New from Springfield Armory – Hellcat RDP “Rapid Defense Pistol”

New from Springfield Armory - Hellcat RDP "Rapid Deployment Package"
New from Springfield Armory – Hellcat RDP “Rapid Deployment Pistol”

U.S.A.-( Springfield Armory has expanded its Hellcat micro-compact pistol lineup with the Hellcat RDP 9mm. “RDP” stands for “Rapid Defense Pistol”, and according to the release it is “…replete with features [that make it] even more versatile”. Hellcat pistols have been extremely popular since their initial release, with numerous positive reviews appearing both here and in other places. It’s no surprise they continue to evolve the line.

In simplest terms, the RDP is an original OSP model Hellcat that has been upgraded with a 3.8 in. threaded barrel, pistol compensator, and optic —  the latter accessory also being a debut from Springfield Armory.

As SA describes it, the little red dot is from their new HEX optics line: it’s called the Wasp.

“Direct-mounted on the slide of the Hellcat RDP is the all-new HEX Wasp red dot, utilizing the Springfield Micro footprint made popular by the Hellcat OSP. The ruggedly built, IPX7 waterproof-rated Wasp features an aluminum body and an anti-glare-coated glass lens, and its low-mount design means it can co-witness with the handgun’s fixed tritium/luminescent front sight and Tactical Rack U-Notch rear sight.”

Hellcat RDP Rapid Deployment Package
Hellcat RDP Rapid Deployment Package

There are as of this writing two variants of HEX optic, the afore-mentioned 3.5 MOA Wasp and the 3.5 MOA Dragonfly. There is also an XD-M OSP Optics Mounting Plate available in the Hex Optics section of Springfield’s website.

This isn’t the first Hellcat to be seen mounting a Hellcat (as you may recall from a previous Ammoland review featuring a Shield RMSc), but it’s the first one bearing their own proprietary optic.

Springfield Hellcat magazines
A couple of different-sized mags are available for the Hellcat, which originally made quite a stir with its surprisingly high relative magazine capacity pre-extendo. These are 13-round 9mm Hellcat mags.

Steve Kramer, VP of Springfield Armory Marketing, is quoted as saying, “We are excited about the introduction of HEX optics for the self-defense market. Built to the same standards of quality and performance you have come to expect from Springfield Armory, HEX precision-crafted optics offer exceptional value and are backed by a lifetime warranty.”

The RDP’s Self Indexing Compensator is designed to vent gas from the barrel to mitigate muzzle rise (traditionally a problem with small pistols) and felt recoil. It is made of 8082 aluminum and features a patented self-indexing mounting system that Springfield says will ensure correct port orientation “every time”. This should eliminate the need for shims and tools.

Additional features include an optional low-profile ambi (manual) safety at the rear of the frame and the new Gen 2 Hellcat trigger.

The RDP will accept both 11-round and 13-round Hellcat magazines.

About Springfield Armory

In 1794, the original Springfield Armory began manufacturing muskets for the defense of our young, free Republic. The Armory functioned as a firearms supplier for every major American conflict until 1968 when the government sadly closed its doors. In 1974, nearly two centuries after its inception, Springfield Armory Inc. in Geneseo, Ill. revived the iconic heritage of the Armory to carry on its legacy.

We strive to honor this responsibility as guardians of the original Springfield Armory legacy by manufacturing the highest quality firearms to enable responsible citizens to preserve their right to keep and bear arms in the defense of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

With an unmatched emphasis on craftsmanship, performance and exceptional customer service, our mission is to forge superior firearms and provide the tools necessary to defend individual freedoms and equality for those who embrace the rights and principles secured by our Founding Fathers. For more information, please visit us at:

Springfield Armory

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When will it be available in the stores?


Would have been nice to know if the Red Dot is also a green.: My eyes do not see red overly well!


Mine too. I bet when you look at red writing on a totally black background it looks like as if the letters are buried in the black instead of on top of the background. That is my situation. The biggest majority of people see it the last way mentioned. People that see it the way that I do usually tend to be somewhat color blind too.

Boris Badenov

Just an FYI, the human eye sees green way way better than red. I had some special fiber optics sights made for one of my pistols, I had them put green on the front and red on the back, that isn’t what they normally did, guess what, now they make them green front and red back. Follow the science.


It looks cool but now it is a bigger pistol that is harder to conceal. I would rather have more barrel that is not compensated and get more FPS out of the barrel instead. I am glad I have the original.

Big Lou

Springfield Armory does not sell the threaded barrel and comp as a package. That would be the only thing to upgrade. As most people that have a Hellcat would not buy another just for those upgrades. Apex is making a similar barrel and comp package for the Hellcat for those willing to wait. Springfield make a barrel and comp package. Give the people what they want. They already have a Holosun 507K and Apex trigger. They’ve done the work to their firearm. Just offer them the barrel and comp and be done with it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Big Lou

I will never buy anything from this treasonous company. You tried to screw gun owners and small FFL dealers in Illinois and I won’t be forgetting that.


Many have made bad comments about Springfield Armory being traitors and from another country like since it is from another country, that it is bad. So many think so highly of sig and I bought two P938 and both of them had the same sear problem and this was after the dates they claim they fixed them. One had the same problem twice!!!! It sucks that they may have messed with your FFL, I don’t know anything about that but have heard the comment from others. It must have been a big deal but not enough to stop me from… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by musicman44mag

They didn’t hurt me. They hurt Illinois gun owners and small businesses. They’ll get no money until the people responsible are no longer with the company.