ATF Releases Proposed Rules For So-Called ‘Ghost Gun’ Receivers & Frames

3D Printed Ghost Guns
ATF Released Proposed Rules For Unfinished Receivers and Frames

U.S.A.-( The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) released new proposed guidelines on unfinished firearms receivers and frames.

As AmmoLand News reported back in November, the Biden transition team met with Acting ATF Director Regina Lombardo to get the ATF’s top priorities. The top brass at the ATF cited unfinished firearm receivers and pistol braces as their top two priorities. President Biden then promised swift action on firearms. Biden’s Vice President, Kamala Harris, is openly hostile towards the Second Amendment. She believes that the right to bear arms only applies to a state-run militia.

In early April, Biden announced his executive action against unfinished frames and receivers.

He gave the ATF 30-days to come up with new rules and regulations regarding what he refers to as “ghost guns.” Anti-gun groups and 22 states plus the District of Columbia have been pushing for changes to the laws. These groups and politicians think that these non-firearms should be treated as fully functional guns.

Under the new rule, the ATF would consider any externally visible housing or holding structure to be a frame or receiver. The builder would also have to get the frame serialized once it reaches near completion. The ATF now has wide latitude to decide what is and isn’t a frame or receiver.

The proposed new rule reads:

“More than one externally visible part may house or hold a fire control component on a particular firearm, such as with a split or modular frame or receiver. Under these circumstances, ATF may determine whether a specific part or parts of the weapon is the frame or receiver, which may include an internal frame or chassis at least partially exposed to the exterior to allow identification.”

The new rules also go after “buy build shoot” kits.  The ATF will consider these kits to be firearms.

The ATF Polymer80 raided over their kits.  The law enforcement agency considers these to be “readily convertible” since all parts are included in the kits.  The ATF is now changing the rules to justify their previous raids.

Manufacturers must mark all unfinished frames and receivers with “their name (or recognized abbreviation), and city and state (or recognized abbreviation) where they maintain their place of business; or their name (or recognized abbreviation) and their abbreviated FFL number, on each part defined as a frame or receiver, along with the serial number.”  FFLs holding  “privately made firearms” (PMF) must serialize their firearms within 60 days of the ruling. The owner could also destroy the gun or turn it into the government. Silencers are also targeted in the ruling.

The ATF created a new definition of a suppressor to be a “housing or holding structure for one or more essential internal components of the device, including, but not limited to, baffles, baffling material, or expansion chamber.”

The ATF will be accepting comments from the public on the proposed rule change for 90 days.

Gun owners have had success beating back similar rule changes in the past. Last December, the ATF proposed rule changes surrounding pistol braces. The public outpouring of dissent was so intense it forced the ATF to withdrawal the rule change. This battle will take much more of an effort by gun owners to win.

If Congress confirms David Chipman as the new ATF Director, the task of backing down the ATF will become almost impossible. Chipman is an anti-gun advocate and former ATF agent. He works for Giffords which is a rabid anti-gun group. He has also worked for Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety and believes that magazines should be regulated like machine guns.

The ATF will review the comments on the new rules for 60 days before announcing the final version of the new regulations. It will then take 30 to 60 days before the rules go into effect. Groups like Gun Owners of America have vowed to fight back against these new rules and said they would spare no expense to defeat them.

“GOA will spare no expense to defeat Biden’s tyrannical agenda and will rally gun owners and Second Amendment supporters nationwide to defend the right to keep and bear arms,” GOA’s Senior Vice President, Erich Pratt, told AmmoLand News.

It is up to the gun community to get involved in beating back these new regulations. Readers can submit comments here.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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Henry Bowman

One step closer to Lexington & Concord 2.0


So by that logic, trees are considered toilet paper?

Big George

Yep, just like a spoon made me gain 10 pounds…’liberaturd logic’!


BG – only TEN pounds – maybe you can get ‘princess’ to share some of her $100 a gallon ice cream with ya.


Wow, so all I do is throw out all but one spoon and I should loose weight. Right on. I will start tomorrow.


Yep, just as much as a rubber tree is considered to be a condom for AOC and TAlib

uncle dudley

If these simple servants are so concerned about gun violence and the use of firearms in criminal acts, it’s not the unfinished receivers or pistol braces they should be going after, it should be the drug dealers and gang members who are selling the cartels drugs and fighting over territory.
When idiots are in charge of federal departments they make stupid decisions and it generally doesn’t solve the problem, they just create more problems.
If these people devoted as much time to fixing the crime problems as trying to circumvent citizens rights maybe they could do something worthwhile.


