How President Trump Saved Our Gun Rights From Obama’s Bump Stock Strawman

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How President Trump Saved Our Gun Rights From Obama’s Bump Stock Strawman

New Jersey – -( Do you believe that Obama’s ATF was so benevolently Pro-Second Amendment that it approved bump stocks without an underlying anti-gun political purpose for doing so?

Bump stocks were part of the Obama/Biden/Holder/Clinton/Democrat plan to ban all magazine-fed semi-automatic firearms. A goal that now presidential candidate, Joe Biden. still wants to see imposed on honest gun owners.

Bump-stock firing uses the recoil of a semi-automatic firearm to shoot multiple rounds in rapid succession similar to fully automatic, machine-gun fire. By making semi-automatic firearms act significantly more like machine guns, a semi-automatic gun ban would be easier to sell to the gun-ignorant public.

President Trump surgically removed the threat.

Conflating fully automatic firearms with semi-automatic firearms has been part of the anti-gun playbook before the first “Assault Weapon” law was ever passed in the United States. Josh Sugarmann, Executive Director and Founder of the VPC (Violence Policy Center) and mastermind of the “Assault Weapon” issue, wrote the following in his 1988 manifesto, Assault Weapons and Accessories in America:

Assault weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully-automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons –anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun — can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons.

From day one, it was shamelessly admitted that the “stupid-public” would confuse semi-automatics with full automatics, which “can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions.” Thankfully, the NRA and Pro-2nd Amendment advocates embarked on a successful public education campaign about semi-automatics and, with time, the public better understand the differences between semi-automatic and fully automatic.

To revive this tactic, however, bump stocks became the new vehicle to push a semi-automatic gun ban. Joe Biden’s current position is to follow through on this end-run gun-ban and he is quite open about it you can read so on his official website.

Biden wants to:

Regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act. Currently, the National Firearms Act requires individuals possessing machine-guns, silencers, and short-barreled rifles to undergo a background check and register those weapons with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Joe Biden plans to put every semi-automatic rifle into the category of “machine-gun” under the NFA (National Firearms Act). This would ban all future production of semi-automatic firearms, and require every currently existing semi-automatic gun owner to register and pay a $200 tax per gun.

Slide Fire SSAR-15 Mod Bump Fire Stock
Slide Fire SSAR-15 Mod Bump Fire Stock

Bump stocks were not the first Obama Administration scheme to ban semi-automatic firearms. Obama has a documented history of trying to do this. Thankfully, his first plan to push a semi-automatic gun ban – the “Iron Pipeline” gambit — failed. There were three parts to this political set up.

First, Obama required multiple rifle reporting by boarder state FFL Dealers. Something not found anywhere in the law. Second, Obama changed the 4473 (Firearm Transaction Record form) to ask whether one was Hispanic or not.

This is the only race that firearm purchasers are subjected to affirmatively admit or deny. (Imagine the reaction if the Federal form required you to affirm or deny being Semitic (i.e., Jewish) or African American?)

Obama’s final step was to push the operation “Fast and Furious.” But after the death of Agent Terry from an Obama-supplied firearm, Fast and Furious became a scandal, the operation blew up in the Obama’s face, and Obama’s Iron Pipeline ploy collapsed.

Bump stocks were the Obama Administration’s last attempt to abolish our Second Amendment Rights. They believed that Hillary Clinton was going to win. After nightly newscasts showing semi-automatics rapidly firing with bump stocks, a sweeping semi-automatic ban could be implemented. Thereby, they would employ Sugarmann’s original approach of “confusion,” only better. They would confuse and scare the public about “machineguns” and obtain a full ban on semi-automatic firearms.

President Trump thwarted their plan. First, by winning in 2016, and second by surgically removing the bump stock strawman as a threat to our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Personally, I believe that fully automatic firearms should not be treated any differently from any other firearm. Politically, however, we have a long way to go to accomplish that goal. Trump’s appointment of originalist judges and justices will help us get there, and proves that Trump is no Obama when it comes to safeguarding our Second Amendment rights. In the meantime, Anti-Second Amendment forces would have gleefully loved to have bump stocks around to fool the public.

