Guns & Covid; Same Fear Strategy, Different Scare Game

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Ban Guns Pawns Chess
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USA – -( Some Anti-Gunners are politically driven while others are driven primarily by their own fear. The fear of guns is created through “violence-marketing.” The term “gun-violence“ is at the center of the anti-gun fear-campaign and has become the main talking point of the anti-gun crowd, even though it doesn’t actually exist.

“Gun-violence” is nothing more than a nomenclature created to cloak “human-violence” but is marketed as a societal catastrophe.

The anti-gun propaganda and rhetoric flow like Niagara Falls but the tap is quickly shut off when truthful information surfaces. If it doesn’t fit the anti-gun narrative, factual information is pushed to the back pages of search engines to ensure continued gun-fear. The idea behind this attempt at creating mass psychosis is to scare people into supporting gun control. This is especially effective on those who have no experience with guns, primarily due to their lack of information on the topic. As generations go by, this group of people grows due to the lack of firearm familiarity within the average American household and the manipulation of accessible information in the public forum.

Along with the irrational fear perpetuated by Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals, people are also conditioned to hate gun owners. They are consistently led to believe that gun owners are recklessly, intentionally, and selfishly putting others in danger by not supporting gun restrictions. The fearful, are also taught to believe that the rights of American Citizens (specifically the 2nd Amendment) have no value if their manufactured fear of guns is strong enough. This not only creates an inherent hatred toward fellow Americans, but it also creates a divided society.

They say things like:

“How dare you endanger me with your guns?”

“Your rights are not more important than my safety.”

Once a person has developed fear and hatred, a sense of entitlement occurs. In this case, Anti-Gun Radicals believe they have license to violate the rights of others out of their belief that their pro-gun opposition is not only putting them in danger but are also “bad people.” Once you believe your opposition are “bad people,” an inherent justification to do them harm develops. The January 6th Capitol building investigations, demonization of Conservatives, use of left-wing-only Committee Members, creation of false propaganda, and the blocking of contradicting information are perfect examples of how this strategy is implemented. This is why the political left has been so insistent on labeling Conservatives “Nazis.” It’s a way to generate hatred, in the hopes of retaliation against the “bad people.” Nancy Pelosi would never physically harm people but her rabid gang of justice warriors might if coerced. Hitler used this strategy to fuel the Nazi regime. Interesting how the left uses the same strategy to target their political opposition while avoiding accountability for being exactly what they claim to fight against.

The marketing strategies around Covid Vaccinations work the same way.

A mass fear is created by the continuous hype of a societal catastrophe while Media and Politicians work together to multiply the propaganda that supports the covid fear campaign and suppressing contradicting information. While those who buy into the hype recognize others not falling victim to the propaganda or conforming to the “correct” protocol, an anger begins to develop. The narrative soon changes to induce entitlement by convincing those who are on board that others are putting them in danger by refusing to get on board. They are taught to believe that people who don’t fear the virus or accept the vaccines, are recklessly, intentionally, and selfishly putting them in danger. Hatred develops quickly at this point and turning back is impossible because the admission that getting vaccinated may have been a bad idea, would be devastating to them. How would you feel about someone if you believed they were intentionally trying to harm you; and how would you feel if the vaccination you took didn’t do what you were originally told it would do? At this point, their position becomes solidified. The gun-control group is committed to their cause the moment they take a public stand on the topic and the pro-vax crowd is committed once they agree to take the jab.

“How dare you endanger me by refusing vaccination?”

“How dare you endanger me by not wearing a mask?”

“Your rights are not more important than my health.”

Or as Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “Screw your freedom.”

There are people who will always gravitate toward the group that appears to be winning the fight, even if the fight is manufactured. The game consists of fear, anger, hatred, entitlement, and attacks. It will continue as long as participants are willing to play.

The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege. It’s your right.

Dan Wos
The Loaded Mic

About Dan Wos, Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

Dan Wos is available for Press Commentary. For more information contact PR HERE

Dan Wos is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate and Author of the “GOOD GUN BAD GUY” series. He speaks at events, is a contributing writer for many publications, and can be found on radio stations across the country. Dan has been a guest on the Sean Hannity Show, NRATV, and several others. Speaking on behalf of gun rights, Dan exposes the strategies of the anti-gun crowd and explains their mission to disarm law-abiding American gun owners.

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a more correct term would be criminal violence, because a overwhelming percentage of violence is caused by criminals. gun control advocates want just that “control”. as parents and grandparents i have and we should teach our children and grandchildren proper firearm etiquette. i ask anti-gun people what an inanimate object can do to harm them without human interaction. it gets them thinking. the wuhan virus scamdemic is similar. vac mandators want to “control” what you do. they do not have the moral authority to do so. they are the modern day slave masters. but i am not a slave to… Read more »


Poor analogy Dan!

2A advocate

I remember when yall made fun of antivaxers . now yall are antivaxers what happened ? your anti government but support the police and troops? pick a fucking side or shut the fuck up.


and as for masks I know too Chronicles of ridic


this is not the 1918 flu that they are trying to play it up as, in many early cases the intervention killed the patient; learning curve. the vaccine given to someone infected with no symptoms can kill them ,science is the real looser and truth, you dont hear about far c 222 nm light either the left is using their creation (nih funded lab in china wonder why they dont want to admit a mistake???) for a power grab they dont believe in rights the demoncrat party believes in slaves dont listen to words look at actions. no indoor… Read more »



Chicken Little is back!


read the science , oral instead of injection hoping for immunity that looks like natural


I always check the Blaze for real science.

Wild Bill

That is most humorous!




This is a great topic. People have been living in a constant state of fear for the last 2 years. There are many reasons for this feeling. More often than not, people are pushed into this feeling on purpose. It benefits the politicians. I read a lot of essays on fear, here is a good selection. Everyone’s reasons for fear are different. I tried to make sense of this topic. And decided to write a research paper.


This is a great topic. People have been living in a constant state of fear for the last 2 years. There are many reasons for this feeling. More often than not, people are pushed into this feeling on purpose. It benefits the politicians. I read a lot of essays on fear. Everyone’s reasons for fear are different. I tried to make sense of this topic. And decided to write a research paper.

Last edited 1 year ago by BrianMiller

Wow. Apples and oranges, You’re comparison is so wrong. See you in the ER.