Bushmaster Firearms Announces all-new MUTA SUPPRESSORS

Bushmaster Firearms Announces all-new MUTA SUPPRESSORS
Bushmaster Firearms Announces all-new MUTA SUPPRESSORS

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- Bushmaster Firearms, the industry leader of quality and American-made manufacturing, is pleased to announce our all-new Muta suppressors.

The Muta™ suppressors are available in configurations for 5.56 MM caliber and 30 CAL. Our BM556™ and BM30™ are manufactured from high quality 17-4 H1150 stainless steel, finished with high temp cerakote, and are full-auto rated.

The BM30™ is 6.8” in length and weighs 18.9 ounces. It is threaded 5/8”-24 and is 1.5” in diameter. The BM556™ is 6.0” in length and weighs 16.9 ounces. It is threaded ½”-28 and is also 1.5” in diameter. These new direct-thread suppressors have been designed with a removable end cap for easy replacement.

Bushmasters™ Muta™ suppressors are the optimal choice for hunters, law enforcement, and recreational shooters.

CEO Sun Naegele stated, “Bushmaster Firearms™ is excited to launch our new Muta™ suppressors. We are always looking to expand the Bushmaster Firearms™ product line to better suit all of our customers.”

The Muta™ suppressors will be available through distribution and a local dealer near you. More information is available at www.bushmaster.com.

About Bushmaster

Bushmaster is a Nevada Corporation focusing on Quality, American Made manufacturing. PROVEN™ through hard use in competition, and in the woods and prairies of America, Bushmaster™ has PROVEN™ itself. Driven by the spirit of innovation that began more than 48 years ago, using improved engineering, manufacturing techniques, and advanced materials, Bushmaster™ continues to enhance our products. Our Consistency, Accuracy, and Quality Driven American Made weapons are critical in our overall success.

From our workhorse of reliability, the XM15-E2S™, to the rapid adaptability of the ACR®, to the ultimate long-range tool, the BM50™, no other manufacturer offers more cutting-edge firearms innovation for America’s competitors, Military, Law Enforcement, Hunters, and Recreational shooters than Bushmaster™. Bushmaster™ proudly defends freedom, as we are Proven™ in the most severe conditions.

It will always be our mission to push the limits of performance, so that you can push yours.

Bushmaster™. PROVEN™.Bushmaster logo

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OK, good info. But the ONE question that everyone wants to know that they ignored….what is the suggested retail for this item…..THAT info should ALWAYS be included in these info-fluff articles, please….


OK, I took the bait and went to their website….job done. The .556 is $500 and the .30 cal is $600. There. That wasn’t so hard, was it….?