TALON SNAP Cleaning System, Universal Kit for Cleaning Pistols

The Talon Snap Cleaning Kit is a great little compact all inclusive kit for cleaning your pistols.
The Talon Snap Cleaning Kit is a great little compact all-inclusive kit for cleaning your pistols.

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- I’ve dealt with Talon Grips for years. I love their stick-on grips which are basically stick-on granulated wraps that enhance your ability to maintain a firm grasp on your firearms in wet, slippery tense situations. They are ingenious and yet simple and functional. So, when they asked me to be one of 10 writers to test/evaluate their new Talon Snap Cleaning Kit I said sure.

TALON SNAP Cleaning System

I expected it to be ok but the market is flooded with gun cleaning supplies, right? Little did I know how cool it’d be. Let me walk you through it and you’ll see why it is now my go-to pistol cleaning tool. To clean your pistols, you need a short cleaning rod. Everyone knows you need to use an aluminum or brass rod so you don’t mess up the rifling or crown.

Talon put some engineering into designing this cleaning set-up. First off, all of the parts are plastic so you can’t damage your pistol. Here’s what I really like about this system though. I’m high-speed. I hate having to stop and screw in a tip, then stop, unscrew it and screw in a brush. Repeat, repeat, repeat. According to how dirty your barrel is but this process can be repeated how many times in a normal cleaning process?

Here’s where it gets cool. They make the tips so they snap into the rod. To remove, press the slot and pull it out. I haven’t timed it but you can switch out tips in literally milliseconds. I absolutely love it.

The Talon Snap Cleaning Kit comes with three color-coded sets. A jag and a patch loop and a brush in each set.

  • BLUE signifies .380/.38/.357/900
  • RED-signifies .40/.41/10mm
  • GREEN-signifies .44/.45

To change the tips is super easy. Press the slot and pull it out and stick in the next desired tip. It is that simple. The rod has a double rotating T-handle.

I’m sure you know how to clean your pistol but I’ll run an oiled rag down the barrel. As a kid on a newspaper route budget, I saved old worn-out flannel shirts and cut my cleaning rags out of them. It’s a lot more convenient to buy pre-sized cleaning patches made for your designated caliber. Go that route.

If the rag comes out super dirty, I’ll re-run it however many more until it comes out semi-clean. Then I’ll let it soak for five minutes and then snap in a brush. I put a couple of drops of oil on the brush and work it up and down the barrel to break loose any fouling. Then run slightly oiled patches until they come out clean. You may have to repeat the brushing cycle. Repeat the steps as necessary until your patch comes out clean. Apply a drop or two of oil to a patch and run it down the barrel one last time.

(The above procedures just clean the barrel. Have your gunsmith show you how to disassemble your semi-auto so you can clean all of the other integral parts.)

One last feature. It comes with a 3-piece snap together trey to hold your parts while cleaning your pistol(s). Simple and yet functional.

The MSRP on the Talon Snap Cleaning Kit is $34.99 and we will close with the company specs:

The TALON SNAP Cleaning System has a Patented Quick-Click System that makes it easy to change between calibers and tools, saving you time and money. The color-coded brushes and jags make choosing the correct caliber easy as a SNAP, no reading glasses required! The Quick Click cleaning rod is made of durable glass-reinforced nylon that will not scratch/damage your breach/barrel and will last for years to come. The Rotating “T” handle ensures effortless rotation following the lands and grooves of your barrel. This oversized handle also makes it impossible to bash your fingers while pushing brushes or jags through your barrel. The new jag design will eliminate the frustration of patches falling off in the barrel. The TALON SNAP Cleaning System comes with a lifetime warranty on all parts (except brushes) and like all our products, the TALON SNAP Cleaning System is 100% MADE IN THE USA!

This Full kit includes our Patented Quick Click Cleaning Rod, patch loop, and color-coded brushes and jags by caliber:

  • Blue (.380/.357/.38/9mm), Red (.40/.41/10mm), and Green (.44/.45).
  • TALON SNAP Quick Connect tool system
  • Color-coded caliber identification
  • New improved Jag
  • Rotating “T” handle
  • Glass-reinforced nylon cleaning rod
  • Lifetime warranty on all items excluding bore brushes.

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