Gun Owners Should Welcome Tommy Lee’s Threat to Leave U.S.

So will Tommy Lee come to gather up our guns and melt them into a Hillary Clinton statue before he leaves? Or does he have more blacks to assault and women to kick first? (Motley Crue/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee has made the promise that many left-wing celebrities have made before and failed to honor — leaving the United States if Donald Trump wins the presidency,” Breitbart reports. “Tommy Lee told the British publication The Big Issue that he will quit the U.S. and move to Europe if the president wins re-election in November.”

A reaction from gun owners paraphrasing Br’er Rabbit’s “Please don’t throw us in that briar patch” would hardly be out of line. That along with “Can we help you pack?” and “Don’t let the door hit you…”

That’s because not that long ago, Lee went on an obscenity-laced Twitter rant where, among other threats against “conservatives” and those with traditional and religious values, he “bravely” declared from behind his keyboard:

“We’re going to gather up ALL of your guns, melt them down and turn them into a gargantuan metal mountain emblazoned with the face of Hillary Clinton.”

Who Lee means by “we” is left unstated. Certainly, it won’t be the guy who couldn’t handle himself and back up his mouth at an Eminem party. He must not have had his “celebrity bodyguard” with him that night.

Speaking of guards, and noting Lee’s phony “championing” of “Rosa Parks [and] BLM leaders” in his virtual Twitter rant, it’s curious how “meat space” Tommy received a suspended jail sentence for assaulting and hurling “racial slurs” at a black security guard. The news accounts seem a bit general– perhaps this fearless word warrior could repeat what he said for his fans?

Ditto for Lee taking up the cause of “women’s rights.” Per the Associated Press, he was “sent to jail for 6 months” after he “pleaded no-contest … to charges that he kicked wife Pamela Anderson several times while she held their baby son.”

Would it be fair to assume, with the prohibition of those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence against owning a gun (Section A.21.i.), that might be why he doesn’t want anyone else to have one?

Then we have Tommy threatening Chick-fil-A for alleged discrimination against LGBTQ persons. It’s curious, because if he truly holds strongly to such beliefs, why did he reportedly have his bodyguards (again with the bodyguards!) be the ones to “protect” him from the advances of a transexual woman he almost “hooked up with”? And more to the point, why did he reportedly say what he said about poetry?

As long as we’re talking about someone posing as the exemplar of Democrat values, perhaps multimillionaire ($70M) Lee could explain why a former assistant felt compelled to sue him for unpaid wages…?

It really seems that despite all our differences, a broad coalition of Americans should welcome this overprivileged, lottery-winning reprobate’s departure from our shores.  Then again, there are already niche Republicans among the black, women’s, and gay communities committed to casting their votes for Donald Trump, even if Joe Biden is of the opinion that if they do, they “ain’t” real.

I’d much rather have them on my side than the cognitive dissonance-addled and hate-filled hypocrites that Biden seems to attract.

About David Codrea:
David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Old Fogey

In the immortal words of Ray Charles:
Hit the road, Jack, and don’t come back no more no more…


Can we just launch this loser into the Atlantic now, and not wait for the election? He can swim the rest of the way to wherever.


The left thinks it’s a big yuck to build guillotines. We should be building the world’s largest shoreline trebuchet. Where do international waters begin, again?

Country Boy

Well…BYE !


Ta Ta Tommy!


This is the rant of a burnt brain from years of drugs & drink..

Plz take the 100 million commies with u..get out now! We can help u get the MAGA BOOT SIZE 999999999999999999999999999999999999999 out of America & all like U. GET OUT & leave the money u stole from citizens off the backs of Veterans that gave u freedom to live in this great country & Make Millions with crappy music that u can’t give away for free….


There should be a bounty on these JERK OFFS

Big George

Speaking of ‘jerk offs’…have you ever seen the homemade video of him and pammy on their boat?! ‘IT’ appears that what little brains he does have went in to, well…uh…his ‘johnson’ which even pammy had a hard time! When he leaves the U.S. he’ll need to buy two tickets, one for his ‘little buddy’!


Truly does Tommy think threatening to leave the country bother anyone? Do These snowflakes on the left truly believe there opinion matters to anyone in the real world! Us not of the left or Hollywood truly hope they go through with there threats we will gladly buy all of them one way ticket.


Someone could remind this horse’s ass that Americans have a bit of history
with ridding the country of obnoxious Brits.


He’s like Biden, Alec Baldwin, and the other “if….I’ll leave he USA” turkeys…..All talk; no walk.



uncle dudley

This big mouth won’t leave the U.S. because any other country would take more of his money in tax’s than what he pays here.
The media should boycott all these stars when they run their mouths against our country, no matter who the president is but the media is anti republican also.


