Terry FOIA Request to State Dept. Closes Leaving More Questions than Answers

Operation Fast And Furious Scandal
The government’s Fast and Furious stonewalling continues.

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Thus far, the Department of State has located 11 responsive records subject to the FOIA,” a March 3 letter from Jeanne Miller Chief, Programs and Policies Division Office of Information Programs and Services, to attorney Stephen Stamboulieh advises. “Upon review, we have determined 4 records may be released in full and 7 records may be released in part.”

She’s referring to a lawsuit, filed against State in August 2017, prompted by the department not responding to a  Freedom of Information Act request filed over a year earlier on behalf of myself and Kent Terry, brother of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, slain by border-crossing criminals. Their act of murder, specifically by their dropping guns at the crime scene, would be the catalyst for exposing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’  Operation Fast and Furious Mexican “gunwalking” scheme.

“An enclosure explains the FOIA exemptions and other grounds for withholding material,” Miller points out. “Where we have made excisions, the applicable FOIA exemptions are marked on the document. All nonexempt material that is reasonably segregable from the exempt material is released in the enclosed pages.

“This concludes the processing of documents in response to your request,” she states.

It concludes nothing. The truths we sought have been consistently ignored and redacted, as the “final response,” embedded below and representative of everything received to date, show.

Here’s what we have been trying to find out:

  • To corroborate if the government of Mexico was intentionally not informed of a U.S. government law enforcement operation where it was known guns were being illegally exported across its border.
  • To determine if Arms Export Control Act regulations were violated and/or ignored. The law doesn’t apply only to those doing the “gunwalking,” but also to those who “induce” or “willfully cause” offenses. What that means is either State was kept in the dark by the Department of Justice, which is a federal crime or the State knew and deliberately turned a blind eye, which is also a federal crime.
  • To seek further information on why then-White House Counsel denied the House Oversight Committee access to a former National Security Council official who had been given information on Gun-Running Impact Teams by the former top ATF official in Phoenix associated with Fast and Furious, along with the disclaimer “You didn’t get these from me.”

Here’s the final response, all we are going to get, and because nothing substantive has been produced in the response, a challenge is problematic as well as prohibitively expensive. The thing is, these concerns have been shared with the government for years, back when House Oversight and Senate Judiciary were controlled by Republicans, who were interested in scoring political points but not in seriously getting to the bottom of things to the point where violations of law were prosecuted. So forget about DOJ under Merrick Garland and a Biden administration doing any investigation, or any major media group, which did its best to minimize and ignore Fast and Furious findings during the height of the exposés by a handful of “lesser” voices.

By not allowing the truth to be known, and by ensuring that those responsible will not be held accountable, the incentive never to do it again has been reduced. That’s especially dangerous to gun owners noting the same lies that led up to Fast and Furious are once more being repeated by those who share the original goals, of blaming Mexican cartel slaughter on what they publicly call “lax American gun laws”

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About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Its time for Eric Holder and Barrack Obama to be charged and tried and convicted for the deaths caused by Fast and furious. They committed felonies and people died as a result of thier criminal activity in gun walking . These crimes cannot be ignored as innocent people died as a direct result of thier criminal activity . They are both directly responsible and justice needs to be served for the victims and thier families . A lengthy prison sentence for both is the solution. Equal justice for all !


M454 – there are likely a whole host of other gummint offishuls who are at least as guilty as barky and (with)holder.You know who a bunch of them are just as well as I do. The probability of any of them seeing justice for their crimes in this world are about as likely as I am to win one of the mega lotteries (I don’t ‘play’ any of them).


not on this planet, at least not for a long time. Remember how the kinyun hand-picked the upper echelon of the various Departments? Can’t remember who it was, but back when he was replacing everyone up high, someone did a deep examination of eachof those high positioins. EVERY ONE OF THEM had a long hisotru of corruption communist connexions, etc. They all subscribed to guys like Alinsky, Marx, Ayers, etc. I wish Trump had read that piece, he could have realised the rigged game wiht which he got saddled. Most of them are still there, though their places on the… Read more »


holder should go to jail for this ,it also shows the extent that the demoncrats control heads of government departments , which is to say how out of control the government is for the people what a sham. keep your powder dry

Doug G.

Holder is the only AG in history to be held in contempt of court for withholding requested doc’s in Senate F&F inquiry. He should have been jailed years ago!

uncle dudley

The government has a loophole on any information they don’t want the public to see, they just mark it secret or classified.
Even members of congress don’t get to see everything marked that way, just look at the hearings the house had on the first attempt to impeach President Trump and the documents kept from the public.


Any dealings between the US government and the government of Mexico should be considered conspiring with a narco-state.


What I saw can basically be used as toilet paper!

Doug G.

Get Judicial Watch on the case. They’ve successfully unearthed many a redacted document for sources, sub-sources and tangentially involved government entities.
Judicial Watch was responsible for exposing Hillary Clinton’s illegal home server while looking into the Benghazi massacre. They have also done some snooping in the Fast & Furious case. Maybe they already have what you’re looking for, David.


so in other words, a bunch of bullshit, lies, and obfuscation. what else do you expect from our overlords. no one at all will be held accountable for anything that happened in f and f.