Texas: GOA Responds to Sellout License to Carry Instructors

US Law Enforcement Training with Glock Pistols
Texas: GOA Responds to Sellout License to Carry Instructors

Springfield, VA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Rachel Malone, Texas Director of Gun Owners of America, responded to License to Carry (LTC) instructors who are opposing efforts to restore the right of self-defense in Texas, stating:

“Earlier today, a small contingent of License to Carry instructors sided with Bloomberg-funded organizations and opposed pending legislation to restore Texans’ right to carry a handgun without having to obtain a permit. We find it unconscionable that anyone in the firearms community would betray our liberties based on an obvious financial interest.

“As Chair James White and Representative Matt Schaefer stated earlier today, ‘Experience shows that residents will continue to voluntarily seek out training and licenses in permitless carry states, recognizing the benefits of instruction as well as acquiring and maintaining a license, for reciprocity with other states while traveling and other purposes.’

“We agree with Wallace Dunn, President of the Texas Concealed Handgun Association, who stated: ‘Training should not be a condition to exercising a constitutional right.’

“And we applaud instructors such as Jerah Hutchins, firearms instructor, GOA member, and Director of Training at Tier One security company, who stated: ‘Supporting Constitutional Carry as an LTC instructor is the difference between capitalism and greed. As instructors, our job is to teach and influence Texans to be responsible gun owners. This can be accomplished without an infringing licensure.’

“While Gun Owners of America encourages gun owners to obtain quality training, we would hate for any Texas gun owners to give their hard-earned money to the tiny fraction of instructors who actively fight against their core values. We urge our members to seek training from those who advocate in favor of our liberties and support Constitutional Carry.”

The following GOA spokespeople are available for interviews:

Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America is a grassroots nonprofit dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. For more information, visit GOA’s Press Center.

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Shame on them. I’m tempted to get certified to train and then offer free classes.


TS – I gave ya a thumbs up since I had a similar thought.
The reality is that unless these ‘trainers’ are going thru a whole bunch of students every day (week?) they are likely NOT making a decent living at it. When I took the CHL course back in the day, it was at a gun shop by the owner. IIRC there were only maybe 20 of us at the class so he certainly wasn’t making big bucks on the training.

Behind The Lines in N.J.

I know some trainers who have done and do just that. In recent years I have cut back my formal classes drastically. Now, I only ask for expenses and ammo. Sticking up the anti’s doo doo’s is my great reward.


I have been doing the firearms instruction thing ever since I showed up at PI as a PMI in 1973. I have been watching the trends and the surges in gun ownership and enthusiasm as well as the training trends for that entire time. What we see now are folks who are in it for the bucks and not necessarily out of a sense of duty to God and Country. That is our culture. The United States of Me, Myself and I. So one should not be surprised when folks sell out to the highest bidder. In this case Bloomberg… Read more »


LTC instructors, cops, and Republicans have been screwing Texas over when it comes to constitutional carry for over a decade. This legislative session is no different. There were two constitutional carry bills introduced as well as two compromised carry bills. Guess which ones made it out of committee.


So true. Breaks my heart. Texas, the Free Republic of Texas should be first and foremost in the enforcement of God Given Natural Rights. But you nailed it. The Republican Party is a Progressive Party. They only come to real conservatives and libertarians when it is money raising and vote marshaling time. The rest of the time they look down their noses at us as the great unwashed who need to be contained and corralled. My Arizona has similar types: John McCain, Jeff Flake, that whole crowd of Progressive Republicans who say one thing at home and an entirely different… Read more »


They should have named names.


Roy – yep, naming them and shaming them up front would likely have resulted in only about 3 comments……………..

Deplorable Bill

The alert on this mess is good but nobody knows who to avoid. I agree with Roy, you should have named names. Now, who was that traitor who sold out West Point during the war for independence?

Arm up and carry on


If you want names of the instructors, go to the Corpus Christi Caller Times web site, search on “Texas carry” — the article titled “Texas bill to allow unlicensed handgun carrying ‘a recipe for disaster,’ firearms trainers say” is the one you are looking for. One of the picture captions has all three names.


