New York City Rotting Away Under Mayor Bill de Blasio, as Shooting Numbers Spike


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, IMG instagram @NYCMayor
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, IMG Instagram @NYCMayor

Ft Collins, CO –-( NYC’s criminal shooting episodes are exploding, NYPD Chief Shea sheepishly admits.

This, despite the fact that for an honest citizen, with no criminal record, to legally purchase and keep a serious gun in NYC is nearly impossible, that is absent high-level political connections.

Yet simultaneously, criminals arrested by NYPD for illegal possession and use of guns are released almost immediately.

Under NY “bail reform,” judges have scant choice but to release the criminals, even when arrestees re-offend, more-or-less instantly, multiple times.

These criminals don’t have to deal with a waiting period, nor pass a test, nor pay a fee or have a politician grease the process.

What is fascinating about this “system” of over three-thousand arrested, booked, gun-packing, repeat offenders being instantly released (to-date during 2020) to stalk and shoot more innocent victims, is that it makes no sense.

That is, until the careful observer confronts the incontrovertible truth that the released, violent, dangerous, repeat criminal offenders are, to a person, the protected, core-constituents of today’s Democrat/Communist Party.

A party whose stated target identified openly for destruction is our firearms & ammunition industry, FFL retailers, and particularly gun owners.

Communists don’t want their precious proxy-thugs getting hurt when they violently victimize innocent citizens.

Lawlessness, chaos, and squalor are where Communists thrive, and when they are not stealing elections, they’re manufacturing it as fast as they can, as we see.

“The Bill of Rights is the bone structure of the living and breathing United States of America. The Bill of Rights is the embodiment of the “inalienable rights” dictated by the Declaration of Independence, upon which every Federal law, State law, State constitution and the United States Constitution are based upon. Compromise the Bill of Rights, and you compromise the bone structure of the living and breathing Union. Compromise the Bill of Rights, and the United States is nothing but a corpse awaiting decay and a return to dust.” ~ AE Samaan


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de Blasio is a Communist Azzhole! He has run NYC into the ground just like Cuomo has run New York State into the ground! However, I have no sympathy for the residents of either political unit. They voted these Communist Azzholes into office. Now they have to live with their actions!!! As far as the residents of New York are concerned, Forest said it best, “Stupid is as stupid does!”


While the numbers are indicative of the Mad Max mentality now permitted in NYC, sympathy for the residents is muted by noting that the people who are now living under this third-world mayhem are the same people who voted De Blasio into office in the first place – and will probably return him to office after the next election. This pattern is repeated in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and LA. The new LA DA is a Soros pick, and his stated intention and action is to turn LA into a virtual modern day Thunderdome. The sobering fact here is that… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by MarkE

What are we to make of politicians who disarm honest citizens and refuse to allow them to defend themselves, while putting known, violent offenders – both those recently arrested AND those convicted and in jail, but released on the grounds that a murderer or rapist shouldn’t be exposed to Covid-19 in an overcrowded jail (as far as I’m concerned, they should be ground into dog food) – back on the street to attack those honest citizens? They disarm you, but enable your attackers? THIS is what passes for “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution” in their oaths of office? These… Read more »

AE Samaan

I appreciate the quote citation. Yes, our Bill of Rights is the bone structure of the United States. Yes, the Constitution is vital. No, we cannot remain a free people without it.
A.E. Samaan

Mystic Wolf

Yeah look at the creature that things like you put in office, quid-pro-joe is an agent for communist china, that kid of his hunter has been over to china many times and to this day is getting money from China, why do you think hunter is under investigation. The satan worshipping DEMONcrats went on and on about russia collusion this znd fussia collusion that and there was no proof, but with quid-pro-joe biden there is ample proof of not only china collusion but of joey being an agent for them. Then look at the other satan worshipping DEMONcrats like dianne… Read more »