NYC Boroughs Double Down on Failed Gun Buybacks

By Larry Keane

Gun Money iStock-1172423251
The inefficacy of gun buybacks won’t stop NYC from wasting taxpayer money on them. IMG iStock-1172423251

U.S.A. -( New York City has a violent crime problem and accidental Mayor Bill de Blasio is shuffling deck chairs in attempts to address it. After proposing to cut $1 billion from New York City’s law enforcement budget just as crime skyrocketed, he’s throwing taxpayer money at failed policies. That includes gun buyback programs that don’t reduce violent crime and waste money. Worse, they give a false impression to the public that something effective is being done to reduce the criminal misuse of illegally possessed firearms.

Criminals Taking to the Streets

New York’s crime problem started much earlier but was literally set on fire with the coronavirus response. New York was quick to release criminals from prisons. The result? In one instance, more than 1,500 criminals were back on the streets. Many were re-arrested for committing more crimes. Add to that the rising violence from riots and looting and the city has seen some of the worst violent crime surges. The violence was exemplified when a father was gunned down in broad daylight while walking in a crosswalk hand-in-hand with his seven-year-old daughter.

Mayor de Blasio watched it all and heard the “defund the police” cries. He cut a billion dollars from the budget of the men and women risking their lives to keep the cities safe. “I’m excited to say we have a plan that can achieve real reform, that can achieve real redistribution,” the mayor said while announcing the cuts. Now, he wasting what’s left.

Brooklyn hosted a gun “buyback” event. Men and women could trade in their firearms and receive $25 bank cards for rifles and shotguns and $200 per each handgun or so-called “assault rifle.” This was the first buyback held in Brooklyn since 2016 when 60 firearms were recovered. This year’s event netted 33.

Leaving police departments without necessary resources to address violent crime leads to unserious and ineffective attempts, like “buybacks.” Studies show they fail in their goal and criminals are largely not the ones participating. A significant majority of law enforcement officials rate them as ineffective in reducing violent crime. On gun buybacks one researcher, Scott W. Phillips, an associate professor of criminal justice, put it bluntly. “Does it work?… No. Should they keep doing it? I wouldn’t waste my time.”

If Mayor de Blasio needs more feedback he can look to the Obama Administration, which concluded buyback programs are ineffective in its National Institute of Justice memo.

Window Dressing

The simple reason these don’t work is criminals aren’t turning in their guns. The guns that are turned in are broken or in disrepair from years of neglect and those that are collected are never tested against any ballistics databases to verify if they were used in a crime.

This playing fast and loose with taxpayer money isn’t limited to mayors tanking in their own cities. Democratic nominee Joe Biden embraced a national mandatory gun buyback program as part of their antigun platform. Together with Mayor de Blasio, these unserious officials continue to bandage over serious issues and push gun control policies that only infringe on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

The firearm industry has Real Solutions that work with law enforcement. These initiatives have proven successful at keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals and reducing unintentional firearm accidents. These are initiatives such as Don’t Lie for the Other Guy , Operation Secure Store, and Project ChildSafe that are working. The same can’t be said for the “buyback” window dressing that doesn’t address the problem of crime.

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Green Mtn. Boy

New York chitty nor any other Leftard hell hole can buy back a something they never owned.


A proper lead sentence would have been, “New York City has a violent person problem.”


As I mentioned a few days ago I am trying out being less strident and particular in my approach and delivery concerning the news. If I said what really goes through my head I would most likely be banned and I am sure that the left would put out a bounty for my head. So, for a while, I am chilling out a little bit. Please don’t shake the bottle.


I wrote a reply last night and it surprisingly said that it required approval. Very strange.


How is it possible that one mayor can be so singularly inept? The probability that de Blasio can be this randomly incompetent simply isn’t statistically possible. You take hundreds of police off the streets while simultaneously putting thousands of felons back on – and then express surprise in skyrocketing crime rates. You condone rampant rioting – and then complain as residents flee. You justify social-justice looting – and then act dismayed as your businesses close. You hike taxes into the stratosphere – and then whine that your tax base is disappearing. You relegate public safety to a slogan – and… Read more »


de Blasio is a Socialist and is doing what socialist normally do, f–k up everything. The voters in New York City are not very bright and many have been educated? in a bankrupt and corrupt educational system. They believe free is really “free” and burning down a business is ok if the owner has insurance.

Liberals, Progressives Socialists have there heads stuck up where the sun does not shine.


And to think, this jerk-of-a-mayor took time off from his duties to run around the country as. Democrat presidential contender.

uncommon sense

“The firearm industry has Real Solutions that work with law enforcement. These initiatives have proven successful at keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals and reducing unintentional firearm accidents. These are initiatives such as Don’t Lie for the Other Guy , Operation Secure Store, and Project ChildSafe that are working. The same can’t be said for the “buyback” window dressing that doesn’t address the problem of crime.” That’s all leftism and fuddery. “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” – Thomas Jefferson There is no clause in the Constitution that permits the establishment of a second-class citizenry with lesser rights. National Sporty-Simp Fudds… Read more »

jack mac

None of those “Real Solutions” enhance the right to arms. Jefferson’s statement of free people not being debarred use of arms reflects the basic concept and purpose of our nation; that no free person be barred from any right. Free citizens officially barred from a right are an official underclass. A society of legally equal citizens can not exist intertwined with an underclass or with a more legally protect class. Our nations has both.

American Patriot

Does everything have to be about NY, NJ or CA? Build a wall around those 3 places & don’t let the socialist into the free world!


It’s the entire Left Coast except for AK.


There was that movie along a similar vein. Wishful thinking.

MP71 news on YouTube did segment on this buyback. In the photos that were provided by NYPD, you could clearly see that 2 of the guns were airsoft by their orange tips. There was also an easily identifiable Crossman BB gun alongside the junk Sat night specials and ancient pistols that hadn’t chambered a round since the Reagan administration. Rest easy citizens of Gotham.


What I love about disasters like de Blasio and NYC is seeing the voters responsible for their government getting what they deserve. It is a showcase for what’s wrong with liberalism in general and democrats specifically. Keep voting for corrupt socialist leaders and pay the price.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bob
uncle dudley

Forest Gump could do a better job running New York City than de Blasio.

Rebel VA

No doubt!


My comments get a lot of required approval, first I get to read articles a day late, then end up with required approval, have sent emails to Ammoland Shooting Sports News and the response is they are making changes, still not any better!!!!!!!


maybe it has something to do with the content of your posts? I never get my posts delayed. Mightn reconsider what you are trying to post….