“No Guns” Signs Posted Around Virginia Capitol Area In Richmond ~ Deception

"No Guns" Signs Posted Around Virginia Capitol Area In Richmond
“No Guns” Signs Posted Around Virginia Capitol Area In Richmond

Virginia – -(AmmoLand.com)- Richmond once again abuses its power – this time to mislead citizens on their rights.

We knew that the more tyrannical localities would abuse their power to prohibit guns in certain areas, and they did. Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, Fairfax County, Charlottesville, and the City of Richmond used every bit of power they had to ban guns everywhere they could and with no exception for even CHP holders.

But Richmond wants to push the tyranny envelope even further by having “No Guns” signs posted permanently on the streets around the Capitol area.

The intent of the signs is to purposely mislead gun owners so they don’t lawfully carry in that area.

The signs have a huge gun with a red slash over it and large letters that say, “NOTICE: FIREARMS PROHIBITED BEYOND THIS POINT

Meanwhile, in the fine print at the bottom of the sign it says, “Many events using this place or another place open to the public immediately adjacent to this place are either permitted events or would otherwise require a permit. During these events, the possession, carrying, or transportation of firearms, ammunition, or components or combination thereof is prohibited.”

Those of you who are Virginia Citizens Defense League members know that sign is meaningless unless there is an actual event in progress, without even reading the fine print. You also know that the police policy is to give verbal warning before taking any action. But, non-members probably won’t know that. They will see that big gun with the red slash over it and the firearms-prohibited notice and believe they can’t carry on that part of the street, ever.

Pretty slimy, but I would expect no less from Mayor Stoney. Just a strong reminder of why we need to repeal the law that permits local gun-control.

Do those signs affect Virginia Citizens Defense League Lobby Day?

Virginia Citizens Defense League is not having an event in Richmond on Lobby Day, so our presence doesn’t trigger the prohibition. We are merely driving through. No doubt some people will decide to park and walk around. That’s not an event, either. Could there be some event going on during Lobby Day? Sure, that’s possible. The only way to know is to call the Richmond Police Department’s non-emergency telephone number that morning and ask them if there is a permitted event where you will be walking: 804-646-5100.

In fact, anytime you will be visiting Richmond, you should call 804-646-5100 and verify there are no events scheduled anywhere those signs are posted.

Virginia Citizens Defense LeagueAbout Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

For more information, visit: www.vcdl.org.

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Misleading/lying signs are going to cause the police to hassle or arrest people even though they are following the [unconstitutional] law there. When the government outright lies to the people it isn’t for the people anymore.


I guess we wait at the OK corral in Richmond for Wyatt Earp Morgan Virgil and Doc Holliday to come down and disarm us….Just call me Ike Clanton and the rest of the cowboys the McClary’s this time we win the shoot out…!!!! Friggen ridiculous…!!!


These signs will lead to deaths.

Anti-gun organizations already encourage their followers to call police on sighting “a man with a gun”, regardless whether the MWAG is peaceful and behaving lawfully, because “you never know when they might just snap!” Their hyperventilating 911 calls don’t mention he’s not threatening anyone, just the gun they spotted. These signs provide just a more specific pretense for their hateful hysteria.

These signs will trigger SWATing and murder-by-cop.


Stick to predicting lottery numbers. You will have better luck.

The Crimson Pirate

At some point we have to take a lesson from the pro illegal alien crowd and the potheads and just stop obeying the laws.


It’s true, When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”
When that time comes, you can consider me an outlaw.

Last edited 1 year ago by Cruiser

T. C. P. . . . It is coming to that and that time is not far away!


P.S. . . . I am with you on that one!!!


On both issues, there are numerous state laws that are in direct opposition of federal law. The DEA, ICE, and CBP in most cases defer to the state laws. For example, there is a federal law that prohibits smoking marijuana, but 11 states have laws that indicate it is legal. The DEA does not prosecute people for breaking the federal law. For the last six months, I have been working with state legislators to pass similar laws regarding upcoming new federal gun control laws that prevent BATFE enforcement actions within the sate I live. I encourage people to get involved… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

The Tree of Liberty needs to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots and tyrants.

I am wiIIing to donatesome bIood at this time.


Boz . . . Remember what Gen. Patton said. He did not want his soldiers to die for their country. He wanted his soldiers to make the OTHER GUY die for his “country”! Let’s make sure it is the tyrants who are shedding their blood!


Boz, you got that right, but let the Tyrants do the bleeding.

WI Patriot

It’s up to law abiding citizens to know what the gun laws are in their respective states…just because dems try to deceive the citizens doesn’t mean one has to be ignorant, know the laws, know your rights…


There is only one legal gun law, The Second amendment, all others are illegal.


Cruiser . . . YUP!!! ARM UP! GET READY!


The Second Amendment states “SHALL NOT INFRINGE”, any local laws of any kind are INFRINGING. I hope all our patriots will stand up against all these gun grabbers.

The national gun registration system should be eliminated. I don’t like the idea of any government agency knowing I have a gun.

