Mechanix Father’s Day Special Includes Free MultiCam Mask ~VIDEO

U.S.A. -( Today is my first Father’s Day as a dad, and I have to say it’s definitely a strange feeling to be on this end of the holiday.  And it reminds me of something my wife and I have been discussing at length recently – our little guy’s birth year.

On my fridge is a little magnet that talks about 1984, the year I was born, and what a loaf of bread, gallon of milk, and the average house used to cost back then. It’s like a tiny vignette into the state of the world at that point but obviously limited to just a glimpse of how terrible inflation is. Still, it got me thinking about a more in-depth look at the year I was born and how similarly, my son might ask about what it was like when he was born.

I’ll tell him about how Australia had just finished burning, world-wide riots were rampaging, and how a pandemic was sweeping the nation. Now, I’m a fairly healthy guy. I don’t have any health issues I eat relatively clean and I try to get some exercise every day. For me, COVID isn’t a big risk at all. But for my post partum wife and newborn son, it’s a very real concern.

So while I’ve been putting off wearing a mask by simply going shopping at the crack of dawn, I’m not prepared to do so indefinitely. (Especially with how the little guy seems to love keeping mom and dad up at all hours.) So I decided to buy myself a mask – and it was just serendipity that my favorite glove-maker now offers free masks with the purchase of gloves and in a style that doesn’t look so damn… clinical.

Thankfully, Mechanix recently teamed up with Team Rubicon to include free MultiCam surgical masks with the purchase of gloves and donating 10,000 pairs of gloves to volunteers working with Team Rubicon to fight COVID-19. Check out the full release below.

Mechanix Wear, the leader in high-performance hand protection, announced the company will donate $60,000 through the sales of non-medical face masks to Team Rubicon, an organization which serves communities by mobilizing veterans to respond to disasters and humanitarian crises, which will support the non-profit’s COVID-19 response efforts including their #NeighborsHelpingNeighbors initiative. In addition to the financial support, Mechanix Wear is donating 10,000 gloves to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for Team Rubicon volunteers to aid in the nonprofit’s missions.

The donation will provide critical funds and PPE for the veteran-led humanitarian organization as Team Rubicon continues to adapt its response capabilities for the COVID-19 outbreak. The Team Rubicon #NeighborsHelpingNeighbors initiative provides volunteers with the opportunity to perform individual acts of service through food banks and delivery services to food-insecure populations. Team Rubicon has also helped its partners through direct medical response such as running mobile testing sites and providing on-site medical assistance during this crisis. Mechanix Wear is making its donation by committing 20% of sales from its MultiCam Face Masks made of CORDURA® NYCO fabric and available at The masks are being sold individually, in 3-packs and 5-packs, as well as with pairs of MultiCam gloves.

“We understand the importance of having PPE and the impact it can have in stopping the transmission of COVID-19, as well as the need for PPE to aid in relief efforts,” said Michael Hale, CEO at Mechanix Wear. “Our hope is that this donation will ensure Team Rubicon has the funding and the specialized equipment needed to stay safe as they continue to rebuild and restore hope in the communities that need it the most.”

Mechanix Wear has supported Team Rubicon in the past with large glove donations during natural disaster operations. Across five separate donations since 2013, Mechanix Wear has donated more than $300,000 worth of gloves toward Team Rubicon’s global relief efforts.

“We appreciate the thoughtful contribution and donation to our organization and disaster relief efforts,” said Cal Verdin, Senior Associate of Operational Logistics at Team Rubicon. “We rely heavily on personal protective equipment for everything from debris removal to muck-outs and roof repairs. With the current crisis, we are relying on PPE more than ever to keep our Greyshirts safe as they serve our at-risk communities. These resources will be an immense assist for Team Rubicon to continue providing a cleaner, clearer path to the rebuild process for underserved communities and our at-risk neighbors.”

Team Rubicon has deployed its network of over 120,000 veterans and first responder volunteers into communities domestically and internationally following natural disasters since 2010.

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Since it’s Father’s Day, they’re also running a promotion for an extra 10% off when buyers use the code, “Dad” at checkout. So if you either didn’t get what you wanted for Father’s Day, or simply want a little something extra, be sure to pick up a pair. Plus if your wife asks why you need another pair of gloves, just tell her it’s for a good cause!

Since the debut of the Original work glove at the 1991 Daytona 500, Mechanix Wear has built a reputation as the leader in automotive, construction, industrial, and tactical hand protection. Our mission is to look beyond conventional ideas and continually innovate the most advanced gloves for working hands. The Tool That Fits Like a Glove

Team Rubicon is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that serves communities by mobilizing veterans to continue their service by leveraging their skills and experience to help people prepare, respond, and recover from disasters and humanitarian crises. Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, Team Rubicon has developed extensive protocols that allow its volunteers, also known as Greyshirts, to swiftly and safely continue to deliver on its core mission of disaster response.  Team Rubicon has also adapted its capabilities to respond to the pandemic by providing assistance such as food delivery to at-risk populations, coordination, and logistics support for those in temporary quarantine, and opportunities for volunteers to help their neighbors through individual acts of service. Additionally, Team Rubicon has helped local, state, and federal partners with direct medical response including running mobile testing sites, decompressing hospitals, and providing on-site medical assistance. Visit for more information.