Indianapolis Agitators Pull Pistols to Enforce Street Blockage

Image from video , cropped, scaled, arrows and lettering added by Dean Weingarten

U.S.A.-( At about 1:45 p.m. on Thursday, 6 August, at the intersection of Meridian Street and I-65, a group of agitators associated with Black Lives Matters were illegally blocking Meridian Street. A blue GM Sierra pick-up approaches.  There is plenty of room for the agitators to be off of the street. There are not many of them, somewhat less than a hundred by estimation.

Instead of getting out of the lane to allow people to freely travel on the public right of way, they are spread out to block the street.

Two agitators deliberately block the blue Sierra, pulling guns to reinforce their blockage. In the video, it is clear there is plenty of room for the truck to pass, if the agitators move a few feet to one side.

Obstruction of Traffic in Indiana is a crime.

Sec. 13 . (a) Except as provided in subsection (b), a person who, with the intent to obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic, obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic commits obstruction of traffic, a Class B misdemeanor.

When the truck attempts to avoid the illegal blockage, the agitators run to get in front of the truck, to block it.  It is almost as if they want the truck to hit someone.

The traffic blockers attempt to justify their blockage with the claim the truck attempted to hit them.

No evidence of such an attempt is seen in the video. The truck driver appears to take significant action to avoid hitting the agitators.

One agitator, self-identified only as “Icon” says he pulled his gun and jumped in front of the truck to protect a young girl. No such girl can be seen in front of the truck, although a girl appears later in the video, behind the truck.  From Indianapolis Recorder 

While members of the group tried to redirect traffic, a driver in a blue truck revved the engine, sending protesters scrambling to the sidewalk. One protester, who only identified himself as “Icon,” pulled a gun on the driver.

“I was scared he was going to kill me,” he said. “I stepped in front of a little girl when he revved his engine, but, yes, I absolutely drew a gun to defend myself.”

The Recorder does not mention the other agitator with his gun, or the fact the agitators were illegally blocking the street.

Several protestors who have blocked public right of ways have been struck by vehicles across the nation. This is not hard to understand. When hundreds of people deliberately block traffic by standing and walking in the street, often assaulting drivers and vehicles who are legally going about their business, some people are going to be hit.

Some protests in the streets are legal. In those cases, drivers are at a high level of risk from both protestors and the law.

Run in front of a moving vehicle, or stand in a dark highway in dark clothing, at night, or aggressively surround a stopped vehicle and repeatedly strike it; you stand a good chance of being hit by a surprised and/or frightened driver.

It seems the protests are designed, in part, to elicit a response where drivers will over-react, allowing them to be criminally charged.

It is almost as if a common format is taught to the agitators. Block legal rights of way. Get in front of vehicles. Stop them. Pound on them.  Consider them evil.  In many cases, these actions are illegal but are condoned by far-left prosecutors or city governments, such as happened in Austin, Texas.

Drivers should maintain their cool and refuse to be intimidated. Avoid the situation if possible. If you can, back up and leave the area, as the driver in the blue Sierra did.

If a vehicle is blocked to prevent its movement, and the driver believes themselves to be threatened, jurors may believe the driver acted prudently when they use the power of the vehicle to leave the situation. If the driver drove past legal barricades, they have a serious risk of being convicted of criminal acts, especially by sympathetic leftist prosecutors.

Blocking a public right of way without the proper authorization is not a peaceful protest. It is a criminal act.

Attorney General Barr has said agitators are using the protests to commit low-level urban warfare against the United States. Interview with AG Barr:

“Its a new form of urban guerilla warfare.”

“The way the guerrilla…hides out among the people as a fish in the ocean…what they do is they are essentially shielding themselves or shrouding themselves in First Amendment activity,” he explained. “They go into the demonstrations, which are exercising First Amendment activity, and they insinuate themselves in there to shield themselves. That’s where they swim. And what they do is they hijack these demonstrations and they and they provoke violence.”

BLM is extremely well funded. They can afford to obtain the best secure communications equipment. At last count, they have raised over 133 million dollars since 2016. How the money is spent is not clear. Agitators arrested at protests have their legal fees paid by outside organizations.

Antifa is a well funded and organized international organization dedicated to destroying the United States government, to institute international communism.  It is not clear how much interaction there is between BLM and Antifa.

In Indianapolis on 6 August, the blockage of streets was illegal.

