Bill-286 Banning Unfinished Firearms To Be Heard in Nevada Assembly Tomorrow ACT NOW!

Polymer80 PF940CVL 80% Frame Textured For Glock 19/23/32 Pistols 2
Polymer80 PF940CVL 80% Frame Textured For Glock 19/23/32 Pistols 2

U.S.A.-( Nevada Assembly Bill 286, which would ban unfinished receivers, will be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday May 5th 2021 at 1 PM PST.

The bill will ban people in Nevada from possessing, purchasing, transporting, or receiving an unfinished frame or receiver without serializing the part.

The bill does exempt firearms importers and manufacturers from the requirement. The bill does not have a grandfather clause which means those in possession of these currently legal items will have to turn them into the government or destroy them without compensation.

Law enforcement will charge anyone caught with an unserialized frame or receiver with a gross misdemeanor for the first offense if the bill passes. If the person is found in the future with another unfinished frame or receiver, authorities will charge them with a Category D Felony. The charge would mean the person would lose their gun rights for life.

The bill will also make it a crime to sell an unfinished frame or firearm without it being serialized. There is an exemption from manufacture-to-manufacture sales. Similarly, to being caught with an unserialized frame or receiver, the person selling the item would be guilty of a gross misdemeanor on the first charge and a Category D Felony on the second charge. The person would also lose their gun rights for life.

Anti-gun groups and politicians have recently attacked unfinished firearms and frames on the state and federal levels. In November, the Biden transition team met with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to get the organization’s top priorities. The agency said that it wanted to go after pistol stabilizing braces and unfinished frames and receivers. Anti-gun groups and Biden’s team started calling these items “ghost guns” because they lacked serial numbers.

Biden announced an executive action against these items, which many pro-gun advocates saw as a payback to anti-gun groups that backed the then-presidential candidate. Biden also nominated rabid anti-gun advocate David Chipman for ATF director, another payback to the anti-gun groups. Chipman wrote several papers for Giffords that mentioned using the ATF rulemaking to ban certain items. Last week the ATF released their proposed rules for unfinished frames and receivers.

Even before Biden took office, the ATF started targeting so-called “buy, build, shoot” kits. The kits included an unfinished frame, a jig, and drill bits along with a slide and all small parts. The law enforcement arm of the ATF raided Polymer80’s offices to try to seize customer records. and did turn over customer information.

Agents out of the Baltimore field office, along with a detective from the Anne Arundel County Police Department, showed up at the house of an unfinished receiver dealer to execute a warrantless search and tried to confiscate legally owned firearms. They left empty-handed but threatened the Maryland resident with promises to return with a warrant. The agents and detective never returned.

Eagle Arms banned the sale of unfinished frames from their gun shows in Pennsylvania due to pressure from Attorney General Josh Shapiro, State Rep Amen Brown, and even Firearms Owners Against Crime (FOAC) president Kim Stolfer. JSD Supply was banned from selling at the shows, and Stolfer accosted the company’s employees. The push to ban unfinished frames and receivers has been strong.

These bills to ban unfinished frames and receivers have popped up in other states with mixed success. In Virginia, a bill to ban unfinished frames and receivers was defeated due to immense pressure from Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) and Gun Owners of America (GOA) members that flooded the Senate with calls and emails. Other legislation has been introduced in California and New York. Some states, such as Washington State, have banned unfinished receivers and frames.

The Nevada Senate Judiciary Committee is one of the last hurdles for this bill to become a law. AmmoLand News encourages all Nevada to contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to express their opposition to the bill.

Senator Melanie Scheible – D
[email protected]
(775) 684-1421
(702) 805-0105

Senator Nicole J. Cannizzaro – D
[email protected]
(775) 684-1475

Senator James Ohrenschall – D
[email protected]
(775) 684-6503

Senator Dallas Harris – D
[email protected]
(775) 684-6502

Senator James A. Settelmeyer – R
[email protected]us
(775) 684-1470

Senator Ira Hansen – R
[email protected]
(775) 684-1480

Senator Keith F. Pickard – R
[email protected]
(775) 684-1481
(702) 910-4301

Committee Contact Information
(775) 684-6523
[email protected]

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John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

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If my memory is incorrect PLEASE correct me but I could swear I learned way back in grade school that we fought a war against a tyrannical government with one of the problems being the government taking from the people without “just compensation”. Where have we gotten to in this world of ours to go back on so many of the basic tenets the country was founded on? And NO the country was not founded to SUPPORT slavery – there is no evidence of 1619 Project being anything but a fictional story!

uncle dudley

More Monkey see Monkey do by the dummiecrats in elected office, when these fools hear of one group trying to do something against gun ownership they jump on the band wagon.
I guess they don’t have an hones brain among them as to what the constitution gives it’s citizens and it’s rights.