Wake-up America, Democrat/Communists’ Efforts to Defund Police Departments Means War

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Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- The “Future” of Policing in the USA, as currently being pushed by Bidenistas and other Democrat/Communists:

The “Minneapolis PD” is officially morphing into the “Minneapolis Department of Community Safety & Violence Prevention.” Call it “DCSVP,” for short! This evolutionary scenario will play-out in nearly every metro area with a communist, aka Democrat Party, Mayor (which includes nearly all of them).

Some “features” of this new department: Size of the Department drastically reduced from current level. Far fewer patrol officers. Detectives are essentially done away with. Tactical (SWAT) units eliminated.

This catastrophic reduction in police personnel is also already being implemented in Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, Seattle, et al. Here is what we can expect to see:

1. “Firearms personnel” to represent less than two-percent of sworn officers (no longer called “police”). Patrol officers will now go about their duties unarmed (UK model)!?

2. No personally-owned firearms nor ammunition used, owned, nor carried! “Special” officers will check-out handguns and ammunition from stations’ armories before shifts, and check them back in at the end of their watch. Even “firearms officers” will not be permitted to bear arms at any time other than when they are on watch. Routine concealed carry by officers is absolutely eliminated (UK/Canadian model).

Voices currently failing to condemn violent rioters and looters are the same voices planning to take your legally-owned guns in 2021. How are you going to vote?

3. Long-guns eliminated (carbines, rifles, shotguns, counter-sniper rifles). Pistols only, and even then, only born by “special” officers.

4. Tear-gas, Tasers, bean-bag guns, OC, Bruiser, nearly all less-lethal police equipment eliminated.

5. “Chief” of the DCSVP, in order to be even considered for the job, must have “non-law-enforcement experience in community safety services [read community-organizing] only, including public health and ‘restorative-justice’”

6. Current LEOs on-duty in Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angles, Seattle, NYC are leaving the department, and the State, in droves. Owing to punitive budget cuts, there will be no new Academy Classes in any of these cities any time soon. Who would apply anyway?

Democrat/Communists are deliberately purging departments of the “old guard.” Experienced (read that: “competent”) police officers must go.

Results we’re seeing already.

Violent crime drastically increasing (hang on to your hat this holiday weekend as we try and celebrate America’s birthday!). Petty crime drastically increasing. Mob violence drastically increasing, and it will all grow exponentially worse as we approach election day 2020.

They’ll be no let-up.

Democrat/Communists will demand that licensed concealed-carry be rescinded, in all states. Private ownership of guns will be prohibited, by law, shortly thereafter. “Police” won’t protect you, and they don’t want you protecting yourself.

In addition, Democrat/Communist politicians, along with their liberal snowflake supporters, actually believe that this “first round” of concessions will somehow “satisfy” the leftist Mob are even dumber than their wimpy Republican colleagues (if such a thing can be imagined).

7. Most sinister of all, a separate agency, the “Political Police,” who are constantly heavily armed (rifles, shotguns, machine guns) will be quietly created. Members will be recruited from ANTIFA/BLM.

BHO tried to similarly create his own “NKVD” in 2014, but was thwarted by Congressional Republicans (back when some Republicans, at least, had spines).

This will be the “new NKVD,” will be magically exempt from restrictive firearm bans and controls, as well as owned and operated by Democrat/Communists.

Their mission is two fold:

  • A. Provide continuous armed security for Democrat/Communist mayors, governors, and city council members. Citizens don’t get armed protection, but “party members” do!

When the NKVD shoots people, it will be kept from the news and never investigated.

Just like old times!

  • B. Surveillance of the “non-revolutionaries.” Americans who pay their taxes, obey the law, work for a living, don’t riot, enjoy their personal and economic freedom (all soon to be eliminated). They are the hated members of the “Bourgeois” (French for “Townsman”).

It’s gulags for us, and the NKVD will escort us there.

The trip will be, as always, one-way!

“Once the dream of ‘paradise’ starts to turn into reality, here and there people begin to crop-up who stand in its way. and so rulers of paradise must build a little ‘gulag,’ this side of Eden!” ~ Milan Kundera


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Joe Biden supports all the gun control laws outlined. He is the enemy of gun owners.


Never, EVER, give up our rights to self defense !


I’m wondering if these liberal cities can be sued for not providing basic public safety services.


Most defunding doesn’t mean no cops. It means hiring bonafide shrinks and others to deal with loonies while the police concentrate on actual crime.


So the question is, do you have enough shrinks to replace the ones that get stabbed?

Deplorable Bill

Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, self defense, the right to keep and bear arms, freedom of speech, to vote, to worship the one,true GOD are all inalienable RIGHTS given to mankind from the LORD and they are further written into law as our constitution. When government becomes destructive of these ends it is in the RIGHT of the people to alter or abolish it. Failing that, with a firm reliance on DEVINE PROVIDENCE, there will be no choice except stop the evil which has befallen our nation. What the progressive, demoncrapic, socialist, communist party is trying to force upon… Read more »


There will be NO surrender. Not from here.