Thanks to President Trump, the bump stock strawman was sidelined, and our Second Amendment is less vulnerable to the machinations of those out to destroy our rights.

About Evan Nappen:

Evan Nappen ( is a criminal defense attorney who has focused on New Jersey firearms and weapons law for several decades. He is the author of the New Jersey Gun Law Guide. Visit his website at

Evan Nappen
Evan Nappen
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ATF has since admitted they had no authority under the law to reclassify bump stocks as machine guns, ignoring the very definition of a machine gun. It’s in court, and ATF is losing.


And once they lose… they’ll keep on ignoring the law and do whatever they want anyway. It’s always the way of empires as they descend into chaos. From Persia to Greece to Rome to Pax Britannia. They all ignore their own laws, and all basic common sense, as they die. Pax Americana will be no different.


I thought Congress wrote laws and the definition as such, then it went to the Senate & POTUS. Not alphabet agencies juggeling words around. Perhaps i am confused.


; NOPE!! You are not confused. The biggest problem in America are the BUREAUCRACIES being set-up by others in the White Collar Criminals working in the Political Fields in the secretive dark back rooms of OUR government.


A big problem is that so many of the laws say something on the order of “as the (insert title of administrator) shall determine” into them. That gives a lot of leeway to create different interpretations of any given law.

Ryben Flynn

The bump stock ban illegally rewrote the 1934 NFA definition of a machine gun. The ATF does not have the authority to administratively change a law. Only Congress can change a law, and they have done so before.
A bump stock is still NOT a machine gun.


The author’s logic is a bit convoluted, and post ban I question the suggestion that the underlying belief was this altruistic on the President’s part. John Q Public was outraged over the Vegas shooting, and the administration bowed to the outrage. That there was underlying concern of a push to ban semi-automatic, ignored the fact that was already an Anti-Gun goal before Vegas took place. Bump Fire is a technique first and foremost, that has been around since shortly after semi-automatics developed (I recall learning to bump fire my Remington Nylon 66 in the late 60’s, so I know it’s… Read more »


Agree! The mental gymnastics in the article are off the chart. If mental gymnastics were an Olympic event, the author would hopefully be on Team USA.


WTH is this? This is worst written lie I’ve ever read. And this guy is suppose to be on our side?

Hell, who needs enemies! What a load of crap!

Ammoland must think we are the most dumbest people on the planet to post this article and think we’ll buy it.

Just, Wow! .


For the benefit of readers and myself please tell us what the author lied about and how you know a lie was told. This is not meant as a challenge. I am truly interested in the authors supposition on the Bump Stock ban.
Thank you


Tell me “Jaque”, is being disingenuous the same as lying? No, it isn’t. However the overall effect is most likely the same. But you do you, “Jaque.”


And this is exactly why it has been so important to discredit and defeat New Left Progressive ideology for the past 45 years and why it has been such a lonely fight up until very recently. The Republican Party has retreated for 45 years and employed John Boehner delaying tactics to slow down the destruction of individual liberty by the Bill Ayers/Hillary Clinton/Barrak Obama crowd. Lay in the fetal position in front of them, weep and hope they will fail to kill us during this particular Congressional session. As we see that tactic has failed. What works is direct confrontation,… Read more »


Didn’t read through all comments because it was so irritating. Yes you DO have to vote for Trump, because Biden is the ONLY other person who will be president come 2021. It’s that simple like it or not… I’m not a fan of Trump BTW. I am a fan of the switch direction the economy took under his watch though, and would rather see 1775–1783 all over again than see the left get further control of this country. Those words I do not use lightly. As for this article… shit show. IF Trump had serious concern over the 2nd he’d… Read more »


Correct. Lifelong Libertarian, Gary Johnson voter in 2016. Trump this time around. A vote for the Harris administration is a slow cut of my own throat. I have seen it up close and personal in five civil wars as an active participant. The Progressive New Left will not make the same mistake they made with Obama and his coffee shop Bogus Bolshevik banter. No Hope-a-Dope this time. Full force of thoroughly corrupt federal law enforcement combined with my corrupt former peers now wearing stars in the military will crush our Constitution and anyone who stands with it. No choice.