Special event permit requirements, in Indianapolis, require 30 days advance notice for the permit, and two weeks notice to neighbors. They have to use state-approved barricades:

  • If you are closing a street, you must use state-approved barricades. If in the downtown area, an Indiana Law Enforcement Certified Officer must man the barricades.
  • Submit the Street Closure Request Form to reserve state-approved barricades to block off the street. Barricades will not be delivered. Please return the barricades in a timely manner as other events may be waiting for them.

The Indianapolis Department of Business and Neighborhood services issues permits for special events in Indianapolis. Brandi Pahl, Chief Communications Officer, responded to an email, and stated the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services did not issue a permit for the August 6 protest march.

According to the indystar, BLM claims people who hit agitators who are blocking streets are “white racists”.

“It’s always a double standard,” the group said. “White racist are killing and hitting protesters and then get mad when (we) defend ourselves.”

The radical left has defined anyone who refuses to bow down to their demands as racists. In the case where a protestor was killed in an incident near Seattle, it was at night, the protestors had permission to block the freeway, but there were no barricades to warn the driver, who, it appears from the video, attempted to avoid hitting the protestors. The driver took an off ramp onto the freeway.  The driver is a black immigrant.

The people orchestrating these protests seem to be looking to create incidents where the people blocking traffic can claim victim status.

If the protests are legal, the protestors have legal rights to be in the streets. That does happen on occasion. Be aware of barricades that have been erected to direct traffic elsewhere.

The ability to travel freely, in reasonable safety, is a signal mark of civilization. The blocking of public right of ways without legal consequence is evidence of a breakdown of the civil order, of anarchy and mob rule.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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BLM and Antifa leaders keep warning their next move will be spreading their brand of terror to the “burbs” and “boonies”.

Be careful what you wish for. Out here in the boonies we’ve been “self-reliant” all our lives.


Reminds me of this one:


In a right-thinking country the driver would have made a damned
HOOD ORNAMENT out of that moron. Of course, we are now WAY
past “a right-thinking country”.


If someone jumped in front of my car and drew a gun on me, I would assume it to be a carjacking, and run him down in a heartbeat.


As it should be.

Watch um

In Alabama we have a good law. Your automobile is the same as you castle when someone tries to or threaten you to cause you to fear for your life or bodily harm.


Sweet Home Alabama, that’s why I like driving my big truck down there.

Arizona Don

I don’t know if those people pulling guns to back up their actions of blocking the road would have gotten away with it here in Arizona. Most of us are armed (constitutional carry). I’ve got an idea there would have been shooting and the blockers may not have come out on top.

Charlie Foxtrot

You may want to look up the difference between basic self defense law and castle doctrine, because you roughly just cited basic self defense law that always existed. Note that the castle doctrine was extended to the car in TN as well. Castle doctrine just means you have no duty to retreat and anyone trying to illegally enter the car is automatically considered a deadly threat.


IC 35-41-3-2: (d) A person:

(1) is justified in using reasonable force, including deadly force, against any other person;  and

(2) does not have a duty to retreat;

if the person reasonably believes that the force is necessary to prevent or terminate the other person’s unlawful entry of or attack on the person’s dwelling, curtilage, or occupied motor vehicle.


After some legal research. I discovered that blocking a public roadway for the purpose of demonstrating was legislated to be a felony. After a number of people where struck by traffic while protesting at night on an Interstate highway. as I stated earlier on this post. “I see dead speed bumps”..


This is in my state.


I have a feeling that the little shit who pulled the gun wasn’t going to be as quick on the draw, as the guy in the Silverado’s feet.


Ah a fellow hoosier…..


“At last count, they have raised over 133 million dollars since 2016.”

Source?? But more importantly, why – if we know this to be true – do we not seize the asset(s) and prosecute the law-breakers?

If I finance a bank robber’s illegal activities, am I not an accessory to crime??


They aren’t criminals! They are innocent right fighters and you are a violent racist.


One would certainly think that those funding it should be looked to. As always the first question has to be who benefits, while you chase down the funding. Most of what Ive seen in regards to funding with ties to ActBlue, that means leftists and probably globalists, UN, Soros, DNC. You know the usual suspects.
A portion is probably just random people, who dont think beyond “MSNPC told me BLM good and cheeto man baaaaad!” sheep, the whole sodding lot of em.


The actions of these agitators show, they have little or no fear of the authorities or legal consequences. That is the fault of a society which allowed radical (left wing) elements into our educational system and into American culture. G-d help us if Biden and the Democrats triumph in November. The America you know will be vanquished.