My granddad was a WWII combat veteran and he warned me about this day 45 years ago.


Militia , wherefore art thou ?


Four Stages of a Communist Takeover: Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, Normalization

“This will happen in America if you allow the Schumuks to bring the country to crisis, promise people all kinds of goodies and paradise on Earth, destabilise your economy, eliminate the principle of free-market competition, put a Big Brother government in Washington DC with benevolent things.”
Yuri Bezmenov
Former KGB Agent


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not while i’m alive!


Yes, while you’re alive and simply not smart enough to know what’s going on.



But fear not, we expected nothing more from you.


4th of July 1860 a very happy celebratory time in the USA. Turn calendar forward 1 year to July 4th, 1861. The nation had separated into 2 massive
military units with primarily Christian familes, friends,business associates fully engaged in war between their states. In 1860 people were still cordial, happy and respectful of each other. It can change real quick !
Today each side despises the other and the complete mix of the people will show no unity or DNA blood loyalty, the melting pot has gone terribly sour.


It hadn’t been hugs and kisses for most of a generation before 1861.


Do these communists think they will be able to enforce compliance of civilian disarmament? We will use the communists tactics against themselves. We will become the insurgency, the guerrillas, the freedom fighters. And every fired or layed off cop will join our ranks. So will soldiers and veterans

We will become the 21st century Minutemen.
These communist will not win.

uncle dudley

I’m beginning to wonder why we even have a house of representatives and a senate that make and pass laws for us to live by if they aren’t going to be enforced once passed.
Clearly it’s our right to protest in a peaceful manner but is against the law to riot, burn, and destroy property that is owned by someone else.
Everyone of these people who can be identified in the video needs to be arrested and prosecuted with jail time for their crimes.


In a world upside down justice should be reactionary.


Heed the Call-up

Was that horse arrested for unjust use of force by a member of the police department? LOL She was very lucky to not be hurt worse or killed.


They are working on identifying all the ones caught on security cameras to prosecute them. Already have few of them in custody.


I have to believe that the upcoming local elections will throw out the incumbent democrats (including governors) and replace with law and order candidates. Is that wishful thinking? And if they don’t even do that, then these places should be completely stripped of all federal funding and the voters remaining left to their fate.


Any politician who buys into this insanity should be removed from office.
These offspring of the 60′ hippies, should be people are the result of that drug culture and should be allowed anywhere near government. The best example of this is Nancy Pelosi.

Shame on every Gun Owner who votes Democrat!

John Ruger

obama ft darling


It’s not a race war these kids are pushing (that’s our boogeyman) but a generational war !! And they think they can win !! Blame the education system or that idea.

a.x. perez

2 lies the left tells itself:
We are the good guys, we will never abuse power.
The Russians/Cubans/Venezuelans got Socialism/Communism wrong. It will work for us because we will do it right.
What scares me is I think they will, just not the way they want us to think.

Remember when shooting a failure to stop drill it’s:

beat, beat, beat, beat
shoot, shoot, observe, shoot
chest chest head

. Stop shooting when the other guy goes down. When the left takes over we’ll be outnumbered in any given fight. and can’t waste ammo “machinegunning” a target NYPD style.

Last edited 2 years ago by a.x. perez

The police have already shown a propensity for enforcing unconstitutional laws, and before everything is said, and done Venezuela will be common place here in this country.
Unless something drastic happens soon, I can see only one alternative.


I have been saying for years a war is coming, well……..


New Left Mantra:

Hey hey, ho ho,

Your civil state had got to go.

Repeat until your next student loan payment is due.


The firearms restrictions take me back to the early 1970s in the Army. That was how the “normal” MPs operated. “Normal” to differentiate them from those that provided security for our Exclusion Area. And no rounds chambered in those 1911s either.


Overheated fantasy.

If the deep blue cities had the pull to cancel carry rights statewide, they would have done it by now (like they have in CA and NJ). Once they disband their own police forces, they will be in more disarray, not more powerful; and fewer of their residents will be swallowing the anti-gun pablum, once they personally understand how blue rule has directly affected their own lives.

Get Out

We can only hope these buffoons stop this BS soon, because it’ll continue to cause the run on guns and ammo. Still wonder if they realize millions of new guns are being bought by private citizens due to their rhetoric.


You lost me. Who or what is BHO? Interesting article. Thank you.

Liberty Valance

We all need to work together to get Trump re-elected but we also need to be very prepared if he doesn’t. The DemoComms have the high ground and they will hold on to it through November. It will be an uphill battle. Remember Biden is Obama’s bitch. If he gets elected it will be Muslim politics all over again. Barak the Muslim tried to turn America into a Socialist state but fell short doing so. If Biden gets in Barak will complete the job and our guns and our freedoms will be history. All U.S. monuments will be destroyed and… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Liberty Valance

When you see these Demons come out there is no bag limit on them and they have NO constitutionally protected RIGHTS so the season is now officially OPEN. Lets hope they aren’t bullet proof.

Happy hunting!