Not doubt Obama & Biden are fully responsible for F&F snd the death of Agent Terry, PERIOD! To say Trump saved us from Bump Stock confiscation, I would respectfully disagree. Congress had an opportunity to change the definition of machine gun after the Vegas shooting, to include bump stock adaption BUT CHOSE NOT TO. Trump ordered it done administratively – now maybe he appeased the left knowing it would not fly in the Courts especially due to the criminal attachment – Chevron does not apply which the government conceded even though lower Courts still ignore Heller and attempt to apply… Read more »


I have been reading for years that Democrats are bad (no doubt) for gun rights ,and Republicans are so good for gun rights, BS BS BS. They both suck and want to control all Americans guns notwithstanding .I truly don’t know if ANY political party is absolutely on our side, we’re on our own with just the Supreme Court to defend us. Just my opinion.


I used to believe the LIbertarians were until they ran a guy for president who thought guns needed some reigning in.

The Constitution Party has our backs.

Last edited 2 years ago by KC

Constitution Party has its human jokes, too. Bledsoe guy in SC was running as Constitution Party candidate against Lindseypoo Graham and Jaime Harrison. I was going to vote for Bledsoe until I read today that Bledsoe says he is throwing his support to Lindseypoo and will vote for him. What an absolute nothing candidate he turned out to be.

Reluctantly, I will vote for anti-gun Harrison as what may be our last chance to unseat Lindseypoo, who will flip on us as soon as the elections are over.


atheist supreme courts corrupt


Let us look at how the BURAUCRACY of the AFT / ATFE was established. The BURAUCRACY of the ATF was started by the bureaucracy at the IRS. It was NEVER LEGALLY set up or established by CONGRESS according to Constitutional LAW. Since Congress did NOT establish/form/set-up the ATF — It IS and has been acting ILLEGALLY since its inception. Thus, the ATF MUST be DISBANDED / REMOVED / DISQUALIFIED / ELIMINATED from OUR government.
0bama and all of the co-conspirators, through time, MUST face justice for using this ILLEGAL BUREAUCRACY against the American People.


Is Evan Nappen trying out to replace Harold Hutchinson? Talk about convoluted logic!


He exhibits Olympic level mental gymnastics.


This has got to be the worst legal take ever – and from a respected 2A attorney no less! What good is it to advocate for one part of the Constitution if it means ignoring other parts? Legislative powers, takings, due process, ex post facto… I know these concepts aren’t taught in schools anymore, but bloody hell – do they not teach this in law schools either? We’re in bigger trouble than I thought if people think “the right of the people to do whatever the hell they think necessary to keep and bear arms” is Constitutional. Glad I don’t… Read more »


*sigh* Yes I am voting for Trump but no, the bumpstock ban is not some 3D chess move. It was a calculated appeasement. The only time the 2A is in Trumps mouth is during election time or when he is using it as a currency to deal with the left. We have already sacrificed so much of our gun rights. Every single little bite that is taken from this inalienable right will not be recovered. Yes I will vote for Trump. Or I should say yes I will vote against Biden because Trump has done nothing for the 2A. Not… Read more »


Yes, Warfringe, I agree, the only reason to vote for Trump is to oppose Biden and the democrats.


Except that there is a very real possibility that Trump is nothing but controlled opposition, installed by the Deep State to keep about half of our side pacified and believing that we can still vote our way out of the tyranny.


Is this a parody?


Its an interesting take of events if true. However, those who wrote the Bump Stock opinion of the BATFE did a really bad job because as written if gives the agency wide ranging authority to ban just about everything that makes up a semiautomatic gun. Was the administration in such a hurry to do something about “assault rifles” that a staffer came up with the wording of the ban and it was forced on the BATFE without reviews by firearms lawyers for content ? Or perhaps Trump told the BATFE to come up with something, anything to get rid of… Read more »


I always had the impression that Trump fobbed it off to BATF with instructions to “do someting anything”, with a high likelihood it would be challenged through the courts, and eventualy fail. I don’t think HE ever reviewed the mess just left it to the underlings. I think the whole bumpstock debacle was a piece of politcal theatre to help quiet thigns down after the Vegas massacre operation. I do remember learning and thought it was VERY strange then and still do, that BATF were prohibited examining any of the firearms alledgedly used in the supposed incident. That whole thing… Read more »


I agree with you on this. My eyes were opened after the Warren report on Kennedy…….Too many eyewitnesses in the area around Mandalay said there were shots coming from three different directions…..i think it was an inside job for a political purpose and so far it has worked.