The America I knew has been gone for decades.

Arizona Don

Having grown up in the fifties I guess I can say the same.

Arizona Don

It does seem you are absolutely correct. However, there is another option which you may not have considered. War. I will leave it at that.


The way I described my hypothetical actions above is absolutely what would be done in war. Except I wouldn’t be assembling the AR. It would already be ready and waiting.

WI Patriot

At the point his pistol came out of it’s holster, deadly force was authorized…my 8400lb diesel pickup trumps your pistol…
Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead…

Last edited 2 years ago by WI Patriot
Charlie Foxtrot

“At the point his pistol came out of it’s holster, deadly force was authorized”

Stop using the term “authorized” as if you have been given permission by some official or authority to kill someone. Using deadly force would have been justified, meaning it would have been considered a reasonable response in this situation!

WI Patriot

Who are you to decide what language I can and cannot use…???
You haven’t a clue as to when deadly force can or cannot be used….

Charlie Foxtrot

Well, at least you acknowledge that you don’t understand your own language. I wasn’t questioning when deadly force can or cannot be used!

I was simply stating that we do not need permission for using deadly force, hence the term “authorized” is nonsense! As free citizens, we get to “justify” our actions afterwards!

The term “authorized” is used in command structures, where deadly force may need to be explicitly “authorized” by an official before use. So, no, deadly force wasn’t authorized here, it was justified.



Charlie Foxtrot

Yes, the term “authorized” is used in the context of ROE in the military!

Last edited 2 years ago by Charlie Foxtrot
Arizona Don

Sooner or later if this keeps up there is going to be a shooting conflict. Once that starts and people are wounded or killed it will get worse much worse. Unless these riots and looters are soon put down the general public will get violently involved. Once guns are used openly it will soon escalate into armed conflict. It will then no longer be a police matter it will become a matter for the military. It will, at such a point, become an insurrection. It is very nearly to that point now if in fact it cannot already be considered as such.   It is not clear… Read more »


Already happened two weeks ago. Idiot leveled his AK-47 at driver of his SUV and fired at him, driver believed the guy was LEO as his appearance and direction to lower his passenger window. Driver three shots DRT, left the area and called 911. Under investigation but appears to be clean shoot. Driver was army veteran and the DRT was army truck mechanic.

Charlie Foxtrot

Get the facts, before arguing about them! Almost everything in your post is wrong! The AK was never fired, according to Austin PD! The cell phone video of the incident has 2 distinct types of gunshots (5 + 3), but trying to profile the type of gun from a cell phone video is idiotic! According to Austin PD and the statements of both shooters, here is what happened: (1) driver fires 5 shots from his handgun at the idiot pointing his rifle, (2) driver drives away, (3) another concealed carrier in the crowd fires 3 shots at the car driving… Read more »


So exactly why haven’t those two assjacks been arrested and charged with assault?

Get Out

Hey, hey now, they were the victims here don’cha know?

LE should be able to find him again if he wears that ensemble again


Becase the Liberal, Progressive, pandering politicians are either afraid to do their job or are complicit with the thugs and criminals of BLM.The minute the gun came out of the holster, a deadly threat was made. I don’t care if the lives of australian Wombats are supposed to matter, they both should have been arrested, at least for brandishing.
The stupid ignorant jrk with his finger on the trigger was shouting his intention to shoot.
I can’t guarantee my actions at a time like this. How would you react to a threat to your life ?

Get Out

It’s only a matter of time, these two buffoons are going to get engaged in a firefight for threatening motorists with their firearms like Foster did.


They may be holding in the low ready position but the one in the yellow and black has his finger on the bang button!

Free American

Well to my knowledge if you brandish a firearm you are intending to do harm and you messed up because if I’m sitting in my car/truck I’m not going to pull my firearm I’m going to use the 6,000 pound bullet you’re standing in front of and I’m on a public road so therefore my intent is clear and you’re illegal intention to block and carjack me is clear also I have no duty to retreat! I/E blm/antifa …. All lives matter except people doing illegal things.


Wearing something on your face says ROBBERY to me.


Some years ago they passed a law/ordinance prohibiting the wearing of masks in Oklahoma. The law states that it was intended for certain circumstances and then goes on to list totally different circumstances. Poorly written law. I guess that is out the window now.


I know one thing for absolutely sure, You step in front of my vehicle and point a gun at me , you better be a Police Officer or you are “road kill”. I’m not stopping to argue the point with anyone but a Police Officer.


