.22 Ammunition Spotted at Yuma Walmart 9 July 2021

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.22 ammunition available at Yuma Walmart on 9 July, 2021

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- This correspondent was in a Walmart in Yuma, Arizona on 9 July 2021. Visits to Walmart have been regular, but sparse, about one every two to three weeks.

When in Walmart, a quick look at the ammunition display is taken to see if there are any significant changes.  There has been very little ammunition displayed for over a year. Common calibers have been in short supply, especially .22 rimfire.

It was with considerable surprise these four boxes of .22 ammunition, 2 – 325 round boxes of Federal and 2- 333 round boxes of Winchester Long Rifle bulk packs, were available.

There was a larger amount of 12 gauge shotgun ammunition on the shelf than seen in months; there was a smattering of centerfire rifle cartridges, in 20 round boxes. There were 4 boxes of .270 Winchester cartridges, 4 boxes of 243 Winchester cartridges, 2 boxes of .30-30 cartridges, and 6 boxes of .350 Legend cartridges.

Online, it appears ammunition prices have been dropping a bit from the highs experienced over the last year.

The Federal . 22 LR cartridges are the 40 gr Automatic, at $18.73 for 325 rounds, or 5.76 cents per round. The Winchester bulk pack is the 36 grain hollow point, at 18.88 for 333 cartridges, or 5.67 cents per round. This is a significant price drop from Internet prices which were often seen at 25 cents per cartridge, or more.

The cartridges had been there for at least a few hours. The lady behind the counter said it was the most ammunition she had seen displayed for months.

It is too early to be sure if this is the start of a return to “normal” pricing, or if it is a fluke of the delivery system and local variation in the supply chain. It may be an early indicator that supply is starting to meet the demand. .22 cartridges from all over the planet have been coming to the United States to meet the exceptionally high demand.

A “bubble” in cartridge prices can easily happen if demand suddenly exceeds the supply. Commodities which have expensive capital requirements to produce are especially vulnerable, as seen recently with toilet paper and ammunition.

The largest producer of .22 rimfire ammunition in the United States (and the world) is Vista Outdoors, with its Federal and CCI brands. Stock in Vista Outdoors plunged during the Trump administration, as the .22 ammunition bubble from the Obama years finally collapsed. In 2018, .22 rimfire ammunition was selling for as low as 2.5 cents per round.

A new bubble inflated in 2020, with the uncertainty of the Presidential election, COVID-19, and BLM and Antifa riots in the cities.

With its expansion of production capacity validated, Vista Outdoors is producing and selling all the ammunition it is capable of. The total .22 rimfire ammunition for the United States Market has been in the neighborhood of 5 billion rounds per year, increased from a base of about 4 billion rounds per year in 2012.

Total ammunition for the United States Market has been estimated at 9 billion rounds per year in 2020, including all centerfire and rimfire rounds for the non-military market.

That bubble may be leaking. Unrest in the United States and uncertainty in future stability around the world may re-inflate the ammunition bubble at any time.

Readers are invited to comment on ammunition availability in their local area. The availability of .22 ammunition has been shown to be highly variable by geographical location in the last .22 ammunition bubble.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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Walmart can keep their ammo on the shelf for all I care with their antigun stance.


Gun & ammo manufacturers & buyers with brains would stop selling to and buying guns & ammo from ChinaMart. How many self-styled superpatriots still pay treasonous Amazon/Prime/Bezos when there are lots of other alternatives?


But your cellphone wasn’t.


So what? When there’s no choice there’s no choice.


Obviously, critical thinking is not your thing.


Obviously puerile deflection is yours, Superthug.


When you play with pigs you’re going to get dirty. Just ignore this clown.


I don’t think “Superman” comes here for the hunting.




Do you also borrow tinfoil from others to make your hats?


Duh HUH!!! Huh huh…huh.


sam was a standup guy it is the bean counters that took over and killed his buy locally live globally concept, and made buy cheapest and screw everyone company policy faded glory was all us made while sam was alive,he was a big second amendment supporter and pro self reliance; sad demoncrats turned great idea into shi too like sears,walmart will fall too when all a company does is take cream off and leave almost nothing not sustainable ,sams model of creating jobs and suppliers locally was smart this global bs is just to kill Independence and leaves scorched earth… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by swmft
Ryben Flynn

I never see any ammo at my local Walmarts in Horry County South Carolina, and the ones that do sell guns have a very limited selection.
I load my own anyway, and still have lots of .22LR on the shelf.


You load your own 22LR?


What a snippy little bitch. Were you really a cop?


and just for you yes you can reload 22 rimfire ,it is slow to do but if you have no choice , people in venezuela and cuba do it ,they even make kits with everything for lazy americans


Hey – I’m a lazy American. Where do I find those kits?

Note I’m too lazy to google for them…

In reality I’ve still got a significant supply of 22LR. Somewhat regretting giving a 500 rd box of mini-mags as a tip – but unless I dramatically bump my practice rate I won’t run out of 22LR. 223 on the other hand is tight.


Actually, I’m surprised there was Ammo at a Walmart. Corporate has already made it clear they’re completely pulling out of the Guns and Ammo business. I actually got to read the letter from Bentonville to the District Managers stating that diminished stocks of Guns and Ammo will not be reordered from the vendors, sent out at the end of 2019.
Unless they’ve recently changed their mind.
Locally, there’s been no firearms or Ammo at any of the 3 locations, since Christmas of 2019. The Firearm parts and accessories section gets smaller everytime I go there.


If people continue to snatch up the ammo as it’s piecemeal’ed to consumers, the cost *will* continue to be high indefinitely. You’ll never see pre-covid prices again.


That is not true.


Autsin Miller III

Hey that was really interesting, thanks for sharing.


I agree. Nice site. Thanks. Ceteris paribus (barring another major scare & ignoring inflation), ammo will plunge for some time. Every manufacturer ramped up to reap the profit from 71 cents a round for 9mm, &c. That – and many buyers having spent their wads loading up personal stocks at high prices – will drive down prices even in the face of some predictable level of future scares.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

Unfortunately I predict inflation driving down real cost, while actual ammo prices remain flat or even go up.


I appreciate your link BUT…….. it only goes back to early 2020, pretty much CV start. So actually, everything has been increased, and some significantly since then. I’m new to this but have read of 22lr at .02 in years past. The best I’ve seen since Nov 2020 is .056 rnd. Or more than double pre CV. Just sayin


“The Federal . 22 LR cartridges are the 40 gr Automatic”??
I have never heard of .22LR Automatic. I know that Federal makes a .22LR Automatch.

Autsin Miller III

Wouldn’t have any idea what is at Walmart, won’t step in their stores. There is some 22lr showing up in the local gun stores but still too pricey. Needs to be back down to 4-7 cents a round before I start buying it. Fortunately I stocked up on 9mm and 22lr before this nonsense started.


Thanks! That means more for me to purchase.

Autsin Miller III

You are welcome. Next time think ahead and you won’t have to buy during inflated pricing periods. Unless you just like wasting money of course.


Perfect response to a smart ass troll! Thanks.