Dr. Strangelove

Yeah, where’s my $300+ for the bump stock that I had to destroy? They’re giving people money to not work. What BS.

Foot in the Forest

Hey Evan with friends of the 2nd like you I am sure we will be disarmed in no time. YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT. There was no investigation of the Vegas shooting there was a white wash. The only thing to come out of Vegas was a BAN on bump stocks done by executive order by Trump. The great conspiracy you refer to brought about by Obama and Trump saving us is a bunch of crap. Sorry but when you piss down my back and tell me it is raining I can smell the shit. If you were to shut… Read more »


What a bunch of baloney. Bump stocks got approved because of the Firearms Technology Branch’s historical logic with the Akins Accelerator and the fact that the reviewers interpret the law in a verbatim style and are actually gun guys to some extent. Political pressure reversed all that. Just like judges, they are not supposed to be political, but they are.

Trump did not protect us, he played politics.

Obama largely left firearms alone because he was playing politics and had higher priorities.


Obama left firearms alone? Yeah, RIIIIGGGHHHHHhtttttttttttt. NOTT. Sure he realised it was a hot potato and thus did not do anything openely and in yer mug like we are seeing today, but he worked hard “in the back rooom” to make our lives miserable in regsrds to arms. Multiple sale reporting, IN THE BORDE STATES? WHen HE was pushing Gunrinner/F&F as hard as he could, Holder in his back pocket? Pusing the narrative through Mexican “officials” and touting the “90% of crime guns recovered in Mexico came from US retail sullpy chain”. Feeding some 3,000 firearms to the Sinaloa Cartel,… Read more »


As a matter of pushing policy? Largely yes. Your examples are hardly even gun control. Fast and Furious wasn’t infringements on the people’s right to bear arms, it was government playing a dangerous game by its own rules for its own nefarious reasons without care for it’s own citizens. Did he advocate gun control? Not really, other than repeatedly saying the states themselves could do whatever they wanted. He didn’t leave guns alone because he was ok with them, he did so because the people wouldn’t put up with it. Well… we still won’t, but the Democrats are still running… Read more »


Plus World Famous JV ex POTUS BHO stopped importation of Russian ammo and mil surplus rifles, including stopping the GCA from importing the Korean Garands. Trump overturned that.


Did he really, or is that another myth that formed out of the mist, like many other things Trump said or mentioned he was going to do but which somehow got squashed or otherwise didn’t happen shortly thereafter? If he did, then where are the Garands and other guns?


Maybe look on Classic Firearms. I seem to think I saw some not so long ago. I know they weren’t cheap & inventory goes quick. CPS also had some from Turkey & Taiwan,


This writer has proven by this article that he is more full of shit than a Christmas turkey. Go ahead and give me all the down votes you want, it doesn’t change the facts.


Well, there it is. The dumbest thing I’ve read this year. Not only did Trump unconstitutionally have a firearm accessory banned but he also signed gun control into law with the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018. He’s called for red flag laws, raising the age to purchase a gun, banning silencers and body armor, and he supports the TAPS Act. He’s no friend of the 2A and you’re either a liar, mentally challenged, or suffering from some severe cognitive dissonance if you think otherwise. This “we have to support Republican gun control so we don’t get Democrat gun control” attitude… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Stag

If Pres. Trump did not do that, Congress would have passed legislation and veto proofed it given the panic the Vegas shooting incident caused.
Legislation harder to overturn or repeal vs the ATF document that can be torn up later very easily.


Either or both your remembrance and understanding of the mood of the country and the willingness of a majority of the Congress is flawed on this topic. There were noises by the usual crowd but the majority of the People and their representatives had no stomach for more gun control legislation.


