Gun Owners Rightly Concerned About Biden’s Proposals

Is Joe Biden more interested in ratcheting down on gun rights than he is about unifying the nation? IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A.-( Joe Biden and his media cheerleaders have declared his victory in the 2020 presidential election, and now tens of millions of law-abiding gun owners across the nation are more than a little nervous about his gun control plans, which the media carefully avoided discussing in the days leading up to the election, not even during the debates.

His so-called “Plan to End Our Gun Violence Epidemic” covers lots of bases. AmmoLand News detailed his scheme back on Aug. 21, and it hasn’t changed.

Still, Politifact has bent over backwards in an effort to downplay the threat, by insisting Biden has not called for a new tax on firearms as part of his proposal to regulate semiautomatic modern sporting rifles under the National Firearms Act. Under NFA, Politifact acknowledged Nov. 1, “He has proposed applying an existing federal law on machine guns to assault weapons — which can include semi-automatic firearms — and high-capacity magazines. That existing law includes a $200 tax. However, it’s ultimately unclear whether that tax would apply to all semi-automatic firearms, if it would be charged per unit or if existing gun-owners would be charged anything at all.”

Later in the statement, Politifact insists, “There’s also a question of how a Biden administration would define “assault weapons” — and whether it would include all semi-automatic firearms, as the post says. A Biden campaign spokesperson told us that the precise definition of “assault weapon” would be worked out during the legislative process.”

The answer to that might be found in the text of gun control Initiative 1639, approved by Washington State voters in 2018. Buried back on Page 27 of that scheme, which has since become law, is a definition for a “semiautomatic assault rifle.” Here’s how such a gun is defined:

“Semiautomatic assault rifle” means any rifle which utilizes a portion of the energy of a firing cartridge to extract the fired cartridge case and chamber the next round, and which requires a separate pull of the trigger to fire each cartridge.”

That would encompass literally any self-loading rifle ever manufactured anywhere on the planet.

After it was passed, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich told reporters there is no such firearm as a “semiautomatic assault rifle” and he theorized at the time the only reason a definition was made part of the law was so at some future date, anti-gunner could use it to take further action. That time appears to be looming on the horizon.

“There is no such thing as an assault weapon,” the sheriff told Spokane’s KREM News at the time. “There’s no such thing as an assault rifle. AR stands for the company that made the weapon. What they did is created the definition of an assault rifle, which includes every semi-automatic rifle there is.”

“Step two will be to ban all assault weapons. When they do that, they will ban every semi-automatic rifle there is,” he predicted.

The presumed president-elect almost immediately began talking about unity and bringing the country together. But Second Amendment activists wonder how he plans to unify the country when he wants to treat 100 million gun owners as second-class citizens by requiring “universal background checks” on all firearms transfers, limit firearm purchases to one per month, and giving owners of modern sporting rifles the option of either selling their guns “back” to the government or registering them under the NFA. It’s what many in the firearms community have dubbed “compensated confiscation.”

Another tenet of Biden’s plan the media carefully avoided during the campaign was his intention to provide incentives to the states to set up gun licensing programs. As explained in his “Plan,” Biden’s intent is to “enact legislation to give states and local governments grants to require individuals to obtain a license prior to purchasing a gun.”

The U.S. Supreme Court might have something to say about this because it this mandates licensing in order to exercise a fundamental right protected by the Constitution.

Also buried in Biden’s plan is the disarmament of teachers who have undergone special training in order to provide a first line of defense against school shootings. “We should be passing rational gun laws, not requiring educators who already have too much on their plates to also protect the safety of their students. Biden supports barring states from using federal dollars to arm or train educators to discharge firearms,” the plan specifies.

Still, President Donald Trump and Republican attorneys are preparing challenges to vote counts in several states, and there have been allegations of improprieties in several states including Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona.

And there is the potential for a GOP-controlled Senate to block any of gun control legislation proposed by Biden, despite threats to use executive action.

Finally, there is the Supreme Court with its conservative majority, which may prove itself to be Trump’s greatest legacy to the nation, provided Biden and Kamala Harris do not attempt to pack the court. If Republicans control the Senate, that’s not likely to happen, either.

The importance of maintaining even a razor-thin majority in the Senate has suddenly become paramount.


Biden’s Anti-Gun Agenda Would Turn Right into Privilege

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Democrats are likely to pass a new assault weapons ban as RINOs like Susan Collins will side with Democrats. Vice President Harris will be voting in the Senate to get a bill to Biden’s desk for signature.


