going liberal. I really hate the idea but we probably should be prepared for it. Look at Virginia, who (looking from the outside) would have thought Virginia would become a “Liberal” state (at least their central government.) I hope they pull that one back but we will see. I think you are spot on, we need to be… Read more »


His religion has nothing to do with it.
Racist much ??

Ej harbet

I thought midgets came in all races!


That’s ironic. Gottlieb is one of the “gun rights leaders” heavily responsible for assisting the mass immigration that flipped Cali, NV & OR, flipping VA, soon to flip TX & FL. He refuses to acknowledge or do anything about deluge migration as an irreversible factor that * Jacks up cost of “real estate, paves everything, crams us into stack-&-pack “housing” & high density “living” in which gun rights do not survive. Put people in each other’s hair and they WILL control each other. See every high-density country on earth. * Destroys liberty, gun rights, quality of life, real wages, national… Read more »


Whose shilll are YOU?

Yes Gottlieb and 2AF don’t directly meddle with the immigrationissue. They are narrowly focussed on our rights related to firearms and other weapons of defense.
If YOU want to do something to stop or slow illegal immigration into the US< why are YOU not on the frontlines instead of taking a big whnge on a gun forum that DOES often deal with that important issue? Remember the old hippie saying?: If YIO aren't part of the solution, YOU are part of the PROBLEM. Man up or shut up.


Hey LOLibertarian Gottlieb Shill, “Uncle Nico”: Projection-deflection-prevarication noted. Gottlieb DOES directly and indirectly meddle with immigration. Like all LOLibertarians, Gottlieb’s “good friend” Grover al Nor’Qu’ist prioritizes treasonous deluge immigration globalism over 2A, teaming up with Bloomberg to elect gun grabbers who support his immigration treason. Gottlieb protects Norquist, therefore Gottlieb is directly and indirectly sabotaging 2A by prioritizing immigration over his allegedly sacred single-issue 2A. As to another BIG LIE: The NRA is NOT, nor is it supposed to be single-issue. The NRA’s charter and bylaws require its officers and board to support the ENTIRE Constitution and the USA. NRA… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Russ, You assert a very thin tissue to twist Gotlieb into an enemy of the Second Amendment. And go from member to member insulting each in their turn.


Sure troll. Sure. You actually attacked *me* in another article, recently, first. Nice tag-team projection.

You’re still evading the issue, therefore YOU are part of the problem, despite allegedly having a job that involved being paid to deport illegals. I wonder how Tionico feels about that? Did you deport some of his relatives, neighbors, employees or friends?

Wild Bill

@Russ, No, only an Immigration Judge has the lawful authority deport someone. What do you think that the issue is, that you claim I am evading?


I’m SO sorry, I mean ARREST so a judge can deport. Good grief. Any other diversionary nitpicks? Are you being coy for the joy of anklebiting, or just dense?

Clearly, it’s the immigration issue, and now the issue of 2A groups and LOLibertarians using the big lie “single-issue” excuse to bury the immigration issue, thereby destroying 2A and the USA.

You are evading, deflecting, diverting.

Wild Bill

@Russ, Your use of the English language is so imprecise that only you know what you are writing about. When they don’t … you become angry.


Blah blah blah. More evasion. You don’t care about 2A. Your priority is clearly elsewhere.
Take the Challenge:

Wild Bill

@Russ, Clearly, you make conclusions, without evidence. Is that site safe from malware?
Practical English Handbook, Ed 5, by Watkins, Dillingham, and Martin … take the challenge.


What’s the difference between an individual like Wild Bill and a toilet?


You’re also evading the issue, probably Wild Bill’s alter ego sock pup. Evasion by ad hominem is the domain of cowards & dishonest low-IQ types who can only argue with strawmen. Clearly, you don’t really care about 2A either. You’re here to troll under your little bridge.

Take the challenge.


Crickets Chirping… Chirp Chirp Chirp…


A toilet doesn’t follow you around after you use it.

Greg K

A toilet can’t learn, it’s only real purpose is for getting rid of empty minded horse crap; Bill can learn. I learned that the hard way.

In short, Bill has value, your empty minded horse crap does not…time to flush!


Nice try. The only thing you pack of trolls know how to do is gang up and evade via ad hominem. Take the challenge.

Greg K

Actually, in either 86 or 87 I took a college history, participatory class dealing with this very subject. It was divided into several countries and each was given certain assets, unequally divided. These assets were money, military, and immigrants. Every class, we traded these assets, much like the state dept. does now. As luck would have it, our country started out with the most of all assets. By the end of the trimester we got our asses handed to us, because the other countries had a bully to thwart. Truth be told we could have done better in our negotiations,… Read more »


I find it interesting how people who don’t like being called on the carpet for what they say have latched onto “ad hominem attack” as a defense against the truth being told. And it is not just on this site that this is occurring.
Perhaps people should take time to ponder these words, “You brood of vipers! How can you speak good things, when you are evil? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” Those words come from a very good source.


Here’s the problem. Your little gang of trolls protecing your chatroom commando sandbox doesn’t call me on the carpet for the issues raised, but rather to avoid discussing those issues, deflecting, and arguing with your own strawmen, just like the democrats and leftists you emulate.

Like leftists, you get foul mouthed in public, then you censor directly or whine to a “moderator” when you get back a tenth of what you put in, and actual issue content is suppressed.

Like leftist cowards.

Greg K

:)) What fun is that? There are some fundamentals that must be explored, along with a simple truth that must be forwarded.


We know what you’re exploring right now. You’re usually sitting on it.


Wow! Exclamation points! How can anyone overcome those?

You sock-puppet geniuses don’t come here for the hunting, do you?

Greg K

Maybe ole Russn8r had a very bad day…Brought them to anger and incoherency. Bill has a point, let’s see some evidence. That seems fair enough.


Not angry at all, but you tag-team chatroom commandos are wasting my time & lowering my IQ.
Take the challenge:
Codrea has plenty of evidence.
You’re helping destroy gun rights. De facto anti-gun.

I’m working. BYE


You see Russn8r so you think I’m Russian. Not too bright. Are you a paid troll? I doubt Bloomberg-Norquist-Gottlube hire trolls as dumb as you are; maybe you do it for free. You tag-teaming trolls aren’t happy until a Gang of 8 of you make collective fools of yourselves. Meanwhile, you’re still unsuccessfully trying to bury the immigration issue, therefore you’re anti-gun.

Take the challenge:

Heed the Call-up

Russy, does CCRBA (Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms) sound like an immigration rights group to you? Do you also understand what this site focuses on? A clue would be the name of the site, Ammoland, not Lefty Babies Crying in their Bassinets. The reason you feel that “everyone is picking on me”, and “I’m a victim, please acknowledge my feelings”, is because of your completely factless attack on a person who heads an organization that has zero to do with the point of your post and that you are unwilling/unable to provide any proof of… Read more »


You either have no clue what you’re talking about or you’re lying your sock pups. Spam fundraiser Gottlieb has involved CCRKBA in other issues plenty of times.