Matador Arms’ New Montgo-9 Monolithic 9mm AR Upper

Matador Arms’ New Montgo-9 Monolithic 9mm AR Upper

U.S.A.-( Matador Arms has announced the Montgo-9 upper. It’s a monolithic blowback-operated billet 9mm upper receiver that does not require a buffer — at least not one like those in the AR15. A comparison to the internal buffers of the AR18 system is more apt.

Matador Arms advises the following:

Manufactured in the USA, the Montgo-9 is compatible with any AR-15 and/or AR-9 lower, providing shooters with endless build possibilities while being compact and versatile.

The current version of the Montgo-9 is the “K” version, featuring a 5.5” barrel threaded to 1/2×28”. The back cap shows that no buffer is required, allowing for many compact options. In addition, the non-reciprocating charging handle is reversible. The Montgo-9 has a total length integral Picatinny rail on top and a 3.5” bottom accessory rail.

The Montgo-9 upper receiver is made of aluminum, and the bolt and trunnion are 4140 steel for durability. Weight is 3.5lbs with an OAL of 12.125” and a 1.47” width.


The Montgo-9 adds to Matador’s 9mm product offering. Matador recently announced their AR-9 80% billet lower receivers, the first run of which is shipping mid-September. Matador already manufactures the Mag-X, a mag block adapter enabling the use of P320, Glock, M&P, and CZ-75 pistol mags in their AR-15 lowers. This combination provides for a compact, highly maneuverable package.  Use of appropriate “extendo clip” extended magazines will give your build staying power.

If your lower receiver isn’t already equipped to fold, the Matador Arms Sidewinder is worth a look. Matador’s Sidewinder is a folding buffer tube adapter that will fold up anything with AR buffer tubes threads WITHOUT a moving buffer inside. And, the adjustable Regulator muzzle brake comes in 9mm, which could top off the Montgo-9 perfectly.

The MSRP of the Montgo-9 is $549.99. Shipping of the Montgo-9 is projected for Q4 of this year. To learn more about the Montgo-9, visit for information.

About Matador Arms

Matador Arms is a Canadian company known for bringing quality firearms accessories to the North American market through its focus on Quality, Price and Function.

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this looks like a metal build of a design that has been in the works for over a year in the printed space by derwood (cobra9)


Out of stock ! 🙁