“Kevin Lawrence, who spent 20 years as a law enforcement officer and is now executive director of the Texas Municipal Police Association, said rights under the Second Amendment, or under anything else in the Constitution, are not absolute.”


He’s ripping off Joe Biden’s speech. Apparently he doesn’t like some women having the right to vote, some 18 year olds having the right to vote, the lack of legal slavery, or the inability to raise the pay for US congressmen before elections intervene — and that’s just a few amendments that don’t seem to be absolute anymore.


I noticed the similarity.

I hope Texas makes progress despite the objections from some LEOs and some Republican politicians.


Will – 4/14/21: “The only votes that count are in the Texas senate on CC ! Those votes are already there for its passage! LEO’s in blue cities and your “some Republican politicians” (whoever they are.I guess one of your links) don’t mean shit! CC passage is the only progress left in Texas. Sorry to disappoint you!” Response to Will: State legislators frequently listen to LEOs on matters related to gun control laws. Wyoming concealed carry passed despite opposition from LEOs. Glad to hear the bill is going to pass. I had indicated my support for the bill. Why would… Read more »


Will – 4/14/21:

“Nothing emotional about it. We’ve just all learned what you mean by your idiotic posts. Just have to read between the lines with you on occasion.”

Response to Will:

There is that logical fallacy again.


Will – 4/14/21:

“BTW,You still waiting on Pincus to get back to you?”

Response to Will:

Waiting? No – it was just an offer to do what he claimed he wanted to do.

What is the cause of your anger?


Will – 4/14/21

“Damn,you wanted so bad for him to respond too. That was really a kick in the ass when he totally ignored you wasn’t it? Oh well!,,,”

Response to Will:

You are making things up again.

J Gibbons

Quite right, JSNMGC.

Will: Indiana is another case study on this. The support was there in the Senate to finish passing CC. Two leaders in the Senate listened to the small minority of big-city LEOs and the superintendent of the state police and killed the bill in committee. more than 90% of LEOs across the state, including the vast majority of county sheriffs supported it. There were more than 30 votes out of 50 in the state senate supporting CC. The minority voices won the day.

Roland T. Gunner

What a scumbag. Thats the problem with compromise; eventuslly they start to beliebe their own BS. Rights are ABSOLUTE!


It’s fairly common.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of Republican voters who view themselves as “Pro 2nd Amendment,” but who aren’t really paying attention, who listen to LEOs like Lawrence.

It takes a lot of effort to convince them to vote the right way, when the people they view as “experts” are telling them the opposite.


Here, linkman, let me do your heavy lifting:

Texas Legislature advances bill to remove handgun license requirement (caller.com)

There were three, yes that’s right, three losers who spoke out against the bill.


I would have posted the link directly but it seems that my posts with links here get moderated out of existence. It was harder for me to describe where to find it than put the link.


Roy – thanks for that info. We here in Texas ‘should’ have had CC several sessions ago if it weren’t for TWO specific individuals: straus and straus junior (bonen). Now that they are both out of the picture, it is likely to pass and Gov Abbott has already said he would sign the legislation. Of course today ain’t over yet……………….


Here are some names of supposed 2a supporters actively working to deny Texans of their rights. Let them know how you feel.

LTC instructors – Jorge DeLeon, Raul Camacho, Lon Krieger


Last edited 1 year ago by Donttreadonme

It’s all about the money and to hell with the 2nd Amendment for these greedy bastards.

Behind The Lines in N.J.

Fk your oaths of office; right, Clancy’s?

Michael J Arnold

Support Texas Unlicensed Carry:


Michael J Arnold
Staying Alive, Inc

Behind The Lines in N.J.

This is the SAME BULLCHYT that caving to the “lock up your safety” crowd advocates; – and TOO many among our ranks have endorsed; [most of whom who have themselves been raised around inert objects called “firearms” openly displayed on living room walls by proud American parents who took active enough rolls in raising their children in firearms safety in order to negate the, (deceptively cloaked in “safety),” methods advocated by the Diane Feinstein, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi election stealing crowd of fraudulent “leaders” whose kids today are now burning down our cities and desecrating monuments to TRUE American heroes. As we now enter a more… Read more »