TYRANNY’S coming fellow Patriots. Our Founders warned us and gave us the blueprint for overthrowing Tyrants. Sic Semper Tyranus.


(You just are required to REGISTER IT TO OUR CONFISCATION LIST!)


A message to “Free America”:
(Where only 4% of NY Gun Owners were spineless enough to comply with the NY SAFE Act!)


Yano i got as far as background checks on every firearm sale as well as registering our ARs and other semi-auto guns. We already have to do all the things hes talking about here in New Jersey.Of course we dont have that $200dollar tax on machine guns because we are not allowed to have anything like one.Hell we cant even get any of the bi-nary triggers and some companies wont mail ammo to our state alrady! I will tell you one thing though……i will never and i mean NEVER abide by or follow or listen too any laws or policies… Read more »


Crazy Joe says we have three shell limit in the shotguns for migratory birds but we don’t have magazine limits to protect the children.
We do not hunt children so need for any magazine limitations.

Green Mtn. Boy

Hold the phone. the Bumbling Idiot isn’t the president yet and may not be.


If he ends up as our countries leader i sure feel sorry for that 1/3rd at most of the country! They are the minority and are pushing way too hard to cheat the win of Biden into office! This “will” be the straw that breaks the camels back!!! I know im locked&loaded!!! I will never give up any of my property freely and fight the Fed till the end if they try to take it by force! I will meet force with as much force as i can muster!!!


Here’s to all the accidental fires in the record cabinets of all the gun shops, and memorizing the line; “I sold all my guns to Billy-Bob something at the gun show in 2019.”


I lost all of mine semi-auto guns in an odd boating accident! We went out target shooting and shark fishing and we all needed one so i took them aqll out with us.I went to hand the bag over to a friend on another boat and the straped handle broke and there they all went to the bottom of the ocean with spongbobs and his fellow rainbow party! I wish i could remember where we lost those guns but i hit my head jumping overboard to try and save them and forget?Everyone else that was there has since past away… Read more »


Be sure you dig an extras hole in the back yard for yourself. if you think they are just after your guns you are in for a rude surprise. Hit them before they come to your door, because they will come to your door.


Didn’t see a proper place for my thought – which is, as with all other “gun control” measures/laws/rules/regulations – this would only affect Law Abiding Citizens and NOT criminals who are the problem in the first place. I suspect that the initial compliance rate will be about as ‘good’ as the noo yawk compliance with the (not so)”safe” act.
When decent folks start getting ‘swatted’ by their neighbors, our kid gloves are likely to come off. Free people can only be pushed so far. Bullies of one sort or another have been finding that out for centuries.

Last edited 1 year ago by GomeznSA

AMEN brother! I plan to never abide by any laws,policies,rules or restrictions that a Biden Admin/Government would impose! Just like the left has done for 4yrs…….Biden,NOT MY PRESIDENT!!!


Finders Keepers
Awol is not funny
Well I think they did it
And you can too
Drop the other thing first
It really does matter
In real time


I’ve been reading a lot of posts from so called 2nd admin. warriors, they all say pretty much the same thing; I’ll never give up my guns, and will fight to the death before I give in! We shall see what happens when it comes down to the nut cutting.
Throughout my life it seems the ones with the biggest mouths are usually the first ones to bow the knee.


Not to be an ass hoss but throughout my life usually the one they call HOSS is the smallest dude in the truck…you were saying?


So true, Hopefully Hoss Cartwright could abbreviate 2nd amend as opposed to our hoss who wrote 2nd ADMIN lol
Were still glad you here hoss don’t get all mad, You threw the first rock.

Dave in Fairfax

Gotta agree, I got called Tiny and Smiley a lot.


And there ya go


meto but the funny thing is im 6ft6inches tall and about 260lbs! lol


SEMPER FORTIS!! I Will Not be giving up any of my firearms! Most are already off site or on the way to being so.I will keep things like my lever guns,pump shot guns and revolvers here.The rest will have been lost in an odd boating accident.Sad but true i lost them all as the handles on my duffle bag that had every last semi-auto gun i own in it.As i was jumping from one boat to another,out at sea.I hit my head on the side of the boat jumping in to try and save my guns.One of the boat owners… Read more »


Yano your right……Although those mouths are normally young ones.I’m 56yrs old and swore an oath to protect and defend our Constitution and Bill Of Rights over any President that isnt following that Constitution and Bill Of Rights! I am old enough to refuse to give up my guns and still young enough to fight them if they want them! They may get a few of them but those i will have already placed off sight will be my tools from a far at 1st! I will fight and im not mouthing off! LIVE FREE OR DIE! I will do all… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by BigMikeU

Well for what its worth i live in the 1st but not the only Red County and 2A sanctuary in New Jersey.Its also one of the largest if not the largest county in the state.Our local police and Sheriff,has already stated they will not enforce the Anti-2A laws that Murphy is putting i nto place! He has shredded our Constitution since his 1st day of office and still has two years to go! He must be removed from office for Sedition, Subversion or out right Treason! He is 100% most assuredly, guilty of one of these if not all!!! Hes… Read more »





Brought to you by an American for a safer America and I approve refusal to comply with any confiscation.


