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U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- In the Gun World before 2012, If you wanted an AR-15 pattern Carbine…Ahem…Stubby enough to stuff away in a regular size backpack, you only had two basic “legal” choices:

  • Short Barreled Rifle or SBR (A Rifle with its barrel length less than the 16-inch standard and a normal stock) or
  • Pistol (AR with just a buffer tube and no stock).

To the Salty Gun Aficionados, the SBR was King. I remember when I deep dived into firearms around that time, the sense of awe and envy I had if I was lucky enough to actually cross paths with someone distinguished enough to be blessed by our benevolent government with SBR permission After paying a measly Two Hundred Bucks and waiting a month or so for paperwork to come back (I’m being really sarcastic here and I hope that’s coming across sufficiently). Those were the good old cold dark days. PPB I call it (Pre Pistol Brace) SB-Tactical CEO Alex Bosco changed that eight years ago with the invention of the Pistol Stabilizing Brace.

Alex, a Marine and Army Veteran was shooting on a local range with a disabled combat Vet, when the Range Safety Officer asked his friend (who had some issues controlling gun) to stop firing due to safety concerns. He couldn’t let that go and was determined to show that there was a way to get more control over the firearm. So as they say “necessity is the mother of invention” and the first Pistol Stabilizing Brace was born in his garage like the Plastic Baby Jesus come to save us, lowly mortals, from SBR paperwork tyranny. And the ATF wisemen blessed it and said that it was good.

I remember in early year one APB (after pistol brace) the salty gun guys scoffed at them. Why would you need these unless you’re disabled? Why not just get an SBR and call it done? That thing is silly! Since then there’s been back and forth with the ATF on what exact methods of use are legal with a Brace (they finally relented that it none of their business how you use the brace) and over seven hundred thousand have been sold in the United States since. I’ve personally shot pistols ranging from 22lr al the way up to 50 BMG with some sort of pistol brace in AR, AK platforms, and on HK’s and CZ’s. Alex joined me from his home in Florida via Skype for this exclusive video for Ammoland News, to not only discuss the background of SB-Tactical, we wanted to bring you all up to speed with how the company is faring these days, what new offerings we can look forward to, and those pesky rumors that have popped up once again saying the ATF is secretly seeking to ban use of Pistol Braces.

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Admittedly we’re guilty of letting the accompanying video run a little long (around 50 minutes) however it will be well worth your time. Alex goes over securing and defending patents for new inventors out there, getting ATF approval, and what new and upcoming for SB-Tactical. If you’re looking for the most important take away from our conversation: When I asked Alex if there was some organization or group out there in his section of the industry fighting to keep useful devices like Stabilizing Brace legal and unmolested by the Alphabets out there he said:

“As Industry members, we should be banding together to make things better for us! There are several grassroots organizations in our Industry, and we should feel comfortable to join anyone of them, and we should join them…So that as a group of people we combat what’s coming down from let’s call it The Swamp!”

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As a fellow Floridian who was in no hurry and I mean NO HURRY to get on the SBR list I and many others Thank You alex I’m running 5 of your rigs on my AR pistols

Green Mtn. Boy

Very interesting interview.