Paper: Most Firearm Offenses in Illinois are for Firearms Possession by Black Men

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Paper: Most Firearm Offenses in Illinois are for Firearms Possession by Black Men IMG iStock

USA – -( In a paper published at Loyola University Chicago, describing the make-up of people convicted for firearms possession, few surprises are found. These are the major findings listed in the executive summary of the paper, published in July of 2021. From

1) The majority of felony firearm possession convictions in Illinois occur in Cook County, primarily involve Black men, and are disproportionately concentrated in specific Chicago neighborhoods;

2) The majority—52%–of felony firearm possession convictions in Illinois involved Class X, 2, or 3 felony offenses of a person with a prior felony conviction possessing a firearm; 34% involved a Class 4 felony offense;

3) For the least serious felony firearm possession offense (e.g., a Class 4 felony), one-third (33%) of the statewide convictions stemmed from arrests in 11 of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods. Of those convicted of a Class 4 felony firearm possession offense, 74% were 18-24 year-olds;

4) As a result of increased arrests, and mandatory prison sentences for most firearm possession offenses, prison admissions for these crimes increased 27% between 2014 and 2019, while admissions for all other crimes fell 38%;

5) Legislative changes in 2011 and 2018 to Class 4 felony firearm possession offenses primarily impacted sentencing practices in Cook County;

6) Of those firearm possession offenses where prison is not mandatory under all circumstances (i.e., the Class 4 felony offenses), those convicted in Cook County were more likely to be sentenced to prison than in the rest of Illinois;

7) The vast majority of those sentenced to prison for firearm possession offenses were not arrested for a violent crime within 3 years of release from prison. Having a prior conviction for a violent crime was a stronger predictor of a subsequent arrest for a violent crime, and the majority of those convicted and sentenced to prison for firearm possession offenses do not have prior convictions for violent crimes;

8) Those sentenced to probation or prison in Cook County for a Class 4 firearm possession offense had similar, and relatively low, rates of arrests for a violent crime within 3 years of sentencing after taking into account other characteristics correlated with recidivism, including age, sex, and prior criminal history.

Many young black men are being arrested for firearms possession. These men are mostly from the most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States. Most of these men would rather take the chance of being arrested compared to the chance of being defenseless when attacked. Some of these cases are arrests when the firearm is being used in defense of self and others. We do not know the percentage.

Firearm Possession Sentencing in Illinois by AmmoLand Shooting Sports News on Scribd


On Monday, 22 March, in Chicago, 15 people were recorded as being shot. Three of them were killed. One of those shot is recorded as acting in self-defense, on the South Side of Chicago.

In the gun culture, the phrase is: better tried by 12 than carried by 6.

Many of the arrests are for not having a Firearms Owner Identification card (FOID). The requirement to apply to the state to obtain permission to own a firearm is repugnant to the Second Amendment. From

Judge T. Scott Webb, of White County, Illinois, Found the requirement to obtain a (FOID) before owning a firearm in Illinois, to be unconstitutional.

Gun Control in the United States has racist roots. The purpose of gun control was to disarm disfavored minorities, so the establishment could better control them. At first, this was mostly applied to black people. As time went on, it was applied to more and more people.

Black people have been severely discriminated against in their legal ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Once someone is convicted of felony gun possession, their chance of ever regaining their ability to legally exercise Second Amendment rights is almost non-existent.

This sets up a vicious feedback loop, where people in dysfunctional black communities do not trust the police. They do not get FOID cards or concealed carry licenses. They are arrested for carrying for self-defense. They are now felons. The distrust of the police and the system grows.

Shall issue permits only started gaining ground in the late 1980s. Constitutional Carry stated increasing in 2003.

The establishment in Chicago has done everything it can to perpetuate this cycle. There is not a single public range in Chicago, because of local government restrictions. Certified shooting instruction is required to obtain a concealed carry permit in Illinois. The wait time for concealed carry permits and FOID cards is measured in months, approaching years. For a young man of 18, who faces daily threats to his life in the worst of Chicago neighborhoods, carrying legally becomes an impossibility.

