Conversation With U.S. Senate Candidate From Virginia, Thomas Speciale ~ VIDEO

U.S.A.-( Speciale is hoping to become the Republican nominee in Virginia to try to take Mark Warner’s Senate seat.

Speciale is running against Daniel Gade and Alissa Baldwin. He is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, where he served alongside Special Forces. He is a member of the intelligence community, which shaped his view of the world. He wants to protect Virginia from what he sees as growing socialism.

U.S. Senate Candidate From Virginia, Thomas Speciale

U.S. Senate Candidate From Virginia, Thomas Speciale
U.S. Senate Candidate From Virginia, Thomas Speciale

Speciale feels it is his duty to serve, whether it is in the US Military or Congress. He believes he is “the real deal” when it comes to Second Amendment rights. He came onto my podcast to discuss his ideas and platform. He also agreed to do an interview with AmmoLand News.

John: What made you decide to run for Senate?

Thomas: The insane reaction the Democrats had after the Pulse Nightclub shooting. I realized that the Democrats were employing psychological terrorism on the American people in order to divide and terrorize America. They do this with basically all of their issues.

John: A lot of people say a Republican can no longer win in the Commonwealth. Why do you think you can win?

Thomas: BS. I believe most immigrants are conservative. But Republicans have been terrible at reaching out to them. I believe I can build bridges to these people along the lines of faith, family, and fortitude. Because these people are faithful, they believe in families, and they are resilient. They came here for opportunity, and I believe that I can help them see that we offer them the greatest opportunity.

U.S. Senate Candidate From Virginia, Thomas Speciale
U.S. Senate Candidate From Virginia, Thomas Speciale

John: What makes you different from the other Republicans in the primary?

Thomas: My national security credentials first and foremost. I am also the leading 2A candidate, while the others are supporters only for political purposes. I have been a firearms instructor for many years, and I teach firearm safety for free. The others got on board after November 2019. I am also the candidate capable of going after the conspirators who tried to go after President Trump. These two issues are the top two issues in Virginia.

John: What do you think of the unrest spreading across the country?

Thomas: Maddening. The Democrats created this monster, and Republicans and conservatives are going to have to fix it.

John: Do you own guns?

Thomas: Yes.

John: Do you support the National Firearms Act?

Thomas: It needs to be reformed or repealed. Most of the regulations only keep poor people from having access to firearms and accessories.

John: What would you do to protect the rights of gun owners?

Thomas: I am not the candidate who will regurgitate the Republican talking points regarding the Second Amendment. I have been getting ready for the last four years to have this fight. In order to defeat the Democrat efforts to disarm the US people, we must be able to dismantle the false narratives they use against us. These are the source of the fearmongering used against Americans who do not have a relationship with firearms. I have been a practical shooter and firearm instructor for over 20 years. I have served in the military in various specialties, serving as a Military Patrolmen, Infantryman, and US Army Special Forces in Afghanistan. Since 2017 I have been a civilian firearms instructor and give this training away for free.

In addition to working to dismantle the narratives (number of actual homicides vs. suicides, assault weapons, red flag laws work, etc.), I will also advocate and promote teaching our children and indeed, adults across America about the true history of the Second Amendments origin and purpose.

What have I specifically done already to defend our 2nd Amendment?

I am a civilian rifle and pistol instructor since 2017, and a military instructor for many more years. In 2017, I started Responsible Firearm Owners of America, LLC. RFOA’s primary goal is to raise safety awareness about firearms and reduce fear regarding firearms and firearm owners. To achieve this goal, RFOA encourages firearm safety training for all ages ( I give this training for free.

I have fought to raise awareness about the false narratives and against the fearmongering of the Democrats. I confronted a Democrat committee leader meeting in 2018. I confronted the Prince William County School Board regarding their plans to spend $500,000 to hire an armored car service instead of investing in mental health services for our schools.

U.S. Senate Candidate From Virginia, Thomas Speciale
U.S. Senate Candidate From Virginia, Thomas Speciale

I have stood alongside many others in the Prince William County 2A Sanctuary movement. I confronted the Prince William County Board of Supervisors three times. I confronted Bloomberg in Arlington, along with hundreds of Virginia 2A supporters. I confronted Bloomberg personally during his town hall in Manassas live on Fox News, along with hundreds of 2A supporters. I confronted Bloomberg personally after the Fox News event, and he withdrew his candidacy the next day. At gun shows across Virginia, I actively promoted membership in all firearms groups to large groups of people.

Finally, I was present in Richmond on January 20th, along with my wife and 17-year-old son. My entire team refused to surrender our Second Amendment to get access to our First Amendment. I offered my security team to protect other candidates, but they did not attend.

I believe I am the only true Second Amendment candidate on the ballot at this point. To win the primary and to beat Mark Warner ultimately, we will need the entire Second Amendment movement in Virginia to rally behind the true Second Amendment candidate.

My great hope is that you will see me as the candidate that is the most prepared to fight and win for Virginia. I would be humbled to have the support of the Virginia Citizens Defense League

Republicans hold their primary in Virginia on June 23rd. To find out more about Thomas Speciale, go to his website at

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