Gun Group Demands Disciplinary Action Against NC Senator Natasha Marcus

Raleigh NC –  -( Grass Roots North Carolina today demanded disciplinary action by Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger against Mecklenburg County Senator Natasha Marcus after finding conclusive documentation that during the Senate floor debate over House Bill 398 (“Repeal Purchase Permits”), Marcus falsely claimed to have proof that repealing the purchase permit system would result in handguns purchased by unqualified buyers who pass the FBI computerized background check but otherwise “failed the permit application.”

FOIA requests to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff Office (MCSO) now conclusively demonstrate that the numbers claimed by Marcus are false, demonstrating that she mislead her colleagues and constituents alike during the debate over the bill.

Below is the letter delivered today to Sen. Berger demanding formal disciplinary action under Article II, Section 20 of the North Carolina Constitution. Copies of the letter from MCSO documenting the falsehood as well as the legal memo from GRNC Director of Legal Affairs Ed Green are available upon request.

September 8, 2021

The Honorable Phil Berger, President Pro Tempore

16 West Jones Street, Room 2007

Raleigh, NC 27601

Dear Senator Berger:

Grass Roots North Carolina has now received conclusive proof that in the August 18, 2021 Senate floor debate over House Bill 398 (“Repeal Purchase Permits”), Sen. Natasha Marcus used false information to attack the bill.

As documented in the recording we have posted at

Marcus claimed background checks for pistol purchase permits (PPPs) are supposedly superior to those conducted under the FBI’s National Instant Background Check System (NICS), saying:

“In Mecklenburg County, in the last fiscal year, over 2,300 permit applications passed the NICS background check but failed the permit application. So if this bill passed, all 2,300 plus of those applicants will now have a new unrestricted pass to purchase a handgun…”

That assertion is false. As outlined in the attached letter from Mecklenburg County Sheriff Office Public Information Manager Janet Parker in response to a FOIA request by GRNC Director of Legal Affairs Ed Green, the number of permit denials claimed by Marcus is not of people who passed NICS but were denied by Sheriff Garry McFadden; in fact, it represents all permit denials for the fiscal year 2021, including those denied via NICS.

When questioned on the source of her information, Marcus failed to provide the data for eight days, claiming that her unspecified “source” was gathering documentation. Only in response to my open letter to the Senate did she claim the information was provided by Permitium, LLC lobbyist Andy Munn in a series of text messages for which she provided screen images.

When called out publicly, Marcus doubled down on her claim, saying:

“You will see that the texts confirm exactly what I said on the floor: More than 2,300 permits were denied in Mecklenburg County during the last fiscal year due to issues that became apparent AFTER the applicant had passed a NICS check.  This proves that the permit check system is neither duplicative nor unnecessary. It is an important tool to keep handguns away from dangerous and unstable people and it saves lives.  Your efforts to eliminate it are reckless.”

But referencing the number of denials claimed (2,379) to have passed NICS but “failed the permit application”, MCSO’s Public Information Manager responded:

“The number of PPP application denials in your request appears to represent the total number of denials (or very close to the actual total) for the entire fiscal year, including denials based on NICS disqualifiers. MCSO does not keep records distinguishing reasons for denial contained within NICS and reasons for denial outside of NICS. Nor does the MCSO keep easily accessible records that indicate all of the reasons for a PPP application denial when there are multiple reasons for denying a single application.”

Facts about Mecklenburg County pistol purchase permit denials:

  • MCSO does not keep the statistic claimed by Marcus: Permitium lobbyist Andy Munn could not tell Marcus how many passed NICS but failed the application because MCSO does not enter or store that information.
  • Marcus’ claim covers all denials, including those stopped by NICS: The total number of denials was 2,378 including those stopped by NICS – one less than Marcus claimed “passed the NICS background check but failed the permit application.”
  • The denials do not mean 2,378 people couldn’t purchase handguns: Some reasons for denial, such as failure to pay the permit fee or sign the release, or failure to provide previously requested documentation, were probably cured in a subsequent application that resulted in issuance of a PPP.
  • Denials included 426 who weren’t residents of Mecklenburg County: These applicants were likely eligible to own firearms but simply applied in the wrong county.

Sen. Marcus should be held to account:

Because effective public policy relies on accurate, honest information, propagating false information to colleagues and constituents represents serious misconduct, particularly when the falsehoods are uttered in a floor debate to mislead legislative colleagues with respect to legislation under debate.

Accordingly, please consider this a request by Grass Roots North Carolina for Senate leadership to formally discipline Senator Natasha Marcus as authorized under Article II, Section 20 of the North Carolina Constitution, the authority for which is outlined in a January 9, 2008 North Carolina House of Representatives memo entitled “Authority of Legislative Bodies to Discipline Members.” 


F. Paul Valone
President, Grass Roots North Carolina
Executive Director, Rights Watch International
Radio host, Guns, Politics and Freedom


Founded in 1994, Grass Roots North Carolina is an all-volunteer 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to preserving individual liberties guarantee

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No one wants to be a prostitute like you.

Country Boy

It’s actually Hillary Clinton trying to get someone to do her. LOL


Moms Demand Action = trash against America


Truth is not a left wing value. This is why clowns like this can lie and do so with a straight face. They lie because they are concerned about power and not concerned about truth. This is why American politics is dead in the water. Public policy must be based upon truth and fostered by those who value truth. These moms and their paid advocates do not value truth. Example above.


No one wants to be a prostitute like you.


This is only a small example of the larger smokescreen, put up by anti-gunners, to convince Americans that one can legally buy a firearm as easily as a loaf of bread. As if the NICS system, required for every purchase, were just a word we 2A advocates spew about.


Sociotards will do and say anything to promote their evil intents.


if they hold one lair accountable they will all have to eat shi..too ,when is the last time you heard of an honest Politian???? and moms demand action is a group of failed mothers some of their children were victims but of the other bad parents. if we really want to fix the problem license to have children


There is no requirement for democrat anti-gunners to correctly state facts . . . or be honest in the debate . . . or be connected at all to reality.



perfect example of lefties doing what they do best, lie and distort the truth. they cannot win in the arena of ideas and argue against facts, data and logic, only their feelings count. they don’t want to debate, they just want to get their way and call you names when you don’t bow to their agenda. i love trolling them.


She must wear a large red “L” hanging around her neck for the rest of her time in politics!

Country Boy

you still whoring naomi?


I got a text message from a friend saying all leftist dimmocrats must resign from political office or face a firing squad. Since it was a text message it has to be true. WTF sort of Twilight Zone crap is this?

Happy Everafter

Doesn’t that red light over your door annoy the neighbors???

Country Boy

Cooper cheated the mail in ballots to cheat his way into office and is also a bald faced liar.
Dan Forrest actually won the NCGovernor election. Roy Cooper is a Bloomberg funded, antigun socialist progressive marxist democrat communist POS. I knew he veto this bill just like he did the CCW in church bill.


Laundering drug money has no future!

Country Boy

now we know why democrats in positions to deny citizens/We The People their Pistol Purchase Permits in order to own one of later get their CCW permits, decided to deny ALL of them during covid19, and in other states deny them all the time. They planned to use the statistics of denied PPPs to stop the repeal of jim crow pistol purchase permits.

Last edited 1 year ago by Country Boy
Happy Everafter

It’s not a lie if you wish it was the truth….