By Inflicting Injustice, Biden Further Divides America

Second Amendment Activist Protest Activism Take Action
Second Amendment Activist Protest Activism Take Action

United States – -( Biden’s plans to punish both those who build firearms for themselves and those who own AR-15 pistols (or other pistols based on modern, multi-purpose semiautomatic rifles) for crimes and acts of madness aren’t going to bring about any unity. Nor should they – these actions are a deliberate infliction of injustice on law-abiding Americans, and the infliction of injustice has consequences.

Contrary to a take from National Review, these actions are a big deal. When Ammoland covered legislative efforts to target the so-called “ghost guns,” we noted that the implications went beyond just another gun ban. Since any 3D printer or CNC machine could produce a firearm if it was given the right design there was now an ugly choice: Give anti-Second Amendment extremists something ripe for abuse, or allow the anti-First Amendment extremism from the likes of Gurbir Grewel to run rampant.

In addition, this injustice is being done through a clear denial of current laws. Federal law only requires that firearms be subjected to background checks, and the part of the firearm that requires a background check has been long defined as the completed receiver. The other parts were never covered before. Again, it’s not about actually addressing misuse. They could simply use provisions of 18 USC 922(g), which even applies to homemade firearms, to do that if they were serious.

That doesn’t even get into the AR-15 pistols. Again, these are not exactly the type for concealed carry – unless your everyday wear involves a trench coat. Something like a Rock River LAR-15 or LAR-9 pistol, though, makes excellent sense for home defense, especially for those who can’t handle a shotgun’s recoil. Legislation that recognizes this is currently pending in this Congress, but anti-Second Amendment extremists currently control both houses.

When people are being punished for crimes and acts of madness they did not commit, it doesn’t matter how mild the punishment is, they are still being wrongly punished, and they have every right – the duty, even – to resist the deliberate infliction of injustice. Yet anti-Second Amendment extremists will have no trouble smearing us as child killers – for the “crime” of defending ourselves from wrongfully being punished. Biden’s actions – and his refusal to denounce the smears of anti-Second Amendment extremists – mean he has forfeited any claim to being a uniter.

That said, we are not helpless in this fight. There are thousands of people in this country who own AR-15 pistols. There are hundreds, if not more, who have bought things like 80 percent receivers to build their own firearms. Each and every one of them has a case that they are being wrong punished, and have the right to contest that in court. After all, sheer volume worked before and was a plan the anti-Second Amendment extremists wanted to use against us.

In addition, a further check can be obtained in the 2022 midterms.

Second Amendment supporters should support the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action and Political Victory Fund to ensure that the current anti-Second Amendment regimes in the House, Senate, and White House are defeated at the ballot box as soon as possible.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

Harold Hutchison

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I believe the best response to the Biden socialist agenda injustices, not just this one, is red state governors telling the federal government we will not comply. If they double down by withholding federal revenue sharing money, the governors can stop collecting it and sending it to Wash DC. The end game is a letter of secession by a date certain within the next 2 years listing all the constitutional reasons for it, the primary one being the federal government is out of control.

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The state and local enforcers want to help the federal enforcers:


@JSNMGC – Thank you for that unfortunate information. Would it were not true, but denial doesn’t change the facts and head-in-the-sand is not an intelligent strategy.


You’re welcome. I wish the LEOs had made different decisions as well, but at least we know where they stand. There have been several interesting discussions at the barbershop since those testimonies were given.

I really don’t think LEOs understand the extent to which people have changed their views towards them (as a group). They just can’t imagine anything worse than losing their government job.

Many of the LEOs are military veterans as well.

Roland T. Gunner

Thats a huge part of the problem. There is always someone willing to take the king’s silver, and do the king’s bidding


As Finnky wrote: “denial does not change the facts.” I respect all good LEOs, unfortunately it is likely that some who were good LEOs during good times are going to make bad decisions and become bad LEOs in the future. A percentage of firearm owners believe certain things and will go out of their way to ignore any facts that are at all contrary to something they have come to believe. Some will even claim that any evidence that can be found and cited on the internet is false – not because there is a reaon to believe it is… Read more »

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Cannot argue with that logic!!


The best part I like about Joe Biden is he can kiss my ass and I can’t . Go Fu*k yourself Joe !

uncle dudley

The geriatric club in D.C. is working hard to take away the rights all American should be able to have, Biden, Pelosi and Shumer, have all been in government positions for way too long, they believe they can do any thing they damn well please and the people will just have to go along. The do as I say not as I do attitude they have is sickening and they are putting foreigners above Americans, this must stop. I get so mad hearing these three act like their worried about guns being used to kill people when they openly support… Read more »


They believe they can do these things because they have the majority power in all three branches. We the people gave it to them. The cheating in the 2020 election was massive, but the Republican party did nothing and allowed it in the 6 swing states. This will be repeated in next year’s midterms by the socialists because they can’t win without cheating.


and because they have already proven they got away with it in the past and are making changes to our government to guarantee it in the future forever. I really wonder now if obummer was legally elected.


of course he was

Roland T. Gunner

He was not. He is not a U.S. vitizen.


“They believe they can do these things” because they already treat this country and its government as a true democracy (instead of the Constitutional Republic that it actually IS), and they have learned to increase their political power by being the ones, as Joseph Stalin advised, who COUNT the votes in the new “democracy.”

**And they insist upon permanently accomplishing that change of government in real life.**


BOB The Democrats have NO majority, they do however have seven RINOs to count on. 50(R) 48(D) 2(I).


The word logic and democrat cannot equate to an equal understanding in the same thought, meaning or sentence. This does not compute.