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Well, well, seems that page has been removed. How coincidental…

Last edited 2 years ago by USA

Seems to be back up.


Wake up America, your demagogue is so closely following the Hitler/Mussolini playbook it’s downright scary. The tRump regime and its malignant child emperor are a case study in these defining characteristics of fascist dictatorship and violence! The 14 characteristics are: Powerful and Continuing Nationalism Fascist regimes tend to make constant use of patriotic mottos, slogans, symbols, songs, and other paraphernalia. Flags are seen everywhere, as are flag symbols on clothing and in public displays. Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights Because of fear of enemies and the need for security, the people in fascist regimes are persuaded that human… Read more »

Alan in NH

The Clintons, Bidens, Obamas, Pelosi and the entire Damnocrat party does all this stuff since forever. Where the hell have you been shitstain?


And the current admin. is not?

Alan in NH

When he was elected Trump was worth estimated 3.1 billion. Today it is only 2 billion. Who among the other politicians of either party has seen their net worth DECREASE by one third since they have been in office, Duckie?


his net worth has decreased because he is not only a failure as a human being and politician, but he constantly fails in business as well…how many bankruptcies has this loser got in his pocket, eh Duckie? His business associates have seen how mentally unstable this guy is with his pussy ass Tweets and they’re divesting from his businesses left and right…

Alan in NH

Wrong Stain. Most of his opponents don’t like him because he will no longer play the insider corrupt politics games with them to enrich themselves at the taxpayer’s expense. If it makes you feel better about your own pathetic life by hating on him and us that’s fine but it sure must suck to be you.


You need to lay off those hallucinogens.


Pretty sure you just described the Democratic Party.

Autsin Miller III

Wow dude you spent a LOT of time just making stuff up! Where in the world did you get the idea that fascist dictatorships embrace religion much less entwine it with their power base? Don’t think history is going to support you on that one. Look at how the church has been persecuted in Russia for example. I would agree there is a lot of hyperbole at ammoland, there is everywhere people are passionate about their beliefs. At the end of the day though, what you are hearing are people concerned about holding on to the freedom we currently enjoy… Read more »


Wow, an intelligent, level headed response! I agree that we will probably disagree on many things, and its refreshing to see a sane response on this forum. One thing, Russia has never been a fascist state, it is a communist state, so you’re wrong right out of the gate, they are not the same thing, at all. Hitler himself stated that he pandered to the Christian majority. In Mein Kampf Hitler explained that he and his followers should not offend the religious sensibilities of their fellow Germans, because this would result in political disaster. In a widely-quoted speech from April 1922 Hitler… Read more »

Qui Bono?

First, stop spreading fear and paranoia. “Defunding” police is a dumb, maybe even a dangerous idea, but it’s not the same as abolishing the police. Reforming policing is a good idea, if done correctly; research Camden, N.J. (I’m no fan of New Jersey, it’s one of the least gun-friendly states in the Union, but Camden has done a good job recreating their police department.) Most officers do a good job every day, but there’s no denying that some are abusing their authority, tageting people of color, using excessive force, and are too quick to shoot. Second, stop equating all Democrats… Read more »


But Wait . If they control and totally change the Federal Govt. we will see tyranny ( read up on Cuba,Ven.Nicaragua and other sht holes )


But wait, IF they (us demon democrats) control and change the Federal Gov, we may see a government that works for the PEOPLE instead of CORPORATIONS and the rich Elite….


Barney- you confuse “fear” with concern and anger. There haven’t been a lot of words characteristic of fear left in these comments sections. Claiming others are afraid is a weak tactic to belittle others in a manner more often used by children to reduce others or empower themselves. You may be underestimating the willingness of the more radical dems to change laws to further their goals. Mail in ballots? DC statehood all of a sudden? Gun bans? Reducing the police to a level at which they are ineffective? Please step back and have a look at the bigger picture. I… Read more »


Lakefoot: Some of the more extreme views on Ammoland are based on fear. Some are seemingly just waiting for a second civil war. (Why are they called “civil” wars?) There are those who want a socialist society. There are those on the other extreme (big time capitalists) who seem to want a two-tier society, like feudalism. My dad feared both. I don’t think they’re going to get either but some changes will come. We will have to push back hard enough to undo them. We can, and will, do that. Here in WA, we’ve done mail in ballots for awhile… Read more »


mail in ballots have worked for over 10 years here in Oregon, no fraud either….those afraid of mail in ballots are those who are slowly losing their grip on Washington politics, namely the RepubliCons…oh yeah, and before you all label this state as a hippy state, remember, Oregon has the most “liberal” conceal carry laws in the whole of the United States…oh wait, and the general population of Oregon can carry automatic knives as well….


Wow, a sane voice in this forum?!?!? Wish there was a way to follow people in this forum, that way I could read at least one sane commentator express his views in this forum….Barney is also a sane individual on this forum….Cheers to you two, we may disagree
ideologically, but at least these two are civil about it, and not raging paranoids….


FYI, hit the wifi symbol under the users picture.


Did not see that, thank you!