Unfortunately, you are talking to screaming yellow cowards on this board. Sure, there are a few here that are Americans, probably prior service, but most are all talk and no action. I will bet less that 50% of the posters on this board voted. When gun confiscation happens, these weasels will crawl over their neighbors to be the first to turn in their guns. You see, having and keeping a comfortable place with their “stuff” around them is WAAAYYYY more important than anything else. Sure, they talk a good fight, but they will never lift a finger to keep their… Read more »


There ya go! Instilling a great sense of camraderie and trust amongst the citizens on this panel. I would believe, contrary to your opinion, that fully 87% of the regulars here voted, even though I don’t agree with those that voted Commiecratic.


I am with you, all the way! Our Constitution requires it.


I always vote, did miss one, got an absentee ballot in the mail in February after Nixon had already been sworn in. I am a Vietnam Vet. Will vote for Trump if he runs again also. Was in Academy’s the other day, salesperson asked can I help you, I said no I could help you but not I have more ammo than you do. Been getting wife better at reloading mags, and shooting also. I’m out in the country nearest neighbor is 1/4 mile used to 1 mile on the road I live on 9 out of 11 guys got… Read more »


I live in New Jersey and all the things a Biden Admin would impose on the country in terms of gun restrictions are already on the books in our state.The only part of it not imposed on us is that 200dollar tax mentioned….yet anyway. But i have not abided by any restrictions put into place by Murphy since he has entered office.When he lowed our capacity to 10rds not one magazine was pinned or turned in ,in our state.So that should tell you something.Most AR owners in this state are now felons im sure!Look i lost all my semi-auto guns… Read more »


Im mad i wasnt permitted to vote in person.I had to mail it in or give a paper ballot to a Demonrat at the court house.For another Demonrat count and record. Look im a registered Dem and have been all my life.The last 1/2 of my 55yrs on earth i have voted Republican.But just never got around to changing parties. In the mail this year i received not 2 or 3 but 4 Mail-In-Ballots.Once i got the forth and last one i shredded the 1st three and took my 4th one filled out to the court house,once again given to… Read more »


i have my fingers up and ready to go ,any attempt to take my firearms will be met with fire


ditto brother! Wish i had a bigger bugout location for families.I will be dropping off my family there while i go back out to meet with friends myself. Nobody will be taking my property without a fight! FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!


I know i voted and the worst part is i live in NEw Jersey and we were not allowed to vote in person.It had ot be a Mail-In Ballot or a paper ballot turned over to a Demonrat at the court house to be counted by other Demoncrats to tally.So with all the biased bullshi* coming from the left that this election was a fare,equal and fraud free election?I watched the 2016 election myself and saw quite a few reports of 10s of thousands of mail-in’s for Trump behind the voting stations in all the dumpsters and dozens of extra… Read more »


tetejuan: “Sure, there are a few here that are Americans, probably prior service, . . . ” Some of the finest American are/were veterans, but prior military experience is frequently held out as some sort of badge of honor of conservatism. It’s not. Most of the politicians with prior military experience are anti-gun. I think “our community” would be better served if people looked at the policies others advocate for (such as respect for the 2nd Amendment), not: Whether they have military or law enforcement experience; Their birthdate; Their gender; Their current profession; The state they were born in; The… Read more »


Florida’s in the fight and its 82 today and sunny cmon down musicman44mag


Yes they are ..ain’t no Italian dressing after 2 day soak cureing


Oh no i dont eat me no turtle! just cant stomach it! gator or other odd breeds yeah but not turtle.nasty in more ways then one! lol


Told my wife the house i owned when we got married will be sold.Im using a portion of that money to buy some land in a PRO 2A state! Off grid yet close enough to run at least electric from a poll.I will have solar as well that can run the house for ever.I already have a nice gun safe to put there and plans to set up the house with a secret gun room that will hold the safe as well as all my prepping supplies. Food,Water purification,guns and ammo.and of course other supplies.Things will be bad but once… Read more »


For a line by line explanation of Joe’s Gun ban plan, you can go to Mr Guns n Gear on many social media channels and see the video