Arizona Don

Although Biden has said no amendment is absolute the fact is the constitution is absolute each and every word in it is absolute. It is after all the law of the land! However, it can be changed by a certain long procedure spelled out within the constitution itself (there are actually two ways). If in fact Biden was referring to anything relating to his executive order(s) changing the constitution he is “absolutely” wrong. But then who would that surprise?   Biden has proven once again nothing any democrat says or promises during a campaign can be believed. He ran as a person who would and could… Read more »


We now see that with obiden, obummer was actually obummer lite. Obummer started the hope and change and obiden thinks he is going to finish it. Look how much obummer divided this country. If others would think back to Trayvon when obummer said “if I had a son he could look like him” and sided with the people rioting rather than the police and came out against the police hours after it happened and said “I’ve been caught DWB myself” implying that all black people are pulled over only because they were black, we probably wouldn’t be where we are… Read more »


We actually need to remove ALL of the deadwood in congress R and D and elect candidates that put America first not their party loyalty.


It’s a shame the things Trump did accomplish weren’t lasting. I wonder why ? Could we have been conned ? Even the bump stock ban didn’t stick. Just thinking why when Republicans had control not one item with any real long lasting affect for the people got passed. A few of his picks for cabinet positions had known past that didn’t benefit the people. Just something to think on. Actually his term made no difference in my life. And then the rushing the vaccine sure has me questioning his motives. One has to remember they have been playing political theater… Read more »


We just saw them invalidate the will of the people in the last election and you think you’re going to vote them out? LOL They’ll install whomever they what like they did Biden, the 2 GA senators, etc especially since even with the RIGHT to take up arms against the government and overwhelming PROOF they stole it NOBODY DID ANYTHING.

Charlie Foxtrot

Still shilling for the NRA? Rally? The same week several NRA Officers and employees are testifying in bankruptcy court about their mismanagement and self-dealing? Really? The NRA may not be around anymore in 2022 and certainly wasn’t around during the 2018 midterms. Get a grip and move on!


Little Harold lives in WLP’s pocket.

Charlie Foxtrot

Just from today’s court proceedings, as reported by Stephen Gutowski: “The unlicensed travel agent who used to book flights for Wayne LaPierre just testified she was sometimes told by LaPierre to leave stops in Nebraska and the Bahamas off of his travel invoices. She said LaPierre would “on occasion” tell her how to write her invoices.” “She also testified that former NRA CFO Woody Phillips told her to bill outside contractor Ackerman McQueen $4,000 a month for “travel coordination.” She said that’s what she was told to write, wasn’t told why she was billing them, and she never talked to… Read more »

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Ansel Hazen

At least this time he didn’t ask us to politely write our legislators.

WI Patriot

That’s what the left/liberals/dems are all about, division…
They think they can divide and “conquer”, but what they don’t get, they’re dividing the “haves” and “have nots”…


Eliminate the ATF! DONE!

Lets take back our country NOW!!

2022-2024 Elections! GET ON IT NOW! Get involved! Run urself if u don’t like the candidates!


Now we have proof that the demoRats want to get rid of the Constitution. Xiden said today No Amendment is Absolute! You don’t need any more proof than that…………

Roland T. Gunner

That is right up there with “rights are not absolute”. Yes they are. There may be consequences of abusing your rights, but the rights themselves are absolute.

Ansel Hazen

The Founding Fathers gave us the 2A for a reason.

The only question I have is when are we going to start using it????

Not A. Potato

When people stop “trusting the plan”, get off their blessed assurance, and start making their own. Go back and study how the revolution was fought and how it was won. It was fought from church pulpits, from newspapers, from jury boxes, from local governments. And it took years of hard work and sacrifice. People constantly focus on the 2A, but ignore everything else. Look at the modern soldier’s loadout. Yes the rifle is ultimately the most important piece of gear they carry, but it only makes up a s small portion of their overall loadout. Medical gear, food, a sleeping… Read more »

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I think one of the bigger parts of that equation is that the poor democrats own and control most of that media and lets not forget that they are such good christians too. It’s not capitalized for a reason.


@Harold – Please look a little harder at numbers before posting them as fact. You say there are thousands of people with AR-pistols and hundreds with 80% receivers. I do not know how many have bought P80 glock lowers, but when grabbers are claiming hundreds being used unlawfully – we would be better off knowing there are millions in circulation. I would be surprised if less than hundreds of thousands have been sold. As for pistol braces, I have read (not confirmed) that as of third quarter last year, something like 4 million had been sold in brief period they’ve… Read more »


“Rose are red and Violets are blue but Joe Biden, I met few more lowlife than you!l


Arizona Governor Signs Law Protecting Arizona State Gun Laws From Biden Administration

“If the federal government does anything that tries to infringe on our Second Amendment in the state of Arizona, we’re not going to comply.”
State Representative Leo Biasiucci

Not A. Potato

Hopefully they don’t pull a Kansas, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


I pray this is the first of many. Congratulations Arizona, you are obviously leaders in our country and have foresight where others are lacking or just to afraid of loosing the almighty dollar from withholdings because of your actions. OORAH, Semper Fidelis.

Roland T. Gunner

Basically Harold, you have little experience and less knowledge. There are millions of Americans who own AR15 rifles, hundreds of thousands who own AR15 pistols, and thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, who have built a homemade firearm of some variety. Understand that the modern, AR15 platform “pistol”, with one of the current production 3rd generation(?) pistol braces, is hands down the best self and home defense tool readily available to the average citizen today; and the fight to keep them off the National Firearms Registry is a gight we cannot afford to lose.