2 corrections if I may. These are not simple servants nor are they idiots. These are fascistic ideologs that are high on power and their drug of choice is tyranny. American leftists are just continuing with the plan of returning the U.S. (thus the world) back to total slavery. This was conspiracy theory decades ago but has transitioned into conspiracy fact.


They just want to give the cartels something else to sell. Not that the cartels don’t already, but it sure will expand this part of their business.

Gregory Peter DuPont

At what point will the governed withdraw their consent to be governed?
At what point will people cease to cooperate,and not allow themselves to be arrested?
At what point will people NOT only withhold consent to a search, but actively not comply?
The Founders would have been stacking bodies by now.


I am not ready to murder people.


Was Lexington and Concord murder?

What about the long series of events after the Declaration of Independence?


Nor am I. I have however accepted that someone could die if I am forced to defend. I can live with them suffering consequences of their actions if I am successful (ie survive). Kind of like suicide by cop. Think of it as suicide by citizen. That said, an active defense will be more effective than reactive. I for one hold more animosity for the instigators (politicians) than I do for amoral enforcers. Thus if government is killing, everyone has a moral imperative to do what it takes to stop the violence – even if one must kill to do… Read more »


John, excellent work as usual. The key issue here is defeating the appointment of Adolf Eichmann aka David Chipman. Any senator that votes for this nomination needs to be called out and harried in to retirement. This is a life and death issue for not only gun owners bur for our resistance in the long denied culture war. This clown is a totalitarian thug. He will infect ATF with anti-liberty poison that will start costing a lot of lives. Waco was just a sample of the evil this satanic thug’s potential.


Chipman is obviously biased and has a huge conflict of interest, rendering him incapable of performing the duties of the position. Absolutely not qualified, just like the majority of Bloe Jiden’s nominees.

Roland T. Gunner

We have (unconstitutional) laws regarding what is or is not a firearm, and how and to whom they can be transferred. Those laws are being followed. We truly need out representatives to step up and do away with BATFE. i dont want to hear “it’s not politically feasible”; I want to hear “we will make it happen”.


BATFE makes too much money in taxes. 10-11% on guns, and bunches on alcohol and tobacco.


And there is your bottom line, MONEY!!!!! You get the prize.

Deplorable Bill

Since when does the atfe write law? The RIGHT of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED is constitutionally protected and valid The atfe along with their communist legislators, judges and lawyers are committing TREASON to the constitution they swore to defend and tyranny to the people and nation. Last I heard there are penalties for treason and tyranny. There is good reason for such serious penalties. There is no quicker or surer way to get America into a civil war than trying to take our weapons. The 2A exists, at least partly, as a means… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

Since when does the BAFTE write law? Since President Trump!


Nope, that got squashed in court. I don’t support Trumps actions on 2A by any means. The only thing he pushed that seems to be getting traction is red flag laws. And that is the legislature approving such nonsense. He definitely didn’t support 2A. He also didn’t support his initial tax plan. Which was the main reason why I voted for him first time. He was also the lesser of two evils. He did have other policies I also supported. But federal taxing was my main concern. To simplify & make it fair for all. I believe this would have… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

So, bump stocks are legal now? Nope! I would not call having several inconsistent court rulings and the bump stock ban rule still in the Federal Register “squashed“.


They have been trying to write law long before Trump, but the Trump administration’s attempt to change the definition of a machine gun to include bump stocks was an attempt by his ATF to write law on Trump’s orders.


I propose we don’t worry about these clowns at the the BATF tracking anything without serial numbers down until the idiots figure out how to find all the guns with serial numbers they passed out through Fast and furious. Nice job you idiots ! Keep up the good work ! LOL


M454 – and ya can add in all of the ‘issued’ guns to LE (and some military ones as well) that get ‘lost’ or stolen every year that never get recovered. Has val demings duty gun ever been found?
Off hand the only one I can recall that was found was the one used to murder Kate Steinle.

Charlie Foxtrot

The BAFTE doesn’t care about its own failures and you should worry about these clowns. See Waco as an example of what they can do.


If everyone bought a bag of polymer plastic pellets could we overload ATF with request for serial numbers? After all those pellets could be molded into frames.