Those morons pretending to impress people that they know what they are doing have apparently forgotten the 21 foot rule… had that driver decided to stomp it rather than back up and try a different way around (the judicious method) they would have been road kill, and pointing a gun at someone, they were justified to feel their life was in IMMEDIATE DANGER ….


Last edited 2 years ago by toomanyhobbies

Thump thump, THUMP THUMP


Carry and use your carry weapon if needed. Some asshat BLM or ANTIFA scum pulls a firearm on me I will shoot and ask questions later. I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.


These guys just look like their paid. No real fire in the body language.

Arizona Don

Maybe so but they are still a threat and should be treated as such! I do wonder what would happen if something like that took place here in Arizona where most people carry concealed constitutionally. I got a feeling the outcome would be much different. Maybe pulling a gun would get a different reaction!


Presenting weapons in such a situation, I think is a clear imminent threat of serious bodily harm and death warranting the use of deadly force. … I find it difficult to rationalize why the driver would not have been justified in “flooring” the gas pedal, and then backing over them as if a “double tap”. … How is the driver supposed to anticipate that they were not going to shoot while he/she backed away ? Maybe the “peaceful protestors” didn’t raise their weapons because the car was in “drive” but would have done so once in “reverse”; what fraction of… Read more »


I’m reminded of the poor sap in Charlottesville, Va. that ran his car thru a mass of protesters ( Terrorists) killing one girl. He is now doing a long stretch in prison.
If you are in a Liberal town or city and harm one of their criminal darlings, chances are you’re screwed , as the police are commanded to “ stand down “ and the Commonwealth Attorney is a is a Communist.
Pick your battlefield carefully!


I don’t recognize that incident. Were weapons presented and directed at the driver ?


I See dead Speed Bumps.


Be sure to find some speed bumps to drive over while they are there.


Perfect example of why a right hander need to train left handed. I don’t think I need to say more.


I live in AZ; I doubt ANTIFA or BLM have the balls to attempt to bring ANYTHING to the “burbs” and “boonies” in this state. Regardless, I remain vigilant and prepared if they do, and threats to me, my family, my neighbors, and my neighborhood will be dealt with swiftly and with any and all necessary requirements. ’nuff said…..


55 grains of justice at 2600 fps? Same here. I hope there aren’t many, though. Ammo is so expensive!


The two idiots with pistols at low ready appear to be Car Jackers and I would back up if I could otherwise RAMMING SPEED and get otta there. Call 911 from safe area.


I his article it states that “ the people in Seattle had permission to block the highway.” Somewhere it was stated that the city granted that permission. How can a city grant permission for activity on an Inter State highway?! I would think that would have to be approved by the USDOT.

Living Free in Texas

Once one of these idiots get shot, that may stop


Agreed. One problem is if you act in self defense you are still running the risk if a court trial.

Now why is the government protecting this Scum?

Arrest George Soros now.

Arizona Don

I don’t know about TN but that is not necessarily true here in Arizona.


already happened…. protester with gun tried to stop a Jeep…. Jeep floored it and got away… protester with gun shot at jeep; shot two of their own instead…. is now in jail….


Love the zipper black Jean’s look with zebra print black and yellow shirt AND A #3 cut and what looks to be a stainlessTaurus
Awesome bro reminds me of the fabulous 80s …very scary looking dude..hope I don’t mistakenly hit the gas from laughing at you…
Is that Mike Reno?

Last edited 2 years ago by SEMPAI

Ha ha…me likes


Seems to me that these morons are pushing the limit. Here is my limit…pull a gun on me and I’ll back up all right. About 100-200 yards, get out of my car, open the tailgate, put together my AR10 that I have been carrying whenever I leave the house for about the last year due to this insanity and pick off the assholes with the pistols (never bring a pistol to a rifle fight) and then leave hoping they don’t get a good enough description of me or my car. Oh well, let the police do their job and figure… Read more »

Watch um

Keep your AR assembled and loaded


Chances of me needing it like that where I’m from…pretty damn slim.

Charlie Foxtrot

Backing up to safety, assembling your gun and start shooting people is the very definition of premeditated murder. Keep on chest-thumping, road warrior!


Much as I hate to say it…you sir are correct !!


I call it killing felons.


Oh well…what will be will be. Like I said, first they have to catch me.


I’m hoping for the best
But preparing for the worst
I think we all are.