Uncle T, you apparently have a much higher opinion of the liberal progressive left extremist Democrats than most of us do. Do not underestimate the skullduggery of these traitors and the depths of their anti-American depravity.


The only possibility to get any justice against the travesty of “Fast & Furious” is to re-elect President Trump and vote for a Republican Congress. Otherwise, it will fade into the memory hole, like other crimes by the Deep State.


Fast and Furious is past. Just like the Clinton’s many crimes are untouchable, Obama and Holder are immune. If Trump WAS GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT F&F, he would have done it at the peak of Republican power when he took office. All we can hope for is he will get re-elected and infringe no more during his last term. Little “Drain that swamp!” and “Lock her up!” has happened and I doubt he will do anything in his 2nd term of that flavor.


I never did own a Bump Stock but once while at the range a person there had a Bump Stock on his .22 caliber rifle. I asked him if he would allow me to shoot it and he agreed. After firing it I came to the conclusion that I could fire My Ruger 10-22 faster than his .22 caliber rifle with a Bump Stock could. So we did a test, we would both started firing at the same time and see who emptied their 25 round magazine first. Me with my Ruger 10-22 beat his with the Bump Stock hands… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

*Not with any rifle, nor handgun, does a “bump” stock change it into anything; it remains what it began as when it was initially manufactured.

Last edited 2 years ago by Heed the Call-up



President Trump surgically removed the threat…

A goal that now presidential candidate, Joe Biden, still wants to see imposed on honest gun owners.

So then, Trump betrayed his supporters for absolutely nothing.

There’s no other way to spin this.


You were too gutless to join the military but you whine about a plastic toy bump stock. So, vote Biden..he is as big a loser as you are.

Waahhhh….ATF took my toy that lets me pretend to be Rambo, Waaaaahhhhh!
Yup, that is you losers, Larry.
Oh, and keep blaming EVERYTHING on Trump and not the anti-American scum that rapist Bill Clinton and the gay Kenyan usurper placed in the federal government.

Last edited 2 years ago by tetejaun



Please see my comment about about the bump stock.

Charlie Foxtrot

This article was supposed to be posted at The Babylon Bee or the Duffel Blog, right?


*border states, (*yes it’s important we not look like rubes when making out arguments).
Laying out what the Iron Pipeline program was would be a helpful addition to the article.

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

The rulemaking angle is under-reported. By “surgically removing” the bump stock from the playing field through administrative rule-making by ATF, gun owners avoided the much harder to overturn Federal law. This administrative-change/tactic did an end-run on any Congressional law-making by Democrats and Rhino Republicans, who we all know that after the 2017 Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas Shooting, were hot to make permanent a ban on bump stocks the law of the land. While we gun owners will never agree to having anything taken from us Trump’s move to have ATF make rule changes restricting bump-stocks leaves plenty of room for… Read more »


It also sets a precedent for future “regulations” (read:ban) regarding rifle caliber pistols, bird’s-head firearms and the like.


AND binary triggers. AND pistol braces that will be considered stocks as soon as a memo gets written. AND nonAP, AP ammo as was already tried with M855… and, and, and and and…


Why the hell do you guys keep defending Trump instead of pushing his legitimate challengers with ideas more in line with our own? He’s anti-gun, but just because he’s less anti-gun than Joe doesn’t mean we have to vote for him.

AZ Lefty

Simple they saw him “sticking it to the Libs” so they think he is some sort of hero and not the biggest swamp monster around

Ansel Hazen

Name names. Don’t just say stuff without backing it up.


Yes, but what happens when they count all the mail in votes.
comment image

J Gibbons

What “legitimate” challengers? Jo? Not likely. Our system is a 2-party system. It sucks. It’s wrong, but that’s the way it is.

Any vote for a third-party candidate is a vote against the incumbent, and therefore a de facto vote for Biden who has promised to confiscate, legal or not.


Some here would prefer a coalition type fiasco like the many YOU’RE A PEON countries. As bad as the two party system is, it is still the best mess in politics.

But in 2017 we still had the House, the Senate, and the President. Why were we worried? Unless of course there are a lot of Republican 2A traitors in office? They could have passed National Reciprocity and didn’t. So I for one don’t have much faith in the GOP making much effort towards looking after my rights. These days I think we need to be taking matters into our own hands and heed the words of our Founding Fathers.