PM – wouldn’t the molding pans be just as ‘guilty’ of being part of the great criminal conspiracy to torment the hard working gummint bureaucrats as well. Serial numbers for baking pans now!
Oops – almost forgot them evil jello molds…………………….

AZ Lefty

Bump-stock #2

Scotty Gunn

Link takes you to a regulatory page where you get lost looking for where to comment on ATF. Intention, I bet.


Yep – I got nowhere. A hint at a proper search word or phrase would be a great help.


The search won’t return anything until the proposed rule is posted in the federal register. The proposed rule may not be published yet.


It hasn’t been posted in the Congressional Record yet.

Charlie Foxtrot

The Federal Register has absolutely nothing to do with the Congressional Record! This will be posted in the Federal Register on Monday or Teusday.


Our founders would consider an so called agency like the (sic)ATF to be nothing more than a Parasitical entity, and would deal with it accordingly!


Welcome to the far left fascist state. While far left fascism has been a thing for quite awhile the American public is just now seeing how it works. They call everyone who disagrees with them a fascist while following the fascist rulebook line by line. They’ve created an unrealistic view of life in America (✔), they’ve convinced a majority of voters that they are oppressed (✔), they have suppressed free speech (✔), they use their power to suppress any opposition (✔), they are in the process of disarming the people (✔) and the list goes on. The classical definition of… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Beobear

I think you posted or someone else posted this before and it is just as true now as it was then.


The results will be almost as humorous as the government’s ongoing attempt to “ban” a drug that is in essence a weed that was likely the first plant domesticated by our ancestors and grows wild on every continent but one and certainly in all 50 states.

As a family friend said: “Pot has been illegal since before I was born. Yet I’ve been smoking it every day of my adult life. What the f**k makes you think I care what gun laws they pass? None of them are going to change what I choose to do!”


How long has the government been fighting the war on drugs but yet can’t keep drugs out of federal prisons? Please…


That’s because the money and power that goes along with them is to much of a temptation. Some guy does your daughter and you don’t like him. Get the gang member in prison to have someone on the outside rub him out. Just doing business man. Some illegal drugs that one of my buddies didn’t turn in on a bust and some cash from that bust to your girl on the outside should take care of it, oh and here is that Kentucky Fried chicken you ordered.

Dr. Strangelove

Buy now, and use cash at your LGS. Remember, the internet is forever.


The new proposed rule for “Silencers” is pure BS. They are not firearms. If the new rule goes into effect, the silencers used on all motor vehicles, and other noisy produces will meet the BATFE’s definition. Everyone who owns one of these products requiring silencing will need to be registered with them. REALLY!!!



It’s all about safety except when it involves your hearing. But then they figure buy some ear plugs. Be sure to tell the intruder to hold on while you install them. Or just go to sleep with them already installed. Then you may not hear the intruder enter. You might wake as he slits your throat. lol


Also ask the intruder to be loud enough that you can hear what they are doing. Impairing your hearing in a self defense situation is a good way to get killed.

Charlie Foxtrot

Things to consider when looking at silencers for home defense: If you don’t have a screaming-loud alarm system, then you have already lost half of the battle. If your home can be easily broken into such that you don’t have the time to put on some hearing protection, then you have already lost the other half of the battle. Professionals wear electronic hearing protection for amplification. An AR with a silencer is still loud when fired indoors. Don’t expect good hearing after firing a shot. The attacker may shoot as well and may not have a silencer, so you are… Read more »


What ever happened to have a few good dogs. One to attack the invader, another to take a break and wait to take over when the first dog gets tired and the third one to go bite you and wake you up because you have ear plugs in and a mask on because you cannot stand sound or light when you are trying to sleep. LOL

Gregory Peter DuPont

At some point we will have to accept the unfortunate situation regarding those institutions we had regarded as checks and balances on runaway government agencies, administrative and enforcement bureaus as having been suborned,coopted and repurposed against the interests of the citizenry. We’ve gradually slipped down that proverbial slippery slope with ever increasing speed way past autocracy and into a Public/Private Partnership in Oligarchy. We’ve all but admitted that there’s virtually no equality before the law. That a lack of devotional and loudly proclaimed faith in our New Religion will see us declared Non Person in a way that would have… Read more »

Henry Bowman

All of the warnings and predictions of the Antifederalists has come true. They were perfectly prophetic. America should’ve heeded their warnings. Time to water the Liberty Tree; it’s damned thirsty!


