‘Doing Something’ to Gun-Grabbers Means Mandated Helplessness

By “Something must be done,” gun-grabbers generally mean this (USDA media archives).

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “The rising and spreading murder statistics should raise the alarm that it’s time to stop despairing over the damage done by guns and do something about it,” The Washington Post Editorial Board opines in a Wednesday exercise in hand-wringing.

To prove their case, they cited last week’s rampage by a maniac loser at a Tennessee Kroger store, lamenting “it’s not even a major headline.” Some of us wonder if it would be if it only supported the two essential narrative points, with the shooter being a “white supremacist” and the gun being a dreaded “AR-15.” Since it takes a bit of searching to find that killer Uk Thang’s parents don’t speak English and investigators are being coy about the gun used, it’s fair to wonder if those two inconvenient truths might help explain why the story’s been placed on the back burner.

We also are told that “The FBI’s annual tabulation of crime data, released on Monday, showed that killings in the United States increased nearly 30 percent last year, the largest annual increase on record,” and that “Many factors are at play — including an unprecedented pandemic that caused economic and mental stress — but what is most striking is the undeniable role played by guns.”

It’s safe to say everyone reading this has been subjected to those same stresses. Somehow, despite the universal impact of these forces, the five million or so members of the NRA and other national and state groups, arguably the most heavily armed “civilian” population on the planet, have nonetheless remained peaceable.

Perhaps it’s not the guns?

But “Rising and spreading murder rates means it’s time to act on guns,” The Editorial Board insists. “Instead of putting in place sensible gun control — such as bans on assault weapons, universal background checks, safe secure laws with stiff consequences — Congress has remained gridlocked.”

What we aren’t told, at least by them, is that “FBI data released Monday in the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) show over three and a half times as many people were stabbed to death in 2020 than were killed with all kinds of rifles combined.” We also aren’t told, at least by them, that “more people were killed in 2020 with fists and feet than were killed with rifles of all kinds.”

What, no bans and background checks for those?

Instead, we’re told it’s all the fault of the Republicans who “have enacted laws — such as the one that went into effect in July in Tennessee that allows most adults to carry, openly or concealed, a handgun without a permit.”

What does that have to do with victimizing others? The goal here is to trick readers who don’t know any better into believing that uninfringed carry for lawful purposes sanctions predatory criminal abuse, which, of course, is a calculated deception.

Instead, it raises the question that if it’s so easy to carry a gun in Tennessee, what the heck were Kroger shoppers and clerks doing hiding in a freezer?

And how would the editorialists, who presume to instruct the rest of us on what we should be allowed to have and to do, fare if the maniac had chosen their workplace? Their version of “doing something” means the competent and prepared must be rendered just as contemptible as they are – under the force of government arms.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Totalitarian societies are based upon fear. The people fear the government, they fear their neighbors and they fear for their life conditions. Politicians who work to degrade or eliminate the natural right to self defense are doing so in order to create a society based upon fear. When government has a monopoly on power government is unrestrained. That is exactly the society progressives and socialists seek. They want to rule by fiat, rule by fear and rule you totally. Your life is only of use to them as long as you are a serf. That is the goal. Feudalism with… Read more »


Well said.


“the damage done by guns”

Save your self some time and stop reading right there like I did. There aren’t going to be any surprises further along in the piece. You’ve read it all before. And if you’re like me, not one of your guns has ever done anything in and of itself.

And never will.


DDS – none of the guns (that I may or may not have) has done anything illegal or evil since I have had them. I can’t absolutely guarantee that they did mot do any mischief prior since some of them are military surplus so who knows for sure.
One thing that David didn’t mention is WHERE the majority of the shootings/killings are occurring. The data still shows.that overall violent crime is tending downward nationally except in certain locations.


my 12 gauge sings does that count???

American Cynic

Folks, Not the daily gun violence that takes place among the neighborhood’s perfectly sane criminals seeking to kill one another in turf battles, but the occasional senseless gun violence perpetrated against innocent people, by insane sick folks, will not be deterred by thwarting the rights of people who own the nation’s 400 million firearms. Imagine how many such shootings would be taking place across the nation, if our firearms were really the cause of such violence. The narrative that somehow senseless shootings can be thwarted by gun control, is a contrived bullshit story, meant to distract from the actual motives… Read more »


I thank you, Mr. Codrea, for posting an archived link to the article, so I can access it without giving those scumbags web traffic.


The counter-revolution must start with the journalists.


The last sentence nailled it !


It is all about promoting Hoplophobia.

Typical of the Marxists to blame things and not people.


Your opinion is noted but we all have one and we are not all stupid as you would make us out to be. Maybe a lot of us are smarter than you. The all-knowing Ammoland posters… We are a good bunch of guys and the site is run by a damn good person and we like it here where we can voice our opinion. If it bothers you, Well, you should know how to solve that one. Right!