I regret that I am allowed but one up vote; for your comment deserves many more.


Indeed, too bad were not democrats, we could have the whole cemetery upvote it then.


Ansel, as a Mainer you should know THAT answer.

Ansel Hazen

Indeed I do. By complete chance I ran across the Susan Collins bus today while out shopping. The shocked look on 3 of her mask wearing people was visible even with their faces covered as I told them every last person at our county gop meeting said they wouldn’t vote for her unless she comes out and supports Trump.

Ansel Hazen

Ryan was indeed a roadblock to quite a lot of things but National Reciprocity managed to get out of the House and sent to the Senate. Now by my thinking if Trump was able to just wave his hand and get bumpstocks banned, why was he unable to make a phone call to the Turtle and tell him to put it to a vote?

Ansel Hazen

Fredy Riehl

There seems to be a missing comment I made to Old Vet below.
When I clicked to post it said something about in review or some shit.
Has Ammoland become the likes of Twitter?

I don’t post on boards that censor my viewpoint. Fix it or I’m gone.

Last edited 2 years ago by Ansel Hazen

The same thing happened to me a week ago. It was a rather benign post so I just figured the gremlins got it.

Dave in Fairfax

Ansel, Roy and others,
I checked the trash folder. There were a number of posts that shouldn’t, to my thinking, be in it. I’m not sure how they got there. I’ve restored many of them. The ones that threatened people’s lives or had multiple links were not restored.

Last edited 2 years ago by Dave in Fairfax
Ansel Hazen

Thank you, making direct threats of violence needn’t be allowed for sure but I tend not to do that so I thought it odd the post got snagged.


So what you’re saying is, the “rulemaking angle” is un-Constitutional and we can easily get the ban reversed… when exactly? When there’s a “non-RINO” in the White House, Congress & SCOTUS? You really ought to stop smoking whatever it is you’re on before someone designates you a prohibited person!


Well that’s assuming that was the President’s ACTUAL rationale for his actions.

I suppose that would constitute 5-D Chess.

You know, surgeons have removed the wrong kidney. Good luck with that.




BUMP mao tse biden off in chinuh and 0bamanus in kenya


The author of this article is delusional and clearly blinded by his admiration of Donald Trump. The bump stock ban is a violation of the takings clause, an over reach by the ATF and a disservice to pro-gun citizens nationawide. Trump’s ATF has now fired the first shot in the battle over SBRs with the first negative review of a AR15 pistol with forearm brace. Donald Trump will prove to be at least as bad, if not worse, for gun rights than any president in recent history. I am still going to vote for him as the lesser of two… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Twiz123

We need to vote every Demonrat out of office right down to dog catcher. This is the only way we can regain control, and while we are at it go after the Liberal lying propagandist news media, the teachers union, and Bollywood. clean these cesspools out.


No, Mr. Trump does not like firearms. He owns one…the one the NRA gave him for addressing a meeting, and for pretending to be our friend. Bump stocks…indeed ATF had ruled them legal because FTB had examined them, found they did not meet the standard under the NFA, and ruled accordingly. They reversed themselves because…he ordered them to. It is very easy to blame ATF for their actions. ATF is a federal agency, answerable to the President. It perhaps employs more ex-cops, and more gun favorable agents, than any other federal agency. But…as an agency, it comes under the direction… Read more »


You do know that Mr. Trump has a NYC concealed handgun license right?
He has had that for decades.


Yeah…yet NYC makes it nearly impossible for anyone not super wealthy to get one. He’s a hypocrite.


Wrong the anti AMERICAN communist atheist satatanic demonicratjihads ARE THE GUILTY PERPS


Federal agency officials dont blindly follow orders like that.
Nice try but your wrong on multiple things you said, showing you have NOT done any research.


We know what it really was about. It was a mistaken attempt to appease the Left so the Trump Administration would raise poll numbers & be seen as “doing something”. It did not make either sides happy. Except a few attourneys and federal agents who like power grabs.
He should’ve went after Hilliary not a plastic gun accessory.