The Second Amendment is the final check and balance.

Just keep poking that bear…

Gregory Peter DuPont



So why not just make the new rule that it is illegal for anyone that can not own a firearm to own said gun parts? Oh that’s right they want to track all purchases. They are not hiding their intentions anymore. The 2nd was written to limit the gov power not grant us rights, hence “shall not be infringed”. Make sure to comment when its open and send an email to your reps….now is the time to make your voice heard.


How does that saying go? I will not comply? Is that it? I think that how it goes.


Ya, and the other one for blm and antifa is (Just comply and you wont die) when they get pulled over by the man.


The ATF-Democrat complex says they need serial numbers on “ghost guns.” “Serial numbers” are just another way to say they want every gun tracked, or more precisely, every gun OWNER tracked. They claim (as usual) that huge numbers of criminals and other people who shouldn’t have guns are making guns and avoiding the background check. There was a recent article that reported LA was suing an 80% manufacturer in Nevada since most of the confiscated guns in LA were made from parts kits by this company. They claimed that there were “7000” confiscated guns of which 4000 didn’t have serial… Read more »


They need your address so they know where to send the U.N. security force to raid your house in the early morning hours.

Charlie Foxtrot

The “U.N. security force” doesn’t actually exist!


I hear U.N. and chineese are in Canada right now doing training and war games. That information was provided on this board.


Obiden joined the U.N. again and has the power to call on them to enforce control of our country should he call upon them for help. Obummer made that an option, President Trump threw it out along with the U.N. and obiden sucked, literally, up to the U.N. joined up and took all facets back that obummer had in place. The only thing left that the U.N. wants is where the placement of every gun is in the United States and for us to disarm. Oh, and I forgot a shit load of money from us to atone for the… Read more »


Can wait to see what they come up with to regulate something that is not a gun. If they try to do that any piece of material could be a 0% gun.


What about when Bin was VP and his “BOSS” sent all them weapons down south that ended up in the drug cartel and gangbangers hands. All these people do anyways is file off the serial numbers and sell or give them to other cartel members or gangbanger and want be. The problem is it is a massive mistake to punish the law bidding citizens for something we haven’t done and award those that are criminals who comment daily criminal acts. Our government doesn’t make any since whatsoever. Why don’t they concentrate their energy more on working to fix the homeless,… Read more »


Yep and once we are disarmed they can do anything they want to us just like Hitler did with my mother in Germany during WWII.

APG member

Of course this is a violation of the 4th amendment. Obviously the 4th amendment has been nullified! Ask anyone who lives within 100 miles of a U.S. international border!


Making and registering an AOW costs $200. Once made on a form one, it then can be transfered for $5.


The problem is that 10% ARE crooks. Since thousands have shown up at crime scenes, and people ARE running crime gun manufacturing operations, we have a problem. We are up against the reality that this has become a business directed at prohibited persons. Good people are going to be screwed by this ruling. Consider the making of these 80% frames to be a dead business.

Charlie Foxtrot

Thousands have shown up at crime scenes, you say. Any source for that?


You mean Don has to prove his statement ? lmao

Country Boy

Yeah source is “in their wildest dreams”…………


There are no statistics that have been released regarding how many 80% frames have been involved in crimes or seized. The “30% of guns are are unserialized” was an off hand comment by an ATF employee to a reporter, to which he could not answer the following up question of, “Do you have statistics that can back up that number.” Not only that, but ‘unserialized’ could also mean they scratched the serial number off a stolen / black market gun. This is just sensationalism for a problem that, even if they banned all 80% guns, will not be solved. The… Read more »


The vague terminology in saying that they have showed up at crime scenes isn’t compelling. Vague terminology like that is used when the details don’t support their assertions. How many privately made firearms are actually used in the commission of violent crimes? How does the number of privately made firearms that the ATF is unable to trace compare with the number of serialized firearms that they are unable to trace to someone involved in the crime? And most importantly why does the ATF believe that forcing law abiding people to serialize their firearms have a significant effect on criminals. People… Read more »


The crime family doesn’t need 80 percent lowers when they can get them from the Obiden administration doing a continuation of the obummer administration. Remember, obiden is taking his ques and lessons from obummer, and kamalatoe who has experience denying people their right in kommiefornia.