Last edited 1 year ago by ShooterOne
WI Patriot

“Many socialist states change their laws almost literally day to day.”

Horseshit, you’re just making an excuse for not doing your due diligence…
Regardless of what laws may or may not be in place, as a responsible gunowner, it’s YOUR job to know them…
If you want to run around and make excuses, that’s on you…


All arms laws are unconstitutional.


Firearm thieves are liars.


Let’s clean the anti American criminals out of government and get our lives back. “Tar and feathering” comes to mind.


Federal Prison…comes to mind


Politicians have insulated themselves by getting rid of death penalties. Life in prison might work.


Then, I recall a prisoner named JEFFERY GOMER was released into general population, I think that would work out just right for the trader POLITICANS!!!!!!!!!!


Cruiser . . . If you want to read about a man who was extraordinarily effective in getting the government off his back, read the true history of Michael Collins. 


a small pair of wire cutters or a sharp knife will take care of that ridiculous sign.


Where I work is very similar. Big signs on the entryways of every facility saying “Possession of deadly weapons prohibited” then in the fine print “Except as allowed in..” a city ordinance which says open carry is prohibited, but state law says that concealed carry is allowed except under very specific situations. Now, granted it’s against personnel policy, too so employees can’t carry anyway, but for the general public it’s very misleading and, I’m sure, very intentionally so. I used to live in a free state, but I find myself now living in the People’s Republic of Kolorado.


“People’s Republic of Kolorado.” That’s what is happening all over Democrat Liberals are moving to blue states and bringing their politics with them.
Vote them out send them packing back to the hellholes they left, public shunning might be a start.


Looks like Lobby Day last year scared the living chit out of them and this is the payback! They either left town or hid under their desks when 30 thousand armed and peaceful citizens showed up on their doorstep.
The next Lobby Day should be a show of massive civil disobedience where we are ALL conspicuously armed and ignore all those phony signs and “ emergency decrees “ issued by King Blackface Himself.

The Crimson Pirate

I thought Lobby Day was cancelled due to underhanded anti gunner shenanigans like an anti gun group getting a permit for that day even though VCDL applied first. I thought they had switched to doing a Trump Train style caravan of pro 2A people with flags and banners and stuff.


Will be as effective as a ‘Gun Free Zone’ or ‘No Criminals Allowed’ sign.


This practice a Banning firearms between points on a city map is useless unconstitutional and miss leading this has got to end in a lawsuit right up to the US Supreme Court we have a 6 to 3 or 5 to 4 majority at SCOTUS NOW START start bringing lawsuits up against these states and Democratic leadership and they’ll stop…!

Last edited 1 year ago by Z

Gun owners are allot smarter than the people who put up these worthless signs. Also who authorizes these people to spend tax-payer money on these signs.
Their job is to govern for us, not over us.


It would probably be best practice to call 804 646 5100 regardless of where in the country you are at to see if there is a permitted event taking place every time you leave or may leave your home. You never know if you might start your day in Arizona and end up in downtown Richmond.


Any time there is an event, flood their phone lines, they might get the hint.


Good idea, but unless you live in Richmond how do you know of an event, since they occur nearly daily there ?
The REAL answer is to flood the poles next election and flush the turds out of office!!


This is so Ridiculous do you or we live in tombstone Arizona and is Wyatt Earp coming down to the OK corral to disarm you like the mclaury’s and clanton’s that is so stupid


Hello all of u on the Right this is the way it has been and The Right has not done a thing about it in my 68 years, of which I have been shootn 4 56 years. Most ever form of Government Building on all levels in all states have been Gun Free Zone all those years! So why r u surprised by The Lies and Lack of Action by the Right? I have been talking about this 4 years, and I have been and still am asking 4 National Carry. I vote for the right and the left as… Read more »


Tell that to the left.


Democratic socialist liberals are made to disarm Americans just as in tombstone Arizona when Wyatt Earp Made a dead zone in a town of tombstone I guess Richmond Virginia is doing the same the governor made a dead zone in there in Virginia, now you can’t carry gun from point A to point B this is ridiculous What is the governor watching tombstone the other night and decided to make a dead zone in the city of Richmond ridiculous….What’s next an other shootout at the OK corral in Richmond?????

Last edited 1 year ago by Z

Wow…. Tombstone, Arizona….sorry Richmond, Virginia, where is Wyatt Earp to disarm you….where is he at the the OK Corral in Richmond…THIS IS SO FRIGGEN STUPID….Really you dipsh!t Governor of Virginia….The days of water bat Masterson and all those lime and who try to clean up towns in the west by taking guns away from people when they enter the city streets that’s ridiculous he created more crime even western days as it does now when does the stupidity and I guess 1775 was a start of a revolution where we earned our gun rights true patriotism now we lose them… Read more »


Where are all the militias?
The only one I’ve heard of is the inept NFA ( Not Fu*king Around ) that, so far, has shot three of their own members ! But you gotta hand it to them, at least they are doing SOMETHING, rather then lip service .


What’s the matter guys ? Did I scare you by saying that you have to get off your computer asses and do something physical ?