Because legal carry and training are exceedingly arduous in Chicago, maintaining a gun culture of responsibility and training becomes difficult, unlike much of the rest of the United States.

Training and legal exercise of Second Amendment rights could help reverse this cycle. From

After last week’s appearance at CPAC, Toure told Politico that he began advocating for gun rights in the inner cities after seeing friends locked up for avoidable gun possession charges. He wants to continue the legacy of Malcolm X, the black nationalist who was assassinated in 1965, who expressed softer views on race following his pilgrimage to the holy Muslim city of Mecca.

“We go where there’s high violence, high crime, high gun control — high slave mentalities, to be perfectly honest — and inform urban America about their human right, as stated in the Second Amendment, to defend their life,” Toure told the magazine.

In spite of the barriers, some black people in the dysfunctional neighborhoods are legally arming themselves. They serve as examples of how people can protect themselves legally and have the police as allies instead of adversaries. Former Police Chief James Craig in Detroit, and Sheriff Clarke in Milwaukee County, earned much praise for championing concealed carry as a way to stop crime.

Trust in the police is paramount. Trust has to be earned. It is a feedback loop. Where there is trust in the police, crime drops too low levels. Where police are not trusted, crime rises astronomically.

The BLM and Antifa platforms seem calculated to destroy trust in the police. They appear designed to move the United States from a high trust nation to a low trust nation.

Examples of high trust nations would be Switzerland or Canada. Examples of low-trust nations would be Mexico or South Africa.

It is possible to have a high trust nation like the United States, with pockets of low trust communities, such as we exist today. Those who wish to see the United States in chaos or destroyed, are working hard to increase and spread distrust.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30-year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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step back and think about what the second amendment says, the gang members who have not been convicted of a crime still have their rights. So do the good people. Bet if they all could have guns that gangs would go away. it would be a street battle at first but the people would win and the sh t hole schools woke teachers are cancer


THE SECOND does mention “LAW ABIDING CITIZENS” & MALES 16-45 shall be the militia.

Heed the Call-up

Where in the 2A does it state “law abiding” and males or even their ages? I will agree that the goverment defined who would be part of the militia, but as we now have many rulings and laws regarding who is “allowed” arms and serve in our military, I would believe the militia would include “freed” blacks, women, etc., of all ages, etc.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.


“Trust in the police is paramount”.

Name me one place on this planet where the police will not seize my weapon if given the barest opportunity…


uncle dudley

Chicago/ Cook County, was once called the great American melting pot, now it’s called the big Cesspool.


Let us not forget the price of Jim Crow in Chicago and other blue utopias. Here is your example of the day, Mr Otis McDonald:

Patriotic veteran, family man, working man denied the right to defend his family by Jim Crow laws in a progressive utopia. Same sad story repeated across progressive America. This is what real racism looks like and it is coming straight at you from the progressives.


dean, those facts are racist.

leftist politicians, especially black leftist politicians don’t care about blacks, mostly men, getting killed or black babies getting aborted. soon they will call these killings post-term abortions to make them legal.

with this article you are reinforcing your argument from last week that intent is a probable factor in all these killings, and i agree. if you do not value life, you have no problem taking one.


I am sick and tird of everyone and everything is racist. Facts are facts. I can understand how people feel about self protection and I would be the same. People moved to the inter cities looking for work back in the 50’s and 60’s and this is what started the majority of black people in places like Chicago and Detroit. It was not a racist issue then.

Xaun Loc

So we have an academic paper reporting a study that looks at the Chicago gang violence problem compared to the rest of the state, then proposes that the armed gang members are actually little angels who just happened to be carrying a gun because they live in a dangerous neighborhood. And proves they are innocent angels because most gang-related crime in Chicago goes unsolved and therefore the gang members aren’t convicted of subsequent offenses.


