Speaking With Kurt Santini, Army Ranger And Candidate for VA Governor

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Kurt Santini is an Army Ranger who served his country with pride before suffering a severe spinal cord injury that took him off his feet for 18 years. With Operation Backbone’s help, he received a life-changing surgery that allowed him to enjoy life again.

Instead of sitting back and enjoying life, Santini felt the call to give his life over to serve his home state of Virginia and his country once more. He saw what he believes to be unconstitutional laws that the state legislature passed in Virginia and wanted to push back against them. He decided the best way to accomplish his new mission was to take control of the Commonwealth. He decided to run for Governor of Virginia.

I had a chance to speak to Kurt about his decision to run and the Commonwealth issues.

Kurt Santini and Wife in Washington, DC.

John: What made you want to run for Governor?

Kurt: I took the Oath to the Constitution; I feel that I would be in violation of that Oath by not running for Governor. I cannot watch my country being torn apart day in and day out by the lies and manipulation from our elected officials. If regular people like me don’t run, nothing is going to change, I have seen the injustices, and I am tired of seeing good people being turned into criminals. Our rights are being violated year after year, and people are tired of do as I say, not as I do. Every candidate I see is either divisive, a career politician, or does not have what it takes to unify the people.

John: What is your background with firearms?

Kurt: My great grandfather served in WWII. My grandfather served in the Korean war and Vietnam. I served in the U.S. Army from 98-01 as an Army Ranger. Love of country and firearms has been instilled in me since my youth. I received my first rifle when I was seven or eight years old, A marlin 22 rifle. I frequent the range often to keep my proficiency up to standards, and I carry everywhere I am legally (under the current unconstitutional laws) am able to.

John: Virginia has enacted universal background checks. What is your stance on that law?

Kurt: My answer to the question is I don’t approve of UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS. However, there are people that should not have firearms. There are questions and conversations that need to be worked out. For example, how do you determine what people should not have firearms, mentally disabled, threats of violence? How do you keep them from firearms without infringing on the Constitutional rights of everyone else? We do need to look at answering some questions and finding solutions to those answers. I do believe that there are people that should not have firearms, but they have rights too.

John: Most Democrats in the Virginia legislature want a so-called assault weapons ban. If you are Governor, would you sign it if it came across your desk?

Kurt: NO! First, they have no idea what an assault weapon even is! How can they attempt to ban something they cannot define or agree on a definition of! Second, America had automatic weapons at the founding of our Constitution. Third, “They”, “Me” and “I” cannot ban anything without first amending the Second Amendment. That requires We the People to VOTE on it, not some corrupt, career, manipulative politician deciding what We the People can and can’t have. Every law that is currently “active”, that prevents, limits, or requires any form of documentation or fee, to buy, sell or carry, is in violation of the Second Amendment!

John: Local counties have now begun instituting their own gun restrictions. How would you combat those restrictions?

Kurt: With the Constitution! If the Constitution is not amended, specifically the Second Amendment, then I would have broken my OATH of office and my OATH to the Constitution.
Under the United States Constitution, the Second Amendment specifically says, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”!!!

John: Do you support Constitutional carry?

Kurt: Absolutely! The Constitution solidifies all of our rights nationally! Again, until the Second Amendment is amended by “We the People” voting on it, we already can! Some career politicians years ago convinced enough people to allow themselves to get arrested for violating a crime (by the politician’s definition) that is unconstitutional! This is why we need to review all of the current laws and REMOVE or REVISE the laws that violate all of our Rights!

I believe that this can be accomplished by revising our Constitution and adding term limits! Right now, our country is divided by politics and fear. One side scares you, and the other side uses that fear to convince you to agree with them. The division is so bad that our own elected officials refuse to even listen to ideas to solve any problem. They seem to just want to put a stamp on the problem by making it illegal, turning otherwise good people into criminals.

John: Do you support the automatic restoration of gun rights for felons?

Kurt: If you served your time, you should be able to purchase a firearm the day you get out. If there is a reason you should not have a firearm, then maybe you shouldn’t get out. Time served should not extend past the second you are released. If you are released on probation, then your time is served at the conclusion of your probation.

John: Do you support red flag laws like the one currently active in Virginia?

Kurt: NO! There is no due process, no facing your accuser! Red flag laws put not only law-abiding citizens in danger; they put our law enforcement officers in danger as well. This is another example of putting a stamp on something because they are not working together or listening to the people to find solutions without Violating our Constitutional Rights.

John: Some people claim a Republican can’t win the race for Governor. How do you plan on winning?

Kurt: I have just as many Democrats voting for me as republicans, simply because I am running on a bipartisan platform of term limits. There are a huge distrust and disconnect between the people and career politicians. It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat; they all want term limits and solutions to the problems that are affecting them.

Everyone I have ever spoken with believes there is a level of corruption on both sides of the aisle and want change. People see the division coming from the political elite and understand that they are the problem. People believe term limits will allow us to rebuild trust and unity. When you start to rebuild trust and unity, you also begin to have the hard conversations to find solutions that we can all agree on to the many many problems we have, not only in our State but our country!

John: How can people support you?

Kurt: Go to SantiniforVa.com and donate. Find me on social media (I am on all of them), like, and share. Tell your family, friends, and communities; you now have a solution to ending the division and rebuilding the trust and unity in our government.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

John Crump

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Hear this clear voice of a patriot. In uniform, out of uniform, same voice, same clarity, same determination. Different generation. Same story. This is the generation of leaders who will save this Republic. Semper Fidels, Brother.


Go Kurt!


Best of luck, Kurt!