Well, there it is. The dumbest thing I’ve read this year. Not only did Trump unconstitutionally have a firearm accessory banned but he also signed gun control into law with the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018. He’s called for red flag laws, raising the age to purchase a gun, banning silencers and body armor, and he supports the TAPS Act. He’s no friend of the 2A and you’re either a liar, mentally challenged, or suffering from some severe cognitive dissonance if you think otherwise. This “we have to support Republican gun control so we don’t get Democrat gun control” attitude… Read more »


How high you have to be to think Trump’s pro gun? This is so dumb I had to check twice to make sure it wasn’t The Onion.

Deplorable Bill

Don’t forget the worst terrorist attack since 911 happened in Vegas some years ago useing several rifles fitted with bump stocks. One of the bad guys was killed on site but the other, a antifa affiliate who had met with isis in Berlin prior to the attack has still not been captured or killed to my knowledge. With antifa, blm, bamn and other terrorist organizations being supported, funded and aided by the d.n.c.,the communist, socialist, progressive demoncrapic party, things are starting to fall into place. What they have done and what they are doing is not just illegal and immoral,… Read more »


There has still not been ONE single projectile, with chain of custody documentation, linked to even ONE of Paddocks weapons. So much for the patsy having done it. The entire bump stock issue is an illegal straw man move.


I don’t even understand the argument…what are you going on about?


Now the already tumultuous election has taken a turn for the worse. We already knew that a biden votes were really for harris. Now with trump having Covid, Pence will come under much closer scrutiny because many will expect covid to take Trump. Between his age and weight, his risk is high. It is highly likely that Trump was contagious during “debate” with biden. It is quite possible they will both be gone within the month as they were close enough to each other for an extended period and neither wore masks. Biden certainly has to quarantine for the next… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Finnky
J Gibbons

Age alone is not a significant risk factor. Diminished immunity and other underlying health issues are. While no one can predict the future, Trump should come out of this just fine.

And, I look forward to a Pence/Harris debate.


so his test came back positive. Did the lab techs KNOW it was HIS test? The rate of false positives is phenomanally high. Part of that is it ONLY tests for cornoavirus, nothing can test specifically for the nCoV 2, any cornona will produce the same results.. most colds and viral respiratory infectinos are from one of the seven or eight corona virus strains floating about on this big dirtball. Trump eats intelligeny stays physically active, I’ll lay high stakes at long odds he’ s been taking appropriate supplements, while he is a bit on the chunk side, he’s a… Read more »


Mr Trump is still a hearty soul and probably overcome Covid 19. Biden ,on the other hand appears weak physically ( as well as mentally) and could suffer ill from the debate(sic). That debate was awful, like two seven year olds.


I have read the article and comments – I disagree with the “bump-stock” ban; though a I think this “impractical (or pick an adjective) accessory” is not an appropriate focal point for a “shall not be infringed fight. When Trump acted to effect the “ban” I was angered, but it was not the only time Trump’s political tactics and judgments have disappointed. … Regardless, I had come to the same “reconciliation/rationalization” as the author. And, Mr. Nappen has demonstrated his commitment to defense of the Second Amendment and Constitution (as such deserves considerably more grace and “benefit of doubt” than… Read more »


And, with your third paragraph, you have shown your lack of understanding. Of course you feel free to dismiss the opinions and knowledge of “angry typists” which you are free to do. That’s fine. I’ll continue to express my righteous wrath when I think it is warranted.


@RoyD: Perhaps it is your “lack of understanding”; I do not mean to disparage rather motivate – to acknowledge that this country and too many in government are other than “we all” were taught and wanted to believe for too long. … Nevertheless, if I have stoked your “righteous wrath” and that of all the brave “thumb down” voters, then I am hopeful that you will become other than an “angry typist”. … For my part among other activities, recently I won a contested election to a county executive committee of a republican party; after being sued re: my petitions… Read more »


To tell you the truth I don’t know how much righteous wrath I have as that is something I keep on an extremely short leash. Those that know me most likely agree with that course of action.

My comments on your comments still stand, as do yours.

Last edited 2 years ago by RoyD