Deplorable Bill

Why are the “protesters” not in jail? What they did is illegal many times over. Somebody is protecting them, aiding them, supplying them and whoever that is can be defined as a terrorist just as much as the “protesters”. It’s more than that, it’s also treason and tyranny all of which carries the death penalty. That goes for the propaganda department the news channels as well. Their days are numbered either through the righteous courts (if there are any left), or by the righteous American citizens. I pray it’s the courts. It seems inevitable that civil war is coming, if… Read more »

Arizona Don

BLM are terrorists. So is Antifa! Certainly not peaceful demonstrators in either instance. They prove this daily. They riot and loot and in some cases use firearms to get their way. Having said that I am personally appalled at the fact many professional sports players are supporting them. Also many corporations have voiced their support and have recommended to their employees they do likewise. Some do ignorantly some do not wisely.  There is only one reason for this fact that makes any since whatsoever. That is neither know the truth or the facts about BLM or Antifa.   Most of the members of BLM do not even know what the reasoning… Read more »


There in lies the problem. The BLM movement started off as a positive movement to bring attention to situations of systematic inequality. It has somehow turned into a national revolt, with a lot of(not all) the agitators being people who are not black. Some of these people have nothing to lose, and more importantly, nothing to live for right now. People tend to gravitate towards movements when they have nothing in their own lives to hold them accountable for their actions. Combine that with the current division in this country, along with the pandemic, and you have a powder keg… Read more »


“The BLM movement started off as a positive movement to bring attention to situations of systematic inequality.”

Looks like you have swilled down gallons of the koolaid.


Let me guess. You are one of those type who thinks African Americans have always had it fair in this country and that systematic racism is a myth? Or do you think BLM has always acted the way it currently has, despite numerous videos on the internet where black people can be seen telling white people not to burn down buildings in THEIR neighborhoods?


Allow me to issue a challenge to that one longshanks. Can you find (and post… obviously) even ONE SINGLE video that says that made by BLM? OBviously, there are many such videos made by black individuals saying that. My point is that I will bet you two to one odds that you cannot find even ONE such video, because that is NOT what BLM is about, although that IS what they CLAIM.
Surely you are aware that not all claims (or even ANY…) made by salesmen and marketers are true, are you not?


it seems obvious that you haven’t seen the videos or the
news stories about black people telling BLM people not to burn down THEIR buildings?

Heed the Call-up

Yes, the irony is sweet and thick. The other day a black owned BBQ restaurant was looted and burned by BLM in Rochester, NY. He even had a sign outside stating it was a black owned business. Rioting, looting, attacking innocents and the police, and committing arson can really make one quite famished, so it would seem. Apparently BLM sees a business and immediately thinks “Whitey”. Either that or they believe a successful black person is a sell-out to their race and deserves the same punishment as whitey does – true to their belief in equality? BLM must not believe… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Heed the Call-up
Capn Dad

Good! They are getting closer to the solution I have always said it would come to!


Well said. Thank you for the link. I like what that young lady has to say.


Thank you for your fine research.
I was under the impression that Karl Mundt was a upstanding Anti – Communist.

However the “Modernization” of this act stinks.


Hit the gas.


Meanwhile, the ‘tough-talking’ gun owners of Indianapolis sat at home, wetting their pants behind locked doors. In our REPUBLIC, the American People are the ultimate power and authority. We have a Constitutional Right & Duty to stop these communist terrorists. All the while the cowardly Indianapolis gun-owners whine “So exactly why haven’t those two assjacks been arrested and charged with assault?”. In 2016, only 43% of Republicans voted. That other 57% were just too busy drinking beer, watching TV and expanding their bellies and asses to be bothered to go vote for Liberty, Freedom and a roaring economy. You will… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

One ‘tough-talking’ gun owner talking about other ‘tough-talking’ gun owners on Ammoland, just like most other ‘tough-talking’ gun owners here. LOL


Same in my state. Defined as: Being in any place you are legally allowed to be. Was meant to be a reply to Watch Um.

Last edited 2 years ago by Darkman
Liberty Valance

“The ability to travel freely, in reasonable safety, is a signal mark of civilization. The blocking of public right of ways without legal consequence is evidence of a breakdown of the civil order, of anarchy and mob rule.” The author has made an excellent point. Furthermore, if Joe and the Hoe win in November, situations like this will become even more common place because Kamala “Sugartits” Harris will not only promote these types of protests but will prevent law enforcement from any involvement. At the moment we don’t really know the extent of “Sugartits” involvement with BLM and ANTIFA. We… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Liberty Valance