Joe’s ban is All-Inclusive. . In a nutshell; there are No semi-autos, rifles, shotguns, handguns or pistols, that Will Not be Banned. You can read it on Joes website. If you want to keep them, you will NFA register each and every gun @ $200 each, and each and every MAG @ $200 each. No exceptions. Additionally, Anything (including non-semi-auto) with a mag, tube, or method to hold more than 10, Or can be made to hold more than 10 rounds” is Banned. Thats All of them folks except for a couple of old bolt actions or single shots! Hunters… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by MgM

It would seem then if he manages to pull this rabbit out of his Make America Ugly hat that actions like lever and pump would suddenly become more desirable.. much faster than bolt, and more accurate on followyp shots, and can carry some pretty heavy cartridges, far more deadly than the AR class that has Sleepy Joe looking fo rhis Depends when he hears about them…..


Thats a nice thought, but the wording is very specific in his ban, and pumps and lever actions can be made to hold more than 10, even if it is a ridiculous tube that goes on forever. This ban literally covers everything. They took the wording straight out of the last ‘assault weapons ban’ that Florida Supreme Court rejected. That ban covered every type of gun ever made except single shot.

Last edited 1 year ago by MgM

AND ? We are all aware of what he’s trying to do. Am I worried yea sure but losing sleep absolutely not !! I’ve lived a good life caught a lot of waves slept with a lot of good looking women so if it’s time to water the tree then so be it. I’m not even going OTW I’m staying in the beach house with all my toys. Just to much to carry come n get em.


@MgM – you missed a word. “If you want to” LEGALLY “keep them”
If you are willing to break the law, Joe’s ban means little until either the thugs arrive to enforce it or you try to do some shopping. I predict the biggest immediate pain will come from ammo restrictions. Ammo market supports that thought as much has gone from expensive to unavailable.


Joe’s ban is All-Inclusive. Mr. Guns-n-Gear lays it out perfectly in plain language, you should watch his video on it. In a nutshell; there are No semi-autos, rifles, shotguns, handguns or pistols, that Will Not be Banned. You can read it on Joes website. If you want to keep them, you will NFA register each and every gun @ $200 each, and each and every MAG @ $200 each. No exceptions. Anything (including non-semi-auto) with a mag, tube, or method to hold more than 10, Or can be made to hold more than 10 rounds” is Banned. Thats All of… Read more »


Ok AMMOLAND, why did you delete my comments?
I made a 100% accurate statement that can be fact-checked and proved as correct, yet you deleted it anyway.
Are actually a real gun news outlet?
Explain this to me please.


cool yer jets…….. the mods and the system are not instant. Patience. A good o=comment will not be dumped. No one’s picking on you.


You scared the cowards.


@MgM – We’ve been getting lots of trolls and spam lately. I appreciate Dave taking time to filter out all the “work from home” offers. Unless they are offering gunsmith training or similar, they have no place here.


Should Biden make it to the inauguration and we are not in a hot civil war then that will be the time to kick out the jams; sand in the gears, monkey wrench it…. Until it is time to use our Liberty Teeth. If they want to tax me they can come and collect it.


I think the plan all along was to get Sleepy Joe elected and then to remove him by any means so that the Squad could control the people. Odds are slim and none and Slim just left town.


If Harris is ‘expired’, it probably was the right.
If Joe is ‘expired’ it definitely was his own.


the Horizontal Unit is not eligible to be VP or Pres…. WHY has no one challenged this in the courts? SHE cannot be sworn in as either VP or P. And the FACT that Pugliugly perjured herself to “certify” the kinyun does not change the FACTS now.


First job for them will be figuring out WHO had WHAT and WHERE it is. I can forsee some hot markets for 6 inch PVC and solid end caps. Since most states do not have true registration, like for cars, the have NO PROOF that George SMith still has that FOrty Aught Seventen semi auto elephant gun he bought twenty years ago….. because there is no real tracing on each gun, despite the fact that is exactly what they want. Maybe George sold it to Pete seven years ago, then Pete pawned it and didn’t redeem it, so Harry snagged… Read more »


You sir are correct the sales records to every gun store in AMERICA ?? good luck with that. Going to take a little while and then who’s going to come get them ? They dont know who has what or how much..keyword here
REGISTRATION…yeaaaaa I’m thinking not
Don’t forget ARMSLIST sales no background check
Dont forget ( your state here) gun no background check
And that time at Kevin’s house when he wanted my para expert 14 .45 really bad and I got that ummmm nevermind

Mystic Wolf

You can bet that quid-pro-joe and kamawhamadingdong will use every nazi trick in the nazi book Mein Kompf to get what they want, just remember those two wackos care nothing for this country, remember what quid-pro-joe said about raising taxes on every one and eliminating every tax break that TRUMP set in p,ace for the people. That kamawhamadingdong creature has proven time and again that it is 100% communist in nature, that one can and will do Sevier damage to not only the nation as a whole but it will attempt to get rid of the BILL OF RIGHTS. When… Read more »


“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure”; quoted from Thomas Jefferson letter to William Stephens Smith in 1787. That letter deserves serious reading and understanding!


