FN Awarded $383M Foreign Military Sales Contract for M16A4 Carbines

FN M16A4 Foreign Contract
FN’s M16A4 rifles are still being built for militaries around the world.

McLean, VA -(AmmoLand.com)- FN proves that reports of the M16’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Sure, the full-size intermediate caliber rifle may have been phased out of US military service years ago, but other countries are seeing the value of the rifle. Which, given its increased ballistic efficacy when combined with 55-grain M193 rounds, isn’t truly surprising. Still, one might imagine the market for full-sized Stoner rifles would be somewhat limited given how many are in circulation. Evidently, they’d be mistaken – FN just announced a five-year, 383-million-dollar contract to build M16A4 rifles. Check out the full details below in the official release.

FN America, LLC is pleased to announce that the company has been awarded a five-year, firm-fixed-price Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract to supply M16A4 carbines through the U.S. Army. The contract was a split award with another company and has a potential value of up to $383 million.

Throughout its history, FN has been one of the largest suppliers of small arms to the U.S. military. In addition to the M4 and M4A1, the company currently holds contracts for the FN M240 medium machine gun and its variants; the FN MK 46, MK 48, MK 17 and MK 20 SSR for USSOCOM, and various other contracts.

For more information about FN’s military product line or current U.S. military contracts, please visit www.fnamerica.com.

About FN America, LLCFN America

Carry the Future | FN America, LLC, the U.S. subsidiary of Belgium-based FN Herstal, S.A. provides U.S. military, law enforcement and commercial customers with a complete range of state-of-the-art, groundbreaking solutions developed around small caliber firearms and associated ammunition under the FN brand name.

FN Herstal is the Defense & Security entity of Herstal Group that also includes a Hunting & Sports Shooting entity (Browning and Winchester Firearms’ brand names) and operates globally.

FN product lines include portable firearms, less lethal systems, integrated weapon systems for air, land and sea applications, remote weapon stations, small-caliber ammunition, as well as modern and cutting-edge solutions to provide enhanced combat, logistics, maintenance and communication capabilities.

In addition to FN America – headquartered in McLean, Virginia, with manufacturing operations in Columbia, South Carolina –, FN Herstal is the parent company of FNH UK in England and Noptel (electro-optics) in Finland.

For more information on FN’s latest products, visit us at www.fnamerica.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Looks like a split contract going to Colt & FN….


Why isn’t the U.S. military buying their firearms from a U.S. company?


Notice this portion of the FN announcement: “…The contract was a split award with another company and has a potential value of up to $383 million…”. Split award with another company being the operative words, so maybe Colt is participating in the contract, maybe not. BTW, FN USA IS a US manufacturing company…


Based in Belgium


Re: the title, The M16XXX is a rifle not a carbine. Our M4 is a carbine. Shorter barrel, collapsible stock.


Also, both FULL AUTO.


You beat me to it. That’s an error so glaring the editor must have been drinking.