Hit the road now, you ‘pean wanker


Tommy Lee is still butthurt that he can’t compete with Kid Rock in bed!

Autsin Miller III

I see an opportunity here. Let’s get some boy scouts to help him pack. They could see first hand why it’s a bad idea to do drugs, earn some public service award points and we take out the trash – win – win!


They are IRRELEVANT !!


Who Gives a Shit what this Drug Riddled Rocker from the 80’s has to say?? Between the Drugs and all the Hairspray that he used… I’d say whatever Brain Cells he had, are Long Gone!!!! Well Tommy, You Don’t have to wait on President Trump’s Re-election…. Planes Leave Daily from the U.S. and While You’re at it…. Take Bruce Sprungsteam With You!!!!! #Trump2020


The problem with the likes of Tommy Lee and other self-righteous Liberal / Commies is that there are a lot of __it holes they could move to, but no these jackasses want to turn the U.S. into one.


ADIOS DICKBAG ! You will be exactly like the other Hollywood ASSHOLES the “said” they would leave ! Yeah… they are ALL still here and doing BETTER than they were with Obama and Biden in charge.
Biden is the flute the socialist Pied Piper is playing, NOTHING MORE !


Who the [email protected]&K is Tommy Lee?

You won’t bee missed.


Regardless of his talent or instrument played, “We The People” would be better off without anyone that even remotely thinks like him. And moving across the Universe to a place that he cannot degrade by his veil existence.


Buh bye, ASSHOLE.


Note to the author, if you write a story you should research the person you are writing about. Tommy Lee is a scumbag, no doubt. But he is the Crue’s drummer. Not keyboard player.


I believe the author was referring to Lee’s Twitter rant via his PC keyboard


Hey, Tommy pee, I mean Lee, The British don’t need another Porn Star. And everyone thought you made your money with the band. But truth of the matter is that you didn’t become popular until your wife came along and you two decided to show your sexual prowess off from the back of your boat out on the lake. Yeah the Brits saw that too. Good old hollywood PORN. Seems to me that the hollywood industry made a lot of money off of People like You Tommy Lee. Go ahead, LEAVE THE COUNTRY. pornboy


<b> Don’t let the door hit you in the ASS-ets… Tommy pond scum</b>


I’d help him pack but he has all kinds of help just waiting to do so and I’d have to drive a long way and he just wouldn’t be worth it. Someone video the packing and place it on Screwtube.


Go ahead and bounce you commie douche

Dr. Strangelove

I was going to dress as Chelsea for Halloween, but I couldn’t fit my head up my ass.


She has a face for radio.


Some things never change. Motley crew sucked back then and tommy pee still sucks now.

After November 3, Trump 2020, I guess joy baghar, madona, miley cryus a bowl full and a list of others wiil be on the pack your bags tour…

Go President Trump, you laid lieden out last night…

Last edited 1 year ago by musicman44mag

Ursuprers like this uneducated clown and the factions they represent must be target number one for conservatives and libertarians over the next decade. Call out those who detest your liberty adn our Constitutional Republic. Lee would be very happy in Cuba, apparently. Let’s help him make that move.

Lowdown Larry

Just another Libtard, nothing to see here.


Don’t know who he is, nor do I care.
The POS should just go and shut his yap.


Promises, promises. How many times have these pinko parasites spouted off at the mouth only to shrink away into the shadows?


Just another self important Hollywood type who thinks what he says or does beyond being a Drummer really matters. Back in the day. We had a name for guys like him. We called Em F#king Drummers cause they always s thought they were more important than they really were. He’s just running his mouth for some Press Time since his music isn’t all that relevant anymore and wasn’t all that great when it was popular. He’ll never leave America to go somewhere he’s even less relevant.

WI Patriot

I’m still waiting for the multitudes that swore they’d leave in 2016 if DJT won…nothing but cowardly empty threats…


me too! the country would be a much better place without them. they always make grandiose statements like this without ever thinking of doing so because, AMERICA IS THE GREATEST COUTRY IN THE WORLD.


All talk and no action. I was looking forward to seeing less of them especially madonass when she said she wanted to blow up the white house. The feds in the crowd should have grabbed her right then and there and made an example of her. They didn’t hesitate to grab terrible Ted when he said someone would probably kill obummer three months in on his second tour. Oh that right, Nugent is a staunch Republican that eats meat hunts and kills it just like he did rock and roll. The great white buffalo lives on.

Trump 2020


The other Countries don’t want them either.

Green Mtn. Boy

Well Bye !