Oh no, that letter was written for a different time and doesn’t really apply today. SARCASIM.

Kameltoe got to where she is by sleeping with willy brown and others. It had nothing to do with how smart she was. Typical kommifornia politics in action.

That’s one of the reasons I left.


It deserves ACTION!
But, don’t expect any action from the gutless Americans in this country.
Sure, one or two here and there, but most will rat you out for some perceived atta boy from their government master.


If Dave can’t say “armed resistance”, how about saying “civil disobedience” then?


Our Founding Fathers are weeping.
What cowards Americans have become.


DW – try this one: “Armed Civil Disobedience” – preferably concealed (my preference) – to be used only as situations dictate.

uncle dudley

What I expect will happen to gun owners will be a copy of New York and California gun control laws pushed on the entire country in their effort to limit type’s of firearms and an extension of gun free zones to severely limit where you can carry.
We have lost half the battle as long as we use the term assault weapon on any non military firearm, the sheriff has that correct.


uncle – NEVER forget why the specious term “assault weapon” was invented – it has succeeded far beyond sugarmann’s wildest dream.


Biden’s BATFE and Homeland security will become his own personal Gestapo and SS when it comes to his 2nd Amendment destruction plans and he’ll have plenty of agents/officers willing to risk their life by following “orders” to attempt to confiscate firearms and arrest citizens. Sadly, there will be millions of gun owners who will comply with whatever Biden dictates and turn in their guns (they are the ones wearing the covid masks everywhere).


In NY only 4% complied with the NY SAFE Act.
Do you think gun owners in free states will have a higher compliance rate?


Not referenced will be a constant and continuous harassment of Federal Firearms Licensees and gun and ammo manufacturers. It is the bureaucracy who will carry out the nefarious acts. If you think I am kidding I can introduce you to about a dozen former FFL’s from Kalifornia who were literally terrorized by Kalifornia DOJ and got out of the business. Anyone who denies the existence of a “Deep State” has never been a FFL or been on the board of a gun club in Kalifornia. We need fear the thin margins i the US Senate and the impending dual election… Read more »


Can’t buy it back if you never owned it to begin with.
I Will Not Comply


I’ve been saying for a long time that this panic-demonic will end when WE THE PEOPLE rise up and TELL “them” it’s over now, we’re done with the masks and unsocial distancing, and want our lives back again and yuo can’t stop us from taking them back.

Sadly I am NOT holding my breath waiting for that to happen. Was at the grocer’s the other evening, I was the ONLY one in the store with no mug nappie in view….. other times in that same store a good quarter of the folks were real-faced.

Capn Dad

Didn’t mention the option of armed resistance…why not? Scared?




I still don’t understand how they plan on defunding the police but yet who are they going to get to go around and confiscate our weapons? The police? I find it highly unlikely they will ever be able to take them away. Nobody in their right mind is going to work for a government that’s trying to get them killed and then not pay them.


Bingo! as Joe is so fond of saying, “nobody in their right mind”.

Last edited 1 year ago by MgM

Brown Shirts and Block Captains. Antifa will be the new secret police. That is their real purpose.


We can only hope that this is the
( Secret Police ) man buns and skinny Jean’s I think we’ll be just fine. Things change when your getting shot at as most of you already know
That’s a whole NEW kinda buzz.

Last edited 1 year ago by SEMPAI

I have a feeling that the Govt making lists might not work out like they would want it to. Just a feeling.


How bout A.O.C. wanting a list of all who voted for trump?
Be verrrry careful A.O.C.
the blood will be on your pretty hands.


You mean like GWB’s “No Fly” list? Gee, what could go wrong? A friend of mine found himself on that list. Took him four years and 32,000 in legal bills to get off. Funny thing is this. He was an honorably retired California Highway Patrol officer. Funny how that works.




PS – that would have been interesting and entertaining to watch 😉 You didn’t happen to get it on video by any chance?
BTW – where did this happen, it needs to go onto my places to avoid list.