Well said. So sad the press has lost their objectivity and become propagandists for the far Left. They will need to explain themselves one day soon; they will not enjoy their penances.


Penances – These people have no morals and they certainly have no conscience. They do nothing but lie day in and day out to everyone about everything so unless you were thinking that they are all going to die real soon the only penance they will make will be to late AND the book of good and bad will already be open and they are standing before God Almighty Himself. Which book do you think they will be found in?


the press has never been about news, that was just a sideline; and now they dont need it.


they’ve enacted laws — such as the one that went into effect in July in Tennessee that allows most adults to carry, openly or concealed, a handgun without a permit. well, why not? It works for the guy hiding in the bushes near the ATM, it works for the carjacker at the filling station, and the creep prowling about in my backyard to try and figure out if I’m home and awake, all of them carrying some sort of firearm. If they can carry with no Mother May I Card, why can’t I? Yeah I noticed that bit about hunkering… Read more »


How many people do you know that have a carry permit and hardly ever carry their gun with them unless they are going somewhere that they think they are going to need it. I find that to be a big problem. If you have a carry permit, CARRY IT! Grocery stores get robbed as much if not more than banks do and there are a million more reasons to carry your gun. Don’t Leave Home Without IT. You never know when you’re going to need it.


Never is there any mention what psychotropic drugs, foisted onto the public by big pharma, these killers are on. Of course they cannot release that information due to the murderers “privacy concerns”.


meanwhole, “they” mandate that anyone can DEMAND whether I let someone poke a needle into my arm fill of poisin but falsely labelled a “vaccine”.

If it weren’t for Double Standards, they’d have NONE.


Yeah and it’s a culture thing too. But then I understand that i’m a white supremacist or so i’m told by the MSM.


No one is planting micro chips into anyone. The needle on pets getting a chip is many times bigger than the vaccine needle..Go to you local vet and ask to see the kit used to implant a chip. The needle is huge. Take the shot, it saves lives. Idaho, where I live, is having a huge outbreak of COVID, and most are among the un-vaccinated. Few are in vaccinated people


Don – did you forget that there are actually people who are volunteering to have chips implanted in themselves. I am not saying that the vaxx is being used as a cover for such implants but this is a reminder that there are folks advocating for human implants.


And your proof of huge outbreak is no doubt your local media ? Do you know no one that works at a hospital that can actually look at the real numbers ? You see I do. Media lies !


Communism is an anarchist utopia, that’s why the commiecrats, AKA democrats, want to make the US another one of its failed states. Under communism there are two classes of people, the leaders, read lawless ones, and their other class, victims. The victim class are those who don’t believe the same way the leaders believe and are therefore expendables. That is the future the commiecrats want to hand the American people, victim hood. That’s why they need the border crashers, to repeople the country with lower IQ people who will give the leaders what they want, slaves. But don’t tell the… Read more »


since IQ tests are heavily reliaint upon cultural characteristics and patterns, of course the unlawful aliens will score lower than we who have been here a few generationis. No surprise.

Let me tell you, though, the vast majority of the border crashers are NOT stupid, nor are they ignorant. Culturally “uninformed”, of course. But they learn VERY quickly. And well. After all consider they’ve been surviving on next to nothing with few opportunities in whatever failed country they are escaping.


I don’t get it. Why don’t people carry a gun, especially in the 21 free states where no permit is needed. it isn’t that much of a thing if you just pack a small gun.Too many people want to pack full sized service guns, and find out they are a nuisance. Get a small gun that only has 5 or 6 rounds. The gun is the size and weight that it can fit in a pocket. I carry a Glock 43. For over 30 years I carried a S&W M642. Only 5 shots but it allowed me to stop felony… Read more »


The Zionist Marist script & agenda is completely obvious. It stinks like a Tijuana Whore. Punch the victim in the mouth & then accuse the victim of the crime.

Goebells’ & Bernase would be in complete awe.

Lie, cheat, steal repeat as necessary until the lies become the dystopic dysfunctional truth.


Kroger and COstco are two VERY different kinds of companies. No I am NOT a Costco member. (nor do I shop at Kroker/Fred Meyer excet in rare circumstances). Costco here were one of the first to no longer mandate the masks when the state gummit relaxed the mandates for a few weeks. The employees were VERY QUICK to dump them. I was brought in to one Costco by a friend, as we were already together and he needed some stuff. I went in no mask. No one said a word. I DID get some strange looks, but just looked right… Read more »


any place that wants a mask https://adeptarmor.com/product/novasteel-face-protection/ this is mine the others wont stop clubs or whatever this will or a nixon on like in dogday afternoon

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Big George

Nice pic Davey. I hope the asshole who took the photo was armed and shot the wolves!


Gee my first thought was “where are the dogs.” Wouldn’t live in wolf country without a pack of phyrs, kuvas (sp?) or the like. Not that owner shouldn’t back up their dogs.


Coyotes on each side I believe but, get what your saying.

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