If you want to discuss armed and violent gang members, then the police cannot be left out of that conversation. They are one of the largest armed gangs in the US, if not the largest.


“Trust in the police is paramount. Trust has to be earned. It is a feedback loop. Where there is trust in the police, crime drops too low levels. Where police are not trusted, crime rises astronomically.” Crime is high in areas with dysfunctional micro-cultures. Trust in the police is a separate issue. The murder/non-negligent homicide rate in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago is 15,000 percent higher than in many areas of the U.S. that have much higher rates of firearm ownership. The low crime rate in these other areas is not due to “trust in the police” – it is… Read more »


Facts are facts. All tyrants hate facts & truth they hold as self evident. Data points/statistics/manufactured consent can & is/are obfuscated & prevaricated to integrate into an synthesized agenda for control using Hegelian dialectic.


Sounds like another poor, poor black folks story making excuses for criminal behavior and trying to justify the actions of felons just because they are black. Like the prison system being occupied overwhelmingly by blacks being interpreted as racism, when the reality is that the prison system is filled with honest to God criminals, most of whom just happen to be black people who were caught and convicted of committing crimes. There are other racial groups in prison who were also caught and convicted and they aren’t there because of their race, they are there because they are felons, just… Read more »

uncle dudley

I wonder how many of those firearms that were seized and the person arrested had a stolen firearm?
Did I miss that fact.

Heed the Call-up

And how many of those traced firearms were returned to their rightful owners? ZERO. ATF, on their site, clearly indicate that the main reason for tracing to find the original owner is for criminal liability, not return of property.


When police seize guns, they don’t like to give them back. Sometimes they lie about the circumstances during which they seized the guns: “Police department spokesman Bob Young said it has stored 552 guns that were confiscated after Katrina, through Dec. 31, 2005. Police have said they only took guns that were stolen or found in abandoned homes.” There is video evidence proving this statement is a lie. Only through a lot of legal pressure did the police admit to even taking the guns and when forced to give them back they took no responsibility for ensuring they were returned… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

I do recall reading about that.


SEE my comment above.


THE NRA sued the CITY of NEW ORLEANS and WON BIG TIME, naggin is a IDIOT, HE caused most of this. Now it MIGHT BE(?) different.


According to the title, there must be a law prohibiting firearm ownership by black men.
I think that firearm ownership by convicted felons is more just.

Wild Bill

You write, “I think that firearm ownership by convicted felons is more just.”

Transmission garbled. Say again, over.

Heed the Call-up

I believe that he believes that “certain” people should not have the inalienable rights the rest of us do. I kind of recall the name of those laws and who they applied to, interestingly, the 1938 FFA, after repeal of the Jim Crows that denied the rights of blacks to vote and the RKBA, created a class of people that are, still today, denied the right to vote and the RKBA, that affects that same group of people the most.


Ah ! you got me…what I meant was prohibition by convicted felons.Any convicted felons. It’s just that the title of this piece struck me as firearm possesion by black men is illegal.

Heed the Call-up

Right, I fully understoood. However, the felon law prohibiting them from voting and the RKBA disproportionately affects those that were the target (no pun intended) of the Jim Crow laws.

WI Patriot

“Paper: Most Firearm Offenses in Illinois are for Firearms Possession by Black Men”
They should finish and quantify the statement, instead of leaving it open ended……

Xaun Loc

Yes, the clickbait headline writers at AmmoLand should have finished that statement: Paper: Most Firearm Offenses Prosecuted in Illinois are for Firearms Possession by Black Gang Members With Previous Felony Convictions.

But somehow I doubt that would have suited you any better Mr. “WI Patriot” would it?


A LOT of the problem is THEY DON’T PROSECUTE them, they let the mongrels go w/a slap on the wrist. They always say the prison is full, which is correct.