President Trump: If I Wasn’t Here You Would not Have a Second Amendment Right Now

Survival of the Republic & Sovereign People: Armed Citizenry - Part Three
President Trump: If I Wasn’t Here You Would not Have a Second Amendment Right Now

U.S.A.-( On 9 September 2020 in an interview on the Shawn Hannity show on Fox, President Trump made a bold assertion. He said if he were not in the office, the Second Amendment would have become essentially meaningless, because of the different judges who would have been appointed. From the transcript:

And also, Supreme Court judges or justices.

And you — the whole country, it depends on these decisions, which way you go, whether you have a Second Amendment or not. I mean, the Second Amendment would be under siege.

If I wasn’t here, you wouldn’t have a Second Amendment right now. You wouldn’t have a right to guns. You would — whether you had it or it was just almost totally obliterated, but it would be in a very different form than you have right now.

I’ve kept it totally as it was, and it’s, you know, something I’m very proud of, and people — I think it’s a real voting issue, Second Amendment.

Life, you look at that. So these judges are going to be making massive decisions. And the next president is going to get one, two, three, or four justices of the Supreme Court.

The President is correct in his statement. If Hillary would have become President, the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights would have been interpreted out of any significance. We already have several circuit courts who are working hard to interpret the Second Amendment as of little consequence. If a President Hillary would have appointed replacements for Justice Scalia and Kennedy, the ten Second Amendment cases the Supreme Court has refused to hear, would have been granted writs of certiorari at the Supreme Court. Second Amendment supporters would not have liked the results.

Very likely, the Supreme Court would have confirmed the Second Amendment does not apply outside the home; that bans on semi-automatic rifles are permissible; that ammunition bans are permissible; that bans on magazines are permissible; that not all commonly available handguns are protected by the Second Amendment, or, they may be covered by the Second Amendment, but the state can still regulate them out of existence.

The ban on butterfly knives in a Hawaii District Court, or the ban on semi-automatic rifles and magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds in the New York Rifle and Pistol Association, are templates for that “interpretation” of a toothless Second Amendment.

President Trump has appointed about 200 judges to the lower federal courts. Without Trump appointees, it is likely the three-judge panel on the Ninth Circuit would have held the California magazine ban to be constitutional.

President Trump has appointed ten judges to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Ninth Circuit has 29 active judges.

President Trump is correct in saying that next to war and peace, the appointment of federal judges is the most consequential act a president can perform. President Trump has been appointing judges who respect the Constitution as written.

President Trump has done better in this regard than any other president since Calvin Coolidge. It is one of the reasons the Left in this country fear him so much. The judges he is appointing are showing a willingness to reverse decades of unconstitutional decisions by Progressive judges who have worked hard to undermine the Constitution and the rule of law.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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I love it when politicians think gun owners will just roll over and give up their guns if some leftists President manages to get legislation passed banning guns. I like to think the millions of gun owners will refuse to comply. Then what are the leftist going to do? I don’t think attempting door to door confiscation will work out very well for them. That would be the spark that would set off open rebellion against their tyranny. They need to remember that there are more freedom loving gun owners than there are of them. Maybe that is exactly what… Read more »


I don’t laugh, I get concerned that sleepy joe lieden says he will do exactly what he said President Trump cant do by executive order which is the exact same thing. Since he is a demonrat it will not be challenged. It’s obvious to me now that we have two sets of rules. The wicked “demonrats” can do what ever they want. The just “republicans” can do only what the demonrats say they can.

Fee Fi Fo Fum I smell me some demonrat scum.


Almost like the BLOWFLY that kept landing on 0b0z0!


@L; I hope and pray fast moving objects are not necessary. However, One MUST be prepared.

uncle dudley

Here is a nightmare thought…Biden/Harris win the election and the next appointed supreme court judges are Hillary and Obama or maybe Holder.
What better reason do you need to vote Trump another four years as president.


Ansel definitely has a point. The Republicans had it all from 2016-2018, and we didn’t get jack s**t. Holding the line is insufficient. The question is, who else could we vote for? They can, and do, take us for granted with impunity. We need to figure out a way to stop that. Bump stocks may be silly, but put one on an AR with a national match trigger, and a .22 LR upper and go mow down a row of steel targets and tell me that ain’t fun. Of course, we should be able to own real machine guns. The… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by buzzsaw

Most should know the (D) Party in D.C. and even state legislatures has many hard core leftist/communist leaning bills already prepared should they take all branches of governmental bodies. They will ram,cram,jam and slam the nation immediately upon seizing power. As for Our Guns, they will try but it may just turn out to be their Waterloo and much worse.


It could also be ours. Counting on a 2nd American revolution could end up like the French Terror of 1792 than the Spirit of 1776.


It’s amazing the hoops people will jump through to defend someone who violates their rights.


So now Dean is resorting to gaslighting? Interesting.


Coming from you; the expert in gaslighting….


He did not need to claim it; it is obvious on its face.

AZ Lefty

No, but Trump makes all sorts of fake claims


And HiLIARy did not?


Here this crap all the time, Trump lies. Let’s see a couple. can you give me a list of some of his lies. Let’s see some.


He is sure a lot better than what is on the other ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ansel Hazen

Thing is, I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 to maintain the status quo.I expected things to improve. I still can’t bring a handgun with me further south than NH so I am seriously wondering why I should bother to vote.

Ansel Hazen

Dean, I don’t count the bump stock ban as a win even though I think they are stupid. I don’t count not kicking McTurtles ass and allowing National Reciprocity to die before the 2018 rout as a win. And I don’t count Trump caving and passing the Omnibus Spending Bill that funded some changes to the NICS system that did nothing to actually improve it. That’s not holding the status quo and his much touted 2 appointee’s to SCOTUS have gotten us absolutely nowhere. How many 2A cases have been heard by SCOTUS in the past 4 years? The definition… Read more »


Because, if you and others with the same thought don’t vote we you will not be able to have that hand gun or any other gun.


sorry Dean, my comment was meant for Ansel Hazen.


If you’re not ok with Trump maintaining the status quo you can always vote for politicians who support gun control. Those are your choices.

Roosevelt signed the NFA into law in 1934. Show me a President since then who has been more pro-gun than Trump.

Ansel Hazen

I can’t but if Trump is so pro gun why hasn’t National Reciprocity or the HPA been passed and why did a gun store in Texas have to destroy more than 70,000 bump stocks?


Riiiight,,, I have a Pa CCP, I can carry LEGALLY in all but like 13 states. Those states are the Democrat SHIT HOLES that no on wants to visit anymore anyhow.


And if Harris / Biden win the whole country will be said __itholes!


Don’t forget about the House of Representatives and the Senate.

We need some hard line constitutionalists in there


No, not the whole country, Ken… there are indeed states (Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas for example) that will tell the federal government to go pound sand. We will NOT allow feds to disrupt our 2nd Amendment-protected right to keep and bear arms… even if it takes a civil war.

Remember, in 2016 – months before that election – Obama’s(!) Homeland Security office told Congress specifically that a civil war will (not “might’ or “may” – WILL) occur within 5 years – by 2021. I see no reason to doubt their prediction, do you?

Ansel Hazen

9 of those 13, Mass, CT, RI, NY, NJ PA, MD, WV, and DC keep me blocked in.


Ummm yes you can just put in your car or truck drive where you want..problem solved..i have carried in my work truck in New York I don’t give a shit bout your state laws I answer to the Constitution.
And furthermore if you don’t vote you can’t bitch, you can but you shouldn’t


We do not want nor should we wish for Federal Gun Laws. Trump cannot nor is he responsible for state gun laws.
Mitt Romney and to some extent Chris Christie had an antigun sign hung around their necks over gun laws that were already on the books in MA & NJ. and neither one could do anything about it.

If we or if THEY had their way we’d all be living with CA gun laws, me I’ll pass.

Ansel Hazen

As a former Mass resident I know all about the anti gun situation there. The Gov hasn’t got to do a thing, he has Maura Healy doing the heavy lifting for him.

Ansel Hazen

Indeed they did not. Now that’s two of us. Where are the rest that will be needed to help refresh that Tree of Liberty?

Ansel Hazen

OV, I am a GOP town chairman and I have been working all year to rid this party of the RINO’s. What you’re seeing here is my total frustration with the higher state level party members who freeze out the people running for office that would have begun the forces of change we want to see. They are not as out in the open as the Dems but it’s still very much a group of people working for themselves and only themselves. The rest of us be damned.

Last edited 2 years ago by Ansel Hazen

OKayyyyyyyyy, Do not vote —- you might get your wish of having your TOYS removed from your hands. (sarc)